Hey Todd,
It’s getting pretty nasty in the 3D world. I can see how people are choosing division like crazy right now, and that’s the part that’s starting to scare me. The calls for unity are hollow at best, and in some cases downright…
As a kid of a guy who escaped the Hungarian revolution back in 56, the old patterns and playbooks are there.
How far is this going to be allowed to play out? If this path continues, I see camps/gulags and other horrible things that I was warned as a child to look out for.
Maybe I should just tune out for a while.
The easiest single sentence response I can offer to the above question is this.
, “If you are watching any type of ‘News’ to keep up with current events and it is making you feel uneasy, turn it off.”
Think back to when you were a teenager. What was important to you and how much of a world view did you require? For me, my happiness revolved around a few friends, a girlfriend and what we were going to do for fun once the necessities were finished. The necessities at the time were getting decent grades in school, keeping my parents happy, and working for a little spending money. Once those were done it was all about the fun. This was before the days of a constant connection to a stream of information in your pocket that distracts you from living life on your terms.
If you are familiar with the Roman empire and the political scene 2000 years ago (History channel has a bunch of documentaries available) you can almost overlay what we are witnessing now upon documented occurrences from that era and they fit perfectly. Nothing has changed. Empires have risen and fallen, ideologies have come and go, and yet the same tactics continue to be used. At the core of this repeating cycle is the lynchpin that allows it all to continue, the ability to lie and conceal your true motives from others.
What happens when you can no longer lie? How much of the old repeating cycle will survive once everyone can figuratively see your nose grow or your pants catch on fire when you are attempting to lie and deceive? How would that simple shift change the political landscape of world interaction? What if we add an energetic connectivity between consciousness to this that makes everyone empathetic to the plight of everyone else? Sounds pretty far fetched as you peer out into the ocean of deception that currently exists, but this is a component of the shift we are currently engaged in.
I am not listening to the news because from my perspective, none of this recycling of old patterns matters and will not change the end result. As I said in a prior post, the current turmoil is the “churn” at the top of a barrel where polarity is being flushed out. It looks horrible because we have been horrible to each other during a time when the darkness concealed our actions. Now that the light has been (literally) turned on, all of our dark deeds are being revealed. We can choose to recoil in disgust and point fingers at the current players, but the truth is that we have all been swapping roles throughout lifetimes. Let me step off the soapbox for a minute and tell you, there are some very dark entities that are still here and are causing much of what we are watching. When I do open the curtains and briefly look out at the planetary landscape my first thought is, “Bring on the wave and get these consciousnesses off the planet and the help they require.”
Sadly, no one is asking me my opinion of when the cleansing should occur, or it would have already happened. Since I am not on the decision committee, staying plugged in and upset about current events does not benefit me. I am not, and do not want to be, a prophet or predictor of the future. There are points I can see in the distance, but I can’t see the path that takes me/us there. This has proven to be quite frustrating in my personal life because when I reach the future point I saw, the path I took to get there has shifted my perspective of what I expected. Anyone speaking in absolutes either knows a lot more than me, or is guessing. Imagine trying to predict what 7 billion people are going to do along a path toward a future point. The wave/shift however is not a prediction, it is a universal decree. It WILL occur.
Will things get worse or better from here as we move toward that shift? The talk of gulags and camps has been circulating for many years. I just don’t see this being allowed to happen again, not now, not with the energy washing across the planet and the awakening that is occurring. The darkness is losing its grip and it is trying furiously to recapture energetic potential. It is always darkest just before the dawn and the sun is coming up on our beautiful little planet. The decision has been made.
In a session back in 2017 I was told this would all be over between 2021 to 2022. What that means exactly, I don’t know. Will the wave/shift occur during this time or something else that removes the ability to lie and deceive? No one knows the scenery along the path we are collectively creating to this marker, but we are going there all the same. What we do have to lighten our spirits is an awful lot of positive historical corroboration. Even the most revised religious texts talk of the meek inheriting the earth, swords being turned into plowshares, and a golden age of compassion and unity. Disconnect from anything that is keeping you from being happy in your own day to day reality as you walk along the path. Being happy and in joy is the way forward. You can find happiness anywhere if you are looking for it.
