I have previously discussed the fact that ascended consciousnesses have sent their fragments here to end the polarity experiment and experience the shift. Every one of them planned a life course that would benefit and assist the ascending collective. How that assistance is provided is as unique as the Universe itself. The ending of polarity and the shift is like a colossal picnic where everyone is bringing something different because everyone has their own specialty to contribute.

It is easy to get sidetracked on Earth because we all agree to enter under the same rules. Your mission seems really easy until you get here and immerse yourself in all the distractions and obstacles… and of course you don’t remember anything. A free will planet requires that you live through the construct and then awaken to your reason for being here ‘of your own free will’. This sounds like being thrown in the middle of the ocean and told to swim home, and there are moments for all of us when it feels that way. However, as it is with every game some rules can be bent and some can be broken. We have been provided with some flotation devices that are designed to help us get where we are going in this sea of polarity.

Depending upon the density of consciousness that you originated from, you may have one or more ‘assistants’ here to help you. These are additional fragments of your higher aspect that remain as disembodied consciousness and only intervene when your mission is in jeopardy. Since Earth is a duality planet everyone will have at least one other aspect of themselves created as their fragment is separated into duality, known as a “Twin-Flame”. If your other half did not incarnate into a life when you did, it will be there to help you stay on course and out of trouble.

There have been several occasions where my life almost ended abruptly in accidents. In every case there were three glowing entities that assisted me and forcibly made me return to my body. I absolutely did not want to live in a handicapped or disfigured body as a young person. There was even one instance where I was physically pushed up into the engine compartment of a car. The laws of physics dictated that I should have been run over and crushed and yet all I suffered was a broken hip, a few burns, and some lacerations. Everyone in the hospital called me miracle man but I knew better. This was the second time I had met my three helpers during a serious accident. They were with me from the minute I lost consciousness at the accident scene until I knew I was going to be able to live unimpaired.

The point of sharing that is to give everyone a perspective to use to look back upon their lives and maybe see an event differently. Did you see a ‘ghost’ that scared you and kept you from a path with a horrible outcome? Did you miraculously survive an accident? Have you had near death experiences where you see entities that tell you it isn’t time and you have to go back and finish your life?

Was it ‘Divine intervention’? Sort of but not really because it is much simpler than that. It is other portions of you helping you do what you are supposed to… whatever that is, even if it is just existing and spreading energy through your footsteps upon the planet.

The other aspect of this is what you expect your assistants to look like. They are conscious energy and as such can appear in whatever way they need to. For me they are just gold balls of energy and always have been. Other people may see a deity or a family member, or even a scary ghost if that is what is needed. All that matters is that they achieve the objective required at the moment.

We are consciousness living in a wonderful and complex Universe. Embodiment is a wonderful gift and it is up to us to make the most of it. The default experience is joy, happiness, and laughter as we appreciate the opportunity. Anything that opposes that experience is polarity in action. You are free to choose the polarized experience, and you are just as free to refuse it.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness

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