There is a lot of discussion related to a shift that is going to bring a new experience to a portion of consciousness on earth. In these discussions there is the concept that negativity will no longer be experienced, and life will become a joyous symphony of peace and beauty. So how do we transition from where we are now to this new experience? What I’m about to share has been extracted from my third book. It is a condensed version of a larger concept related to the fourth density experience. After my last article “The Spiritual Guru” I received requests for additional information regarding how we release fear, fighting, and conflict when there is still so much of it on the planet. It is true that it is still easy to find the wreckage of self-serving intentions. This is because third and fourth density consciousnesses are still co-mingling in a diverging timeline, but the interactions will decrease as the energy disparity between them increases. Let me explain how.
Everyone reading this has heard that higher energies are bombarding the planet. This energy comes through the system star and is meant to assist the consciousnesses who are seeking their fourth density expressions. This energy has created the leading edge of fourth density on earth, and as you embrace this energy it accelerates and balances your consciousness. This acceleration of the conscious particulate is what creates an expanding energetic overlap that connects you to other consciousnesses (Book Two page 161). It is this overlap between consciousnesses that brings the new experiences of fourth density that include telepathy, collectivity, extreme empathy for others, and more.
We are currently at the crossroads of divergence, and while there is still time to change course, many have already chosen their destination. This bifurcating path allows those who are ascending and those who are not the ability to continue to interact and observe each other. However, these interactions will subside and cease. Those on a service-to-self path will increasingly need to preserve their chosen energetic orientation. Through unconscious action, they will avoid prolonged proximity with a consciousness that is accelerating under the fourth density energies. As always, let me explain my perspective so you can come to your own conclusions.
Consciousness incarnated on earth functions like an individual capacitor within the circuit of planetary consciousness. A capacitor in an electrical circuit uses two plates separated by an insulating medium (refer to the figure). When a voltage is applied, one plate absorbs positive electrons until it becomes saturated, at which point the voltage flows to the other plate and completes the circuit illuminating the bulb. When voltage is removed by turning off the switch, the electrons continue to flow from the higher charged plate to the other until they reach equilibrium. The flow of polarity within consciousness follows a very similar principle, with positivity always flowing toward the negative. A positive orientation in consciousness is the universal standard which means that maintaining a negative orientation requires considerably more effort (Book One page 29).
Adding to this disadvantage, a negative consciousness in the presence of a positive consciousness of higher energy risks losing their hard won negative potential. This loss of potential is even greater if there are several positive consciousnesses in co-resonance. Using the capacitor analogy from the image associated with this article, consciousnesses in co-resonance would add many positive plates to the circuit which would overwhelm the negative plate and cause it to exhibit positive tendencies. This is why the experience of those integrating the fourth density energies will include less and less negative interactions until there are none. My first book has a shielding exercise in the meditation portion. There are times when shielding is appropriate, especially in the lower and mid third density octaves. However, as you continue to embrace the energies of fourth density, you increase your positive capacitance to a point where it is required less often, and then not at all.
In my previous article I said that the time for fighting is over, without explaining why. The history of earth is awash in the blood of thousands of years of fighting. Beyond earth, the galaxy has also had its share of polarity battles, both physical and energetic. Given this collective history, the reluctance to stop fighting is understandable, but counterproductive to ascension from third density to fourth during an incarnation.
Fear is a second density inborn program meant to ensure the survivability of the physical vehicle. It elicits two potential thought responses, fight or flight, and releases chemicals into the body to assist survivability. This instinctual response carries over into third density physicality but is meant to be understood and replaced by logic and reason as the consciousness moves into fourth density. In all cases, fighting, aggression, lying, and causing harm to another are byproducts of fear in one form or another. These energetic dampeners are not compatible with fourth density energies.
The capacitor analogy that I used earlier infers that as you increase your alignment with the positive energies of fourth density that include love and peace, the opposing intentions will leave you alone. Part of the reason is because they won’t even see you anymore. Once you place your foot firmly upon the escalator to fourth density, your vibratory state will raise you above them. They will continue to interact with the other third density consciousnesses, and you will in turn discover your fourth density counterparts.
At a point in the process, you will realize that your experience within the world has shifted and that you haven’t thought about fighting or fear in quite a while.
Love is the greatest weapon, and peace and contentment are its byproducts. Accept nothing less.
In service to all,

1 thought on “Why Polarized Interactions End as Fourth Density Begins

  1. Thank you for the follow-up explanation. I think the underlying message is sort of, “Have you stopped and reflected lately on when was the last time you personally experienced a true polarized interaction?” I think it’s possible or even common to arrive in fourth density and not even realize it because one’s expectations are still steeped in third. So one remains vigilant for another fight or threat that never comes. At least not personally. Perhaps that’s why fourth density is seen as a relatively short transitional density before fifth. And in fifth, you cannot even see polarity, fear, or separation any more than you could look at a fully leafed tree today and think that each leaf were wholly distinct from any greater plant.

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