There are three levels of conscious density that exist within our current space-time construct. In actuality the lines are not clearly drawn into three gradients but it makes the discussion much easier. The three density levels factor into the equation of which space-time construct you will find yourself in when the divergence occurs because without adequate density you cannot hold the energy that is required. The other factor in this equation is the balance within your rotational consciousness. All consciousness is a sphere regardless of density and like every other rotating sphere within the Universe, balance is an essential prerequisite to increasing energy.

Polarity causes strange reactions in consciousness as it affects your rotational balance (frequency) but this is not the only culprit causing imbalances, just the major one on Earth at the moment. The polarity experiment is being ended and after it has been eradicated there will still be imbalanced consciousness. The reason for this are the lessons of experience that must be acquired to correct the imbalances. What we are witnessing playing out before us are two things running concurrently; the cleansing of polarity and the separation of consciousness. The cleansing is occurring because we have been walking around with polarity for so long that we all accept its manifestations as normal and human. This is not the case and we are witnessing all our past dirt being brought out of the darkness and into view for all to see. You then decide what your responses should be to the ugliness. Your responses are going to be in alignment with the rotational balance of your consciousness and the polarity burden you contain. If you are out of balance or contain a lot of polarity, you will more than likely embrace division as the polarity within you activates. If you have a balanced consciousness and some residual polarity you will be able to see beyond the obstacle and understand the bigger picture of seeking unity of consciousness. In fact you will probably ‘FEEL’ the unity more than you will see it. Any pockets of polarity within you are easily neutralized and they do not manifest as negative responses. We are right in the middle of this cleansing and it isn’t pretty.

How are these dynamics manifesting in personal interactions?

The energies of consciousness are separating because it is required to prior to the divergence. The higher and the lower are seeking their levels automatically in the same manner that oil and water separate when left alone in a jar. Consciousness that cannot hold the increasing energies of an ascending spacetime construct are having their imbalances activated by the increasing energies. This will manifest differently for each individual based upon what is causing the imbalance. They will ultimately find the level where they can feel comfortable and exist.

The same is true for the ascending consciousnesses who have the density and balance to hold the new energies. The energy is flowing to the planet as I type this and all of us can feel it. Those of you who are “Vibrating” and “Shaking” and seeing geometric designs are absorbing this energy into your consciousness. It then subsequently flows into your body through your energy network and forces the required changes… and the symptoms you are experiencing.

So we have energy coming to the planet affecting consciousness, but it is affecting consciousness differently. Up to now most of us have chosen the people in our lives using every filter EXCEPT energy. You are related, you find them visually attractive, you need their financial support, etc.. As the energy within us continues to increase we are no longer going to be able to ignore the energetic Universe we live in as consciousness. The lower and the higher are separating because they have to. The clashes that you are experiencing are a result of incompatible energies that are making themselves known so you can respond.

Ascending consciousness must now become aware of the immense power of collective consciousness. The first lessons in this are going to be very obvious so that they get your attention. As you begin to understand what it feels like to be out of energetic synch with another consciousness, you will then be brought the lesson of what it feels like when you ARE in synch. You are free to continue to struggle to exist in the lower energies but once you feel and understand the power of unity in collectivity… you will never look back.

As the separation continues those not ascending will fall away from those that are. This will naturally settle into two collectives, those that are staying and those that are going to create what comes next. Our hand is outstretched to you in these writings and conversations as we share our balance with those who seek it.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness

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