The words above are a simple yet profound statement of energetic resonance. The multitude of awakening messages that flood the Internet exist because ascending consciousness has reached critical mass and is breaking free. Our individual consciousnesses are like drops of water that have been thrown onto the fabric of a polarized construct. As individual droplets, we exist separately and create trails behind us that intersect but rarely join. With our focus upon the droplet we identify as ourselves, we do not see the multitude of other droplets or the tapestry we are weaving together behind us. This is the journey of separation in this construct and the experiences you have chosen and the lifetimes you have lived have brought you to the precipice you now stand upon.

The experience I shared in my post “Standing in the Nexxus” has left me with a profound new perspective that resulted from straddling the two constructs. Each time something like this occurs for me an entirely new awareness comes into focus. Again I share my experiences freely in the hope that others may benefit. Take my hand… and together we will cross the river.

Separation, Polarity, Negativity, Light Workers. These catchy words are strewn about the Internet and I think everyone reading the articles can conceptualize the generalized definitions. The many articles are pieces of a puzzle that we acquire as we create our picture of reality. This is an ‘In the trenches’ view, with each puzzle piece another step upward toward a higher vantage point. The ultimate objective is to assemble the pieces, climb the steps and raise your view to encompass the entire picture. As you step from the game of individualized consciousness and place a foot into the power of collective consciousness the obstacles fall away and there is no turning back.

Since last Thursday I have the distinct feeling of being in two places at once. I can see the separate trail my droplet of consciousness has traveled within our collective tapestry. I have lived many incarnations experiencing separation as I attempted to reach a pinnacle of singular consciousness. I have fought, I have forced my will upon others, I have killed, and I have been murdered, all in an attempt to understand this creation. Yet only now at the end of this expression do I rise above it and see the simplicity of what previously seemed so complex.

The machinations of separation and duality are still very much in play and will remain long after our collective has ascended to the next construct. Polarity, although in the process of being cleansed is still prevalent and easy to fall into. The key to moving beyond these rules is to move beyond the game in which they are being utilized. This third density spacetime construct is currently co-existing with the newly created construct that awaits us. As we step out of this game and cross the boundary it is everyone’s responsibility to turn around and grasp all of outstretched hands of those searching for the exit. As we do this the individual droplets begin to pool together and the weight of our collective consciousness begins to deform the fabric. It is here that as a collective we bend the construct to our will and exit together. Like water stuck on a window pane, when enough droplets converge, the puddle becomes heavy enough to slip off the pane and into a new environment. Open your heart, hold out your hand, and together we will cross the river… into unity consciousness.

Until three days ago I had never heard of this artist or the song below. Please listen to the song and consider what I have written above as you listen to the lyrics. They have been profoundly synchronistic for me.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion For Ascending Consciousness

Puscifier; The Humbling River

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