I titled this article as a ‘personal perspective’ because that is what I am about to provide and what the gentleman in the video I linked at the bottom of this article is also providing.

I stumbled upon a video about a coming pole shift and ice age. The title got my attention and I wanted to see how a pole shift and ice age claim was scientifically proposed. A few minutes in I was surprised to see the narrator hold up a wire mockup of a toroidal consciousness field and then suggest that it surrounds the Earth. He made a few brief statements about the materialization of atomic structures (which I assume he discusses in detail in previous video segments) and even showed images of interstellar events that seem to confirm the toroidal nature of cosmic energy. This is the stuff I want everyone to be talking about, so I kept listening to see where he was going with it. Our mutual theories diverged shortly after that as he used historical evidence of a previous planetary cataclysm to suggest that another was about (give or take 60 years) to occur.

If you have been engaged with what I am sharing, you know I have discussed the fact that the ascending construct is separating from the current. If a single population of collective consciousness is becoming two, the separation must contain a physical event that explains why a portion is no longer present in either. Coupled with the divergence is the removal of polarity which adds the need to remove some highly negative entities from this construct. What I haven’t done up to this point is discuss what is physically going to happen to the planet. As you read the article below remember that we are eternal consciousness experiencing a material incarnation. While our reasons for doing so differ, we all wanted to be here to participate and assist each other.

The Article:

In all of my writing and videos I have indicated that the universe is consciousness and everything within it exists as individualized energetic reductions of this single organism. This is the originating concept behind “We are all one”, “Source consciousness”, “The law of one”, etc… I have also stated that when a material construct designed for the ascension of consciousness cannot be repaired, it is restarted. The Earth construct has been restarted (more than) twice and the evidence of this exists in the soil and ice. If you analyze historical data and assume that we exist within a mechanical universe devoid of intelligent design and direction, perhaps another cataclysm of the same magnitude seems inevitable.

I started writing this article last week and then stopped to work on the tree studio. During that time I noticed three other people posting articles about a coming cataclysm. Not that this is a new phenomenon, tales of a dread and foreboding go back into the Bible where the faithful prepare for a rapture that could be “just around the corner”.

In the days before thumbs up likes, article shares, and book sales, fear got a person’s attention and made them show up for the regular meetings. However, fear is instinctual programming that was carried over into third density. Its purpose is to stop rational thought and force an immediate survival response in an attempt to preserve the organism. How that response manifests is different for each of us and has changed somewhat from the days when all we could do is run or fight. Maturing consciousness is expected to replace fear with logic and reason as a superior response. Let us then detach from instinctual impulses and view whatever is coming (whenever it comes) from the perspective of consciousness.

The Nature of Consciousness:

Our bodies and the material world we exist within are here to cultivate higher orders of energetic consciousness. Habitable planets within the universe are schools teaching those ascending within them the lessons of balance and worth. Successive school systems are built using the knowledge gained from previous trial and error. There are times when consciousness becomes irreparably stuck within a school and ascension stagnates. In cases like these -when all other options have been exhausted- the construct is realigned and the process begins again incorporating the lesson learned.

The school of Earth is one such construct and it exists within a toroidal sphere of planetary consciousness. This consciousness generates the magnetosphere that filters the energy from the system star. The system consciousness generates the heliosphere, and filters the energy entering the system. These energetic filters determine the evolutionary trajectory of life within the system and upon the planets. This is not a haphazard jumble of randomness; this is intelligent design creating space for energetic growth.

The definition of ascension is the systematic expansion and balancing of the energetic potential of your consciousness. This occurs through successive incarnations so that you can effectively harness the energy of the universe and join the planetary and system collectives. The lives we are currently living are a single step along this journey upward, and while they are our immediate focus, they are not the ultimate expression of our awareness.

