Higher-Self Healing from your Higher Aspect

What is your Higher Aspect?

The first thing that must be understood is that time is a foreign concept to higher density consciousness. The best definition that has been received is that we use time on Earth to catalog our experiences in a linear fashion. When you accept that “There is no time” then being able to connect to a future more evolved aspect of yourself that is existing in the ever present ‘now’ becomes possible. 

Your higher aspect is at sixth or seventh density and looking back along the path it has traveled. Just as you can look back along your lifetime and see nexus points where a different decision would have changed your life path, your higher aspect is doing the same. The difference is that it has the view of all of the lives lived up to that point.

Have you ever found yourself at a critical decision and asked for guidance? Maybe before you made that decision you said “Let me sleep on it” and waited to see if you changed your mind. Maybe you looked back at a critical point in your life and said “I wish I could tell myself not to do that”. Remember that time doesn’t exist as we think it does. If that is true then perhaps the guidance you were waiting for was from your future self looking back at that moment.

This is the same concept used to connect you to your higher aspect. It has helped guide you along your path of awakening and led you here. It knows whether you will book a session and when, and it is waiting to provide you with the knowledge you need to accelerate your growth.

The choice -as always- is yours.




Connecting to your Higher Aspect and

Higher-Self Healing

A self induced connection to your higher aspect and how long it takes depends upon several factors and where you currently find yourself along your soul path. There are a multitude of books that have been written over the years to guide you along your path to personal ascension but the short answer is you need to meditate; A LOT.

The older information may seem somewhat dated due to the fact that the energies and collective consciousness of the planet are rising and what was required even a decade ago is not really applicable now. However we are all on our own personal path of learning and growth so the best advice would be to review as much information as you can and retain what resonates (feels true to you personally) and release what does not without judgement. 

The unique part of a QHHT session is that it bypasses the conscious ego mind and connects directly with your higher aspect. In this way you are able to gain a perspective on your life and soul journey over the course of one session where this previously required years of focused meditation and conditioning.

Higher-self healing is where your higher aspect overlays the template of your perfect form over your body as it exists now in separation from your Auric Sphere. It then begins the process of repair as it identifies deficiencies between the template and the actual form. For a session discussion from Galactic Consciousness regarding how this is accomplished, please click the link below titled “Higher-Self Healing”

Prior to a session it is always a good idea to start meditating and set the intention for a clear connection to your higher aspect. If you already meditate regularly then you understand how to set this intention. If you have never meditated before then click the link below to see a beginner’s guide to simple meditation.

Beginning meditation

Higher-Self Healing Video Explanation

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