This was a question asked about my previous post MOVING INTO A NEW REALITY:

This is a great explanation of the understanding of the “New Earth” split. I have a few questions….

When we transition and step into the other “room/density” and close the door, is that an explanation of our physical bodies “dying/death”??

Also, since we remember the room we were just in, do we consciously know we walked through to the other room or does it blend together for us and that is why we have the Mandela Effect??


As the ascending collective moves into the new construct, the delineation between the old and the new will appear seamless. As previously stated, things will ‘feel’ lighter and brighter because of the increased oscillating wavelength of the solidified material.

The separation of consciousness is well underway and this is naturally occurring as ascending consciousnesses increasingly focus upon higher vibration thought patterns. The old thought patterns are still there and all you have to do is observe who is talking about what, and a clear separation begins to appear. Most of the separation will occur in this manner but entanglements will still exist. After the shift you may think at some point “I wonder what ever happened to…” If you are closely involved with someone not shifting, there will be a disengagement in one form or another where you both go separate ways. You are also free to choose to stay and work together. The majority of ascending fourth density will be shifting with their bodies. Some may choose to start over in a fresh vehicle but that is not required. Since fifth density is a non-embodied energetic existence, you will clearly have to shed the vehicle to transition there.

As the new construct diverges and you ‘close the door’ it solidifies previous events as a historical record that cannot be changed… like taking a picture of the past. As I explain how past events solidify, you must understand that as we exist within this current construct it spans a period of collective existence. This span of time is malleable between the doors and is the room I spoke of. You can move around the room and rearrange the furniture anyway you like… you remember a couch being in the corner from a past experience, but someone went behind you and moved it. So when you return to the corner, no couch.

This is the shifting of ‘timelines’ and the cause of the Mandela effect that is being discussed. Technology exists for entities to go back (in what we perceive as time) and alter things within the boundaries of the room that is our current construct. This of course affects the cascading cause and effect relationships that follow. Consider for a minute that you witness a single rogue missile being launched at a specific target. The missile gets through, destroys an American city, and retaliation is launched without hesitation. This causes an unnecessary conflict that has terrible downstream consequences for the planet. Now… If you had the ability to go back and alter the interaction ‘slightly’, say, intercept the missile before it hits and downplay the event, you just massively changed the course of the collective. I’m not saying I have information that this actually happened… but we are negotiating and shaking hands instead of blowing each other up and that is a positive outcome.

Positive polarity is firmly in charge and moving everything in the right direction.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

YouTube: Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness – The Book

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