Higher Self Healing QHHT Session Clips

The session clips listed below are of the client’s higher self effecting repairs to their body. Dolores Cannon and others have documented proof that what the higher self is describing as it repairs the body has actually occurred. The healing that each client experiences depends entirely upon their conscious acceptance that this can occur, and their higher self determining that the healing is appropriate for the current point in your journey. As practitioners we are merely the facilitators.  

Light Chambers and Upgrading your Energy Systems

This is another clip from my original QHHT session facilitated by Suzanne Spooner. I had no idea what ‘energy systems’ in a body were or that mine were low. It was a unique experience to say the least.

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Removing and infection

This session clip removes a particularly nasty sinus infection that antibiotics were unable to remedy. Other healing occurred also

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Repairing Tendons, Adding Cartilage, Reducing Stomach Acid

In this session clip a healthy young man asked to have some shoulder pain removed and his frequent heartburn addressed. His higher aspect also found issues with the wrist and a tendon in the neck.