I do not know how to begin this because I am not completely sure what I just experienced or how to relay it with any coherence. I will start with the physical aspects and then springboard into the spiritual. I understand if anyone thinks my descriptions were induced by pain and delirium because we are conditioned to believe that consciousness exists within the body. The medical profession then attempts to explain everything you experience based upon what is occurring within the body. Near death experiences are attributed to hypoxia in the brain and the visions result from neuron misfires. I believe something different and my personal experiences and memories support my beliefs. I will share what happened from my perspective and you may then decide for yourselves what to believe.

I consider myself healthy and until recently, rarely sick. However, since November I have had a brief illness of one sort or another every other month. November was what appeared to be a mild cold that required a few days of rest to recover from. In January I caught a severe flu that I described in a previous post. March 2nd I awoke with a reduction in hearing in my left ear. Two Doctor appointments and two weeks later no one knew what was wrong. I had an appointment scheduled with a specialist Thursday March 15th, but I would wind up in the emergency room before I could get there.

The day started normally enough and although I still could not hear properly I otherwise felt normal. Around noon I began to feel dizzy and nauseous. Within 30 minutes I could not stand up and was hanging onto the toilet for something to keep me oriented in my surroundings. I could not move my body and my head was laying on the toilet seat so I could vomit into the bowl. At one point I was tired of breathing, so I just stopped. Obviously I took another breath or you would not be reading this, but at the time it seemed like I just stopped and it didn’t really matter whether I ever took another one. As I laid there in between breaths I reached the point that I know well and call “The NEXXUS”. I have no idea why I call it that other than the golden energy there reminds me of that wave thing from one of the Star Trek movies.

I have been here on three other occasions during this lifetime when I no loner wanted to be embodied because my body was compromised. This was another one of those times and as I lost control and paused between breaths it certainly felt like the end of this incarnation. Rather than brutal details of what occurred physically, allow me to describe what happened in consciousness.

Extreme pain is not something that I have ever stuck around to experience. That sounds like an absurd statement but that is the only way I can describe what happens. When I have had enough, I just leave. Where I wind up is always the same; dark and disorienting at first and then like a room that senses someone, it lights up and becomes active. A golden hue envelops my consciousness and whatever physical pain the body is experiencing fades away. I am still aware of the body and what it is doing because there is what feels like a small tube of energy that keeps me connected to it, but there is no longer any physical sensation. When the golden light surrounds me other entities appear within it and while I see them as pulsating golden balls, they ‘feel’ familiar and friendly. I have been told in session that they are other fragments of myself who are not incarnated coming to assist me when they sense my energy signature in the Nexxus.

When I first arrived at the Nexxus I was completely disconnected from anything my body was feeling. I left it by the toilet slumped against the shower door and assumed I was never returning to it. I was okay with that, it has been a good life and I had written the book as I was asked to do. I assumed EMS would arrive and find it there and do what they needed to do before my family got home. When my golden assistants arrived however they reconnected me to the horrible sensations in my body, and I felt myself take a slow and shallow breath. I was being forced to maintain the connection to my body and the discomfort was making sure of it. It was different now though, dulled somewhat as if I was only sticking my foot into the pool of embodiment so I would remember how dense the feeling was. Every time I have come here I am forced back into the heaviness of this incarnation

In my half in, half out state I was aware of the body, but also aware of how light and wonderful the energy is once you leave this construct. In the energetic web of consciousness you communicate without words in a dimensional pattern of coded spheres. You think you are having a conversation but it is you attempting to make the information understandable in the linear fashion that we are accustomed to. My guides were communicating with me but it was so much information so fast that it felt like I was picking one word out of a hundred as I tried to understand them. This is what I received before the paramedics arrived:

“This is what is coming. This is the next step. This will happen during embodiment. Those who are ready need to understand what is coming and must embrace it without fear. Fear will hold you back. Nothing is forced. If you fear the shift and deny the energy, it will leave you behind as you cling to what is familiar.”

This is the important part of this post that I wanted to share with everyone. As my body began to fail me I did not panic or enter a fearful state, I accepted whatever was happening. The energies of unity embraced me as I existed within the sympathetic resonance and became one with it. Fear is a second density vibration and it can cause a step change reduction in your energy if you embrace fear and allow it to control your perceptions. As the unity wave approaches it may present some fearful images but when you understand that you are inextinguishable consciousness, there is nothing to fear… ever. Whatever it looks like as it approaches you, throw your hands up and yell; “Bring it on Baby!”

Since I have returned home I have a distinct feeling of being in two places at once. Part of me is operating my body as it would normally, but there is a portion of my consciousness that seems to be looking down from wherever I went and it is creating a bit of a dissociation. My first instinct was to attempt to regain my ‘sense of normality’ and push all of myself back into the familiar feelings of third density existence. I realized very quickly however that it feels as if I am standing between the two constructs in consciousness. I still feel everything related to being here, but it is becoming so much lighter as the time passes. This is the transition and I am hoping that sharing my experience will help others when they are presented with their shift. While I have not looked, I am certain there are others who are experiencing what I am. Perhaps not with the same initiating event, but with the same ultimate purpose. Will you shift all at once? Or will you slowly step into the new construct? I am not sure anyone knows that answer and I certainly do not, but the more we share our personal experiences the clearer the picture becomes.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion For Ascending Consciousness

1 thought on “Standing In The Nexxus

  1. I meant to leave this comment earlier. I won’t be commenting on facebook as it is a personal account and friends/family still link to my facebook profile despite me being inactive.

    I experienced what you are describing here about a month ago. I also noted because I practice a lot of work in the non-physical realm where I can view people’s energies using the power of intention that some people had moved portions of their consciousness over to this new “grid.” I was also told to disconnect from the grid by my guides as well. I can still feel this aspect of my self that is over in this “new” place and I can still see and interact here in this “old” space. I realized this was the splitting of the Earth some QHHT practitioners had discussed so I dug further.

    When I asked for more information my guides brought your youtube channel to the forefront in my recommendations where I found your blog and read the entire thing. I am now reading your book. It all deeply resonates with me.

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