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From your perspective- what does the “veil of forgetfulness” look like and what is happening?

During the show I spoke of constructs within galaxies reusing methods that have been found to be useful. Contrary to some information out there, it is a creation of loving intent meant to assist you. The veil is proven to be an effective tool for ascension through the lower densities. I’ve clipped a few excerpts from the book ‘Expansion for Ascending Consciousness’ that explain it:


This is a misunderstood concept that has been associated with any number of negative scenarios, none of which is true. The truth of this construct is much simpler in design and reasoning; it was created to allow ascending consciousnesses the ability to repeatedly experience lower densities and less-evolved timelines. The formulation of a well-rounded consciousness that contains the proper lessons of experience requires repeated incarnations. The veil allows you to “pretend” while you are incarnated that you do not consciously remember prior lifetimes and the experience they provided. Assume you were born into this incarnation with thousands of years of experience gained through your lifetimes. What would be the point of the lifetime if you already knew what you were here to learn?

To reinforce this concept, consider that you are walking down a wooded trail on a bright sunny day. You can clearly see all the trees, avoid any obstacles in your way, and know where the trail turns and forks. Now assume that you are on the same trail on a moonless night with a small candle. Navigating the trail has become considerably more difficult and, by the same measure, that much more rewarding when you successfully navigate it. From this perspective, you begin to understand that the veil of forgetfulness is a construct that was created to help and assist you.

The veil of forgetfulness is more appropriately described as a frequency partition that has been erected within each individual toroidal consciousness sphere. As this occurs, the energy of prior experience is pushed outward, and the consciousness now observes itself as a clean slate that is waiting to be written upon. When you are born into a body on Earth, it is within this partition that you begin to learn and grow under the illusion of amnesia. As your life progresses and you mature, the veil expands as you increase your photon count and energy within it through experiencing life. You are in essence, a fragment within your larger self. This process may appear undesirable and cruel from your current vantage point, but as soon as your incarnation ends, you will want to do it again. For when the veil is removed, you will have all your experiences back, and you will remember how much fun it is to pretend to forget.”

Excerpt From
Expansion for Ascending Consciousness


What does a reincarnation trap look like energetically or from what you can gather? – if there is such a thing.

I hesitate to answer questions that contain negativity because the ascending focus should not include fear. The reason is because if you are looking upward in energetics and seeking ascended perspectives, the Universe will provide them to you regardless of the nefarious intent of misguided consciousness. Many in the awakening communities share the same mantra “Focus on what you want and ignore what you do not want” and there is an inherent truth to this. As consciousness we are an energetic emanation. That energy is like a radio station antenna and it is broadcasting its signal for all to hear. The negatively aligned have used this broadcast and have manipulated us in the past to transmit this lower energetic signal of fear and hatred. These are lower spectrum energies. Regardless of what you have been told or experienced, their power is an illusion. Like the great and powerful Oz, when you pull back the curtain there is just a frail entity projecting self perceived greatness. How do I know this?

Negative polarity (the only perspective that would even consider a ‘reincarnation trap’) is a creation of this Galaxy and is limited to a fifth density energetic. At its zenith it had pushed into lower sixth density and threatened to imbalance the galaxy. This has since been corrected and there are some fifth density collectives left at the time of this writing, but not many. By comparison, our galaxy operates at eleventh density and the universal consciousness is at the twelfth (These numbers are energetic octaves explained in the second book). The comparison in energetics and refinement between the two is like the Wright brothers airplane to the most sophisticated aircraft we have at the moment; there is none.

With all of that said, I have the energetic memory of one of my fragments being caught in a negative creation. In the span of galactic memory this occurred millennia ago, but I can remember the process of waking up and being ejected, or set free. I have no idea where we were being transported but we were being kept ‘asleep’ within a dream state. The key detail is not the trap or the entities involved in trapping us, but the process of waking up from the trance. Don’t accept what you see as normal, don’t accept that anyone has more power than you or power over you. The universe requires that free will is respected and that still goes both ways at the moment. The negatives assert that they can control you because they are ‘more powerful’ than you are. That is an illusion. You have the right to stand your ground and reject that control as a consciousness exerting their free will choice… and the universe will back your decision.

So is there a reincarnation trap?

Only if you think there is, and only if you allow that experience for yourself. My answer if approached in the etheric would be the same as someone soliciting their religion at my front door; “You are free to do whatever, and believe whatever you want, but that is not my path.”

(1) What is the energetic more scientific difference between a soul and an essence?

(2) Also, if I understand this correctly, our physical bodies are of this universes SOURCE creator but our energy bodies are of a different SOURCE creation/creator? 
(You had mentioned the bubbles so perhaps this viewer is trying to grasp how it differs.)

Response to (1):
As humans we love to assign names to things. Sometimes the only difference between the names is the context in which they are being used. Let’s see how the two terms above relate to each other.

Soul: (Definition one) The spiritual or immaterial portion of life that is regarded as immortal. (Definition two) Emotional or intellectual energy or intensity.

Essence: (Definition one) The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character. (Definition two) The group of properties of something without which it would not exist.

From my perspective these two terms are describing the same thing, the energetic aspect of individualized consciousness that continues beyond a single human lifespan. I suppose you could drill deeper and say that your soul is the overall rotating array of photonic particulate that each of us as humans (and every other living creation) has. You could then further define that using the term essence to describe the unique oscillations within that array that provide you a unique perspective of your place within the universe.

Response to (2):
The human form is a result of energetic and evolutionary forces (and a little tweaking) within our solar and planetary system that provides the vehicle for conscious ascension. It is meant to be a vehicle of change that ascends with us until we no longer require a physical vehicle for continued growth. Since planetary, system, and galactic constructs exist within and have been created from universal consciousness, by extension the human form is a creation of source. The bipedal upright form that we consider human is a widespread creation in use throughout the universe. It’s not the only one, but it is prevalent because it is an efficient and proven design.

Our energy bodies, the rotating sphere of photonic particulate, is different only in the fact that it is not a material creation bound to the artificial laws governing the construct it finds itself incarnated within. The scientific boundaries of matter in our galaxy have been extensively explored but only our bodies must obey them. Consciousness can go anywhere in the universe immediately. Those who channel or solicit information and perspectives from elsewhere do this all the time. No one is waiting for the photons of their consciousness to travel at the speed of light to reach their objective. They put their beacon out and the connection they are seeking is established.

From the above comes the differences. The various material forms of embodiment are created to operate symbiotically within the planetary systems of ascension. They are created from, and operate within the material. They are vehicles that consciousness uses for ascension until it can access the energy web directly and continue its growth into maturity without the need for physical catalyst. That doesn’t mean you won’t want to embody again for the fun of it, but at that point it will just be a portion of your actual awareness operating under the veil.

The actual particulate of your consciousness is the same as the universe itself, just a smaller portion at a lower energetic experiencing individualized perspective. Your purpose is to increase in particulate through energetic interaction until you possess the ability to (metaphorically) shake hands with the universe. We are all engaged in this journey upward and this is the portion of ourselves that we call a soul or essence. We will have many different bodies and forms, but we will only have one sphere of consciousness that contains the total sum of our experiences. Make the most of this journey and seek the experiences that bring you joy and happiness.

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney

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