It all depends upon what you are looking for.
In service to all,
Todd R Deviney






Todd, if you have time, I have a question.
Once we are on the other side of this, will there be a way to contact our loved ones who have passed? I often think of some of the people gone from this plane… and wished I could just have another couple of hours with them.
And a second related question.
If this is the case, and we can contact them, what version would we get? The Ego version or the True self version?
This came in while I was furiously getting the second book ready for publishing before my self-imposed year end deadline. When I saw it, I knew that needed my full attention.
My books go to great lengths to show how conscious awareness exists beyond the body and the brain and is a result of oscillating particulate moving within a spherical geometry. The “glue” that binds these particles together is the sympathetic vibratory resonance they share as they are encoded with experiences. The continued expansion of this sphere (your totality of consciousness) occurs as you acquire experiences during incarnation that add energetic potential. Within this and most other third density constructs, consciousness operates under a veil of forgetfulness. We do this by sequestering a portion of our awareness within an energetic barrier and ‘forget’ the other lives we have lived as we create a separate operative (ego) consciousness that is used to navigate each lifetime.
The concept I use to describe this separation the veil creates is the relationship between a thumb drive and a hard drive of a computer. The operative consciousness of a lifetime is stored on the thumb drive of the physical brain but backed up to the hard drive of the totality of consciousness. You may not currently remember all of the lifetimes you have lived, but they have been used to shape the current version of who you think you are. When your body ceases to function, the operative consciousness on your thumb drive will be reintegrated into the hard drive of your totality of your consciousness. There is no fear in this statement because you are not losing your individuality, you are merely remembering who you are based upon everyone you have ever been. What you will find when this occurs is that who you think you are now is a composite of the lessons learned (or not learned) by everyone you have ever been before. With this information we see that the conscious essence of a loved one who has left embodiment exists within their totality of consciousness in the ever present NOW of timespace, regardless of whether they have created another thumb drive and begun a subsequent incarnation. Since each operative consciousness is a composite of those that came before it, the person you remember exists there just as they were. With this background, let’s return to the concept of energetic entanglement between conscious particulate.
When embodied consciousness share experience, the particulate within their respective consciousness is encoded with identical vibratory signatures. This creates a sympathetic co-resonance between them that associates them to each other, forever. If the experiences were highly charged as occurs with lovers, parents, or the like, the consciousnesses will continually gravitate to each other. This occurs in subsequent incarnations and between them when an incarnation ends. The energetic co-resonance is like a speed dial and makes it easy to find each other, incarnated or not. Co-resonant interactions are comforting and as a result consciousness purposely seeks them, over and over again.
Now let’s apply these concepts to what occurs at the end of an incarnation. If you are unfamiliar or unprepared for the transition from thumb drive to hard drive, you will be disoriented when the process occurs. Consciousness that you share sympathetic co-resonance with will know that you have transitioned and will be there to assist you. Who greets you as you arrive in timespace depends upon what you are expecting, but loved ones play a significant role. As I said previously, it doesn’t matter if the loved one meeting you has already begun another incarnation, who they were to you is still available in their totality of consciousness and able to interact with you when you transition. How this is possible is explained in chapter three of my second book and a result of “Quantum Non-Locality”.
The original question contained the statement “On the other side of this”. If that meant the other side of incarnation, I have just provided a brief response. The first book contains a much deeper exploration into this concept for those interested. If the “other side of this” refers to our shift into fourth density, that is already underway. Personally, I am already interacting with people I have known from other incarnations. For me this is occurring with people in real life, in meditation, and in the dream state. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this because this is what occurs as the veil thins and the energies of our consciousnesses increase to the point of energetic overlap. People are going to be drawn to each other for reasons they can’t explain consciously because energetic co-resonance is pulling them together. What happens when they get in proximity depends on the energetic memories they share and how their operative consciousness interprets it.
