Question from Susanna:
I’ve been thinking about Timelines and I am wondering: Can two people who know each other at this time be living in two different timelines… kinda like the Mandela Effect but not in the past, but in the Now?
Could one person be living in a Timeline where he/she sees a situation or event that happened as true, and another is living in a different Timeline where the opposite fact or situation is also true? Simultaneously. And if so, what does that mean? I’m trying to figure out the split, how it will work, and how it’s effecting the world around me at this time. Thanks!
The first thing to discuss is the nature of concurrent timeline constructs that exist upon a planetary sphere. As we exist within the reality of 2021, most of the incarnated population believes this is the only material reality. As we look backward, a single historical record leads us to the apex of our current evolution. Turning our attention to the future, we then attempt to forecast the creation of a single trajectory. This single timeline, single life narrative creates a deep immersion for third density consciousness within the veil of separation. Being highly invested in the narrative of a timeline creates deep energetic signatures within consciousness. Energetic expansion through interaction with self and other selves is the reason the various games of experience exist. However, the veil of separation becomes permeable as you approach the energetic of fourth density consciousness because it can no longer hold back the energy you possess. It is here that you begin to see material constructs for what they are, classrooms for learning.
Continuing with the classroom analogy, timelines generally keep their doors shut so that students from other classes won’t wander in or disrupt a class immersed in learning. There are many timelines currently in play on Earth, but few are aware anything beyond them exists. This is because the energetic doors (by design) are separating one from the other. There are mechanical means to slip between classrooms, and there are various guided modalities (QHHT, BQH, AURA, etc.) that allow consciousness to energetically connect, but for the most part the separation is solid. This is the normal experience of a life(within)time. Where things begin to get muddy is when timelines merge or diverge. Since we are well into the process of a diverging timeline, I will only focus on this aspect.
In polarized environments, timelines diverge for several reasons which were explained in my second book. The divergence we are currently experiencing is a result of an ascending fourth density collective that is breaking away from a third density timeline that will remain in play. This manifests as an energetic separation in consciousness long before the final physical separation occurs. It is no coincidence that two groups have formed with diverging objectives as this is an energetic requirement. People throughout the world are looking at each other wondering “How can you possibly believe (insert subject X ) is true when I know that (insert subject Y ) is the real truth?”
This is the energetic alignment that we are all choosing. As we do this, we are tuning our consciousness to the frequency of the construct we will find ourselves in. This energetic choosing has been underway for several years and the chasm between the energies is deep and wide as most have chosen where they want to be. You will find it difficult to change opinions or sway ideology at this point. From a timeline management perspective, this creates an easy accounting of what will be needed to support the populations within the separated timelines.
It may feel like some people you know are already living in another reality because they are immersed in a worldview you no longer share. This is because the timelines have not completely diverged yet. You will absolutely know when the divergence occurs because it will literally be Earth-shaking and undeniable. Both timelines will experience the physical loss of a lot of people, but not the same people. I hope that answered your question.
The important thing to remember is that all of this is nothing more than a game of experience, and we all chose which game we wanted to play. The daily drama of politics, environment, hatred of others, and war, are only one side of the choices available. The higher energetic is love, acceptance, and inclusion as we are all facets of universal consciousness driving different model cars. You may be driving a blue Ford this lifetime, a red Chevy in the next, and a green Hyundai after that.
Sure, you can focus on the negative if you want, but you need to be cognizant of what that is aligning you to. We are all energetic radio receivers that pick up the stations we tune into. I choose to tune into the station of love, hope, and unity. I consciously reject the station of fear, hatred and division regardless of how strong it tries to broadcast its message.
In service to all,
Todd R Deviney
YouTube: Enlightened Aspect Productions


  1. “You will absolutely know when the divergence occurs because it will literally be Earth-shaking and undeniable. Both timelines will experience the physical loss of a lot of people, but not the same people.”

    Thanks for the post Todd – I have heard from two or three sources in recent months about (billions) of so called “walk-ins” taking place this year to what they call “background people, extras, Non player characters etc” and that this his happening so that the physical loss of a lot of people will not take place now.

    Would love your feedback on this please. Thanks, Sarah (I msg’d you on FB about the same question) 💖

  2. Hi Todd – Thanks for this message. While I understand the energetic separation in consciousness, and I’ve heard there will be a divide and a lot of loss but it’s so hard to comprehend that 3D people will go on living without those that go to 5D and vice versa. I want to think my husband and I are on the same page and that we understand the bigger picture, but he got the jab and also thinks that what’s going on in the world is normal and that I believe in conspiracy theories. Will people surprise us by awakening at the last minute? Thanks

  3. Hi Todd it is nice to have a big brother to help you along the way I don’t know if this is right but I realize I can only hold space for my family and now I know how to get to your blog stuff ha ha much love and appreciation

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