I have some questions that will fill in a lot of blanks for me:
1) Does earth become a verdant world or does industry remain?
2) Are there infinite Earths where varying degrees of each play out?
3) What about populations of third density humans? Do they completely die out or does some plane of earth still host them centuries from now?

I guess I’ve had these questions for a while. Thank you for helping me.


The question above contains several material outcomes but does not indicate a moment in linear time where these perspectives are being observed. The other identifier required to pinpoint the outcome that would be observed is: what timeline are you focused upon?

There is only one material sphere that we identify as Earth. Upon it are multiple material timelines separated by increasing frequency and wavelength coexisting at any moment of observation. Some call these holographic realities but that term does not adequately define the complexity required to solidify an entire material construct that millions/billions of consciousnesses interact within. The gridlines/leylines you hear about are the indexing energy points that lock the timelines to the planet and allow them to be made manifest.

The movement of a material sphere (Earth) through space creates a resistance to motion (gravity). If you select two points along this trajectory you find that a period of ‘Time’ was required for the sphere to move from point A to point B. This linear expression of transit through the galaxy is observed by consciousness incarnated upon the planet. Material timelines use this linear expression to create the illusion of past, present, and future.

In my first book I discussed the creation of the originating timeline upon a planet and divergences that occur as consciousness embarks upon its journey toward energetic maturity. I’ll summarize here but recommend that you refer to the book for a better understanding.

When a portion of consciousness grows beyond the limitations of the original timeline construct, a new timeline diverges from the original. At that point two timelines exist upon the planet, one with originating energetics, and one that contains consciousness seeking higher understandings. Earth has been involved in this process much longer than our history records. Multiple timelines currently coexist with the one we observe as a singular expression winding backward into history. The primitives, the Romans, the Vikings, and many other civilizations we consider historical are still in play on Earth. Future timelines also exist on Earth because the originating timeline has already ascended into the collective. Divergences from this timeline that we would observe as the future are also still in play. I say all of that to support the following statement:
All of the perspectives listed in the question exist, have existed, and will exist. Which one you observe will be a function of the timeline you are focused upon. Let’s answer each question:

1) Technology is a result of advancing consciousness. When we say ‘technology’ we naturally think in terms of our current state of development, but technology is defined as: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. As we move into a higher energy, and therefore a new way of thinking, we will apply our scientific knowledge differently for the betterment of all. Sequestering knowledge for power and control (patents, state secrets, withholding free energy devices, etc) will seem foolish and counterproductive. Destroying the biosphere that supports life to engage in the illusion of personal wealth will be seen as insanity. Technology will remain, expand, and take on a new dynamic in the ascending timeline construct. This timeline is not a “Coming soon” ideal. As a collective we have begun to create it and have one foot in the new and one in the old. Many of us are straddling the two realities as we hold out our hand to those awakening from their slumber. So the answer to this question is yes to both. Earth becomes increasingly technologically advanced as we come to our senses and return it to the paradise it was intended to be. Those choosing to remain in the old construct will experience a different scenario that is required to help them understand cooperation and inclusion of all so that they too can learn collectivity and begin their ascension into the new.

2) There are not infinite Earths. As previously stated, there is a single physical sphere with multiple timeline constructs operating upon it. They are not infinite, but are a result of collective divergences like the one we are currently engaged in. Some are primitive, and these are where newly minted third density consciousness becomes familiar with the bipedal humanoid form. Other timelines are at various stages of advancement where consciousness in separation learn their lessons as they gain the energy within their array to begin to feel harmonic collectivity (discussed in detail in the second book). The important concept here is that these multiple timelines on Earth are like grades within an education system. As you master one, you move to the next level and the lessons become increasingly complex.

3) From the answer to question two we can conclude that third density has levels that must be ascended through just like all of the other densities. Therefore, multiple third density timelines exist on Earth and will continue to be here for a very long period of linear time. In the distant future, Earth and its system consciousness (the sun) will reach energetic parity within this quadrant of the galaxy and ascension through the physical densities will end. But not yet…

As I and many others have stated, the reality we currently exist within is in the process of diverging. A portion of incarnated consciousness is pushing upon the existing energetic envelope in its quest for higher understandings. This is a normal process that has occurred countless times throughout the universe. When these shifts happen, the changes occur slowly so that consciousness can acclimate to new abilities. I don’t align with discussions regarding abrupt, drastic changes (except for the removal of polarity in consciousness). They sound amazing and they make people read and share content because it builds excitement, but a brief scan of history indicates that physical evolution is a slow process. Barring some cataclysm that forces life to adapt quickly in order to survive, changes occur slowly. I know I’m a little off topic based on the original question, but this is an important concept that needs to be assimilated. Being told to expect miracles that never come eventually creates disappointment. When you don’t see what you expect, you assume nothing is happening and turn your attention elsewhere. There is so much happening in this galaxy and on Earth that it is impossible to list it all, but to those not watching the subtle changes it appears as if nothing has changed. You must look around the edges of your reality. It is here you will begin to see the changes; the sharp edges are being smoothed.

