Todd, if you have time, I have a question.
Once we are on the other side of this, will there be a way to contact our loved ones who have passed? I often think of some of the people gone from this plane… and wished I could just have another couple of hours with them.
And a second related question.
If this is the case, and we can contact them, what version would we get? The Ego version or the True self version?
This came in while I was furiously getting the second book ready for publishing before my self-imposed year end deadline. When I saw it, I knew that needed my full attention.
My books go to great lengths to show how conscious awareness exists beyond the body and the brain and is a result of oscillating particulate moving within a spherical geometry. The “glue” that binds these particles together is the sympathetic vibratory resonance they share as they are encoded with experiences. The continued expansion of this sphere (your totality of consciousness) occurs as you acquire experiences during incarnation that add energetic potential. Within this and most other third density constructs, consciousness operates under a veil of forgetfulness. We do this by sequestering a portion of our awareness within an energetic barrier and ‘forget’ the other lives we have lived as we create a separate operative (ego) consciousness that is used to navigate each lifetime.
The concept I use to describe this separation the veil creates is the relationship between a thumb drive and a hard drive of a computer. The operative consciousness of a lifetime is stored on the thumb drive of the physical brain but backed up to the hard drive of the totality of consciousness. You may not currently remember all of the lifetimes you have lived, but they have been used to shape the current version of who you think you are. When your body ceases to function, the operative consciousness on your thumb drive will be reintegrated into the hard drive of your totality of your consciousness. There is no fear in this statement because you are not losing your individuality, you are merely remembering who you are based upon everyone you have ever been. What you will find when this occurs is that who you think you are now is a composite of the lessons learned (or not learned) by everyone you have ever been before. With this information we see that the conscious essence of a loved one who has left embodiment exists within their totality of consciousness in the ever present NOW of timespace, regardless of whether they have created another thumb drive and begun a subsequent incarnation. Since each operative consciousness is a composite of those that came before it, the person you remember exists there just as they were. With this background, let’s return to the concept of energetic entanglement between conscious particulate.
When embodied consciousness share experience, the particulate within their respective consciousness is encoded with identical vibratory signatures. This creates a sympathetic co-resonance between them that associates them to each other, forever. If the experiences were highly charged as occurs with lovers, parents, or the like, the consciousnesses will continually gravitate to each other. This occurs in subsequent incarnations and between them when an incarnation ends. The energetic co-resonance is like a speed dial and makes it easy to find each other, incarnated or not. Co-resonant interactions are comforting and as a result consciousness purposely seeks them, over and over again.
Now let’s apply these concepts to what occurs at the end of an incarnation. If you are unfamiliar or unprepared for the transition from thumb drive to hard drive, you will be disoriented when the process occurs. Consciousness that you share sympathetic co-resonance with will know that you have transitioned and will be there to assist you. Who greets you as you arrive in timespace depends upon what you are expecting, but loved ones play a significant role. As I said previously, it doesn’t matter if the loved one meeting you has already begun another incarnation, who they were to you is still available in their totality of consciousness and able to interact with you when you transition. How this is possible is explained in chapter three of my second book and a result of “Quantum Non-Locality”.
The original question contained the statement “On the other side of this”. If that meant the other side of incarnation, I have just provided a brief response. The first book contains a much deeper exploration into this concept for those interested. If the “other side of this” refers to our shift into fourth density, that is already underway. Personally, I am already interacting with people I have known from other incarnations. For me this is occurring with people in real life, in meditation, and in the dream state. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this because this is what occurs as the veil thins and the energies of our consciousnesses increase to the point of energetic overlap. People are going to be drawn to each other for reasons they can’t explain consciously because energetic co-resonance is pulling them together. What happens when they get in proximity depends on the energetic memories they share and how their operative consciousness interprets it.
If a loved one is outside of incarnation and you desperately want to talk to them again, meditate with them in your mind’s eye and ask them to contact you. If you aren’t that good with meditation or are unsure, ask for a visit in your dream state. It is important that when it occurs (and it will) that you accept it with gratitude and don’t dismiss it out of hand as a wishful fantasy. Keep a note pad by your bed and start writing down dreams you think are important. Continue to meditate and the connection may transition from dreams to the meditative state, assuming it doesn’t happen there first. Everyone is different and what you experience depends upon what you are ready for.
The point I am trying to make in this discussion is that we are already “On the other side of this”. It may not look like it when you look out into current events, but that is just oil left on top of the water. It doesn’t matter what they are doing out there in lower energy, the higher energy is already here and a lot of us are tapped into it.
If you want to connect to a loved one, set the intention, apply focused energy upon the visualization, and KNOW that it will occur.
In service to all,
Todd R Deviney

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