I think you’ve already answered my question. I’m just trying to integrate the understanding. I had the thought of many versions of myself joining back to who I identify as presently, the person typing these words. Sort of an infinite number of television screens merging into me.

Are timelines collapsing into a Nexus? Are the infinite parallel universes in the human experience and versions of me coming together at a bottleneck as we approach the metaphoric splitting of the earth that Dolores spoke of? Just a fun question but it still feels really important.

(When I write these responses I start out with the original question but once the energies kick in there is no telling where they take the conversation)


These are difficult questions to answer succinctly because they give the impression that a large number of alternate personifications exist within the timelines that exist on Earth. Contrary to popular belief, that isn’t the reality of the mechanics of consciousness that I shared in the first book and expand upon in the second.

As life progresses and we live within our bodies it is easy to think that the awareness we use to direct our lives is the locus of control. This is by design and is a result of two factors; the veil within your consciousness blocking you from an expanded view of yourself, and the low energy fields of third density that allow the illusion of separation and individuality. As successive lifetimes accumulate and you increase in conscious particulate, you begin to balance your photonic rotations. That balance causes you to focus on the energies of love and collectivity and it is here that your awareness begins to peek out beyond the blankets of separation and stare in awe at the inter-connected nature of consciousness and the universe we exist within. We are all lightbulbs powered from the same source and as we connect more fully to that energy we begin to shine brighter. Moving from darkness into the light too quickly can cause disorientation as you attempt to acclimate to the new intensity and adjust perspective.

As the blanket is pulled back and light begins to shine, those awakening begin to feel a larger presence around them. What effects you feel will depend upon the capacity of your consciousness to hold and utilize the energy being offered and your willingness to do so. Adding to the disorientation of moving from dark to light in an ascending construct is the fact that there are currently three types of consciousness embodied on Earth:

• Third density consciousness immersed in the cycle of learning 
• Third density consciousness striving to ascend into fourth
• Ascended consciousness that has fragmented and come here to participate

Consciousness in the mid-third density cycle of learning is oblivious to what is occurring at the higher levels. They are focused on their lives and the reality they exist within. It is unlikely they will even look up from their path until something physically blocks their progress and causes a course correction. To the awakened these are considered the sleepers, or backdrop people, or sheep, or any other number of monikers being used. These names should not be considered derogatory because we are all students embarked upon the same journey. The only difference is that some of us started earlier and are farther down the path. If anything, it makes our job of shining the light for them to follow all the more important. It doesn’t matter when they finally see it and move toward it, only that we gave of ourselves in order to help others.

Ascended fragments who have come here are portions of a larger consciousness. How many fragments of the larger consciousness exist is a function of its available density and its desire to experience concurrent embodiment. Two fragments can embody in the same construct and this is the twin ray concept. A single fragment can experience duality and this is the twin flame concept. In all cases, the fragments will eventually end their journey in space-time and return to the larger portion of themselves existing in the higher energetic densities of time-space. The easiest way to know whether you are a fragment is to meditate regularly with the intention of finding out. The answer will surely come, but it may not come in the form you expect so you must be receptive and watching for synchronicities.

The second group, consciousness striving for ascension, is where we want to focus our attention. This group can be at any level of awakening and the information they encounter as they emerge from the blanket of separation can sometimes be overwhelming and contradictory. One concept in circulation is that every decision in your life creates an alternate version of you that then travels along a separate pathway toward experiences that pivot from the opposing choice. If each new version then makes decisions, the exponential nature of this concept would create an infinite number of ‘you’ rather quickly. The universe is consciousness undergoing expansion through a dance of energetic symmetry. The concept of ‘infinite decision splitting’ fails the energetic symmetry test and is most likely a misinterpretation of consciousness engaging in probabilistic analysis. This is discussed in the second book.

This brings us to the concept of merging timelines. The first book discusses the mechanics of how, and the reasons why, this is occurring and you can read it or visit my blog or YouTube channel for that background.

As the planetary consciousness of Earth moves into the next energetic octave of density there is some consolidation of constructs occurring. To make it easy to understand consider timelines like the network channels on your television (does anyone still watch them?). Both ABC and NBC are showing the broadway play Cats, but one is the original from 1997 and the other is from 2006. The narrative is the same but there is a completely different cast playing the parts. The commercials being shown during the breaks are also different and the cast and commercials combine to create a unique experience for those watching either channel. Looking beyond the minor differences they both contain, the same chronological sequence of events are creating a timeline that tells a story.

What we are witnessing on Earth is the consolidation of the separate channels playing similar timelines as the planet and its collective moves into the next energetic density. As these timelines merge, the minor differences cause a ripple within the collectives engaged in them. The magnitude of the resulting turbulence depends upon the differential chasm that must be spanned. This can be likened to the wave action of the ocean. The image associated with this article depicts the process of waves coming ashore. Let’s repurpose this image and view it as timeline mergers occurring from left to right. At the far left is a sea of timelines all existing separately. As two timelines merge, the minor differences between them act like the breaker bar in the image and create turbulent energetic vortices. These turbulent ripples act to reform the inconsistencies into an acceptable amalgamation. Consciousness in both timelines will look backward into their now collective history and observe something different than what they remember, but similar enough that the flow is maintained. This is what most people call “The Mandela Effect” and it is confirmation that things are moving in the right direction.

People who are sensitive to the energies of consciousness will feel the merging turbulence as an unsteadiness or in extreme cases, sickness, vertigo and loss of balance. How long this lasts and how often you feel it will depend upon the magnitude of shift and how sensitive you are. As the energies within the timelines blend and smooth, we continue to move toward shore in our image which is a single composite timeline that moves forward.

At no point in this process is there another exact version of you merging with the existing you. This is because each and every one of us is a unique individualized consciousness embarked upon a journey of learning and growth. The consciousness that energizes your body and has the memories of this lifetime cannot be in two places at once. If you are a fragment of a larger consciousness and another fragment exists in a timeline that has merged with this one, you are both separate individuals and will remain that way. However, if you meet one of your other selves during this incarnation there is no telling what might happen. Beneath your operative ego consciousness, you have identical baseline energetic signatures and the connection will be immediate and impactful. This will occur (by design) for some of you so be watchful for some of the signs: instant telepathy, the feeling of coming home, a heart center awakening, immediate surges of energy, etc. If you can’t explain what is happening and you have never felt it before, you should try to open a dialog with the person if possible… you may have a mission to complete.

I will follow this article with a video on my channel to explain it better.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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