Everyone reading this is currently immersed in a game of experience. The object of this game is to expand and balance the energy of your consciousness. When you accomplish this you release the need for embodiment and join the planetary collective. The collective then ascends in unison as they gain energy until they ultimately become a contributing member of the Universal energy web. This overview is wonderful as I condense hundreds of incarnations and existence in a collective into one sentence, but how does that help in the now moment?

The game of Earth 2018 is but one in a multitude that you could have chosen to incarnate in. This is the first understanding that I had to come to grips with; I wanted to be here. You may not remember why you wanted to be here but if you are reading this, you wanted to be right where you are standing. At the moment there are numerous spacetime constructs existing upon the Earth. The same is true for every other planet in the Universe that has been created for the ascension of consciousness. Which construct you choose and on what planet it exists depends upon what you want to learn and how you intend to experience it.

Free will choice is a Universal constant for all self aware consciousness. As you are deciding where to go prior to an incarnation there will be one or more guides that assist you. They recommend what is best for your development based upon their ability to see your imbalances and what might be the best course for higher achievement, but you make the choice. The same is true for the path you take during your incarnations.

If you are a young consciousness you may have several lifetimes where you are being distracted and pulled off your intended course. When the lifetime ends you will be on the other side and will understand the lesson the distraction provided. While this may not have been part of the original plan, you now have that experience within you. When you return for your next incarnation the pull toward that distraction will not be felt this time because you contain the balance within you to avoid it. These are the lessons of experience learned through free will choice along the road of ascension. There is no punishment for wandering off your path and no time limit in which you must reach your destination; there is only your consciousness and the striving for density and balance. The one thing that must always be considered is that consciousness does not like to be bored. It is the endless quest of ascended consciousness to create new and exciting games of experience with increasing complexity.

I am reminded of the game ‘Chutes and Ladders’ that I played as a child. At four years old it was fun and exciting as you competed with your friends to reach the finish line. Depending upon your luck you would climb a ladder to the higher level or slide down the chute to a level you have already traveled through. An exciting game at four years old and boring by seven when you understand how the game works and the simplicity of the rules. You have outgrown the construct and now need a more immersive game with increased complexity.

The correlations of Chutes and Ladders to the existence within polarity are easy to see for those that have played both games long enough. If you understand the increase and decrease of consciousness frequency through choices then you are part of the ascending consciousness who has outgrown the game of polarity. We have reached the finish line and the polarity edition of chutes and ladders is ending everywhere in this Galaxy. Those who are ready will move into a new game that they will create for themselves. The new spacetime construct already exists and it is waiting for us to move into it. What we create there will be decided by our collective which is why it is important that everyone has the proper balance of consciousness. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m giddy with anticipation because we are going to create a “Brand New Game” no one has ever seen before. Goodbye Chutes and Ladders. Hello… NEW!

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion For Ascending Consciousness

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