Body changes:
We are moving into a higher energetic construct. This means that more energy will be available to our conscious array. This energy will not come all at once. It will be metered as it has been thus far. The energy surges others are talking about are the first steps in acclimatizing us to the increasing energies. This energy is transmitted to our bodies through the chakra system. Our bodies are subtly and slowly changing to accommodate these increases. Some use the term ‘crystalline’ as they discuss the concept of how our vehicles are changing but that term is misleading and fundamentally incorrect. Many generations from now doctors will still be working with a body that ‘appears’ unchanged. The differences will be anatomically subtle and undetectable. What doctors will notice however is that they have fewer patients because sickness will slowly taper off. More energy means an increased ability to hold your divine template. You will become healthier and at some point realize you haven’t been sick in a long time. With decreased sickness comes increased lifespan. This too will occur slowly in those efficiently using the new energies. When you see someone in their seventies moving and acting like they are thirty, you will want to know what they are doing… Listen closely to what they tell you.

We are fully immersed in the shift and for those paying attention to the subtleties, the changes are obvious. This is so much fun. I hope you are enjoying the ride because you had to wait in line for the opportunity.

I am going to be in Sedona Arizona April 5th through the 13th. I will be hosting a casual get together at my Airbnb Friday, April 10th . I will give a short presentation to get the questions started after which we will talk about whatever comes up and continue until the last person leaves. I will also be giving QHHT regression sessions during that week. If you are interested in a session contact me directly using the website below so I can get you scheduled.

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney



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Way back in 2016 (so much has happened since then) I was in my car at a stop light and I had a momentary ‘excursion’. While I was sitting there I shifted into something that felt completely different than the mundane commute I was actively engaged in. The light was brighter, colors more vivid, and happiness felt like it was electricity present in the air. My response to this was the same that anyone else’s would be; I mentally grasped at it as I tried to hold on to the feeling as long as I could. I seemed to be there longer than a normal wait at a traffic light, but before I knew it the car in front of me was moving and I dropped back into reality as I instinctively followed it. While I didn’t know it at the time, two years later I would experience a more immersive shift. In between those events and the time of this writing, I have been engaged as a client in numerous sessions that connect me to a higher state of consciousness. Anyone who has driven to the same location repeatedly knows that at first you follow the directions, on a map or GPS while looking for landmarks to help guide you to your destination. After a while you stop following directions and rely on the landmarks. Travel the same path enough times and the landmarks along the path fade as you develop an unconscious autopilot getting you to your destination without much effort. This is my experience in consciousness, as the landmarks I follow into my connection with unity have become familiar and expected.

I just finished two weeks of vacation where I worked everyday to create a sacred space for my clients. This was made possible by the generous donations of others that allowed me to purchase the needed materials. -A huge public thank you to everyone- During my time of singular focus on the studio, I received several messages asking about the current state of polarity on the planet. Now that I’m back at work listening to my coworkers talk about world war three and Iran, I understand why. I have been so disconnected from everything that I had no idea what current spin was being foisted upon the collective consciousness, and I don’t see that as a bad thing. Let me explain…

The first concept that must be understood for everything else to make sense is this: Negative polarity is an artificial construct. Positive polarity is the default energy of the multiverse and is only termed ‘positive’ as it relates to the artificial opposition, termed ‘negative’. Consciousness exists as oscillating particulate that generates kinematic forces. The concept of harmonics as it relates to musical octaves is a close approximation to what is occurring in consciousness and there are numerous articles out there related to the concept. To understand the artificial nature of negative polarity we must discard the concept of electrical potential that comprises our material world and look to the harmonic scales of music. Musical oscillations do not require a negative oscillating field for them to exist, you exert pressure upon the device and it creates the sound it has been tuned to provide, and the same is true of consciousness.

Each individualized consciousness is an instrument that is being tuned according to the focus of the musician (YOU). In every moment you are choosing what tune your consciousness is playing, whether you are aware of it or not. As previously stated, the default energy of the universe is positive. This musical oscillation is the overwhelming resonance and everyone tuned to it exists within its unified harmony. The negative oscillation is an artificial creation whose kinematic capacity is determined by the number of musicians (individualized consciousness) willing to resonate within its spectrum. This is the second concept that must be understood: Negative polarity is created through intentional focus.

If we combine these concepts; that negative polarity is artificial, and it is created through intentional focus, a clearer picture begins to form and with it the need to be aware of what you are focusing on.

I have been completely disconnected from any information beyond what I am acquiring through my own senses and consciousness. From my perspective, our reality seems much lighter and brighter than it was just a few months ago. The envelope of polarity is collapsing and it has reached a point where I can feel it. This is why I haven’t asked about a polarity update in session, it doesn’t seem relevant anymore. We have reached a point in our collective journey where I am beginning to recognize some of the landmarks and I know where we are. Yes there is still negativity and it is doing everything it can to maintain relevance, but it is only stalling the inevitable conclusion. The higher density negative entities are well aware of what is happening because they can feel the contraction in available potential. Let’s put this into context.