If a loved one is outside of incarnation and you desperately want to talk to them again, meditate with them in your mind’s eye and ask them to contact you. If you aren’t that good with meditation or are unsure, ask for a visit in your dream state. It is important that when it occurs (and it will) that you accept it with gratitude and don’t dismiss it out of hand as a wishful fantasy. Keep a note pad by your bed and start writing down dreams you think are important. Continue to meditate and the connection may transition from dreams to the meditative state, assuming it doesn’t happen there first. Everyone is different and what you experience depends upon what you are ready for.
The point I am trying to make in this discussion is that we are already “On the other side of this”. It may not look like it when you look out into current events, but that is just oil left on top of the water. It doesn’t matter what they are doing out there in lower energy, the higher energy is already here and a lot of us are tapped into it.
If you want to connect to a loved one, set the intention, apply focused energy upon the visualization, and KNOW that it will occur.
In service to all,
Todd R Deviney





Dear Todd, many light warrior / channelers et. al. shy away from the subject of Bitcoin, as a tool of moving forward into a higher order consciousness and break away from the clutch of central banks and governments. Can you elaborate?
This is the second time this question of digital currency has been asked of me. I guess it is time to answer it.
On Earth, the concept of money as an energetic resource is pummeled into our psyche from birth. All countries use it, and we are conditioned to think that the accumulation of money is a measure of success. Many who awaken reject this paradigm as they seek genuine experiences over a lifetime of servitude and choices they would not normally make. The other aspect of money is the power it wields to warp the intentions of those seeking it. All of us can point to examples of people who have chosen financial gain at the expense of their fellow humans. Lying, cheating, stealing, corrupted uses of power, killing, destroying the environment we depend upon, and the list goes on. All of it occurring so that one can elevate themselves above another within a material construct. We have been playing this same game on Earth for thousands of years. The faces change as consciousness incarnates into the various roles, but the game has not changed.
Stop for just a minute and try to imagine what this world would look like without the concept of money. The first thing to disappear would be all the fingers that are silently taking it out of your pocket. Whatever you produced as a result of your effort belonged to you. Think about that for a minute. How much of your life do you spend working to pay others who do nothing but take your effort from you? When I stopped to actually calculate that, my first impulse was to sell everything and walk off into the forest with a backpack and never return.
Over a year ago I was asked about our concept of money and how it fits into an ascending construct. I have modified the response slightly, but the discussion is as relevant to this question as it was to the question asked then.
What about the post-apocalyptic economy? What can fourth density expect in day to day life and is money still being used?
First of all, let’s dispense with the term ‘post-apocalyptic’. We are moving into a wonderful new world of amazing potential with possibilities limited only by our ability to imagine them. From that perspective the only apocalypse that is coming is to those drenched in polarity and self-interest, and even then, it only seems like one from their current vantage point of energetic separation. Let’s start with the concept of money and economy since that one is easier to answer and leads to the second question.
If we look back in time far enough, we find a point in our civilized evolution where we had just evolved from being foragers. Groups had formed and had begun cultivating the land, preserving food, and generally planning for the future survival and continuity of the group. Other groups were doing the same and some focused on different skills. If you had an abundance of preserved meat because you were ardent hunters and another group had the ability to craft superior hunting weapons, you traded. The exchange rate of meat to weapons was agreed upon directly by the two groups and the barter was completed in the best interest of those involved. Obviously, lugging meat, weapons, and other items around for barter was cumbersome and time consuming. This is where an intermediary device of exchange sprang into existence.
