Based on the last posted question, let’s go a little deeper in our explanation of this concept of awakening:

Consider that your consciousness on Earth is a fragment of a powerful consciousness who was bored and wanted to play in embodiment again. The caveat here is that the larger consciousness that you came from also wants to play on several other planets at the same time. Each planet has rules that the embodied consciousnesses must learn in order to function adequately. We have all sorts of rules here on Earth that would make no sense if you just ‘popped’ in and started walking around. This is why we create an “EGO”. It is a construct that you wear over the larger portion of you so you can play here. Every other fragment of you on every other planet is creating the same thing. Is your ego you? Yes and no but that is another discussion.

When you begin to awaken from the construct you start to question the rules you have accepted and the things you previously thought were important. From an ascended perspective, forming your life around the acquisition of money is an absurd waste of time. Stop for a minute and think about the things some people will do to acquire it. Many are in direct opposition to unity consciousness.

The journey to awakening is all about shedding the programmed behaviors of ego and releasing ideas that are not in alignment with unity of consciousness. As you begin to do this your consciousness begins to energetically align with the energy of your higher aspect. What effects you begin to experience during this alignment and when they manifest is uniquely personal but assume you achieve a clear connection to the greater you. From this vantage point you have a complete understanding of what unity is and how consciousness operates within the Universe.

Unity by definition; is the state of being united or joined as a whole.

We should also define Enlightenment by use of synonyms since the word itself is not well defined: Insight, understanding, awareness, advancement, wisdom, learning, knowledge…

The original question should then be changed into a statement of fact: When consciousness becomes ‘Enlightened’ it gains the awareness of the unity and wholeness of all. This realization creates the only logical response in the enlightened consciousness; Love and compassion for all that is, because all are portions of the whole.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness

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