The image associated with this post is a representation of the levels of consciousness and their relationship to each other. I will explain the image in a minute but I would like to define some concepts and terms that are floating around the internet from my perspective.

The concept of oversoul:

Consciousness operates within a spectrum of oscillating frequencies that are created as the particulate moves within it. This particulate is photonic in nature and we can see how these particles operate in a wave-like fashion by observing the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Every one of our consciousnesses has been created from photons donated from a higher order consciousness. Whether you started as a single drop on this planet and worked your way to third density, or are an ascended fragment here to help, you came from someone else. The particulate that comprises your consciousness contains a baseline carrier signal that encodes you back to your donor. This is what I am referring to when I use the term “Sympathetic co-resonance” and this is the concept of oversoul. I prefer the technically accurate term sympathetic co-resonance because “Oversoul” can be misidentified as a controlling or hierarchal position and that is never the case. You have an individualized perspective and you are free to do whatever you want with it. That is after all the definition of individuality.

The beauty of the process is that you never lose this perspective of individuality (well, almost never). If you are moving from embodiment into the planetary collective you will still observe yourself as an individual consciousness among many. If you are an ascended fragment, at some point you will ‘go home’ to be recombined with the totality of your consciousness. When you do, you do not lose your individuality, you regain the awareness of all that you are which includes everything YOU have done while away. Fragmentation is a complex discussion so I will leave the concept at a single fragment, but the only limitation is the desire and capacity of the donor.

Masculine and Feminine:

There is so much conflicting information out there related to these experiential perspectives of embodiment, but the reality is that they are exactly that; perspectives of embodiment. Everyone on Earth has experienced lifetimes as both male and female. Some planets do not have defined sexes and creating new vehicles for embodiment is an androgynous process. If you are incarnating on Earth you are going to participate in the defined sex game. Balanced perspectives are required for many reasons and if you experience one viewpoint, you will eventually have to observe the duality from the opposite standpoint. Anyone who has given enough QHHT sessions has stories of clients who are shocked: a macho guy drops into a past life and sees himself in a dress, or a woman looks down and exclaims “I have man feet!”. You may find one you like more than the other, but you will experience both and ultimately ascend beyond the need for either.

The Image with this post:

Looking at the image you can see that all the other boxes exist within the Universal box. This makes sense because the Universe is consciousness and within it are the reducing fragments of the original donor that have been gifted with individual perspective and free will.

Galactic consciousness exists as the first filtering membrane, shielding the creations within it from the intensity of universal energy. Whatever the galactics create within them will contain a wavelength unique to them and this is where the term ‘oversoul’ comes from because you will have an instantaneous connection with everyone else who has this energetic signature; it is part of your celestial DNA.

System consciousness is created from the galactic it resides within and acts as another energy reducing membrane that allows material creation to solidify and remain stable within it. Everything created within the system will carry a galactic base wavelength and a system wavelength identifier.

Planetary consciousness is responsible for creating individualized spheres of consciousness who then move through the process of gaining particulate density and energetic capacity until they reach the threshold of the planetary oscillating frequency and merge with it. As this occurs the term planetary consciousness is replaced by planetary collective.

All of this is explained with greater detail in the book(s) and what I try to do with these posts is provide additional contrast so that the information can be seen from various angles and absorbed more efficiently. I hope my contributions help those who find them as I attempt to be;

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect

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