Imagine that you are standing at the edge of a body of water and it is raining. You cannot see land on the other side and do not know how far the water stretches into the distance. To everyone standing on the shore, this body of water is without end. It has been raining as long as you can remember and you have watched the water level slowly rise over time, moving away before it engulfs you. Your existence and the actions of everyone in your world revolve around this body of water. It appears as if life could not exist without the water and the focus placed upon it. Then one day the impossible happens, it stops raining. As the clouds dissipate, a new force appears that halts the rising water. The light has arrived and with it heat that begins to evaporate the threatening water. Some want the focus to remain on the water because they do not know what happens after it is gone. They are comfortable with the familiar and want it to continue. They make their voices heard, “Look there is still so much water! Nothing has changed. Keep doing what you have been doing.” As the water continues to recede those wanting to stay in the familiar move their cameras closer to the water and continue their broadcast, but they know that eventually all the water will be gone. They don’t know what else to do, so they continue their messages.

Some of the people have stopped listening to the messages of water and have found a pathway that leads away from it. As they stand at the precipice of their first plateau they look back at where they came from. The water that seemed so ominous and endless as they stood at the shoreline was nothing more than a lake. Fear was the only thing holding them in place.

It’s time to look up from the shoreline and find the path away from it. Yes, the metaphorical lake of negativity still has water in it but you are not in danger of being consumed by it unless you decide to jump into it.

The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, and the lake is shrinking. Look up and embrace the light.

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney

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I have received several questions about what to expect as we transition into the new and out of the old. I’ve also had some questions related to something called project looking glass and how it relates to the divergence. My perspective on timelines is not going to mesh well with a supposed device that is attempting to look forward or back into a single one. I agree that the ability to look into timelines at various points is technically possible and actually not that difficult to create. The accuracy of the device as it attempts to sift through the endless strings of varied earth timelines is what I question. Perhaps very small movements forward, maybe weeks or months could provide some benefit as you maintain a lock on the constants. Beyond that, maintaining a lock on a single timeline is going to be problematic. If you attempt to look beyond 2022, what you see is going to depend upon the energetic alignment of the consciousnesses involved in operating the mechanism.

Moving from that topic, let’s discuss the transition into the new timeline.

The idea that a separation was going to occur goes back a long, long way. Before we had the science to understand it we called it “The rapture” and illustrated it as bodies rising up into the air toward a bright light as if going to heaven. Those that remained were treated to experiences much less appealing, so most did whatever they were told to ensure they were part of the floating population.

Fast forward to today and we have just as much conflict and separation as ever but if you are paying attention, the façade is cracking. Those embracing the ideologies of separation and control are slowly aggregating while those embracing peace and unity continue to step away from them. The division is becoming clearer by the day and the most common reason you hear is that “The energies are shifting”. I’ve talked about this before in articles and videos and while it is a true statement, it doesn’t give you much to chew on. The reason most conversations about the shift, ascension, the divergence, the harvest, (or whatever else you want to call it) are vague is because it involves splitting timelines, and discussing timelines is a deep well that’s easy to fall into. I know because more than twenty pages of the second book is devoted to it. So let’s try to make this article an intro to some concepts in the second book.

It is true that energy is bombarding the planet, but the energy itself is not causing the changes. The energy is merely the catalyst for consciousness to empower itself by utilizing the energy and each of us decides how to use it through free will choice. If your consciousness is imbalanced or immature, the energy will push you farther toward whatever self serving goal you are focused on. If you are mature and balanced, the energy will be the fuel you have been waiting for and your consciousness will begin to accelerate. Along with increasing balance and energy in consciousness comes the innate desire to help and assist others as the energy pulls you together. Love at its core component is an energy, an energy that unifies and brings a natural compassion and empathy for everyone as it connects one to another. Love feels wonderful because it is the natural call to order within the universe. That is how you drive your vehicle of consciousness in the darkness of separation; steer toward joy, love, and happiness and you will always find your way home.

Up to this point, the shift into unity has been a gradual process. Those who are embracing the call are finding each other and forming groups. As they do this they pull away from those who no longer resonate with their energy. They will engage in negative energy exchanges less and less because they will be sensitive to the drain in energy that occurs and will not want to lose their “Vibration”. The same will be true of those embracing separation. They will continue to form into hierarchal groups as they attempt to hold the energy of their thoughts high enough to stay relevant. This will become increasingly difficult for them and they will need to form ever larger groups. The more consciousness they can sway to their ideology, the more energy they maintain.

Then one day you wake up… and everything is different. The choices have been made and the timelines have split.

As impossible as it sounds from our current vantage point, the negative groups are gone and along with them, the ideology of separation. If you could imagine a world where everyone cares about the well being of everyone else, what would that look like to you? I don’t know about anyone else but as a kid I always wondered why things felt so much better around Christmas time. Sure I was looking forward to getting a bunch of presents, but beyond that it seemed like I could feel the energy of people ‘lighten up’. People were happy and smiling, thinking about how the present they were getting for someone else would bring both parties joy; in the giving and the receiving. People put lights out to show they were engaged and to make those who viewed them happy. Everyone seemed to care just a little more about each other and it felt really, really good to me. It was as if the world of black and white suddenly had some color. Then January rolled around and it was like someone turned off the energy and things went back to the normal of black and white.

