Past Earth Lives QHHT Session Clips

Not everyone has a past Earth life. Some of us are here for the first time as Ambassadors of higher Vibration. Other clients have normal lifetimes where their higher aspect takes them to understand and release the issues they are carrying into this life. These are some of the more interesting ones.

A Murdered Roman General

This is another clip from my original QHHT session facilitated by Suzanne Spooner. There is a description of a battle to squash the Acquitani rebels in 38 BC and another during the battle of Actium where the opposing admiral is killed. A sad ending and some baggage carried into this lifetime that needed to released. 

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The Son of a Caesar

This session clip begins in the “Hall of Strings” between lives for this client. As the client touches a life string he is transported to that lifetime. The identity of the young man in this remembered lifetime is discussed outside of the clip and also verified by a second session. 

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