I had a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep last night. Earlier, during meditation I had asked for “One of those” dreams to give me some idea what was going on in our timelines and then promptly forgot about it. I got what I asked for, but not what I expected. Much happened in the dream that needs to remain private as it was for my personal understanding, but I want to share one sentence that was given as I felt the enormity of the energy behind the statement,
“It’s sad. It’s all so very sad.”
This is a generic statement that when spoken could be applied to just about anything. You can apply it to either side of the political bread and circus act currently playing out before us, but it was much bigger than that. What about the disparity of wealth and privilege that let some feast in mansions while others go hungry under bridges? What about the blatant lying and corruption that allows one person to elevate themselves higher by standing on the shoulders of the weak and disempowered? Add to this list every other illusion used to separate and divide one consciousness from another. If you have watched any of my videos or read my first book, you know that these are the darker manifestations of the polarized construct we currently exist within.
As incarnated beings on earth, we are in the trenches of this polarized conflict. We wake up here each day and focus on overcoming whatever obstacles are in our paths. This requires effort, and sometimes all of your strength, depending upon the obstacle. Because of this we sometimes lose sight of the overall battlefield map. Every once in a while, each of us need to stop and step out of whatever skirmish we have immersed ourselves in and observe the bigger picture. If we move the viewing lens outward from the surface of the planet and refocus on the battlefield, the statement above takes on new meaning.
Consider the perspective of the galaxy we exist within who created polarization as a catalyst for ascension; a moderate obstacle meant to provide rich and wonderful experiences for the pieces of itself it creates. It has watched as its polarity creation mutated under the stewardship of those immersed in it who began to consume rather than ascend. As the parent, this galaxy has watched as one child advances themselves at the expense of the other as they inappropriately used the polarity creation. The time has finally come to put polarity down forever and move beyond it into the next level of experiences, but some refuse to let go because the creation is addictive in large doses. In these cases, parental force is required but comes with a heavy cost.
The forceful removal of polarity from consciousness requires energetic realignment. This realignment uses an energy level large enough to penetrate the barrier membrane of the affected consciousness and resets the particulate rotations within. Those negatively aligned and refusing to shift will fight the process. This will require higher energy to penetrate the barrier and only makes the process worse. Consciousness undergoing realignment will lose all experiential energy as they are reset to the entry of third density. Our galaxy has given us every opportunity to willingly shift and discard the negative inward focus and embrace the positive path of collective unity. Many have accepted this offer, but many have not. In other parts of this galaxy, entire systems of negatively oriented hierarchies were realigned before earth and the system it resides in became the primary objective. In every case, the galaxy watches with sadness as the combined experiences of those consciousnesses are wiped clean and reset. Free will is allowed until something threatens to imbalance an entire galaxy. When that occurs, the universal collective gets involved. A solution is arrived at through consensus and the restoration of order begins. The correction of the imbalance in this galaxy is now nearing completion.
Which brings us to our experiences on earth and what we are currently witnessing. In 1944 during World War II, Nazi Germany was close to defeat. Resources and men were scarce for Germany, and it appeared that the remaining conflict would consist of the Allies pushing Nazi lines back into Germany until they surrendered. Catching everyone by surprise, Germany instead launched the battle of the bulge, and for a brief moment it appeared to be a success. History of course provides a clear perspective of the energetic potential of each side at the time. Germany had no hope of winning against the overwhelming might of the Allies, but they tried anyway rather than surrender and live. The ultimate result of the action was a pointless loss of life that only delayed the inevitable.
This is where we find ourselves, metaphorically in the trenches watching the negative push back in a futile attempt to overwhelm and unstoppable force. Imagine being on the front line during the initial stages of that battle in 1944 as the carnage rained down around you. From that perspective it must have appeared quite dire, as it does for some right now. Looking out into our world one might assume that lies, subterfuge, and self-interest will win as the battle of polarity continues indefinitely.
However, the universe is an infinite sea of energetic potential comprised of consciousness oscillating in unity. Upon this ocean floats the tiny boat of this galaxy that contains its polarized passengers. A single, imperceptibly small wave in comparison to the ocean of unity is all it would take to wash the entire occupants of the raft clean. Since the negative occupants are clinging onto the boat, a single wave would cause unacceptable collateral damage. Instead, small waves have been targeting specific occupant locations throughout the galaxy, and now it is our turn.
We have been bombarded with small, increasing waves for many years now as the offer to shift focus was extended to all. The window of opportunity to shift is rapidly closing and there are many who still refuse the offer. Existence in separation means just that, being separate from the energetic oscillations of the universe. Being disconnected blocks your view of the enormity of what is coming and the futility of fighting it. Regardless of what you think of the current situation, the last and final cleansing wave is coming to scour polarity from all of earth’s constructs. When it does, those who refused to shift will be removed and realigned.
This brings us to the energy behind the statement in my dream last night. As with other parts of the galaxy that have already been cleansed, there are far too many on earth who are unwilling to shift their perspective.
As the galaxy looks out upon all the pieces of itself that have been impacted by the creation of polarity and its required dissolution, it sums up its sentiment in one sentence,
“It’s sad. It’s all so very sad,”
In service to all,
Todd R Deviney


  1. Caroline Followell says:

    Todd, thank you for all that you bring to humanity at this time. You have helped me enormously to clarify the bigger picture of consciousness and to approach the shift with joy and excited anticipation.

    I’m also loving your second book.

    In love and light

  2. Thank you for putting clear and coherent words to this a crazy time we are living in. It’s helpful, very helpful. I so appreciate the work you are doing. Looking forward to reading book two!

  3. Steve Zarpas says:

    The one who lead the experiment here became addicted to the power. He refused to end the experiment as agreed to prior to the start. He knows now the end is inevitable. He feels sorrow for all those from higher realms who will be “wiped clean,” yet far too much has been invested to stop especially by the humans who were enrolled in the experiment. For them there is no going back, no profit in surrender. For them there is no ascension redemption in this cycle so they will fight to the last. It is truly sad. That however is the path they chose.

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