This is a question that many in the awakening community continue to ask, and for good reason. Our recorded history is littered with conflicts of aggression and conquest. Every one of them left a trail of devastation and bloodshed that was captured by the scribe in ancient times, and visually in more recent conflicts. Our warfare and observations of it have been constrained by the limits of the spacetime construct we exist within and the limitations of our conscious density. We see ourselves as beings engaging each other within the confines of the material. As such, the battle ends when the body dies and the consciousness no longer controls it. This Galactic conflict is the reverse. It is between collectives of consciousness who see embodiment the same way we see a weapon; you pick it up, you use it for a purpose, and you discard it when you no longer need it. Our historical expectations do not apply to the scope of what is occurring.

The eradication of mutated consciousness in this Galaxy encompasses the third through sixth density and as a result employs tactics and abilities that exceed the current expectations associated with conflict on Earth. I have previously discussed the fact that we exist within a specific spacetime construct of material frequency. Beyond fourth density, consciousness has the ability to see and shift between the various material frequencies. Manifesting a material structure within your consciousness to operate within specific frequencies is a matter of focus and knowledge. Videos exist of ships phasing in and out of our material reality and while some may be fake, this ability exists and is used extensively. The majority of what is occurring is happening beyond the boundaries of our spacetime construct because this is where extreme mutations in consciousness have occurred. When this is cleared the pressure upon our spacetime construct will be released forever.

As a collective consciousness we have been kept under the illusion that we are all that exists. You get one chance to live and then you die so make the most of it. UFOs are not real and anyone who believes otherwise is a kook. Consider how our world would change if we observed a battle between spaceships and some of them crashed? In New York? In Los Angeles? In London? In Beijing? From one minute to the next the world would stop fighting each other and immediately align our consciousness as a planetary collective against this new threat. I’m not saying that a crash will never happen because conflict is unpredictable. What I am suggesting is that there has been a concerted effort to keep certain knowledge from the general populace and that effort continues and includes what is currently happening. In that regard I don’t think anything will be reported that occurs in space and isn’t captured through an amateur’s telescope.

If you have ever read any of the reports about abductions you probably remember the accounts of aliens walking through the walls. The abductee then describes floating or walking through the walls or roof of their house with this alien back to whatever is waiting. This is not delusion or magic, it is technology shifting you out of phase with the spacetime construct. If it can be done to a human body, it can be done to a spaceship. Now consider a spaceship in a battle that loses control and its ability to phase shift and the pull of gravity brings it toward Earth. Is it outlandish to consider that another ship would shift the doomed ship out of phase so that it crashed into another less inhabited spacetime of Earth?

A monumental undertaking is nearing the end. I can feel it and so can many others based on the postings I have been reading. So many are waking up and bringing messages forward that it is hard to deny that the energies are shifting toward the positive on Earth. Whether you believe it is the result of a conflict waged by others on our behalf or just the natural cycle of the Universe does not really matter. All that matters is that you embrace the energies and ride the waves.

In service to all… Todd

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I suggest you read the small clip of the article located there and consider the possibilities.

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