Hey Todd!
Are we still on track for 2021-2022 ending negative polarity?
Are we still on the Paradise Planet Timeline?
Just want to make sure.
Bringing up the black-inky stuff is sure happening right now…..Hopefully we can scrape it all off.
I have been holding off on responding to this question as I tried to decide how much of an answer I should provide. There is so much discussion going on around the topic of ascension and divergence that it is difficult to hear through the static. The other aspect is that people are easily triggered in the current energies. I have watched as a single word, a phrase, an action, or omission of an expected action causes an aggressive response. However, I started a brief reply that grew into the discussion below. Please accept it in the loving energy in which it was provided to me.
It is easy to contemplate a utopian world where we all live in peace with a focus that has shifted from one of self-enrichment to one of collective progress as a planet. The static I refer to above begins as you attempt to see the methodical steps required to lead seven billion individuals to the entrance of collective unity. The static increases when you realize that only a portion of the seven billion currently incarnated are capable or willing to enter collective unity.
A quick look around our world reveals that there are consciousnesses still deeply embracing division and polarization, and they have no intention of surrendering it willingly. They like what they are doing, it feels good to them, and they want to continue playing that game. There are also younger consciousnesses who don’t understand the energies, or the manipulation involved and are following the lead of those deeply immersed. They align with division and polarization as they choose a side and begin their fight. So much of what you see on the internet is the attempt to divide one side against the other.
Consider this:
It doesn’t matter what side you are on or what you call yourselves… if you have picked a side, you have divided yourself energetically from a portion of the collective who does not share your view.
This is what the pool of inky black stuff referred to in the question manifests as consciousness aligns to it. It is subtle and subversive and wraps itself in just enough light to be accepted. If you aren’t sensitive to the energies, the subtle shift in your thoughts and actions go unnoticed. Allow it to continue unchecked and you may eventually find yourself in a crowd of people yelling at an opposing crowd of people. All because what you believe is better, or you are somehow different from them in any way that can be used to divide one from another. We need to step deeper into this aspect of the conversation because the narrative needs to change to support the true perspective of what is occurring.
My first book discusses the creation of polarity within this galaxy as a motivational tool and why it is being phased out, so I won’t repeat that here. What is important is the context of the existence of polarity within a single galaxy in a universe containing billions of galaxies. Step back from the table of division for just a moment and consider the scope of that perspective. If you are looking out from the center of this universe there would be an endless ocean of creational energy (termed positive only to differentiate it) upon which floats a raft of artificial negativity so tiny, it is unobservable.
From this vantage point there is no conflict, no battle to be won, and no threat of any kind that could not be immediately ended. It is only in the raft where the conflict is occurring that things appear otherwise, and we then feel compelled to take sides and act.
This is what we are all currently watching in our raft as one side pits itself against the other. If you are only looking at the surface of what is going on it appears as if things are getting worse instead of better, but that is not the case.
The remediation we are undergoing as a collective is a complex orchestra of waves and phases designed to preserve as much experience as possible, for as many consciousnesses as possible. As incarnated beings we are immersed in a gravitational timeline where things occur in an observable linear manner as the planet moves through its orbital arc. Outside of the perspective of gravitational linearity, the planet appears to be moving through phases of energy waves and successively smaller filters. Each energy phase pulls the inky negativity to the surface, and then the filter comes and skims it off. Since analogies are easy to understand, I use them quite often to simplify complex topics, like I just did with the raft and will again below.
Assume our planet is a big jar of oil and water that has been vigorously shaken for thousands of years. After all that time, the oil and the water are so finely dispersed that it is difficult to tell one from the other until the shaking stops. Let’s consider that the oil is the artificial inky negative construct and that the water is the ‘positive’ creational energy that abounds throughout the universe. As the planet was being shaken, it was difficult to get positive energy to the planet in the same way that it is difficult to get water to flow through an oil-soaked cloth. That’s why increasing positivity on the planet has been such a slow process. It had to drip through a little at a time which is why there is so much talk of “volunteers” on Earth. When positivity finally became the dominant percentage, the shaking slowed, and has now all but stopped. There is now more water than oil in our planetary jar and it continues to increase, pushing the oil up.