The concept that something compact could be used as a viable exchange initially hinged on its intrinsic value. There was no ‘promise’ of value in the item being traded. Gold, silver, and copper had value as a commodity. Everyone knew the ingots could be melted down and used to craft jewelry and other items of trade, so the practice became widely accepted… and this is where polarization within consciousness steps in and begins to hijack a process meant to assist and benefit all.
If you dipped a lead ingot in gold, you could trick some of the scales and get something for yourself that you did not deserve at the expense of another. As this process became known and expanded, the defrauded citizens demanded that the ingots be controlled and regulated. The very same people who first defrauded the merchants now solved the problem they created by assuming control over the exchange process. All ingots used in trade would now be stamped as reviewed and verified pure. The first coins of the realm had arrived and with them, the money changers who skimmed a portion of all trade from hard working people while contributing nothing of value to the actual survival of the groups. The important concept here is that the collective asked for, and agreed to, a world where money changers exist…
Fast forward to today and we have coins made of worthless material, paper backed by promises, and digital ingots equally as worthless to any group trying to survive in a world without electricity and modern society. The very thing the money changers initially used to come into existence -debasing the ingots- they have completely thrust upon us. What is changing however, is collective awareness. As the energies continue to rise on the planet more people have begun to see beyond the curtain and understand the inequality that money with no intrinsic value has created. The more we as a collective awaken to the realities of the rules we inherited from our predecessors, the faster we can all agree on the changes we want to make.
What will money and exchange look like after the transition into the fourth density timeline is complete? Once you remove polarization, self-interest disappears entirely. What remains is a focus upon the benefit of all. If it does not serve in raising the collective whole, it will not even be a consideration. The thought of self-interest or elevating yourself by standing on the backs of others will carry the same revulsion as the thought of burning someone at the stake does now; it was something that occurred in a darker time that we have all matured beyond.
For the foreseeable future there will continue to be some form of intermediate exchange because it is convenient, and we are comfortable with it. The difference is that it will be fair and equitable for all concerned and no one will attempt to pervert the process. This brings us to the second question.
What will fourth density day to day experience look like?
My initial response to this question is another question; What do you want it to look like? The first thing you have to accept as you enter fourth density is that you are in control. Everyone reading this dropped into this polarized third density timeline with rules that were already in play. I don’t know about anyone else, but it took me a long time to make sense of them. I’m at a point now where I am comfortable conforming to the rules that keep me out of trouble while still being compassionate and helping everyone I can.
I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating, if you don’t agree with something, give it as little attention as possible. Politics, taxes, war, shifty used car sales people, the news in general… personally, I ignore them all as much as I can. This is how I shield my energy and stay centered in a timeline awash in polarity and self-interest.
As you enter fourth density the energy of your consciousness changes as unity takes hold and is felt throughout the collective. What happens and why are concepts explained in the second book and take several chapters to understand. The important aspect for this discussion is that the collective energy that begins to manifest must be focused and utilized for unified goals. Self-serving interests naturally fall away as the energy of unity shines upon them, so shielding is no longer required. I have seen probabilities of what this looks like, but what we all actually create when we get there is up to us. Whatever it is, it will be without polarity and by definition, without the ability to lie, deceive, or hurt one another. As crazy as that sounds when you look around at the current power struggles and inequality of our world, that is what is coming.
Yes, there are some earth changes associated with the shift and I have touched on them in previous articles. Beyond a few measures that you would use to prepare for a hurricane or blizzard, there is nothing else that you can do to physically prepare. You will be right where you are supposed to be… wherever that is. Of far more importance are your preparations in consciousness. You must align the energy of your consciousness to the new energies and accept the changes they bring within you. Fourth density exists at a higher energetic octave and all of the waves and energies everyone is talking about are coming to help you align to the new construct. Hold your arms to the sky and welcome this breath of fresh air into your consciousness every time you feel it.
