I previously discussed the fact that we are arriving at a juncture of three paths. For some, there is only one path as the other two paths are beyond the limits of their density. That is one of the critical factors that I am trying to bring forward to everyone; consciousness consists of photons and how many you have is your ‘density’. You acquire density through experience and until you reach fifth density you will do this through successive embodiments. There are many consciousnesses here at this time who do not possess the density to ascend into the new construct, they are not ready and require more time to acquire the balance needed. We have all been there and there is no judgement in this statement. It does not infer separation or hierarchy, it relates directly to when each consciousness became self-actualized third density consciousness. You do not walk into a gym and immediately lift the same weights that an experienced bodybuilder does, it takes effort and persistence and this is no different.

The other aspect that I am attempting to convey is that while time as we know it is a construct of ‘spacetime’, that does not mean that everything is happening all at once or has already happened. When you embody, you lock your consciousness into a spacetime construct by virtue of the body you are connected to. Your consciousness and the larger aspect of yourself not embodied operates in ‘timespace’ and this is where your embodied fragment returns to when you die. All consciousness is under a state of continual expansion, some merely started their journey before others. This is the fundamental and most important aspect of the Universe:

“The creation and continued expansion of consciousness and the energy it represents.”

This is the purpose for everything else that occurs everywhere, anywhere. Timespace is where consciousness exists outside of the material constructs and I don’t want to confuse anyone with the details here (it’s in the book) so I will offer a perspective everyone can relate to. You can see that our Universal Consciousness is under a continual state of expansion because our scientists can see and quantify it. This is the linear growth of conscious energy occurring in timespace. The Universe does not simultaneously exist as nothing and everything. It began empty and has been under continuous expansion as the conscious energy within it grows. Since we are all individualized portions of Universal consciousness, it follows that we too operate within the same parameters.

Boredom is not a polarized concept. Boredom by definition is “A lack of stimulation” and this is the one thing that self-actualized consciousness at every density tries to avoid. Taken one step further, based upon my previous discussion a lack of stimulation directly correlates to a lack of continued expansion for consciousness. While it may sound absurd, I have the memories of being a Galactic consciousness in the middle of the nothingness. It was incredibly boring until I began my creations and became obsessed with the resulting energy balances required to keep everything moving correctly. Once I had finished my creations and had a mature material Galaxy, I needed something else to provide stimulation. I began to fragment myself so I could play in the games of other Galaxies. There are many versions of me all over this Universe, all to keep me happy and occupied. (From this perspective little embodied me writing these words feels rather insignificant). Now multiply this concept by the limitless number of ascended consciousnesses inhabiting our Universe. You begin to see where the concept of being everywhere at once, with everything having already occurred coming from. That is not the case and the shift that we are all living through has never happened before. Why do think so many ascended consciousnesses are here now? They are here to gain the unique experience of the end of the polarity experiment and simultaneous divergence and creation of a new spacetime construct. Incredible stuff and we should all feel very lucky to be here.

Love. (Sigh…) The human body is such a wonderful vehicle for many reasons, but one of them is its capacity to experience emotions. Everyone associates the frequency of unity consciousness with our emotional response of love and that is wonderful. However, we have to take it farther than that and talk in terms of consciousness beyond the limitations of the material. Consciousness is energy existing at a frequency and wavelength. As we move beyond embodiment in fifth density we will have also moved beyond the need for physical emotions. At this level, our idea of love becomes a frequency and wavelength associated with the energy of unity consciousness. As part of an ascending collective you will then focus on aligning your wavelength to better absorb it. As you do this, you continue to gain energy and ascend as a ‘unified’ collective.

I am working a lot and tired so I hope this came through in a way everyone can understand. I’m not seeing a lot of responses to the postings here. If you read this and find it useful could you give me a thumbs up? With all the Facebook stuff going on in the news I am wondering if I should migrate over to MeWe or set up a blog location.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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9 thoughts on “The Expanding Universe, Consciousness, Density, and Boredom

  1. This insight was very helpful. I asked so many of these questions today as I was fed up with this life. I am sooooooo grateful for finding you today. I listend to your Youtube channel for like 4 hours today and now found your blog. I came into this world with all of this knowlegde but as you know, it doesn’t make life easier. Ive been working on how to effectively “play” the human role for all of my 39 years but don’t feel I have made any significant progress. I struggle with practical daily application. I have a question for you if you dont mind. Its about material things, money, and jobs. Most simply, say I really want a new house but I don’t have a job. Is there information beyond my understanding that can shed light on its relation to awakening. It feels like, for me, it is one or the other. Ive learned how to funtion in both scenarios and healed my issues around money and self worth and much more but its like im repelling job. Clients dissapear, im wanted for a position but the business opening keeps getting postponed, and Im not “qualified” for anything I would be good, everything else is low pay and not beneficial environments. So I don’t push it and keep doing what I’m doing. BuT…I need money, want a house , and Im not helping anyone so Im continually at a loss of what is going on. Im sure this sounds trivial but its always the simple things I can’t figure out.

    • I will speak in generalities here because we are the creators of our reality. The reality that we create is governed by what we have been conditioned to expect and the mold we have allowed ourselves to be fit with. Consider, you go to school for years and get a high school diploma. Years ago you could get a job with this, work hard and ascend the ladder to corporate successes. This slowly changed and now a high school diploma is expected to be followed with years of college that put a student heavily into debt and no guarantee of successful employment. Think beyond this limiting paradigm and into what you enjoy doing and begin doing it. Do you like to make charms or bracelets? Make them and begin selling them. Do you like to write? Start writing and posting your articles. Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about how much money it will generate. Of course we all have to survive within the rules, so a regular job is probably something you should focus upon with intention. When you meditate see yourself in a job where you are happy and supported. Don’t be specific, just see yourself happily working and being supported by your efforts. Do it often, perhaps everyday until you land a job… It will happen. Know it. Feel it inside, and it will be. Love and light… Todd

  2. I should clarify what I said in my previous comment about me coming into this lifetime “already knowing these things”. What I should have said was that I had a sense of the truth. Everthing you say completely melds with my concept of truth.

  3. Thank you for posting again! I hadn’t checked your site in a week and now I’m catching up. I monitor your youtube channel for new sessions. Please keep writing. Your information strongly resonates with me.

  4. Just found you, via in 5d, blog. I love the way you write, simple, consice, presice. It going take me a while to read all yr blogs, but note you state, you havent had many comments so here is mine.
    I start each day on ascension sites, mainly confirm, what guides showing me, but over a few years of doing this, i have never found yr site.
    So i think it good i found you on in5d and then googled you and sugest you keep posting in5d, so peeps dan find you.
    I glad i did, i resonate with you.
    I will be posting more comments, as i read yr blogs. Each one deserves some thought.
    So thank you for yr work. Lin

  5. 🌏 Lucky to be here indeed! Beyond excited to experience this epic event. I have enjoyed your QHHT sessions on YouTube and your articles presented here. Very informative and great explanations. The galactic source video was amazing. I have also seen several different sessions where they have gone to the future and seen this wave of pure positive energy. Pure blissful living on New Earth afterwards. Sitting and imagining that feeling. Thank you for your positive work.

  6. Hi Todd,
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your posts to this point. I feel a shift inside myself in fact…a good shift upon reading your words. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading the rest of your work and your book.



  7. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing
    around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing on your rss feed
    and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  8. I just found your blog and a lot of it resonates with me. Some of the concepts you present are ones I’ve discovered on my own journey but in different words (hard to describe some of these things). I like the way you describe energy in terms of density and rotation… much better description than the one I had.

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