Alien Lifetime QHHT Session Clips

 These always stretch the imagination. You just never know where a client’s higher aspect will take you for the knowledge they need for their healing and understanding. If you love Sci-Fi movies then you are in the right place.


An Interplanetary War 

This was part of my initial QHHT session and is facilitated by Suzanne Spooner. For reasons dealing with a prior lifetime, I agreed to a contract where I would fight a war as a consciousness mercenary using engineered bodies until it ended. There had to be some sort of spiritual compensation for this, but that was not disclosed.

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Stranded on a Volcanic Planet

A client describes how he is stranded on a desolate volcanic planet after his space ship malfunctioned. He is guided back in time to determine why he found himself in such dire straights and to an “Alien Planet Las Vegas” where he barters for ship parts with another strange alien.

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Life in a Galaxy Without Polarity

This client relives a lifetime outside of polarity where she is an explorer mapping a newly found Nebula. She describes her ship and then the conference she attends and describes the wide spectrum of life forms in attendance. A segment is added from Galactic Consciousness where it describes this as the ideal construct for ‘Experience and Ascension’ 

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The First Alien Planetary President of Earth 

This client unexpectedly jumps into a future Earth lifetime where he is voting for the first alien world president using a mind reading helmet. A discussion of when aliens first arrive on Earth is also covered.




Negative Polarity Consumes a Planet

This client had two past lives. This one where negative polarity destroyed the entire planet, and one where she experienced Galactic unity. The Higher Aspect balanced this to help heal the trauma. The other clip is “Life in a Galaxy Without Polarity”.

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