Fear, hatred, anger, and division are all low energy third density frequencies. You should be actively working on purging these from your consciousness as you focus upon love and unity. As you focus on the new, you will find the old energies appear less frequently. They will eventually stop being automatic responses and will become ‘choices’. It is from this place of balance where you use fourth density focus to consciously choose action instead of unconsciously allowing reaction. This is the training regimen we are currently involved in as the progression toward fourth density accelerates.
So again I ask; “What do you want fourth density to look like?”
In service to all,
Todd R Deviney





The second book, EXPANSION FOR ASCENDING CONSCIOUSNESS – BOOK TWO- has been uploaded to Amazon.
It may take up to 72 hours for it to go live, but it will be available for purchase as an E-book. This “should” allow you to zoom in on the images and figures (there are seventy). You will understand why this is important when you start reading.
This is my first attempt at Amazon KDP, but I promised the book would be available before the end of the year and this is the only way I could make that happen.
I’m still working on the paperback formatting and I want to change the cover design for it so it will take longer.
Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope you like your present!
In service to all,









Hey Todd!
Are we still on track for 2021-2022 ending negative polarity?
Are we still on the Paradise Planet Timeline?
Just want to make sure.
Bringing up the black-inky stuff is sure happening right now…..Hopefully we can scrape it all off.
I have been holding off on responding to this question as I tried to decide how much of an answer I should provide. There is so much discussion going on around the topic of ascension and divergence that it is difficult to hear through the static. The other aspect is that people are easily triggered in the current energies. I have watched as a single word, a phrase, an action, or omission of an expected action causes an aggressive response. However, I started a brief reply that grew into the discussion below. Please accept it in the loving energy in which it was provided to me.
It is easy to contemplate a utopian world where we all live in peace with a focus that has shifted from one of self-enrichment to one of collective progress as a planet. The static I refer to above begins as you attempt to see the methodical steps required to lead seven billion individuals to the entrance of collective unity. The static increases when you realize that only a portion of the seven billion currently incarnated are capable or willing to enter collective unity.
A quick look around our world reveals that there are consciousnesses still deeply embracing division and polarization, and they have no intention of surrendering it willingly. They like what they are doing, it feels good to them, and they want to continue playing that game. There are also younger consciousnesses who don’t understand the energies, or the manipulation involved and are following the lead of those deeply immersed. They align with division and polarization as they choose a side and begin their fight. So much of what you see on the internet is the attempt to divide one side against the other.
Consider this:
It doesn’t matter what side you are on or what you call yourselves… if you have picked a side, you have divided yourself energetically from a portion of the collective who does not share your view.
This is what the pool of inky black stuff referred to in the question manifests as consciousness aligns to it. It is subtle and subversive and wraps itself in just enough light to be accepted. If you aren’t sensitive to the energies, the subtle shift in your thoughts and actions go unnoticed. Allow it to continue unchecked and you may eventually find yourself in a crowd of people yelling at an opposing crowd of people. All because what you believe is better, or you are somehow different from them in any way that can be used to divide one from another. We need to step deeper into this aspect of the conversation because the narrative needs to change to support the true perspective of what is occurring.
My first book discusses the creation of polarity within this galaxy as a motivational tool and why it is being phased out, so I won’t repeat that here. What is important is the context of the existence of polarity within a single galaxy in a universe containing billions of galaxies. Step back from the table of division for just a moment and consider the scope of that perspective. If you are looking out from the center of this universe there would be an endless ocean of creational energy (termed positive only to differentiate it) upon which floats a raft of artificial negativity so tiny, it is unobservable.
From this vantage point there is no conflict, no battle to be won, and no threat of any kind that could not be immediately ended. It is only in the raft where the conflict is occurring that things appear otherwise, and we then feel compelled to take sides and act.
This is what we are all currently watching in our raft as one side pits itself against the other. If you are only looking at the surface of what is going on it appears as if things are getting worse instead of better, but that is not the case.
