As I start this I want to run to my book and just regurgitate what is written there because it lays it out so well. I will instead attempt to paraphrase and hope it makes sense.

I have heard of the ‘SETH’ material but never read any of it. The concept that we are all experiencing everything at once and that we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time is very prevalent. I suspect this ideal came about because the actual mechanics of what is occurring is difficult to wrap your head around and even more difficult to explain to consciousness locked in a spacetime under a veil.

Again I state: I offer the perspective I see from where I exist as my complete self within this Universe. You are free to believe whatever resonates with you personally and I will never argue with anyone in an attempt to change what they feel is their truth:

You are self-aware consciousness having an experience in embodiment as you read this. Embodiment requires a material construct to operate within even if that construct is a huge spaceship that never lands. Material constructs are created using varying frequencies and wavelengths and are held in place through the gravitational waves they create. This is a “Spacetime” and there are more than can be counted. When your consciousness is not playing in a spacetime construct it exists in “Timespace”. Your existence in timespace is the age of your consciousness from the moment the first photon gained enough energy to form a membrane to whatever density level your complete consciousness exists at right now. It is not an ‘age of time’ as you think of it on Earth when you celebrate birthdays. In Timespace the only indication that anything is different is the fact your consciousness is growing in density and energy as you exist here.

How many fragments you can have playing in the various spacetimes at once is a factor of how much density your consciousness has to create fragments from as it exists in timespace. Once you create a fragment and drop it into a spacetime construct it is locked in for as long as the vehicle lives. That particular piece of you is not available to do anything else until it finishes that incarnation. It has a path toward lessons that it has charted before incarnating, but it is free to go off course and make a totally new path. The future of your life “Has not already happened”, you are creating it in every moment. Once you make it to a milestone however, the thing you planned to happen after that almost certainly will because the momentum you created getting to that nexus point will propel you into the planned experience. When your incarnation ends you will return to your complete consciousness and provide it with the density and experience acquired. After that you can leave again and go play anywhere in any construct or remain with the ‘rest’ of yourself if you are finished playing (probably not because playing is fun).

I’m not getting into how each spacetime construct is created, but the Roman era, the Viking era, and many others still exist on Earth and are available for a fragment to go play in. From that perspective there is no time and you can experience ‘The past’ in your next incarnation if you want to.

Spacetime is a construct created for consciousness to learn and grow within. While you are here there is a linear progression of cataloged events. Timespace is where consciousness exists beyond embodiment and in it there is only NOW. In this now of existence there is a growth of consciousness that occurs that slowly creates a consciousness powerful enough to provide energy to the Universe.

You are a home with a solar array on your roof but you are still connected to the grid because your solar array is not fully assembled. As you gain experience and grow you are adding solar panels to your system. At some point you will have enough solar panels on your roof that you are no longer using energy from the grid, but are providing energy back into the grid for other customers. This is the analogy of the Universe and the reason for EVERYTHING.

You are consciousness and you are powering the vehicle you inhabit. That electrical charge that is powering your heart… conscious energy. That electromagnetic field around your body… conscious energy. The heliosphere created by the Sun… conscious energy.

This is the dance of consciousness and we are all on stage together. Some of us are dancing alone to our own song oblivious to those around us. Others have begun to hear the same music and are beginning to dance in unison.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness

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