Since oil rises to the surface, if you are only looking there you are going to see a lot oil and miss the water steadily rising beneath it. From that perspective things look grim because the oil is inky, and gross. What you aren’t seeing is that as the water continues to rise, the oil is being skimmed off the top through the energy waves and filters we are being subjected to. Now that the shaking has stopped all those droplets of oil that were mixed in with the water and hard to identify have begun rising to the surface and can now be cleared.
Continuing with the analogy, oil is sticky and stinky and difficult to clean off and dinner is almost ready. Stick your hands in some oily tar and you can probably clean it off with some scrubbing. Dive into it and swim around and you may not be able to get it all off in time for the dinner bell. In this instance the dinner bell represents the divergence, or paradise planet referenced above, as Earth moves into collective unity.
And that sums up where we are right now on Earth. As a collective most of us are trying to clean the oily residue off ourselves before dinner is ready. Some will keep playing in the muck of their own free will and they won’t be ready for dinner. It’s okay, they will get another chance to have dinner, but they will get scraped off the top of Earth’s jar because they are still oily. Those still covered in oil will not be joining those who have cleansed themselves and this is where the confusion arises. Where are they going if not with us? How does that separation occur? Why is there still a component of the population embracing polarity?
The first two questions I have answered at length in previous articles and in the book. The third question is what I would like to focus on here.
We are witnessing the process of choices being made during an incarnation under a veil of forgetfulness. The obvious question then becomes; How does making choices when you can’t remember anything benefit anyone? This is an important concept to grasp that many overlook as they view the veil as a hindrance rather than a benefit. Everyone playing in our current timeline construct has lived many lifetimes before this one or they would be in a lower energy construct. Some have lived hundreds, some thousands, and others still are ascended consciousness who have volunteered to be here and assist. Regardless of how many lives you have lived prior, you begin each lifetime on Earth with no memory of any of them. However, the energy of prior lifetimes pushes against the energetic barrier that causes amnesia. The more energy you have pushing against that barrier, the easier it is to feel it. What you feel from this energy if it is mostly balanced, is a guiding hand silently helping you stay on the course you prepared for yourself. If the energy is unbalanced or non-existent you may lose control of your vehicle and deviate from the course you had planned. Some have many lifetimes deeply immersed in the negative. In that instance the negative path they are on is probably intentional.
The universe doesn’t care what experiences we are choosing because it doesn’t judge or apply labels. However, the option to choose negatively and be the impediment to ascension and infringe on the free will of others is being phased out. If you want to move into the new construct with the divergence, balance in all thought is the way forward. There is no us, no them, only we, a collective of consciousness within the universe moving into the next octave of energetic existence.
Polarity is an energetic scale. If you are on one side or the other, you are not balanced. Seek balance in all thoughts and actions. Know what imbalance feels and looks like and refuse to engage unbalanced invitations. You are not waiting for the new construct, it is waiting for you and you can live in that energy whenever you are ready. Returning to the oil and water analogy, when you do this you are existing within the depths of the water already in the jar and waiting for the last remnants of oil to be removed. Yes, there is still oil in the jar and you can see it still mucking things up because we aren’t done removing it. But why would you want to swim to the surface and get any of it on you?
If you are clean, stay that way and wait for the dinner bell.
The last thing in the question is the 2021-2022 line in the sand that was given to me several years ago in session. I didn’t ask for a date then and I haven’t asked since because the conclusion is a universal decree and when it occurs from our perspective of time is rather trivial (to everyone except all of us waiting for it, including me). I still feel that 2022 is as far as this will be allowed to continue. All will have made their choices by then. Choose wisely.
In service to all… Todd R Deviney


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