Session Teachings

These session clips are from a connection to a group of Galactic Consciousnesses that provide ‘Teachings’ or client sessions where the information has been identified as beneficial for everyone.

Client session clips are clearly identified and have been approved for distribution by the respective client.

Introduction to a Galactic Consciousness

These two sessions, combined into one clip are what started this journey.

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A Galactic Consciousness Discusses Love

During a session, a teaching about love begins right after the introduction ends.

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Higher Self Healing

A teaching related to how your higher aspect identifies and repairs your physical body during a session. Quite illuminating…

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Galactic Consciousness Discusses Personal Manifestation

A teaching about how to absorb and use source energy and the intentions you should be focusing on to improve your life.

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How a Galactic Consciousness Creates Life Upon a Planet

A teaching describing how life is imbued upon a planetary sphere and how that life ascends through the densities.

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“The Event” Defined

The Event everyone is talking about is viewed and defined from a Galactic perspective. There is also a discussion of the polarity experiment from a source perspective.

Earth Time and Timeline Relationships

This teaching came about as a result of a question I received in an E-mail. The question was “Are negative entities pushing the Earth into a different Timeline?”

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Status of Positive Polarity on Earth as of 7/9/17

The clip begins with a discussion of what I see as I travel to my source. There is a readings of the current level of positive vs. negativity and then a teaching about negativity within us.

Negative Polarity Attachments External and Internal

This teaching is a response to a question I personally needed an answer to from a higher source. I trust this information and the entities I received it from. For me the debate is over.

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Hubble Telescope Images and the

Creation of a Galaxy

This clip is a result of a question regarding the images from the Hubble telescope. The discussion includes identification of who is providing the information and how consciousness ascends through the densities to ultimately become a Galactic Consciousness.

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The Creation of the Cosmos.

In the Beginning…

This teaching contains the description of the first Galactic Consciousnesses to emerge from God Source, why and how they were spatially situated, the symbiotic relationship between God Source and all creation, and answers a question about the destruction of the Universe that I read somewhere.

Past and Future Timelines after

“The Event”

This teaching contains an intro question I asked internally; Babies with knives was so funny I had to leave it. I also left a comment they made directly to me so you can understand the organic nature of how this occurs before I edit sessions. The answer about the timelines which included a statement about my time as an Asclepeion healer is once again not what I expected. 

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The Definition of Density, Frequency, Vibration, and

‘Life Lessons’

In this teaching Galactic Consciousness clearly defines Density, Frequency, and Vibration and how they relate to consciousness and ascension. It then explains why life ‘lessons’ are required before moving to the next density in an easy to understand context.