This is in response to a question I was asked about how these relate to each other and what form they will take in the future.

The purpose of moving through the densities is to increase your ability to store conscious energy. In the lower densities responses are built into the vehicle that improve its odds of remaining viable within the construct. One of the most important of these is fear which invokes the fight or flight reflex and improves the odds of surviving an encounter. As humans in an ascending vehicle we still feel the response of fear and resulting momentary surge of adrenaline. The situations where this is required for actual survival continue to decrease as we increase control over our personal realities. As consciousness gains energy and balance it is meant to exert control over the instinctual responses of the body.

At first you use reason to control the instinctual response, “I am watching a movie, there is no actual threat to my survival, calm down”. As you continue to increase the energy of consciousness it in turn feeds back into the energy pathways within your body and physical changes begin to take place. When we have fully transitioned into the ascending construct the response of fear will naturally fall away. You will have the power of consciousness that understands embodiment as temporary and the situations that might cause a fear response will be very few. The instinctual response will be replaced with logic and reason as the mechanism shifts from the body complex to the consciousness complex. The reason for this is because the next step in your ascension requires that you shed the need for the body completely.

Anger is a learned response and is not driven by instinctual programming. It is a direct manifestation of polarity and is considered to be an unanticipated mutation. In every situation you choose your response based upon the orientation of your consciousness. If you have achieved the rotational balance associated with creational energy (the emotional response of love) you will be responding from a solid platform using logic. If you are walking around with unbalanced polarities within you, the chances are high that you will allow habitual responses to affect your decision making.

Let us consider a scenario. Someone invites you to dinner but they forget what day it was. You show up at the restaurant and wait for hours and the person never shows up. The next day the same person contacts you, apologizes and reschedules. Again you show up at the restaurant but they do not. The next day they call again and apologize… How do you respond?

There was a time not too long ago where 90% of the population would have responded with anger at this situation. “How dare you, blah, blah, blah, never call me again”. I would hazard a guess and say that number has decreased recently and that is how the slow dissolution of polarity is manifesting. People are beginning to respond differently because they are regaining balance within their consciousness.
There is nothing in the Universe that says you have to endure infringements upon you by others. We are all making our own choices and if your choice infringes upon mine, I have the right to prevent it. So in this instance I would cordially decline a third or future infringement upon my time from a position of logic, without anger, and without ego.

As we continue to ascend in consciousness the choices of polarized responses will continue to fall away as the imbalance of reverse polarity is removed. This does not mean that as a collective we forget our experiences of negativity. We retain the memories of the atrocities and use them to balance our actions from both viewpoints. The imbalance caused by the creation is gone, but the memories remain. We will remember hatred, violence, death, and self-interest, but they will be understood for what they are: poor choices that do not benefit the collective whole.

In service to all… Todd

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