It is easy to read the various articles posted around the internet and intellectually understand the mechanics of what is being discussed. It is more difficult to watch as they impact your lives. Many light workers have identified the various indications of this slow separation. For example, identifying the contrast between an awakened perspective and someone still locked within the consensus trance is easy. Family members excepted, it is an observation without much impact when you understand that all are free to choose their path and not all paths lead in the same direction. The other aspect of the divergence that I have been discussing might be easy to conceptualize when you read it, but much more difficult to understand or accept as you watch it unfold and impact your life.

Second density consciousness is a complex geometric rotation of photons resulting from experiential energy. Each second density entity has a unique path that has led them to acquire the energy required for this rotation. As such, when an ascending construct diverges, the second density consciousnesses must be shuffled between the new construct and the remaining one. In a previous post and in a couple session clips I said that ‘something’ (or several things) was going to happen that made sense and explained why a lot of second density consciousnesses were no longer in the constructs. As the vehicles expire, the second density consciousnesses are then held within the collective until after the divergence. When completed, they are re-shuffled into the two constructs appropriately and repopulation commences as first density ascension resumes.

I say all of this because I am watching the sad events that are occurring in Florida from two viewpoints. From an embodied perspective I am saddened by the ecological devastation that is wreaking havoc upon the people living there and killing innocent marine life. From an ascended perspective however I know that this culling is a prelude to a much larger event. Every single carcass you see floating represents a second density consciousness that is now being held in the collective.

It was easy for me to make the statement, “Something is going to happen that makes sense why a lot of things aren’t here anymore”, but I had no idea how that would manifest or how it would feel emotionally for us to watch it unfold. Sadly, I also know that this is not the only distasteful thing that we are going to witness. The divergence is not just the separation of the ascending third density collective. We are embodied consciousness, we expect and require support from the lower densities that currently exist with us and this will be provided. That doesn’t mean we are going to like what we witness, but it is required.

It is easy to look at the current development of marine die off and blame the greedy corporations and nothing I am saying detracts from their culpability in creating this horrific scenario. A large part of embodiment under the veil is to learn from mistakes and incorporate the resulting lessons to correct the imbalances that cause these behaviors. The ecological destruction that has occurred to our biosphere due to self serving desires is going to be a very important lesson for the collective consciousness of both constructs. Understanding that free will is respected, we have been allowed to wreak havoc upon the systems that sustain us so that we collectively understand it is a poor choice and ascend beyond it. How far we allow this destruction to progress before we collectively wake up is up to us.

Is what is happening in Florida part of the divergence? I don’t currently have that information but every time I see a picture that has been posted I keep hearing “It is required”. I will ask in my next session and get a better answer of what to expect. However, the divergence requires a reduction in second density embodiment. If we don’t create the scenarios, they will be provided for us. It is important to correct the problems we face as quickly as we can to stop the destruction. As we do this we must also understand what is required for the coming ‘Event’ to take place.

Sending love and compassion to all those affected… Todd Deviney

YouTube: Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness – The Book

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