There are so many nuances to human psychology and emotional interactions. We all respond differently to stimulus because we are all unique based upon the values instilled within us as we grew up, the way emotions affect our mood and reactions, and how all of that intertwines with your consciousness. Attempting to apply a blanket response to this question is going to leave a lot of people uncovered because they won’t fit within the generalized assumptions. What this forum is designed to do is to get everyone to start thinking from a larger view of who and what you are. This is accomplished by showing you how much more there is to consciousness and the Universe than you previously considered. With this information (and perhaps a little guidance) you can then formulate your own conclusions as you navigate the obstacles in your lives with more clarity.

Most people see themselves as a single awareness operating within a body, and for lower third density consciousness this is more or less true. However after repeated incarnations you begin to attain sufficient density and balance and a larger portion of your consciousness begins to assert itself. You feel this like a pressure pushing against the ego construct as it attempts to make itself known. This can manifest in any number of ways and it all depends upon what life you have created for yourself while you were completely controlled by ego programming. If you have created a life based solely upon the acquisition of money and status, when your larger aspect begins to be felt it might forcibly push you from that path in order to get you to realign your thinking. This can be a “Dark night of the soul” period where you sit in the pieces of a shattered life disillusioned. From the ashes of one life rises another and when you find yourself at this nexus point you can listen to your larger aspect who will certainly be conversing with you as it attempts to show you the correct path, or you can stay in ego and attempt to forcibly rebuild your material empire.

The same is true with personal relationships. I am not going to get into the nuances of personal relationships. These interactions are so intimate and unique that attempting to make recommendations without interviewing a person would be crazy. I will talk in generalities and what the energies are doing that are then manifesting what you are experiencing.

As the energies continue to increase, the separations will become increasingly forceful. This can be related to two electromagnets where ends of the same polarity repel each other. As you add electrical input to the magnets they push each other away with increasing force (this is a motor). With enough electrical input, they will repel regardless of how hard you try to keep them together. In consciousness however it is opposite polarities that are repelling. The repelling action is caused by both polarity (at the moment) and by an energetic imbalance in the two consciousnesses. A lower third density consciousness is not going to be able to stay with an ascending fourth density consciousness no matter how hard you try. Unless of course the ascending consciousness decides to refuse the energy and remain in this spacetime construct. You are all free to choose, but choose wisely.

A transitional third density consciousness can benefit from an association with an ascending fourth density consciousness if they set the intention to expand themselves and benefit from the energy and information being offered. Each person has to decide which association they find themselves in. You do this by detaching yourself from your emotional responses and begin watching from an ascended viewpoint. Is the interaction empowering you through a shared commitment or is it draining you as you struggle to keep things together? Does the other person consider your personal growth and encourage you to strive to be more than you are? Or do you find that you are being sabotaged and held back? Are you allowed the freedom to explore on your own without question? Or is there jealousy and insecurity as your actions are scrutinized?

You will notice that the few traits I listed above are the difference between collective consciousness and separation. That is not a coincidence and each individual must choose whether they ascend in collectivity or remain in separation. As the energy continues to increase consciousnesses of the same energy will be increasingly drawn to each other as the ascending collective continues to form. When the collective reaches critical mass, the energy of that collective will diverge from the existing construct and create a whole new world.

Are you staying? Or are you going? The choice as always, is yours to make.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness

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