Well guess what? In the new construct that energy will be there everyday and at a level never felt before. It will be a technicolor world the likes of which you have never seen. Everyone will care about everyone else. No one will need to hold their hand out or sleep on the street ever again. Words we use everyday will fall out of our consciousness; mega-rich, oligarch, monarchy, hierarchy, poor, wealthy, hate, etc… The energy of our consciousnesses will have begun to overlap and we will understand the interconnected nature of who and what we really are. This is the actual and true definition of the term “Where we go one, we go all”. It is not a catchy phrase used by the military or some hidden alliance, it is the true nature of consciousness ascending in unity toward the collective.

Part of this energetic overlap in consciousness is the natural ability of telepathy. If your energy is connected with the person sitting next to you and thoughts are energy… deceit, deception, obstruction, and lies become useless artifacts of a bygone era. This is why those who still want to experience and use these items of separation will remain in a construct that provides them that opportunity. It will be different for them after the shift, but I don’t want to talk about the old construct because none of us will be in it so there is no value to providing details.

Because we are in the ascending construct and have entered a higher energy field, we will remember those that are no longer with us and what we left behind. However, the new timeline will be at a higher oscillating wavelength that separates us from the remaining timeline. You will not be able to interact with the remaining timeline or those within it. The capability exists to slip timelines by altering the material frequency of your body within a portable apparatus. The general public does not know this capability currently exists. The awareness of it will come in the new timeline, but its usefulness is limited and unnecessary. The probability of going back to a historical point within your exact timeline is nearly impossible given the number of timelines and variables involved. These mechanically induced abilities are novelties resulting from innate curiosity of the workings of the cosmos and are part of the learning process. As you continue to move up in energetic capacity toward the next octave of consciousness (fifth density) you will gain the ability to ‘see’ the various timelines. By that point in your evolution it won’t be that big of a deal because you will understand the true nature of the universe and your place within it. You will be looking forward as a collective, not backward.

Again I say, embrace unity and love for all because that is the path forward. Discard fear, anger and separation as limiting beliefs. The new age is within our grasp. This is the lifetime we have been waiting for…

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney



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As I begin to write this I contemplate the devastation suicide causes the friends and family members left behind attempting to understand and move beyond such a final decision. There are no words capable of filling the vacuum and unanswered questions this act leaves in the lives of those who loved them. Nothing I can say is going to help heal that in their lifetimes. However, I’m going to write this article because I have been there, at a point where the task of living seemed impossible and the thought of ending my life less so…

The Reality of being there:

The events within someone’s life that brings them to the crossroads of life or self imposed death are as diverse as the people that contemplate it, but the result is the same; you become overwhelmed at the thought of solving your problems. Whatever has occurred in your life has become (in your mind) an insurmountable wall that you feel you can never climb over. The more you think of it, the higher the wall becomes and the larger the shadow it casts upon your future. This is a self imposed limiting belief that will continue to reinforce itself until you act to dissolve this downward spiral. This is where an external perspective becomes important. Beyond a terminal medical diagnosis, few things in life are insurmountable. They only seem that way when you are standing alone at your wall looking up. As soon as someone arrives to help you get over the wall, the daunting task becomes a little easier. The more people that arrive to help and encourage you, the smaller the wall becomes and the easier it is to get past it. Before you know it the wall is behind you, life has taken on new meaning, and you wonder why that tiny bump in your past ever seemed like a problem. The takeaway here is this;

If you are having these thoughts don’t internalize them, TALK TO SOMEONE.

National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

The energetics of what is occurring:

As consciousness embodied upon the planet we are in the process of moving upward in energetic capacity. This is being accomplished by cascading waves of energy washing across the planet that are slowly increasing in magnitude. Consciousness is not created from the grey matter of the brain, that is only the interface where the ego program resides. Your true consciousness exists beyond the body as a rotating array of energetic particulate. The amount of particulate your consciousness contains is proportional to the experiences you have obtained. If you have lived a thousand lifetimes, you will have more particulate than a consciousness who has lived one hundred. Your ability to utilize the incoming energy is directly related to the particulate density of your consciousness and the balance that exists within it.

This brief discussion brings into focus four categories of consciousness currently existing on the planet:
• 1) Those with insufficient particulate density (experience) to adequately utilize the energies.
• 2) Those at the threshold of adequate particulate density.
• 3) Those with adequate density but rotational imbalances that inhibit proper absorption.
• 4) Those with adequate density who are aligning with, and absorbing the new energy.

Category four needs little explanation. They are the awakened masses who are reporting the incoming energies and feeling the results. What you feel as the waves arrive will be a function of where you are in the ascension process.

Category one consists of younger consciousnesses who have not obtained the experience to move forward. There is no judgement in this statement as all of us are traveling along the same path of energetic ascension. Some of us merely began our journey earlier and are farther along the path. The energies are not impacting consciousness at this level because their rotational array is incapable of the required orbital acceleration. They will continue along immersed in the activities of daily life unaware anything is changing.