The remediation we are undergoing as a collective is a complex orchestra of waves and phases designed to preserve as much experience as possible, for as many consciousnesses as possible. As incarnated beings we are immersed in a gravitational timeline where things occur in an observable linear manner as the planet moves through its orbital arc. Outside of the perspective of gravitational linearity, the planet appears to be moving through phases of energy waves and successively smaller filters. Each energy phase pulls the inky negativity to the surface, and then the filter comes and skims it off. Since analogies are easy to understand, I use them quite often to simplify complex topics, like I just did with the raft and will again below.
Assume our planet is a big jar of oil and water that has been vigorously shaken for thousands of years. After all that time, the oil and the water are so finely dispersed that it is difficult to tell one from the other until the shaking stops. Let’s consider that the oil is the artificial inky negative construct and that the water is the ‘positive’ creational energy that abounds throughout the universe. As the planet was being shaken, it was difficult to get positive energy to the planet in the same way that it is difficult to get water to flow through an oil-soaked cloth. That’s why increasing positivity on the planet has been such a slow process. It had to drip through a little at a time which is why there is so much talk of “volunteers” on Earth. When positivity finally became the dominant percentage, the shaking slowed, and has now all but stopped. There is now more water than oil in our planetary jar and it continues to increase, pushing the oil up.
Since oil rises to the surface, if you are only looking there you are going to see a lot oil and miss the water steadily rising beneath it. From that perspective things look grim because the oil is inky, and gross. What you aren’t seeing is that as the water continues to rise, the oil is being skimmed off the top through the energy waves and filters we are being subjected to. Now that the shaking has stopped all those droplets of oil that were mixed in with the water and hard to identify have begun rising to the surface and can now be cleared.
Continuing with the analogy, oil is sticky and stinky and difficult to clean off and dinner is almost ready. Stick your hands in some oily tar and you can probably clean it off with some scrubbing. Dive into it and swim around and you may not be able to get it all off in time for the dinner bell. In this instance the dinner bell represents the divergence, or paradise planet referenced above, as Earth moves into collective unity.
And that sums up where we are right now on Earth. As a collective most of us are trying to clean the oily residue off ourselves before dinner is ready. Some will keep playing in the muck of their own free will and they won’t be ready for dinner. It’s okay, they will get another chance to have dinner, but they will get scraped off the top of Earth’s jar because they are still oily. Those still covered in oil will not be joining those who have cleansed themselves and this is where the confusion arises. Where are they going if not with us? How does that separation occur? Why is there still a component of the population embracing polarity?
The first two questions I have answered at length in previous articles and in the book. The third question is what I would like to focus on here.
We are witnessing the process of choices being made during an incarnation under a veil of forgetfulness. The obvious question then becomes; How does making choices when you can’t remember anything benefit anyone? This is an important concept to grasp that many overlook as they view the veil as a hindrance rather than a benefit. Everyone playing in our current timeline construct has lived many lifetimes before this one or they would be in a lower energy construct. Some have lived hundreds, some thousands, and others still are ascended consciousness who have volunteered to be here and assist. Regardless of how many lives you have lived prior, you begin each lifetime on Earth with no memory of any of them. However, the energy of prior lifetimes pushes against the energetic barrier that causes amnesia. The more energy you have pushing against that barrier, the easier it is to feel it. What you feel from this energy if it is mostly balanced, is a guiding hand silently helping you stay on the course you prepared for yourself. If the energy is unbalanced or non-existent you may lose control of your vehicle and deviate from the course you had planned. Some have many lifetimes deeply immersed in the negative. In that instance the negative path they are on is probably intentional.
The universe doesn’t care what experiences we are choosing because it doesn’t judge or apply labels. However, the option to choose negatively and be the impediment to ascension and infringe on the free will of others is being phased out. If you want to move into the new construct with the divergence, balance in all thought is the way forward. There is no us, no them, only we, a collective of consciousness within the universe moving into the next octave of energetic existence.
