On my YouTube channel I engage with the comments submitted by the viewers and treat it as an active forum where we are exchanging perspectives. In both the videos and the comments I am providing information from a source beyond my ego self. What I am observing is that there are ‘nuggets’ contained in this information that can be sewn together. If you listen to the videos, read the resulting answers to comments, and start aggregating what is being said, a picture comes into focus. I think this is by design and not a random occurrence.

In almost every message from an ascended consciousness is the caveat “Answers come to those who seek them”. The answers you seek depends upon your current level of awakening and where you are focusing your intentions. What you find during your searches usually opens your awareness by pushing you into deeper questions, and continues your expansion. This is not limited to the information I am sharing, but includes the postings of the entire awakening community. As you bounce from one article to another you are formulating your perception of reality and so are millions of other people. This is collective consciousness creating future probabilities and the reason so many people are sharing messages of light and love.

Almost everyone has heard the story of a spaceship that crashed in Roswell New Mexico. One group of people heard the story and it created excitement and a desire to know more. Another group considered it fiction and remained focused on the tangible concerns of daily existence. From this example you can see a division forming within the collective consciousness of Earth. The division between those seeking information beyond accepted channels and those content to exist within them is not limited to this singular example. This chasm between awareness continues to grow and now includes the understanding that self-interest, fear, hatred, and anger are limiting their continued expansion. This is what the divergence of collectives looks like, and when the ascending collective reaches an energetic threshold, it pushes upon the envelope of the existing co-creational construct. A new construct is then required or the the energy of the ascending collective will remain limited.

And it is here that we find ourselves at the precipice of change with everyone attempting to anticipate when it will happen, what it will look like, and what we will experience. Which brings me to the Youtube comment that inspired me to write this post… THE CATACLYSM

In one of my session clips there is a discussion of the divergence and how life will be shuffled between the two constructs where I say, “Something is going to happen that makes sense to both constructs”. The refusal to say exactly what that ‘thing’ is or ‘when’ that thing will happen creates anger and suspicion in some who encounter it, but you have to look at this from beyond the viewpoint of a single lifetime. In the regression sessions I provide to clients they are allowed to see their death in previous incarnations, but they are NEVER allowed to see the death or events leading to the end of the current lifetime. This should fundamentally make sense to everyone. If you knew the exact time and circumstance of your death (assuming it was planned and not accidental), what would you do? I’m not suggesting that anyone is going to die, I’m merely indicating that there are things we cannot know ahead of time or it will irrevocably alter our intended life path.

I have no idea what is going to happen when the divergence actually occurs, but there are plenty of people who have shared what they think is coming and it is up to the individual to decide what resonates with them. I’m not paying attention because I know I am in the ascending construct. That does not make me better than anyone else, it just makes me more aware of the fact that I can choose which reality I wish to experience. As I have said several times now, we are deciding when this happens and what we will experience. I like many others have seen glimpses of a wonderfully bright future where everything ‘feels’ more energetic and positive. I know this is the coming collective reality for many of us, and that is the key; to know for certain and without fear that this is the reality you want to experience and that there is a choice.

While I cannot fathom it, you can look around the internet and see that there are a large number of people preparing for the end of the world. They see a vague shadow looming ahead that is going to force them into the dystopian movie scenarios that are so popular. That is not my future, but if you are focused on it and actively preparing for it, there is a possibility that it will be yours.

Know that you are more than a body with a finite lifespan. You are consciousness with infinite potential choosing to learn and grow through embodiment. For whatever reason, you chose to be here during this time of acceleration and should embrace the joy of that knowledge. When you ultimately ascend beyond embodiment and the need for the veil, you will fondly remember this lifetime.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

YouTube: Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness – The Book

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