I listened to about twenty minutes of a link link provided by a reader and had a pretty good take on the concepts being presented. I liked the clear and direct approach of the presenter, but the information is so old and outdated that I could not sit through any more of it. The other aspect of the video is I can see the information eliciting the exact emotional energy these proposed “captors” were supposedly sequestering from our poor tormented souls in the first place…

A critical aspect of consciousness and the density it contains must always be kept at the forefront of your thought process when judging the veracity of any information:

“A consciousness can see from their density back down but cannot see what lies ahead.”

If you are listening to something and it contains a fear component you can be sure that it is either coming from a third density perspective or that it is attempting to keep you at a third density frequency. Consciousness is easy to control if it is embracing second density responses, one of which is fear. Messages that are coming from positive consciousness operating in fourth density or beyond understand frequency and vibration and would never include anything that detracts from ascension. I am not saying that this video is purposely attempting to generate fear. The narrator merely appears to be stating the results of a remote viewing experiment as clear as possible.

I do not know much about remote viewing or how it is practiced. However, I do understand spacetime constructs and I know that it is easy to slip between them and lose sight of time dilations as projected consciousness. Once you bypass the concept of time and start looking into the various constructs, high energy and emotionally charged events are going to shine brighter than others. It is possible to be looking at a point in space and see something (like a prison planet concept) but not be aware that it is a historical event from a perspective of timespace and has already been rectified. The other thing about remote viewing I found interesting as I sampled their content is that most of them are describing unhappy scenarios. For me, that is a clear indication to question the validity of the information.

From my view I see a young Galactic Consciousness that was experimenting with concepts that would elicit stronger collectives. It wanted to create something new and unheard of, and it most certainly accomplished that objective. The problems began when the creation started to mutate within consciousness. All of the discussions in the remote viewing video are describing the effects of these mutations and the descriptions are no longer relevant because so much has changed. Consciousness is allowed free will, this is a Universal constant. Any consciousness that was ‘trapped’ here was doing so of their own accord as they embraced the lower frequencies of separation, greed, fear, and hate. These things pull at the energy of your consciousness like quicksand and keep you locked in a cycle of non-learning. You have an eternity to learn and ascend and you are free to keep playing the same game repeatedly until you tire of it and move forward.

That is why we are where we are right now and the internet is flooded with messages of awakening. Many have been stuck in the goo and it is time to steer the course and help everyone who is ready break free and move forward.

There has been a monumental undertaking to clear this Galaxy of the mutation that has been absorbing the energy of creation. Earth is one of the last remaining pockets and it is such for reasons stated in that video. It was coveted and protected. This is a signature of the mutation; greed, personal acquisition, and the desire to possess. It was known that this area would be overly protected and fortified and that weakness was used. All mutated consciousness that is here cannot leave because a barrier has been erected. This is the final cleansing and we are all witnesses to a once in the Universe occurrence.

Consciousness ascends in density through lessons during embodiment. The material constructs exist as a playground for consciousness to learn lessons. When consciousness attains the proper density they may fragment and continue to play in these constructs for additional experience and for pleasure. All the while creating the energy for continued Universal expansion. It is a grand game designed for the expansion of consciousness that should never be viewed from a position of victim hood.

I can go on and on discussing my perspective on everything that was mentioned in the video about souls, karma, forgetfulness, and being a prisoner, but the high level message is already covered.

You are not a victim unless you decide that is the experience you are seeking. If you feel that you are one and do not want to be one, change your mind. I understand that there are people in this world who’s free will is being forcibly imposed upon by mutated consciousness and they do not have the option of just saying no. I am addressing the people who voluntarily accept the role when they can pursue other options.

If you are tired of this construct and are ready for something else, make that decision within yourself and seek the path. It will appear brightly in front of you as if the Sun was only waiting for you to ask for illumination. You must then choose to take the steps that lead you into the new, without fear, without regret, and without doubt.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion For Ascending Consciousness

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