The latest song resonating with me at the moment (attached) uses the term “AMEN”. I found that interesting because I had responded to a post not long ago where someone asked why they felt polarized by that word. I don’t want to discuss the religious programming that you might associate with the word, but the origin of the word itself. It is no secret anymore that religions have co-opted concepts and memories deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness and this is one of them.

The word goes so far back that it spans several languages and the actual origin is beyond recorded history. Yes, there was a pharaoh whose name sounded similar but that is not the origin. There are several variations to the word and anyone can Google it if you want the recorded history of the morphology. The real power of anything that is co-opted and used is the energetic resonance that it contains within the collective consciousness. While you may not be aware of it in your current lifetime, sound frequencies that resonate with the energetics of your experiences beyond the veil have a huge impact. Whether you feel this impact as ‘The finger of God’, an outdated control mechanism, or a quaint curiosity will be unique to the individual.

This holds true to everything else. If stories of Atlantis bring up vivid memories and emotions you can be sure that you have some energetic experience in your consciousness from that period. The pyramids of Egypt? Mayan temples? Indian burial grounds and traditions? I think everyone reading this already understands the nature of multiple lifetimes and collective resonance so I will leave it at that.

At the root of the word Amen or any of its variants is the original ideal of creating a simple intonation that underlines and ends a statement of truth:

“I am inextinguishable consciousness gaining the energy of experience through embodiment” AMEN! AMUM! AUM! (This is the absolute truth, I am underlining that fact with this word, The end)

So I will leave you with the song that has been stirring my unity vibrations recently. Maybe you will feel the same, feel something different, or feel nothing at all. All the songs I share resonate with me because of the musical progressions. As I listen I then find lyrics that apply to the perspective of my journey through polarity as I look back and close the book on it forever in this lifetime. The video images associated with the song are fitting and portray the manifestations of polarity as the consciousness reflects upon their journey through this darkness. The final scene represents consciousness as it ascends beyond the murky polarity and into unity.

The link to the lyrics is also below and you should probably look at them before you listen to the song so you can keep it in context.

In service to all, Amen, Amum, Aum … Todd

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