This was what I heard as I sat in meditation this past weekend. I have agreed to stand in my truth and share what I am given but I also have to consider the way things work on this planet. What I am about to share is an excerpt my second book. The first book isn’t even out so this may be a bit premature but there might be some who need this information now.

In all of the publications and videos that exist in the awakening community is the concept of heart centered thinking. Activate your heart, think from your heart, feel from your heart, etc… I understand and agree that heart activation is critical to moving along the positive path. The opening begins the process of accessing creational energy. A heart awakening is the beginning of balancing the polarities and the physical sensations result as you energize your ‘seat of consciousness’. The influx of creational energy begins to realign the negative rotations you may have in your consciousness and the sensation is a feeling that we all associate with love. You are ascending through a polarized third density and the feedback of love is an indication that you are on the right track.

What I have just described is the experience most people are having as they begin their shift from third density into fourth as we near the divergence of the construct I have previously discussed. What I did not understand until this weekend is that there are consciousnesses entwined in the polarities that have achieved the density and composition to move directly into fifth density at the time of the shift.

In all of my discussions thus far I speak of rotations and balance as being required components for ascending consciousness. The essence of our self-awareness beyond the body is an array of oscillating photons. As you gain density and balance through successive lifetimes you acquire the capacity to harness increasing amounts of creational energy which is the building block of the Universe. For polarity to exist there must be an alternate path and this was the path of negativity and self-service. This created a dual path for ascending fourth density consciousness. Taking this one step further, if one path is completely centered upon serving only the self, it follows that the other path would be completely centered upon serving other selves.

Looking at the drawing that accompanies this post you see a representation of the possible paths that could be chosen. The dark lines that contain the shaded area represent the extremes of the positive and negative polarities. Within these lines are consciousness containing varying percentages of polarization with the dotted line representing perfect balance between them. As you gain density you continue along your path pulled left or right depending upon the percentages of polarity within you. Somewhere along your journey you will begin to balance the polarities, your path will stop deflecting and you will begin to move back toward the dotted line at the center. As with a car tire, the more balance you contain the faster you will be able to rotate and the quicker you will reach your destination. That destination is to move beyond polarity and into the perfect balance of sixth density collectivity.

The details that explain the operation of the process and why the extremes are required will be contained in the second book. All I am trying to do here is bring forward the idea that balance is everything; within individual consciousness, within galactic consciousness, and within the fabric of the multiverse.

This brings me to the questions in the heading of this post. As I sat in my connection I wanted to know why my experience appears to be different from that of the awakening collective. The answer is the perspective of the dotted line in the drawing. As you balance between the polarities there is no pull in either direction, there is only choice. There is a percentage of consciousness on Earth that have accumulated enough of both polarities that they have the ability to move directly into fifth density if they can be properly balanced. This again is part of the second book and I am sharing it early in the hopes that it will resonate with some of you. If it does, start asking questions and I will do my best to answer them.

There is no wrong path, there is only your path. The one that brings you joy and fulfillment in every step.

In service to all… Todd

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