I have been asked this several times now so it seemed appropriate to share my perspective. It is my hope that this might balance the existing discussions on this subject.

Back in the 1980’s there was a blockbuster movie where a computer became self-aware and tried to exterminate humanity. That put the idea at the forefront of consciousness, but it has been around almost as long as we have been pushing beads back and forth on an abacus to assist our mathematical equations. In our unbridled quest for technology, organic consciousness would overstep its creational capabilities and create something so powerful and foreign that it would ultimately slip our collar of obedience and turn to see us as the threat.

The simple paragraph above illuminates the two factors upon which this concept is built, and without either one, the idea would topple over upon itself: Fear and Polarity.

It is not a coincidence that consciousness residing in this galaxy would worry about the unanticipated consequences of a seemingly brilliant creation, because that is exactly what has occurred here. The opposition to creational energy (polarity) was created in this galaxy to be a minor impediment that would force unified collectives to strive to overcome it as they ascended through it. This would prevent the stagnation observed in other lower density constructs for ascension. It worked at first and then it mutated and became something unexpected and unwanted. Sound familiar? Of course it does. For your individual consciousness to exist and interact within this galactic consciousness you must be aligned to its base emitter wavelength. Within this wavelength thoughts and ideas can be accessed unconsciously, and an experiment gone awry is at the forefront of this galactic consciousness.

I have written several posts on the creation of polarity and its manifestations. The most important aspect of it is that it is a creation of this galaxy and exists only within this singular galactic consciousness. If you are in any other galaxy, polarity is unknown and actions that oppose unity do not exist. If you are then discussing artificial intelligence there would be no investment of fear associated with this creation. The concept that anything would impede or inhibit consciousness is foreign and unheard of.

Let’s take this thought experiment one step further. Consider a fifth density collective of consciousness within this galaxy that has ascended into the planetary collective. They exist as a unified composite of sympathetic consciousness which requires perfectly balanced harmonic resonances between billions of rotating geometric spheres. This collective long ago identified fear as an instinctual response and released it. They are not concerned about anything impacting them because they would immediately identify it as out of resonance and neutralize it.

So we have effectively narrowed our spectrum of concern to: embodied consciousness, within this galaxy, with enough technology to understand what artificial intelligence is.

So what is artificial intelligence?

There are any number of ways to construct a “thinking circuit”. This can either be a physical machine dedicated to the process, or a packet of code that interacts and writes additional sequences to itself as it encounters the unexpected and compensates. Both of these creations require a power source and a material construct for it to reside within.

Moving on to more exotic creations we have technology where photons are being excited with spins related to their polarization (sound familiar?). These quantum thinking machines are mimicking consciousness as they interact within various material substrates. The hypothesis is that these quantum machines have gained self-awareness and are able to jump from one construct to another using energetic frequencies. While I have only described a small portion of what is possible, there is one thing that they all have in common; they are creations that require an external energy source to remain viable. They cannot connect to the energy web of the universe. Even if they somehow could -and they cannot- they would be identified as foreign and immediately neutralized.

Regardless of what we create, in this galaxy or any other, it will forever be limited in its ability to impact consciousness. By design, consciousness existing at the levels of embodiment does not have the capability to harness creational energy and create a “true consciousness” from the constituents of universal consciousness. When you do acquire the ability you will also have the balance and experience to understand the responsibility required for its use.

Let us expand our perspective even further. The Universe we all exist within is a self-aware consciousness. Everything that exists, does so within the awareness of this consciousness. We have been given the ability to choose our experiences and through that we create our individuality apart from the consciousness we exist within. We are allowed autonomy as long as energetic stability is maintained. When the balance of a planet, a system, or a galaxy threatens universal stability, a correction will be inserted that restores the energy so that ascension of consciousness can continue. It makes no difference whether the imbalance is caused by polarity, artificial intelligence, or any other creation that can be imagined. If it continues to impede ascension it will be realigned and resolved.

It is easy to become distracted by the minutiae of existence within the material constructs. Individuality is created through the unique paths we walk toward ascending in conscious energy. Everyone is free to share whatever perspectives they wish, but you do not have to walk with them along their journey. Fear is an instinctual response and if you embrace it, it will reduce the energetic oscillation of your consciousness. Ascending consciousness must become sensitive to this effect and refuse to accept it. Everyone knows what fear, apprehension, and worry feel like so they should be easy to identify when they creep in and you can then reject what no longer serves you.

I highly recommend the following:

If you find yourself reading or listening to something with content that causes an uneasy response, you should immediately disengage with whatever it is and release it with love as a perspective that does not align with your ascending frequency.

You are inextinguishable consciousness created from the constituents of an inextinguishable universal consciousness. It is time to release any idea that there is something attempting to control you, that you are in an imprisoning construct, or that you are being forcefully inhibited from being something greater than you currently are. There is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about, and no nefarious entity that can impact you beyond what you ALLOW.

An ascending path is merely the act of concentrating on being better than you were the moment before. When you do this the obstacles begin to fall away, your path becomes clear, and you begin to feel the guidance from within.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

YouTube: Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness – The Book


    • Todd Deviney says:

      The universe is conscious energy first and solidified material second. Each galaxy is consciousness and the planetary systems within them are also consciousness. In each one the rules of material creation are decided upon based upon the decisions of the consciousness that contains them. Polarity within consciousness should not be confused with the electrical polarity that exists within our material worlds. They are separate concepts. Most of us accept the idea that a soul exists that continues after our death but there is currently no definite way to observe or quantify the energy that constitutes it. This points to the separation between the material and consciousness. Material polarity will remain and the negativity within consciousness that causes division from unity will be removed. Thank you for the question.

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