Consciousness does not like to be alone. We all need someone to share ideas and experiences with. There are exceptions to this and I like my solitude as much as anyone, but even in that silence I am looking for a connection to the larger portion of myself or the planet.

When this Universal construct began there was one consciousness. It did not have the benefit of council; whatever it decided was what happened. Perspective comes from experience viewed through differing lenses and varied perspective then provides balance when council is solicited. To provide this, the Prime Consciousness of our Universe created “Individualized Consciousness”.

As a result, we all see ourselves as individuals engaging in experiences that provides each of us with a unique perspective… on just about everything. The reason we are all unique is because we have been given free will and the ability to choose whatever experiences we want. Sometimes we make choices before we have all of the information to choose wisely. Yet even bad decisions provide lessons that shape perspective; “Boy that sucked. I never want to do that again!” … Pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap.

I just said all of that so I can relate it to the conversation of Twin Flames and a question about manifesting your desire for someone else.

There are more reasons behind relationships than I have time to list here, but some are agreements made prior to incarnation related to who is bringing lessons to you and in what manner. Others are random free will interactions. Some lessons will be painful, but from that pain comes a metamorphosis that only later can you understand. What is important is that you look back upon lessons objectively without identifying it as good or bad. In this light you can then observe the downstream effects and not the twisted metal and carnage of the event itself.

What do you do if the manifestation you want to create includes another person?

The first question you have to ask yourself is; “Why does your creation require this individual?” (I’m only going to focus on love because that is the topic here) As consciousness operating under a veil of forgetfulness we are conditioned to desire certain qualities in a partner depending upon upbringing and conditioning. The bodies we inhabit are also still affected by some of the lower density inborn programming. As a result, what you desire may not be what is best for your balanced growth. Perhaps you learn from a few painful mistakes and choose differently, or maybe you continue to repeat the cycle until you do learn. It is a choice you get to make, over, and over, and…

Twin soul and Twin Flame discussions are all over the Internet and most of them are filled with everything you have been told love is supposed to be. I enjoy the euphoria of the emotion as much as anyone, but the truth does not require flowery embellishment.

Love is not an idyllic human existence; love is a resonance of your consciousness within the vibration of creational energy and it is not a big deal. We were created from it and we will return to it when we are finished playing in this construct. That it seems so unusual and rare is merely a function of being immersed in a polarity that has been created to absorb it. This sympathetic co-resonance is what the feeling of love is all about. Why it creates this effect in us is a topic for another post, but co-resonance is what I want to focus upon.

If you are convinced that the object of your desire is meant to be in your life, obviously some portion of their consciousness has to be feeling the same way about you. Otherwise you are talking about a free will infringement and that is polarity. If you are trying to make someone love you, it would be advisable to re-evaluate what is attracting you to that person in the first place. If there is a lesson to be acquired it will develop in whatever manner it is supposed to. If it is two free will souls acting upon their desires, it will evolve into whatever they co-create. Beneficial or not, all of these scenarios are allowed because they provide lessons.

When you finally obtain the proper balance and density of consciousness, another sense of awareness becomes activated. It is here that you begin to close your eyes to what people present visually and begin to “Feel” what they present energetically. Consciousness at this density has a rotational sphere that extends far beyond their physical body and they can feel the energy of anyone who enters it. It is at this level that you begin to notice that what people are carrying energetically does not always agree with what they are presenting physically or verbally. This is also when you have achieved the awareness to identify who the other half of your aspect is. Individualized consciousness has been created through unique electromagnetic oscillations and no two are the same. When you and your other aspect have reached harmonic co-resonance and you finally walk into the other’s field, the awareness that something is different will be immediate. The descriptions of what you feel I will leave to the myriad of articles that already exist.

In service to all… Todd

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