Polarity is an energetic scale. If you are on one side or the other, you are not balanced. Seek balance in all thoughts and actions. Know what imbalance feels and looks like and refuse to engage unbalanced invitations. You are not waiting for the new construct, it is waiting for you and you can live in that energy whenever you are ready. Returning to the oil and water analogy, when you do this you are existing within the depths of the water already in the jar and waiting for the last remnants of oil to be removed. Yes, there is still oil in the jar and you can see it still mucking things up because we aren’t done removing it. But why would you want to swim to the surface and get any of it on you?
If you are clean, stay that way and wait for the dinner bell.
The last thing in the question is the 2021-2022 line in the sand that was given to me several years ago in session. I didn’t ask for a date then and I haven’t asked since because the conclusion is a universal decree and when it occurs from our perspective of time is rather trivial (to everyone except all of us waiting for it, including me). I still feel that 2022 is as far as this will be allowed to continue. All will have made their choices by then. Choose wisely.
In service to all… Todd R Deviney






I had a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep last night. Earlier, during meditation I had asked for “One of those” dreams to give me some idea what was going on in our timelines and then promptly forgot about it. I got what I asked for, but not what I expected. Much happened in the dream that needs to remain private as it was for my personal understanding, but I want to share one sentence that was given as I felt the enormity of the energy behind the statement,
“It’s sad. It’s all so very sad.”
This is a generic statement that when spoken could be applied to just about anything. You can apply it to either side of the political bread and circus act currently playing out before us, but it was much bigger than that. What about the disparity of wealth and privilege that let some feast in mansions while others go hungry under bridges? What about the blatant lying and corruption that allows one person to elevate themselves higher by standing on the shoulders of the weak and disempowered? Add to this list every other illusion used to separate and divide one consciousness from another. If you have watched any of my videos or read my first book, you know that these are the darker manifestations of the polarized construct we currently exist within.
As incarnated beings on earth, we are in the trenches of this polarized conflict. We wake up here each day and focus on overcoming whatever obstacles are in our paths. This requires effort, and sometimes all of your strength, depending upon the obstacle. Because of this we sometimes lose sight of the overall battlefield map. Every once in a while, each of us need to stop and step out of whatever skirmish we have immersed ourselves in and observe the bigger picture. If we move the viewing lens outward from the surface of the planet and refocus on the battlefield, the statement above takes on new meaning.
Consider the perspective of the galaxy we exist within who created polarization as a catalyst for ascension; a moderate obstacle meant to provide rich and wonderful experiences for the pieces of itself it creates. It has watched as its polarity creation mutated under the stewardship of those immersed in it who began to consume rather than ascend. As the parent, this galaxy has watched as one child advances themselves at the expense of the other as they inappropriately used the polarity creation. The time has finally come to put polarity down forever and move beyond it into the next level of experiences, but some refuse to let go because the creation is addictive in large doses. In these cases, parental force is required but comes with a heavy cost.
The forceful removal of polarity from consciousness requires energetic realignment. This realignment uses an energy level large enough to penetrate the barrier membrane of the affected consciousness and resets the particulate rotations within. Those negatively aligned and refusing to shift will fight the process. This will require higher energy to penetrate the barrier and only makes the process worse. Consciousness undergoing realignment will lose all experiential energy as they are reset to the entry of third density. Our galaxy has given us every opportunity to willingly shift and discard the negative inward focus and embrace the positive path of collective unity. Many have accepted this offer, but many have not. In other parts of this galaxy, entire systems of negatively oriented hierarchies were realigned before earth and the system it resides in became the primary objective. In every case, the galaxy watches with sadness as the combined experiences of those consciousnesses are wiped clean and reset. Free will is allowed until something threatens to imbalance an entire galaxy. When that occurs, the universal collective gets involved. A solution is arrived at through consensus and the restoration of order begins. The correction of the imbalance in this galaxy is now nearing completion.
