Publshed QHHT Client Session Clips

This Section will grow as clients agree to share their session experiences.

Client sessions are never the same. You can’t predict what will be revealed as the curtain opens and the scene begins to unfold. Every session is beneficial to the client involved as they gain perspective into the purpose for the lessons in their life. 

However, some sessions contain information that has the potential to be of benefit to everyone. Others contain information that stretches the boundaries of what we consider “Normal”.

These session clips are edited to remove any personal information and to retain the privacy of the client.

All published sessions have been reviewed and approved by each client involved. A signed release form is required from each client before any information is shared.


Alien Lifetimes

These are always the most interesting and unexpected, and once it begins to unfold there is no telling where it will lead.

Did you explore the Galaxy before coming to help Earth ascend?

Or did you fight a galactic war somewhere else before coming here to end the polarity experiment?

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Past Earth Lives

Whether you were a princess or a farm hand, your higher aspect will show you the lifetimes you need to visit.

You may be carrying some of that baggage with you and it is impacting your current life in a negative way.

Identifying and releasing this is a critical part of session healing.

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Galactic View

In some sessions clients connect with with their higher aspects who are part of a ‘collective’ or an interface between lives.

These beings have a unique view of existence since they are at a level of  conscious development beyond ours.

They provide their perspective in an effort to help guide us. 

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Asclépéion de Kos

Higher-Self Healing

Every session engages the higher self in healing the body. During this repair the higher self is asked to describe what it is doing and how it is doing it. Some of the results are beyond the ability of modern medicine and I have observed strange body contortions as this is occurring. Listen for yourself how you are able to repair your own body.

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