I just finished a session yesterday and will process and post clips as I have time. One of my questions was in response to something that I recently experienced and wanted to understand. Since most of the answer was of a personal nature I will discuss it here rather than post a session clip, but the experience and the understanding may help others when they encounter it.

Have you ever met someone and instantly feel that you know them from somewhere? Perhaps the feeling was so strong that you attempt to discern where in this lifetime you have seen them before. Unable to do so, the realization settles in that although you have never met this person before there is an instant recognition that cannot be explained. This is going to begin to occur with increasing frequency for the ascending collective. My hope is that this information will aid you in understanding and navigating the new awareness and the resulting connections.

I have previously discussed the composition of consciousness and the fact that ascension is directly related to the photonic density and rotational balance of your spinning array. The more balance you obtain, the faster your spin rate (frequency). A faster photonic spin induces a larger vibrational displacement between individual photons and more creational energy can be absorbed and stored. The more energy you absorb, the more you increase your density. This is the simplistic formula of ascension which is then assigned levels; 3D, 4D, 5D, etc…

Okay, I just said all of that so that I can relate that process to abilities that become available as your consciousness attains sufficient energy to begin pushing through the veil of forgetfulness. This veil is nothing more than an energetic partition erected within your consciousness that allows you to live and learn unimpeded by previous experiences. It is not a detriment, it is a wonderful creation that has been designed to assist our learning process along the journey of ascension. It is also meant to be outgrown and dissolved under the pressure of increasing consciousness. Many ascending consciousnesses have now reached this energetic threshold and are pushing through the veil into new abilities associated with higher density consciousness. One of these abilities is the identification of sympathetic co-resonance between consciousness.

Sympathetic co-resonance is defined as: A harmonic phenomenon wherein a formerly passive vibratory complex responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness.

What that means for us as embodied vibratory consciousness complexes is that we are going to begin to identify the people we meet on an energetic level that we share harmonic resonance with. There are various levels to the energetic resonance and different reasons why you may be impacted by the energetic signature of another consciousness. I am going to briefly discuss the three most common associated with consciousness emerging from the veil and what you might experience as you come into proximity.

Traveler fragments identifying others from their collective: 
Ascending from embodiment into a collective requires that all conscious spheres operate in unison at a base frequency wavelength. To put this into perspective imagine several layers of metal stacked upon each other. If you hit the top piece with a hammer, the percussion wave will travel uniformly through the entire composite. Now put a piece of styrofoam among the layers and hit it again. The wave will not travel through the assembly but will dissipate at the non-uniform layer. Collectives are powerful energy amplifiers because of this uniformity and if you bump into a traveler from your collective you are going to feel it.

This base-wave co-resonance can produce some odd effects that can be mis-identified if you don’t know what is happening. As you come within proximity your spheres of consciousness are going to overlap and unless you are consciously preventing it, the linking is automatic. You may feel a surge of energy as this occurs that will make you immediately take notice of the other person. Telepathy is the mode of communication within a collective and you may instinctively begin a conversation. Whether you hear this as a vocal conversation, see it as three dimensional coded packets, or sense a higher conversation taking place beyond your awareness will depend upon your level of awakening. In all cases, you will be happy at a level beyond superficial emotions to have found someone ‘just like you’.

The feeling is similar to twin flames or duality aspects that meet in the physical and can be confused as such by those who are just acquiring these senses. For that reason it is important for both parties experiencing these sensations to proceed slowly without assigning a name or expectation to what is occurring. In time as the connection stabilizes the true nature of the co-resonance will become clear.

Past Life Interactions:
Everyone likes to associate with friends that they know well and can trust through proven interactions. The same is true of consciousness. Lifetime after lifetime you will play and learn lessons with consciousness that you have known before. I have lost count of the QHHT sessions I have given where someone important to the client in this lifetime was a significant other in a previous life. If you were the parent in one lifetime, you may wind up switching roles in the next but still playing together in the games of consciousness. The reason for this is that shared experiences create sympathetic co-resonances within the consciousnesses. This creates comfortable harmonics that are felt beyond embodiment and if given the opportunity, consciousness will opt to play with other consciousnesses that it has harmonic ‘friendships’ with from prior lifetimes. These are the people who usually bring you your deepest lessons in a lifetime. Under the veil you may not have known energetically who was going to bring you a lesson, but you pulled them into your life one way or the other. As you emerge from the veil you will begin to identify this co-resonance for what it is the moment you meet. What occurs after that is a function of co-creative probabilities and what lessons might have been planned prior to incarnation.

If the prior connection was a deep and personal one, you are going to feel it again the moment you meet. If it was associated with love and commitment, these feelings are going to come rushing right back producing emotions that make no sense toward a person you have just met. Depending upon your level of awakening and the depth of the prior connection, mental pictures may appear in your mind of people and places you have never encountered in this lifetime. There are no coincidences or random encounters related to these meetings. The Universe is an infinite construct and random chance does not apply to meetings such as these. Whether you identify it for what it is, and what subsequently follows is up to the free-will choice of both consciousnesses. In almost every encounter one consciousness will have access to more information than the other. It is important to allow a natural unfoldment and not to attempt to force knowledge or choices upon anyone. We all find the information we need, exactly when we need it.

Traveler Fragments with Past Life Interactions:
This is by far the most powerful combination and if you encounter this unexpectedly it will hit you like a brick wall. Earth has been immersed in the polarities longer than recorded history, and even before the last recorded history that is no longer within the collective memory. Because of this travelers have been coming here to assist for millennia. The task seems easy from an external perspective but once you accept the veil and become immersed in the polarities it is easy to get sidetracked. Harmonic co-resonance that exists because of collective alignment allows light workers who join during incarnation to raise their abilities exponentially. Couple this with the sympathetic co-resonance of shared experience and you become a force to be reckoned with. This was the intention of many travelers who incarnated here. Meet, join forces, and operate toward the common goal of neutralizing polarity. However as the immersion continued through subsequent lifetimes these teams became separated as one or both succumbed to the self serving desires of polarity. As the polarities continue to reconcile these traveler teams are once again starting to recognize each other.

When you meet a team member the energy is going to knock you over if you have reconciled the polarity in your consciousness, achieved balance, and are within the harmonic/sympathetic co-resonant frequency. In every occurrence, this is no accident and an important opportunity is being presented. Here again it is important to proceed slowly. It is easy to fall into the expectations of past relationships and embodied desires. You have been brought together because of something that was planned prior to incarnation. Because of this it is critical that your ego consciousness take its hands off the wheel and allow your higher aspects to steer the course. Do not try to make anything happen… allow the path to reveal itself one step at a time.

I hope this information helps others as much as it helped me understand my personal experiences. I share what I receive and ask each reader to use their own discernment regarding what resonates as their truth.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Expansion for Ascending Consciousness / Enlightened Aspect Productions

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