This is a response to a question asked in the Facebook group.

      Outside of a polarity construct the statement “Gaming the system” would be met with blank stares by the embodied consciousnesses that operate there. The concept of self interest does not exist, all work together for the benefit of the whole. Look at the staggering cost self interest and division has caused on Earth throughout history. Now imagine what Earth would be like if we had invested all of that effort into collective benefit instead.

Once you understand the concepts of polarity; how it spreads, the resulting intentions of consciousness, and how it is removed, a look back through history reveals an obvious “Gaming of the system” by both sides. Rectification of the Galactic imbalance required immediate response in many sectors. Earth required a holding action to prevent it from going completely negative for reasons beyond this discussion but associated with a larger balance equation.

There are points in history where ascended teachings were brought to the planet and they created a huge positive effect. You will then see negativity using the repeating tactics of violence and oppression in an attempt to stop the flood of positivity. Despite supreme efforts by negativity throughout history to engulf the planet it has been thwarted with ‘just enough’ positivity to maintain an uneasy balance.

The massive pockets of negativity that previously existed in the Galaxy have been removed and the balance is no longer in jeopardy. Earth is now the focus of attention and everyone can see and feel things changing. 
The reason I suggest not assimilating information that causes a reaction of fear or anger is because whatever you are reading about is related to a past creation fabricated in polarity. There is no reason to create a negative vibration within yourself over something that has zero bearing on our ascending future course. When polarity is removed completely (and it will not be much longer) it will be as if everyone wakes up from a collective nightmare.

Everyone will look back upon our previous creations unable to comprehend why we did these things because those intentions do not exist in the unity of creational energy. All of the previous constructs of control and self interest will be disassembled and replaced with new ideals that encourage and support unity of all.

If you feel compelled to know what is going on and want to focus on past and current events, do so from a disconnected perspective. In history class you don’t become activated when you learn about the barbarism and violence of the Roman and Viking eras. You view it from a neutral position because violent conquest of empires was so long ago and, “No one thinks like that anymore”.

The same is true now. Detach and become objective and realize that these are creations of a different era and they too are falling away.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness

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