The information I am sharing is more effective if you reference the book -Expansion for Ascending Consciousness- when you need additional details related to these postings. I do my best to provide an understandable overview, but the book leads you through the fundamentals of consciousness and the material in an ascending order. 

As humans under a veil of forgetfulness we identify ourselves as our body. From the moment you are born you identify your feelings through the emotional responses of your body. As you grow and gain some awareness you find that when you care deeply for someone or something it creates a good feeling in your chest that moves to your head and we understand that as love. If this feeling has been created as a result of an external entity, if it is removed you will feel loss as the energy is removed. This is an incredibly oversimplified explanation, but you get the concept.

You can go through many lifetimes with nothing more than this simple mechanism to steer your course choosing the feelings of love and moving right along toward your expansion and ascension. At some point however you are going to have to understand the mechanics of consciousness and what is causing these responses within you. The reason for this is that ascension requires the shedding of the body as you join the collective. At this level you must understand the constituents of consciousness, what causes your energy to expand, and how you harness it and remain a balanced portion of the greater whole.

An analogy would be a child in third grade who is learning their times tables and has a parent who is a college professor in Physics. The child knows that there is more to mathematics than the times tables because they watch their parent using books with complex equations. At some point in the future the child knows that it will need to understand Trigonometry and Calculus to graduate but it is currently beyond their level of comprehension. Through a steady progression of acquired knowledge, the child is brought to understand the books of their parents. The same is true of ascending consciousness. You can steer your course by the feelings in your heart because you have a body that is providing you that feedback. At some point in your ascension however you must understand the mechanics of the energy in order to graduate.

The energy of creation exists everywhere and is available to energize consciousness as soon as you align to it and draw it in. Attached to this post is a stylized painting of a religious prophet and what you see is a golden halo and a heart outside of his chest. As you look at these representations you should consider what they are attempting to portray since the people of the era did not understand what was occurring with the entity or themselves.

While the halo in this picture is rotated to appear behind the head, it was in fact directly above the head and associated with the crown chakra. As a fully aligned consciousness, this person was pulling in creational energy at a rate that caused the toroidal opening to appear to be glowing. Since there were no blockages, this entity was operating completely within their seat of consciousness which is a smaller sphere that surrounds the heart area. This consciousness walked around the Earth as an overpowering positive energetic force. Anyone who came within proximity felt the realignment within them as the energy accelerated the rotational vectors within their consciousness. This is a documented charge exchange effect that occurs between energized particles and creates accelerated metastable states.

Using the common vernacular: You can walk around vibrating in the frequency of love and actually impact those around you. This is the simplified explanation and it will serve you well, but at some point you must understand what you are doing and how you are doing it. This is called mastery and it is required in every art and every trade and differentiates the teacher from the apprentice.

If you now overlay the second picture upon the first you see the representation of what was occurring energetically and we get a clearer understanding. You can see the opening of the consciousness sphere above the head and when fully energized will create the halo effect represented. The massive amount of energy then pools in the seat of consciousness (heart center) before it begins radiating outward through the rotation to the barrier of the consciousness. If you are a polarized consciousness and you come into proximity with creational energy of this magnitude you are going to feel your heart center awaken as the negativity is realigned. This feeling is associated with physical love and it felt good so the people of that era wanted more of it. As they aligned themselves to it, they aligned others and this created pockets of ‘light’ in a world that was engulfed in ‘darkness’ and negativity.

What I have just described is the primary mission of everyone who identifies as “Awakened” or “Light Workers”. It is our job to walk around with an overpowering positive charge within our consciousness spheres and help realign and remove the negativity that remains. There are many people in the world who have no idea that they are walking around with negativity. These are the people who choose behaviors of self service, hierarchy, power, control, anger, hatred, etc… These choices exist outside of creational energy and unity consciousness and they are easy to avoid once you become aware of them and choose differently. As the numbers of positively aligned consciousnesses increase, the subtle realignment also increases. This is the critical mass of awakening that we are witnessing and as the power of positivity increases, the opposition to it weakens.

Negatively aligned consciousness is well aware that the negative energy web is failing throughout the Galaxy. What was once a powerful opposition is now an experiment that is being phased out. We are nearing the end of this game and we are all witnesses to the closing acts. We must energize our consciousness with creational energy and leave a trail of rainbows everywhere we go. 

In service to all… Todd R Deviney

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2 thoughts on “Love is an ENERGY choice

  1. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos. There truly superb.

    You do QHHT right? I just wondered where you’re located and if you are taking clients at present. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I am located in Cary, NC and yes I do take clients that would like a session with me. If you would like more information regarding a session contact me directly using the contact link on this website. Thanks for watching and reading. Love and light… Todd

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