Categories two and three are what I want to discuss because this is where the energies are going to be felt the most. The geometry of consciousness, its manner of rotation, and the energetics that cause it to rotate are discussed in my book and in previously published articles. What’s important to understand is that imbalances in your rotations manifest as imbalanced thoughts in an otherwise normal person. The brain is the interface between your rotational consciousness and your physical body. Within your brain is the operating program of ego consciousness that is a creation of this lifetime of experiences. For some, the ego consciousness is all there is during a lifetime. For others the experience of your larger consciousness comes through and provides a steering current to guide you toward the lessons you have chosen for your lifetime.

Chemical imbalances and structural deformities can occur within the brain that impede normal thought processes. This is acknowledged, but not the focus of this article. Our focus is on a normal brain in a healthy body and a consciousness evolved enough to be impacted by the rising energies.

As the waves of energies impact the planet, the rotations within your consciousness are being accelerated. If the particulate of your consciousness is in balance, it will assimilate the energy and you will feel a surge within the energy systems of your body as the centripetal acceleration overcomes the moment of inertia within your consciousness. Once it stabilizes at the new velocity, the feeling subsides… until the next higher energy wave comes through. This is the systematic raising of energy that everyone ascending into the new construct is feeling and remarking on; “Did you just feel the energy in that last wave?”

Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. It depends on what level of energy you are currently at whether the energy impacted you and you felt an acceleration. That’s how the process works in a balanced consciousness at the threshold of adequate particulate density, and those already there and moving forward.

If your consciousness contains imbalances, from traumatic past experiences you have not released, from negatively polarized behaviors, or interactions with others who cause continued imbalances, the energy is going to emphasize them. As your array attempts to spin faster it will increase its wobble and unexpected thoughts will result. What imbalanced thoughts manifest, and how they are reconciled is unique to each individual. What is important is that the person affected is helped to understand, overcome, and remedy the imbalances. This is why the energy is coming in waves of varied intensity at staggered intervals. All are being given the opportunity to correct their imbalances and move forward into the ascending construct. The term collective infers a cooperation among consciousness toward a goal. Our goal is to help everyone who is ready to balance their thoughts and begin to move forward as a cohesive unit.

I am not making the correlation that everyone who contemplates suicide or is emotionally unstable is being adversely affected by the incoming energies. However, the energies have been coming, are coming faster, and are increasing in energetic intensity. If someone in your life has suddenly begun to act erratically and there are no other obvious contributors; changing medications, physical changes, drastic life changes, etc, you may want to check into the last time someone reported a big energy wave hitting the planet. Imbalances not corrected will continue to get worse. If the person is unable to self correct, they need external perspective and guidance to help them regain balance and get past the issue.

Our role as awakened wayshowers to the new collective is to be informed and alert. We must help everyone we can balance and move forward. We are the bridge between worlds and it is our job to extend a hand to anyone reaching toward us. If someone you know needs help, reach out and provide whatever assistance you can that is comfortable for you.

That is love, that is unity, that is where we are heading, one wave at a time.

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney



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The following are questions from readers and viewers and the answers I received. Anyone interested in my work can submit questions as comments on my videos or as posts in my Expansion for Ascending Consciousness forum on Facebook. I will answer them and you will also get answers from others that may assist you. If the question is personal or you want to remain anonymous, send it as an email to  


What about the post apocalyptic economy? What can fourth density expect in day to day life?


First of all let’s dispense with the term ‘post apocalyptic’. We are moving into a wonderful new world of amazing potential with possibilities limited only by our ability to imagine them. From that perspective the only apocalypse that is coming is to those drenched in polarity and self interest, and even then it only seems like one from their current vantage point of energetic separation.

Let’s start with the concept of money and economy since that one is easier to answer and leads to the second question.

If we look back in time far enough we find a point in our civilized evolution where we had just evolved from being foragers. Groups had formed and had begun cultivating the land, preserving food, and generally planning for the future survival and continuity of the group. Other groups were doing the same and some focused on different skills. If you had an abundance of preserved meat because you were ardent hunters and another group had the ability to craft superior hunting weapons, you traded. The exchange rate of meat to weapons was agreed upon directly by the two groups and the barter was completed in the best interest of those involved. Obviously lugging meat, weapons, and other items around for barter was cumbersome and time consuming. This is where an intermediary device of exchange sprang into existence.

The concept that something compact could be used as a viable exchange initially hinged on its intrinsic value. There was no ‘promise’ of value in the item being traded. Gold, silver, and copper had value as a commodity. Everyone knew the ingots could be melted down and used to craft jewelry and other items of trade so the practice became widely accepted… and this is where polarization within consciousness steps in and begins to hijack a process meant to assist and benefit all. If you dipped a lead ingot in gold, you could trick some of the scales and get something for yourself that you did not deserve at the expense of another. As this process became known and expanded, the defrauded citizens demanded that the ingots be controlled and regulated. The very same people who first defrauded the merchants now solved the problem they created by assuming control over the exchange process. All ingots used in trade would now be stamped as reviewed and verified pure. The first coins of the realm had arrived and with them, the money changers who skimmed a portion of all trade from hard working people while contributing nothing of value to the actual survival of the groups. The important concept here is that the collective asked for, and agreed to, a world where money changers exist…

Fast forward to today and we have coins made of worthless material, paper backed by promises, and digital ingots equally as worthless to any group trying to survive in a world without electricity and modern society. The very thing the money changers initially used to come into existence -debasing the ingots- they have completely thrust upon us. What is changing however, is collective awareness. As the energies continue to rise on the planet more people have begun to see beyond the curtain and understand the inequality that money with no intrinsic value has created. The more we as a collective awaken to the realities of the rules we inherited from our predecessors, the faster we can all agree on the changes we want to make.

