I answer questions posted to the videos on my YouTube channel and one of the questions recently was, “Will I have the life I want after the event?”

My first reaction was, “Why are you waiting for an external thing to occur before you choose the life you want?”

Much of what we choose in life is a matter of settling for something less than what we really want. Why we do this is a result of various influences but I want to focus on something that everyone has the power to change; that little voice in your head that says “I can’t”. As I looked for an appropriate image of good vs bad to go with this post it became clear that a million people have offered a million different perspectives. Of course the only logical thing to do is add another view to the pile…

We are all consciousness attached to a body so that we can learn and experience in material form. On Earth, human vehicles of embodiment age and die rapidly so everyone reading this can look behind them and see a trail of bodies that they have lived and died in. In every one of those incarnations you began as an empty vessel waiting to acquire experience. In the awakening community this is known as “The veil of forgetfulness” and it is a wonderful tool for unimpeded learning.

As you learn and grow within your chosen family environment you begin to form your operative consciousness or, ‘Ego’. If you are in a supportive family and grow up in an external environment devoid of any negativity, the chances are good that you will live a peaceful and fulfilling lifetime. Since polarity still exists there is always the risk of being imposed upon by mutated consciousness, but barring that you should be able to steer your path in whatever direction you want. Can you get sidetracked and make a poor decision? Of course. Free will exists so that you can travel into whatever dark alley of life you want to experience, as many times as it takes to learn that lesson. With repeated incarnations however you will have an internal push from beyond the veil that tells you not to go there, which is what we all call “Intuition” or “Gut feelings”.

If you find yourself in a ‘less than perfect’ family environment you may be exposed to polarizing comments and events. Some are foisted upon you unconsciously because it is the baggage that your parents inherited from their upbringing. This can range from deriding comments; “What makes you think you can do…” “I wish I never had you.” “Why aren’t you more like…” Or it can be physical abuse that has transferred from one generation to the next. There are also factors external to the family unit, the bullying and manipulation that occurs in school and work, bad relationships, etc… Whatever the initiator, these things are impacting your consciousness. Whether you know it or not, these events can create tiny spheres of negativity within you. With repetitive action and focus, they become self-energized and exist as a little fragment of your consciousness. You aren’t allowed to forget about them because they need your continued focus to maintain their energy membrane. As you do this you reaffirm their right to exist within your consciousness.

With continued nurturing, this tiny fragment within you becomes that little voice of doubt that everyone associates with the ‘Devil’s advocate’ sitting on their shoulder. The effect it has on steering your course will depend entirely upon how much energy you have given it as you focus upon it. The more you listen, the louder it gets. The louder it gets, the more you doubt. The more you doubt, the more you focus upon poor outcomes. Everyone knows by now… Consciousness creates their reality. The Universe is merely giving you what you are focusing upon.

The ‘Angel’ on your other shoulder is your extended consciousness that exists beyond the veil of forgetfulness. The effect it has on steering your course depends upon the number of incarnations you have had and the balance you have obtained up to this point. This is the internal compass that is attempting to steer you in the direction of your lessons in this lifetime. It does not matter who or what you think your consciousness is a derivative of, every single one of us is here to learn our lessons in embodiment. What those lessons consist of is the unique path each one of us hoped to walk in this lifetime.

If for some reason you got sidetracked and off course, catalysts will be offered that attempt to impede your current direction and illuminate your way back to the intended course. This is where it becomes important to learn discernment and identify what voice in your head you are listening to. Always seek the path that brings you joy and happiness. This is defined as: “The satisfaction you feel when you are striving toward your potential”. For me the first thing I do toward this goal is throw out any consideration of financial remuneration. I know from personal experience that if I am doing something based upon the expectation of a big paycheck, I’m already on the wrong path. Money is the grease that allows the gears of life to mesh and not bind. You only need enough for that purpose, striving to acquire more than you need only gums up the works. (Trust me on this one)

Satisfaction, joy, and happiness are heart centered emotions just like love, and that is the big clue. You are engaging the energy of unity, the energy of creation, and that requires you to look beyond self serving interests. Don’t believe me? Start looking around at who is happy and confidently striding down their path of joy and happiness. Every single one of them will be giving and inclusive toward everyone else. They will be smiling and exuding a feeling others want to be around, or will at least understand and respect even if they can’t stand in the energy of it.

Then look closely at those deeply embracing separation… That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Releasing the doubting voice in your head is a simple matter of growing beyond its need to exist. When you have identified where those negative intentions are coming from you have reached the threshold of awareness where it can be released. The dissolution begins by ignoring the negativity that is attempting to impede your forward progress. You must then begin to set the intention within yourself to immerse and release this creation of your consciousness with love. The voice will appear less often when confronted with a decision, will become fainter, and will eventually disappear.

As your path becomes lighter and brighter you will one day look back and see clearly all that was required to elevate you to the point where you now stand. At no point in that path were you waiting for an external event to occur. All the growth and expansion occurred from within. The only impediment to your journey was the one you created within yourself.

In service to all… Todd

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