Accelerating Planetary Consciousness:

The planetary consciousness that we reside within is undergoing some profound changes. If you have read my book you understand the rotational characteristics of consciousness and the impacts of negative polarity upon it. Recorded history is full of the markers of negative polarity and the planetary consciousness has been unbalanced for much of it. An imbalance within a rotational object induces a wobble, and consciousness manifesting a material object is no different. There are many scientific explanations for the wobble that the Earth sphere currently exhibits. What many aren’t aware of is that the wobble of the Earth has been changing and scientists have created numerous physical hypothesis to explain this measured shift. What if there were unseen factors affecting the wobble that scientists entrenched in the material haven’t considered? Do a search for “Why does the Earth wobble?” And you may be reading for hours.

I suggest that what we are currently witnessing is the flushing out and removal of a polarity imbalance. As the planetary consciousness regains its balance, it is correcting its rotation. As the wobble subsides and balance returns, the sphere will spin at a single point (not in an ellipse) and the rotation will increase. Since the Earth will complete a rotation faster, time will appear to be speeding up. An efficient rotation within the planetary consciousness means that it will be able to more efficiently harness and utilize creational energy. This will benefit all life existing on the planet as it is bathed in increasing energy. This is the energy of unity and love for all things. Negativity cannot exist in a field of this magnitude and is part of the reason it is being removed.

Many people are fixated on the energies that continue to bathe the planet and affect the populations. Some are even posting graphs that show the energetic spectrums and magnitudes being captured by terrestrial instrumentation. These energies are purpose driven to systematically neutralize the planetary imbalances in a controlled manner. This is a cascade effect from what is occurring within the planetary consciousness. Everything existing within the planetary sphere is part of the collective consciousness and as a result our consciousnesses are also being impacted by these energy waves. This is part of the neutralization process and whether you feel impacted or not will depend upon the individual acceleration that occurred within your consciousness as each wave passes. This is not a world ending event, but a wonderful metamorphosis whose time is overdue.

Planetary Manifestations:

Due to the nature of solidified material within a planetary consciousness, some physical manifestations will present themselves to those embodied. This should not create fear in anyone because if you have been listening to your higher guidance (and even if you haven’t) you are exactly where you need to be. If you aren’t there yet, things will occur that force you to change your situation.

As the planetary consciousness sheds negativity, it’s rotational vectors will balance and accelerate. We are discussing a toroidal sphere with the center column creating what we identify as magnetic poles, you should expect them to move (not flip) as the rotation regains symmetry. The movement and acceleration will cause some shifting of the planetary sphere and we will see that as earthquakes and movement of land masses as the planet expands under the increased frequency. There will be some wave actions as a result of crust movement under the oceans. Land will appear where there was ocean, water will cover some areas that were previously occupied. Because of the way the crust will move and displace water, living by the coast does not automatically mean you will be flooded. Conversely, living in the desert does not mean that you will remain dry. I have seen various maps of some future flood event that reshapes the land of planet. I have no idea where they came from or how the information could be considered accurate. Nothing I have said has anything to do with any of them. Viewing this from the mechanics of consciousness, I don’t see an effective way to predict how the crust will move or how its final composition will appear. This is why it is important to stay out of fear and allow yourself to be guided where you need to be. When it is all over and the dust settles, we will be left with a pristine planet filled with unity consciousness.

This is the point in the conversation where the survival instinct usually kicks in. As you ponder the physical discomforts associated with what I just described and what others have been posting, some feel compelled to stockpile ‘essentials’. There are even TV shows and video channels dedicated to survivalist interests and it seems that each one has a different event that initiates the doom. I lost a house during hurricane Andrew and experienced a natural disaster first hand. Because of that I’m always prepared for life’s little inconveniences. I suggest that everyone engage their higher selves in meditation and allow for guidance in this matter. Whatever you decide will be right for you.

If you would like to know more about the mechanics of consciousness and support my work, please consider buying and sharing my book; Expansion for Ascending Consciousness, linked below.

In Service to all… Todd Deviney

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The Pole shift and Ice Age video referenced:

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