What will money and exchange look like after the transition into the fourth density timeline? Once you remove polarization, self interest disappears entirely. What remains is a focus upon the benefit of all. If it does not serve in raising the collective whole, it will not even be a consideration. The thought of self interest, or elevating yourself by standing on the backs of others will carry the same revulsion as the thought of burning someone at the stake does now; it was something that occurred in a darker time that we have all matured beyond.

Yes there will always be some form of intermediate exchange because it is convenient and we are comfortable with it.The difference is that it will be fair and equitable for all concerned and no one will attempt to pervert the process. This brings us to the second question.

What will fourth density day to day experience look like?

My initial response to this question is another question; What do you want it to look like? The first thing you have to accept as you enter fourth density is that you are in control. Everyone reading this dropped into this polarized third density timeline with rules that were already in play. I don’t know about anyone else, but it took me a long time to make sense of them. I’m at a point now where I am comfortable conforming to the rules that keep me out of trouble while still being compassionate and helping everyone I can. I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating, if you don’t agree with something give it as little attention as possible. Politics, taxes, war, shifty used car sales people, the news in general… personally, I ignore them all as much as I can. This is how I shield my energy and stay centered in a timeline awash in polarity and self interest.

As you enter fourth density the energy of your consciousness changes as unity takes hold and is felt throughout the collective. What happens and why are concepts explained in the second book and take several chapters to understand. The important aspect for this discussion is that the collective energy that begins to manifest must be focused and utilized for unified goals. Self serving interests naturally fall away as the energy of unity shines upon them, so shielding is no longer required. I have seen probabilities of what this looks like, but what we all actually create when we get there is up to us. Whatever it is, it will be without polarity and self interest. As crazy as that sounds when you look around at the current power struggles and inequality of our world, that is what’s coming.

Yes there are some earth changes associated with the shift and I have touched on them in previous articles. Beyond a few measures that you would use to prepare for a hurricane or blizzard, there is nothing else that you can do to physically prepare. You will be right where you are supposed to be… wherever that is. Of far more importance are your preparations in consciousness. You must align the energy of your consciousness to the new energies and accept the changes they bring within you. Fourth density exists at a higher energetic octave and all of the waves and energies everyone is talking about are coming to help you align to the new construct. Hold your arms to the sky and welcome this breath of fresh air into your consciousness every time you feel it.

Fear, hatred, anger, division, self interest, are all low energy third density frequencies. You should be actively working on purging these from your consciousness as you focus upon love and unity. As you focus on the new, you will find the old energies appear less frequently. They will eventually stop being automatic responses and will become ‘choices’. It is from this place of balance where you use fourth density focus to consciously choose action instead of unconsciously allowing reaction. This is the training regimen we are currently involved in as the progression toward fourth density accelerates.

So again I ask; “What do you want fourth density to look like?”

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney



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If you have read my book, follow my blog, or watch the videos on my channel, you know I’m awake and following higher guidance. Despite all of that I am not the type who is going to go somewhere without an understanding of why and what the benefit will be.

And so it is that I currently find myself in Mt Shasta. I’ve been here since Sunday honing my skills as a regression therapist. The seminar is nice and providing some valuable insights, but I knew when I booked this excursion that it was only the pretext I would agree to that would get me out here. This has happened before and I have met some amazing people working for the highest good of all as a result.

Anyone who has been to Mt Shasta knows it is a small town and you will have to drive a while from whatever airport you arrive at. I flew in to Medford OR, so I had an hour and a half drive watching this majestic mountain come into view and increasingly dominate the scenery. To say that the mountain has energy and calls to you does not do it justice. As my drive continued, it felt like a bubble was being placed around me as I disconnected from the world around me; as if time was losing its grip on me. That feeling was reinforced by the small town of Mt Shasta that feels like a throwback to the laid back days of a different era. The town sits in the shadow of the mountain, as if it is the protective parent watching over the town it gave birth to.

Since I have been here I have felt the mountain calling me but my commitments have me on a tight schedule. Each day at lunch I wanted to drive up to some of the sacred areas to say hello to the energy of the planetary consciousness so obviously pouring out of this vortex point. Yet each day I found myself engaged in wonderful conversations with positive people full of light and the best of intentions for the collective. I never turn away from anyone who wants to have enlightening discussions. That’s the whole reason awakened people find each other, to share their conscious perspectives while they share energy subconsciously and tune their frequencies toward planetary unity.

Yesterday as I started my morning I engaged in a brief meditation and asked,

“Why have I been brought here?”

