Your  Session, Your Life

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Do you have recurring dreams of the same place or time? Have you heard of the body’s ability to self heal? Have you watched some of the Practitioner videos on YouTube and wondered what yours would be like? 

We are here to help you live your fullest life by connecting you with the answers you need from your higher aspect.

Donations for a session are tax deductible.

All sessions are strictly confidential. A release form is required from the client if they agree to share a session clip.

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Higher Aspect Healing

Each client is placed in a Theta wave state where a connection to your higher aspect can be accomplished.

There is a specific path we must walk together in order to effect a complete healing of both the physical and mental aspects.

Toward the end of our time together we will engage your higher aspect in the repair of your body to the optimum level it deems appropriate. 

Some healing observed borders on the miraculous, but it is up to you. We are merely the negotiators.

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Session Teachings

During a training session to become a practitioner I unexpectedly connected to a Galactic Consciousness and Source together. The connection has become easier and a practitioner is only required now to ask me questions during each session. 

Sometimes clients connect to their higher aspects that reside on a “Council” at a level of awareness above our own. These councils often provide a perspective that is beneficial to everyone and with permission they are shared here.


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