Someone tagged me on the image provided. I just wanted to share what I know about some of these structures. This does not apply to all of them because there were some cataclysms that were orchestrated to end a path that had stagnated in order to make way for what came next.

Looking around the Earth we find ancient structures that are abandoned. Some are overgrown in jungles and stumbled upon, others are underwater, and some appear to have been built using unknown technology. These areas of habitation are still being found today and in many cases we have no idea where the inhabitants went. To understand why these things exist as historical objects in our current spacetime is a topic for the book, but suffice it to say that recycling is not just a human concept. For this discussion let’s ignore the fact that some of these are failed experiments and talk about the successful ones.

As we are busy living our lives consumed by the day to day trivialities of this construct, a separation and divergence is occurring. Those who are ready are going to move into what comes next and those who need more lessons will stay here. We are taking our constructs with us when we shift and they are also staying in this current one. I assure you that this is not a big deal, it has been done many times and is as easy as using a sewing pattern to make more than one dress. All of the creations you consider so complex and miraculous are nothing more than energy being held in place for your use and enjoyment.

So let us consider one of the ancient settlements that have been found where there is no record of events. How did it get there? Where did all the people go? The answer is obvious; they ascended into this construct of frequency as a group in the same manner as you are about to do. The difference is that they moved into the construct you currently inhabit long before you did. Before the Earth was completely populated it was easier to move constructs because you did not have to realign the entire planet. You mapped the area that had been modified by the lifeforms and you pulled that part of the grid into the next frequency while the rest of the planet remained the same.

This is why you see so many similar structures spread out across the planet. As the collective ascended they were brought into this construct. In the early days of embodied life on this planet polarity did not exist here. This allowed the small collectives of consciousness to ascend undeterred by the division and separations that are rampant now. Entire civilizations focused upon unity and cohesiveness with a single purpose, ascension of consciousness. Part of ascending requires that you move into constructs that increase in frequency. These civilizations would move into this construct in locations where they would not impact each other, learn their lessons and ascend beyond the need for embodiment. Those that have done done this are part of the collective consciousness of Earth and are watching and waiting for us to join them.

The fact that some of these ruins are underwater or deep in untamed jungles shows that they were placed here long ago in linear time and the planetary surface has changed many times since then. Some of the ruins have rocks that weigh incredible amounts that seem to have been melted together to make perfect joints. Once you attain the proper density and rotation of consciousness you understand the construct and can begin to take control of it. The world we see as so solid and immutable is nothing more than energy solidified in consciousness. Levitation is not defying gravity, it is the understanding of what creates graviton waves and using that knowledge. Melting rocks together does not require advanced technology (although it can be done that way) it is understanding how frequencies solidify matter and using that knowledge.

This is coming for the ascending collective but not before polarity is ended and we move into the new construct.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness


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