A complete explanation would require a lengthy discussion about spacetime constructs and how they are created and held in place. Instead I’d like to talk about the general concepts and you can decide if they sound plausible to you.

There is a lot of talk about the Earth splitting, another Earth being created, consciousness ascending, or any number of different concepts that define a coming separation. The first question is; “What is actually going to happen to the Earth?” And the second is; “Why is everyone talking about a separation?”

The sphere that is the Earth, locked into its current spacetime rotation is not physically splitting or moving anywhere. It is possible to move a planet anywhere it needs to go, complexities begin when you have consciousness embodied and ascending through the constructs. Moving a planet causes tremendous upheaval on the material and energetic planes as it transits through the creational energy web. There is too much invested in the Earth at this time to halt embodiment, hold consciousness in the collective, physically move the planet, and then restart embodied life. That is not going to happen, and it is not required.

Now that we know what is not going to happen, let’s talk about what is going to happen.

Consciousness currently embodied in this spacetime construct fall into three categories; lower third density, transitional third density, and fourth density holdbacks. The lower third density consciousnesses are relatively new to self-awareness and do not have the density and experience for anything other than right where they are in the here and now. Transitional third density consciousnesses are at the threshold of having the density and balance to move into the new construct but will need to apply themselves to successfully transition. They have to decide whether they want to go with the shift or wait. The awakening community is attempting to help those wanting to shift by providing the information each worker feels is helpful and appropriate. Fourth density holdbacks are the reason all of this is happening. These consciousnesses attained the density to ascend long ago but were caught in the polarities and remained unbalanced. They have been here playing the same game repeatedly. The time has come for them to graduate from third density and move into the fourth. Some of these hold overs have been here so long that they possess the density to move directly into fifth density. Whether they choose to move to fifth, or stay in fourth is up to them.

In order to separate the groups into more effective collectives, another spacetime construct is being created that everyone ascending to fourth density will move into. Spacetime constructs are created using increasing frequencies of matter and the new construct will exist right here on Earth just beyond the one we are in right now. When we transition into it we will be leaving our current construct behind as we step into this new creation. When this occurs it will be like stepping through a doorway into another room and closing the door. This new room is going to seem ‘lighter and brighter’ because it will exist at a higher level of oscillating frequency. The room you just left still exists and so do the people in it. You however, are now separated from that room and are with a different group of people. The two rooms no longer see each other but you remember everything that happened in that room. The people in the room you left have no idea what is in the room you now occupy or that it exists. There are many more rooms for you to move into after this one but the doors remain locked until you are ready to enter them. You don’t know what is next, but you remember every other room you have been in. This is the vantage point of linear history that solidifies as new constructs emerge.

This is the analogy of ascending in density. You can see from your position back down through the rooms but you cannot see where you have not yet been. This a separate discussion from the ending of the polarity experiment. The two concepts are entirely separate. The polarity experiment is ending concurrently with the creation of an ascending spacetime construct on the Earth. When polarity ends it will no longer exist in any construct, anywhere. Whatever the collectives create from that moment forward will be without self-interest or division.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness.

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