I was bored last night and shuffling through the Internet attempting to get a pulse on where we are in the process of divergence. I do not have a set agenda or locations of inquiry when I do this, I let myself get pulled in whatever direction the flow takes me. I am not usually disappointed and last night was no exception. I found some things floating under the surface of the current event whitewash that made me smile and it occurred to me that perhaps sharing what I know might help others.

There has been a lot of talk about this “New Thing” that is coming and the “Event” that precedes it. For clarity and reflection let’s list a few things that are being discussed:
• A golden wave of love energy that changes consciousness from one minute to the next.
• A new utopian Earth that we are somehow going to move into as we move away from this one.
• Consciousnesses unable to cope with the energy ‘transition’
• All ‘Negative consciousness’ removed and somehow recycled.
• Cataclysmic changes that cause disorder and death in one manner or another.
• A conflict occurring between the factions of good and evil.

That is a highly condensed list because you can spend weeks reading Op-Ed publications that cover the entire spectrum. We are all consciousness looking at reality through our window of belief and I am no different. From my perspective I see an ordered Universe operating within an intricate energy balance where the energy of consciousness is the only currency. Everything we experience during embodiment is the work required to cultivate that energy. As conscious energy increases within the individual fragments, new pathways must be created that allow for continued expansion. This is why we are at the precipice of a diverging construct; the energy of consciousness requires it.

The new construct has already been created and is being held in place until everything else is ready. You can think of this as a form fitting box waiting for the new package to be inserted into it. Consciousness is the reason for these divergences and we are deep into the process of sorting the collectives. This is taking more time than usual and the deflection is not as clearly defined because polarity is being lifted in coordination with the divergence. As I have previously stated, this is allowing those held back by the polarities to awaken and move forward. In every post I have shared about this ‘thing’ that is coming I have said it is diverging from what currently exists. If that is the case then that implies that what we are currently experiencing will continue after the new has begun. What that means and how we get there is the focus of this post.

If you shine a flashlight into the corners of the Internet you will find thousands of messages relating to this upcoming ‘thing’. Read the articles carefully and FEEL the frequency of the author as you attempt to see reality from their perspective. Now imagine closing your eyes and throwing each article into the air of your consciousness. As you do this you will watch them fall into three piles as they settle:

• One pile is on the floor and it contains cataclysmic visions of any number of scenarios. Fear is the main frequency running throughout and everyone reading needs to prepare for whatever the topic is discussing.

• Another pile is hovering above the first pile and while these may contain some discussions of cataclysm they also contain a possibility of avoiding this outcome. Hope is the main frequency running through these messages and those reading are asked to concentrate on positive outcomes.

• The third pile did not fall but instead floated higher. These messages talk of a wonderful new world that is waiting for those who understand that unity and love is more powerful than division and discord. Some even describe existence within collective consciousness as if they have already been there. The frequency of these messages is unmistakable and you will feel it when you read them.

From these bullet points we see three groups emerging; 
1) Those that are third density and are going to remain.
2) Those that are transitional and need to grasp the energies being provided and elevate themselves.
3) Those that clearly see the new construct and are moving with the collective.

I recently gave a regression session to a client who discussed the fact that there were three choices. It was all I could do to contain my excitement as I asked her questions about what I already knew so that I could get her perspective. This is a very good session and I have it linked at the end of this post.

If there are three choices what does that look like and how do we get from here to there?

By definition, the divergence of a spacetime construct requires a separation of consciousnesses; second density consciousness and above must be split between the two. Making new material constructs is an easy task of changing a few settings because matter is inanimate and exists at the desire of consciousness. Anything above first density consciousness however has acquired unique energies of experience that cannot be duplicated and must be carefully sorted between the two constructs. (This is discussed in detail in the book) The sorting that occurs as the constructs separate require an initiating event… and that is coming. What that looks like and how you experience it is going to depend entirely on you.

There is no telling what type of cataclysmic event group one is going to co-create for itself and I have no idea because I stopped engaging that frequency long ago. Whatever it is, it will be of enough magnitude to allow the shuffling of second and third density consciousness. What I mean by that is; something will occur that explains why a lot of animals and humans “are gone” from their reality.

Group two is straddling the fence as they decide whether they want to engage the energies and move or remain in this construct. They can see the coming shift and both opportunities because they have the threshold density to do so. The shift for them consists of three choices; 
• Stay and experience the cataclysm and live through the aftermath.
• Experience the cataclysm and disembody. Complete the ascension to fourth density in the etheric and enter the new construct through the birthing experience.
• Immerse themselves in a focused effort to raise their frequency and move into the new construct with the shift.

Group three has been here a long time and has been waiting for the shift. They felt the energies coming in and ran screaming with their hands up toward it like a three year old seeing a loved one. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they know what is coming and cannot wait for it to occur. These are the people flooding the Internet with publications of love, collectivity, and happiness. At a higher level they know the key to accelerating the timetable resides in raising the frequency of the ascending collective. Their frequency is beyond the reach of fear and separation and their resulting productions omit what is no longer useful. The shift for this group will depend upon the level at which they remain engaged with the lower density construct. This will range from nothing observable from one day to the next or ‘something’ happening that removes the lower density consciousnesses from their lives. The magnitude of that ‘something’ will be dependent upon the level of entanglement that must be severed.

This is what I see from my perspective and I hope that sharing it removes some of the obfuscation shrouding what is occurring. There is no right path or wrong path because time is irrelevant and every experience creates energy within consciousness. All directions ultimately lead to the same ascending stairway, some take longer than others. Follow the path you feel guided toward using your internal compass and you will arrive exactly where you are supposed to.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion For Ascending Consciousness


2 thoughts on “The Mechanics of Change And The Three Choices

  1. Sherrel Mills says:

    Beautifully said. I just found you two days ago on YouTube and have listened to several hours of your videos. Found your website and read your articles. I love the heart of your messages!

    Thank You!!! Amen!!!

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