I would have been okay with what I was already doing, but it seemed like there was something else, something energetically important still waiting to reveal itself. In one of my previous sessions where I connect to my totality of consciousness they came right out and said,

“It’s so much fun to watch him play this game. He’s a good player.”

That statement has never left me, especially when I want direct answers from them and I get riddles. This morning meditation was no different. It doesn’t matter how ascended and awake you think you are, you will never be allowed to see the exact steps you take forward because that wouldn’t be fun. I get glimpses of important decision points -like this one to come here- and work toward them, but I never get to see the whole picture because apparently that would take the fun out of the game.

After my morning meditation I made my coffee and checked my social media. Strangely I found that one of my readers had posted pictures of her and her friend at Mt Shasta. Hmmm… that was an odd coincidence. I reached out and let her know that as luck would have it, I was here too. We arranged to meet later that day; and I think I heard the universe laughing.

She was with a friend who had flown all the way from England so they could do energy work on the leyline vortex point that exists within Mt Shasta. We had an amazing conversation about the work they are doing, the work I am doing, the work others are doing, and how it ties into the movement of our collective reality into the new construct. The next thing I knew I was on the mountain at ascension rock. I can’t explain what happened there because it felt like I was in session. My consciousness had been pushed back as something larger than myself came through and did whatever it was we were supposed to do. It was getting dark when we finished at ascension rock but we still went to another site. I found myself on a bluff with an expanse that looked like a rocky landing pad. At the edge of this opening were trees that appeared to fence the area. As we blended our energies once again, a grey fog descended and I saw things emerge from it that I cannot explain. It was dark by now but a golden light seemed to be shining from somewhere above my field of vision, as if a helicopter spotlight had been pointed at me. I knew I shouldn’t look up, but I did anyway and there was nothing there but dark sky. I returned my eyes to the grey fog where the fence line of trees should be. The golden glow then shifted from a single point to what the sun would create if it was directly over you at high noon. It continued to shine above me long after we finished and had begun our walk back to the car.

To describe what I felt as intense does not do it justice. These experiences are beyond anything I have physically encountered up to this point in my life. Being in a session requires a detachment from the body so that you can travel and experience in consciousness. What I experienced on the mountain was an integration of consciousness to the energy network of my body. I am still in the process of understanding what occurred and for what purpose, but my higher connection seems to be satisfied, and rather smug.

“Do you see now? Wasn’t that more fun and exciting than knowing what was going to happen?”

Sure I suppose, but the project manager in me who likes to plan and schedule has a hard time trying to accommodate these unanticipated changes. As I indicated in my book, I have let go and now let the current of life steer my course. It is difficult to navigate in the dark toward a destination, but when it finally comes into view it is rather exhilarating. The ascending collective is farther along the path toward the new age of unity consciousness than it appears. This fact is continually reinforced for me by the people I am meeting and the energies I am feeling.

The image associated with this post are of me and my new colleagues at ascension rock on the evening described above.

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney



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Unanswered questions from Friday’s YouTube LIVE chat we saved- …… from video conversation with aurora 7/26/19 at 2PM……..

From your perspective- what does the “veil of forgetfulness” look like and what is happening?

During the show I spoke of constructs within galaxies reusing methods that have been found to be useful. Contrary to some information out there, it is a creation of loving intent meant to assist you. The veil is proven to be an effective tool for ascension through the lower densities. I’ve clipped a few excerpts from the book ‘Expansion for Ascending Consciousness’ that explain it:


This is a misunderstood concept that has been associated with any number of negative scenarios, none of which is true. The truth of this construct is much simpler in design and reasoning; it was created to allow ascending consciousnesses the ability to repeatedly experience lower densities and less-evolved timelines. The formulation of a well-rounded consciousness that contains the proper lessons of experience requires repeated incarnations. The veil allows you to “pretend” while you are incarnated that you do not consciously remember prior lifetimes and the experience they provided. Assume you were born into this incarnation with thousands of years of experience gained through your lifetimes. What would be the point of the lifetime if you already knew what you were here to learn?

To reinforce this concept, consider that you are walking down a wooded trail on a bright sunny day. You can clearly see all the trees, avoid any obstacles in your way, and know where the trail turns and forks. Now assume that you are on the same trail on a moonless night with a small candle. Navigating the trail has become considerably more difficult and, by the same measure, that much more rewarding when you successfully navigate it. From this perspective, you begin to understand that the veil of forgetfulness is a construct that was created to help and assist you.

The veil of forgetfulness is more appropriately described as a frequency partition that has been erected within each individual toroidal consciousness sphere. As this occurs, the energy of prior experience is pushed outward, and the consciousness now observes itself as a clean slate that is waiting to be written upon. When you are born into a body on Earth, it is within this partition that you begin to learn and grow under the illusion of amnesia. As your life progresses and you mature, the veil expands as you increase your photon count and energy within it through experiencing life. You are in essence, a fragment within your larger self. This process may appear undesirable and cruel from your current vantage point, but as soon as your incarnation ends, you will want to do it again. For when the veil is removed, you will have all your experiences back, and you will remember how much fun it is to pretend to forget.”

Excerpt From
Expansion for Ascending Consciousness


What does a reincarnation trap look like energetically or from what you can gather? – if there is such a thing.

