In my book -Expansion for Ascending Consciousness- I discuss the creational ability that exists within consciousness. This ability begins as the toroidal column solidifies and the seat of consciousness begins. As you first start out in third density the ability to harness creational energy is limited because you do not possess the proper rotational geometry. The lessons are few and of a basic nature as they help you expand and define your rotational conscious sphere. As you amass lifetimes and experience, your ability to harness energy and create what you want becomes more apparent as you learn to focus and control it. The key here is to know what you are working with, and how to use it correctly.

I found the picture associated with this post as I was looking for content to discuss on a radio show I was invited to. I think everyone can look at the image and see the superficial humor in the literal interpretation of the cupcake’s statement. The reality however is much more important.

Let us assume for a moment that these edible creations contained a self-aware consciousness. If that is the case, then they all exist as the same toroidal rotation of photons with the exact same seat of consciousness (which is your center). Do you then think that their physical body would have anything to do with finding their center? Of course not. Knowing this, the donut should then be portrayed as smiling just as widely as everyone else. If the donut allows itself to believe that it is somehow less than the others, it will co-create this reality and that will be the path it walks. You can then take this example and apply it to anything in your life.

If you are attracted to the messages of awakening and are riding the bow wave of energies, you have the rotational balance to apply your focus and begin to create the path you desire. You must be careful as you awaken to this ability because what you focus on is what you will create. Because we exist within a veil of singular existence (one lifetime) you must re-assess your desires and determine if they are altruistic or a creation of programming. We have been told what to think and what we should want for so long that our discernment may be skewed and in need of rebalancing. If you have been heavily influenced by outward perception filters; “I need a big house, an expensive car, clothes that are in vogue, a huge bank account, etc…” you can push yourself farther from your intended life path instead of toward it.

The other aspect of focus is self-imposed limitations. Returning to the image, we see a sad donut who believes itself to be somehow lacking a critical constituent. The reality of course is that this is a self-imposed limiting belief that becomes a blockage if embraced. There is nothing stopping you from becoming everything that you want to be or think you are. There are no nefarious entities with enough power to halt your progress… unless you allow it by creating a self-limiting construct. Nothing can stop you, and this includes my discussion of the rotational geometries of consciousness. If you have reached the level of consciousness where these ideas make sense to you, then you are already beyond any limitations they might have imposed.

Stand in your consciousness with your arms outstretched and feel the energy of creation pouring in as you set the intention to absorb it. It is flooding the planet and all who ask will receive. It is so intense now that it feels like sticking your fingers in a light socket… and that is not too far from the truth of what is happening. Beyond our bodies, we are 1000watt lightbulbs of consciousness. We have been content to sit energized at 25watts because we did not remember what it felt like to shine at our fullest capacity. The time is now.

In service to all… Todd R Deviney

YouTube: Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness – The book

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