There is no denying that people are changing. Everyone is watching weird things happen around the planet that is outside of what would have been considered normal twenty years ago. Lights in the sky, orbs in your bedroom, heart chakra activations, feelings of bliss, feelings of disorientation, etc… How close to home this is hitting for you is going to depend on where you are in conscious density and how far along you are on the ascending path.

This is a critical point to be made up front; this is an ascending PATH, not a doorway that one group is allowed to step through during a singular event. While many may go during the initial wave, we are all taking separate vehicles. Because of this, some are going to get there before others depending upon when you began your journey and how fast you are traveling. Some will move effortlessly and never even know why things are suddenly so wonderful for them (I envy you). Others agreed to help prior to their incarnations and they are easy to identify. Some of us are lighting the way, some of us are anchoring the energy on both sides like a bridge, and some of us are going to accelerate others through auric contact. So what we are really talking about here is a wave followed by river that continues afterward.

The journey is unique for everyone but there are some energetic standards that might be of assistance if you know what to look for. I will offer what I am experiencing and how I am working with it. Take what is useful, leave what is not.

When third density consciousness reaches the threshold of fourth density the energy within it begins to push through the ego construct and the veil. This is what wakes you from the separation program and your quest for answers begins. As your knowledge base grows you begin working to expand your consciousness and yearn for a connection to something ‘larger’. This is because you have achieved the capability to do so and it is pushing you to evolve.

We are at a unique moment on this planet and within this Galaxy. The polarity experiment is ending and everyone who has been held back on Earth as a result of its inky density is being offered a helping hand to climb out of the mud. This is occurring at the same time a new construct is being created for those ascending. As the polarity continues to abate, the energy of unity is increasingly reaching the planet and it is now much easier to find for those seeking it. What was once a candle in the darkness, is now an unstoppable illumination. From this you can gather that anyone even remotely close to fourth density consciousness can grasp the energies being offered and ride the wind of change into the new and wonderful.

So what does this feel like and how do you make it happen?

For me, the first transitional experience happened somewhere in 2016. I was sitting in my car at a traffic light and I was having a great day off. My music was playing, I had three more days of relaxation to look forward to, and it happened… somehow I shifted. I felt lighter, happier, content. The sun seemed brighter and the light created geometric holographs out of everything as if I was looking THROUGH the construct instead of at it. I could see the auras of the other drivers extending through the roofs of their cars like little golden halos. It was total serenity and I never wanted it to end. It felt like I sat there a long time in awe of everything, but then the light changed, a car honked, and I popped back into this reality that immediately felt thick and dirty by comparison.

After this experience I began to see through the limiting constructs that exist here. We are consciousness experiencing embodiment so that we can learn, become balanced, and expand. Separation, duality, and polarity have created some odd mutations within this current timeline and you have to be able to detach yourself from them in order to move up and out. Emotions are the easiest way to gauge the effect of what you are allowing into your awareness. I skim the various articles and news stories so I can get a feel for where we are in the shift but the second I see a fear component in anything, I stop reading. Fear is a foolish second density emotion that lowers your frequency and does not exist in ascending constructs. Separation, in all of its guises is another lower density experience that is meant to be released. I ignore any article or production that attempts to elicit division or fear. In this way I maintain a detached overview of the timeline while staying ‘in the loop’.

Consider the view of a child peering into the intricate machinations of an ant hill. From the perspective of the ant, their world exists as the ordered structure within the colony. Each ant has a function that they perform without question as they follow their simplistic genetic programming. From the child’s perspective however, the rules that comprise life in the ant colony are inconsequential. Because as the child looks up from the ant hill and what ants consider so important, they see the larger view of creation and their relationship within it. We have all been the ants for a long time and it is easy to accept the old familiar rules of the colony as they are being put on our plates.

You must ascend beyond this and learn to maintain calm and balance in everything you do. The energy of unity consciousness exists within a wavelength that is associated with the feelings of peace, tranquility, and love in the human form. Anything else will lower your conscious wavelength and pull you down as it “SEPARATES” you from it.

The last thing I want to share is what I am feeling now.

I have gone through most of my life with an internal locus of control certain that I was shaping my reality. This created a rigid personality archetype that was often overpowering but firmly in control of my direction. I look back now upon the person I used to be and accept that he was a creation of ego programming that served a purpose. With the purpose fulfilled, higher consciousness exerted itself and that portion of my ego capitulated and dissolved.

It now feels as if I am looking down at my incarnated self from ‘somewhere higher’ as if I were a game piece on this board of Monopoly. I understand the game, I know the rules, I see the next steps to take, and I can almost see the finish line. From this new perspective I am not concerned about the machinations of moving around the board or whether I have ‘more’ than the other players. I would rather stop all of the game pieces and have them look at me as I point upward. As their attention shifts from the game they look up to see the hands that are moving them and their horizon is expanded.

We are rapidly approaching ‘GO’ and everyone who is looking up can see and feel that a new game is coming. My hope is that the things I share here contribute to the expansion of everyone interacting with them.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion For Ascending Consciousness

1 thought on “Energy, Energize, Enlighten, Step Up, Transform, Ascend… The How

  1. Dear Todd,

    I’m ready to go! See you there!

    I just found your YouTube channel two days ago. Thank you for posting your experiences and information there and here.

    I feel like my bags are packed and I’m on the curb waiting for a late bus. I know this “bus” couldn’t be late, but I’m so eager to get going.

    You say you are just holding your energy down at this point to remain operating here. I think I know what you mean–I have been disoriented through off-and-on vertigo for the last several weeks. And this week, more than ever, I’ve had a hard time keeping track of time. I have to look for “evidence” to determine for sure what day of the week it is. Yesterday, I embarrassed myself in a conversation with my wife: I was 100% sure it were Wednesday and that the night before we had walked to Dairy Queen. It was Tuesday and we had walked to Dairy Queen two nights before on Sunday!

    Is this sort of experience expected right now?

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