I hesitate to answer questions that contain negativity because the ascending focus should not include fear. The reason is because if you are looking upward in energetics and seeking ascended perspectives, the Universe will provide them to you regardless of the nefarious intent of misguided consciousness. Many in the awakening communities share the same mantra “Focus on what you want and ignore what you do not want” and there is an inherent truth to this. As consciousness we are an energetic emanation. That energy is like a radio station antenna and it is broadcasting its signal for all to hear. The negatively aligned have used this broadcast and have manipulated us in the past to transmit this lower energetic signal of fear and hatred. These are lower spectrum energies. Regardless of what you have been told or experienced, their power is an illusion. Like the great and powerful Oz, when you pull back the curtain there is just a frail entity projecting self perceived greatness. How do I know this?

Negative polarity (the only perspective that would even consider a ‘reincarnation trap’) is a creation of this Galaxy and is limited to a fifth density energetic. At its zenith it had pushed into lower sixth density and threatened to imbalance the galaxy. This has since been corrected and there are some fifth density collectives left at the time of this writing, but not many. By comparison, our galaxy operates at eleventh density and the universal consciousness is at the twelfth (These numbers are energetic octaves explained in the second book). The comparison in energetics and refinement between the two is like the Wright brothers airplane to the most sophisticated aircraft we have at the moment; there is none.

With all of that said, I have the energetic memory of one of my fragments being caught in a negative creation. In the span of galactic memory this occurred millennia ago, but I can remember the process of waking up and being ejected, or set free. I have no idea where we were being transported but we were being kept ‘asleep’ within a dream state. The key detail is not the trap or the entities involved in trapping us, but the process of waking up from the trance. Don’t accept what you see as normal, don’t accept that anyone has more power than you or power over you. The universe requires that free will is respected and that still goes both ways at the moment. The negatives assert that they can control you because they are ‘more powerful’ than you are. That is an illusion. You have the right to stand your ground and reject that control as a consciousness exerting their free will choice… and the universe will back your decision.

So is there a reincarnation trap?

Only if you think there is, and only if you allow that experience for yourself. My answer if approached in the etheric would be the same as someone soliciting their religion at my front door; “You are free to do whatever, and believe whatever you want, but that is not my path.”

(1) What is the energetic more scientific difference between a soul and an essence?

(2) Also, if I understand this correctly, our physical bodies are of this universes SOURCE creator but our energy bodies are of a different SOURCE creation/creator? 
(You had mentioned the bubbles so perhaps this viewer is trying to grasp how it differs.)

Response to (1):
As humans we love to assign names to things. Sometimes the only difference between the names is the context in which they are being used. Let’s see how the two terms above relate to each other.

Soul: (Definition one) The spiritual or immaterial portion of life that is regarded as immortal. (Definition two) Emotional or intellectual energy or intensity.

Essence: (Definition one) The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character. (Definition two) The group of properties of something without which it would not exist.

From my perspective these two terms are describing the same thing, the energetic aspect of individualized consciousness that continues beyond a single human lifespan. I suppose you could drill deeper and say that your soul is the overall rotating array of photonic particulate that each of us as humans (and every other living creation) has. You could then further define that using the term essence to describe the unique oscillations within that array that provide you a unique perspective of your place within the universe.

Response to (2):
The human form is a result of energetic and evolutionary forces (and a little tweaking) within our solar and planetary system that provides the vehicle for conscious ascension. It is meant to be a vehicle of change that ascends with us until we no longer require a physical vehicle for continued growth. Since planetary, system, and galactic constructs exist within and have been created from universal consciousness, by extension the human form is a creation of source. The bipedal upright form that we consider human is a widespread creation in use throughout the universe. It’s not the only one, but it is prevalent because it is an efficient and proven design.

Our energy bodies, the rotating sphere of photonic particulate, is different only in the fact that it is not a material creation bound to the artificial laws governing the construct it finds itself incarnated within. The scientific boundaries of matter in our galaxy have been extensively explored but only our bodies must obey them. Consciousness can go anywhere in the universe immediately. Those who channel or solicit information and perspectives from elsewhere do this all the time. No one is waiting for the photons of their consciousness to travel at the speed of light to reach their objective. They put their beacon out and the connection they are seeking is established.

From the above comes the differences. The various material forms of embodiment are created to operate symbiotically within the planetary systems of ascension. They are created from, and operate within the material. They are vehicles that consciousness uses for ascension until it can access the energy web directly and continue its growth into maturity without the need for physical catalyst. That doesn’t mean you won’t want to embody again for the fun of it, but at that point it will just be a portion of your actual awareness operating under the veil.

The actual particulate of your consciousness is the same as the universe itself, just a smaller portion at a lower energetic experiencing individualized perspective. Your purpose is to increase in particulate through energetic interaction until you possess the ability to (metaphorically) shake hands with the universe. We are all engaged in this journey upward and this is the portion of ourselves that we call a soul or essence. We will have many different bodies and forms, but we will only have one sphere of consciousness that contains the total sum of our experiences. Make the most of this journey and seek the experiences that bring you joy and happiness.

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney

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