What came to mind as you read the title of this article? Take your pick of images and behaviors because the world is awash in every possible variation. The western definition of Guru is; a trusted counselor, advisor, or mentor.
In a not too distant past, these spiritual counselors renounced money and possessions and walked through the streets sharing their love and knowledge freely with all who solicited it. In today’s world, things have changed, and not for the better. The new age society is an ever growing pay to play culture where universal knowledge is sequestered and metered out to those who pay and/or are deemed ‘worthy’ of inclusion.
The quest to ascend beyond polarity is as old as our galaxy. That’s billions of years of entire planetary collectives moving beyond the reach of negative interactions. With all that time and experience, do you really think there is anything about it that isn’t already known and available? No one is bringing anything forward in our current reality that hasn’t been around for a millennia and used extensively throughout the galaxy. Just here on earth, the early healers of Asclepeion used hypnotic regression to treat their clients. Rediscovering something does not make it new or allow ownership of it.
I’ve said this before and I will say it again, universal knowledge being accessed by consciousness on earth should not be considered proprietary or hidden behind a pay wall. It should be given freely to all who seek it without judgement. To do anything less is a third density construct of separation, and I will not condone it or be a party to it.
There are a lot of people talking about a coming shift on earth where a portion of incarnated consciousness moves into a beautiful new existence beyond the experience of polarized interactions. As they share these wonderful visions of what this new existence will be like, many continue to embrace the obsolete world they are so desperate to leave behind.
The higher energetic construct is accompanied by changes to the human experience as the consciousness array is accelerated. Using terms from my books, energetic overlap and co-resonance will make our current experience of separation impossible.
Imagine feeling everything that everyone else feels. Knowing their thoughts and motives. Intricately connected to each and every consciousness on the planet or in the ethers. How would that change your behavior?
Would you cause grief to another person knowing that you will feel it just as profoundly as they will?
Would you attempt to lie, knowing that the energy signature of it is obvious?
Would you use knowledge, money, or power to elevate yourself above someone else?
The answer to all of these questions is obviously no, because in the new construct these ideas will not even be a possibility or thought in your mind. There is a portion of the population who are already experiencing the leading edge of the new energies because they are already in co-resonance with it. This occurs through action and thought and once you settle into the flow of it, the current will take you the rest of the way there. The problem is, you can’t bring any of your old baggage with you because it weighs you down and you cannot bring it with you.
The biggest, heaviest, and hardest bag to let go of is fear. At every turn the human psyche is continuously bombarded with reasons to be afraid. The news is full of it and has almost every terrestrial flavor imaginable. War, disease, famine, lack, political agendas, and the list goes on. Fear also comes with a huge profit point, which the traditional media outlets figured out back in the days of the Gutenberg press.
The new age talking heads took notice of this, and also found fear to be very profitable. It attracts viewers and readers and hooks them into the information stream. Once you create a fear connection, viewers won’t want to miss out on the next thing they need to be afraid of. This then allows the problem/solution model to be implemented, where you reveal the fearful thing and then the solution to overcome it. Of course, the solution usually comes at a price, a recurring price if the fear has been crafted correctly.
First and foremost, you must discard fear. We are eternal consciousness inhabiting a temporary body. We have all lived hundreds of lifetimes and planned every one of them. There is no entity in existence that can stop your ascension other than yourself. We create our realities during an incarnation and beyond it. Choose wisely.
The next bag that must be released is the illusion of separation. The energetic overlap created in the higher energy field will dissolve any vestiges of separation as it immerses you in the ocean of collectivity. However, we are currently only experiencing the leading edges of the ascending envelope and the choice of separation is still available. This is why it is being pushed so hard, because next to fear, separation is the biggest energetic dampener. Separation creates the idea that one consciousness is somehow better than another based upon illusory differences. No one is any better than anyone else, and all are deserving of being treated like a loved one.
“I am you, you are me, we are one, one is all.”
I have always said that I am here for all who seek me, and I try to answer most requests. If I could give my books away for free (and I have to those I meet in person) I would do it. The information is not mine; I do not own it, it belongs to all of us, and is our birthright as individualized facets of consciousness within the universal mind.
I will eventually finish the third book, which has turned out to be an instruction manual for newly minted fourth density consciousnesses. It will be free on Kindle unlimited just like the second book. And if you somehow meet me in person and ask for one, I will give it to you. And remember, there is nothing to fear and nothing to fight. It is time to lay down our weapons and embrace the peace and collectivity that is waiting for us on the other side.
I’ll meet you there.
In service to all,