Which brings us to our experiences on earth and what we are currently witnessing. In 1944 during World War II, Nazi Germany was close to defeat. Resources and men were scarce for Germany, and it appeared that the remaining conflict would consist of the Allies pushing Nazi lines back into Germany until they surrendered. Catching everyone by surprise, Germany instead launched the battle of the bulge, and for a brief moment it appeared to be a success. History of course provides a clear perspective of the energetic potential of each side at the time. Germany had no hope of winning against the overwhelming might of the Allies, but they tried anyway rather than surrender and live. The ultimate result of the action was a pointless loss of life that only delayed the inevitable.
This is where we find ourselves, metaphorically in the trenches watching the negative push back in a futile attempt to overwhelm and unstoppable force. Imagine being on the front line during the initial stages of that battle in 1944 as the carnage rained down around you. From that perspective it must have appeared quite dire, as it does for some right now. Looking out into our world one might assume that lies, subterfuge, and self-interest will win as the battle of polarity continues indefinitely.
However, the universe is an infinite sea of energetic potential comprised of consciousness oscillating in unity. Upon this ocean floats the tiny boat of this galaxy that contains its polarized passengers. A single, imperceptibly small wave in comparison to the ocean of unity is all it would take to wash the entire occupants of the raft clean. Since the negative occupants are clinging onto the boat, a single wave would cause unacceptable collateral damage. Instead, small waves have been targeting specific occupant locations throughout the galaxy, and now it is our turn.
We have been bombarded with small, increasing waves for many years now as the offer to shift focus was extended to all. The window of opportunity to shift is rapidly closing and there are many who still refuse the offer. Existence in separation means just that, being separate from the energetic oscillations of the universe. Being disconnected blocks your view of the enormity of what is coming and the futility of fighting it. Regardless of what you think of the current situation, the last and final cleansing wave is coming to scour polarity from all of earth’s constructs. When it does, those who refused to shift will be removed and realigned.
This brings us to the energy behind the statement in my dream last night. As with other parts of the galaxy that have already been cleansed, there are far too many on earth who are unwilling to shift their perspective.
As the galaxy looks out upon all the pieces of itself that have been impacted by the creation of polarity and its required dissolution, it sums up its sentiment in one sentence,
“It’s sad. It’s all so very sad,”
In service to all,
Todd R Deviney






Is Prime Creator a red mass in the same way Source is a big blue ball at the center of everything? I can explain why I ask if you find my question relevant.

I am humbled and honored by the questions that are being asked in this forum. This is what the expansion forum is meant to be. Not a repeat of the same memes and current events, but a place where higher perspectives are shared. I am working on two other responses but this one is easy, so I’ll address it now.
As we attempt to describe concentrated levels of energy beyond anything that we as humans can comprehend, the first question that comes to mind is, “How are you observing it?” The image of the electromagnetic spectrum associated with this article shows the limitations of the human eye as it interprets the visible spectrum. We have technology that measures the higher intensities, but their interpretations are limited to the intended purpose.

Everything that exists does so within a sphere of consciousness through focused intention. Our physical universe exists within the sphere of universal consciousness. The toroidal nature of consciousness explained in my first book is what creates the ‘seat of consciousness’ at the center. When I was taken to the seat of universal consciousness in session, I described it as a blue plasma crackling with white energy pulses. This was my interpretation of an energy so intense it left me in awe. What is important here is that what I described as blue was what I perceived as I was consciousness existing in the ever present now. I did not see it with my physical eyes because they were closed, still attached to a body on earth.

I suppose the curious nature we all possess leads us to look for the source of everything and want to know about prime creator, but it is beyond the scope of our current ascension into 4th or 5th density constructs. The relevance of prime creator to our current understanding is that it is the dynamo fueling everything else as the energy cascades down to the zero point of planetary creation. The mechanics of this cascade and subsequent ascension of individualized consciousness within it is covered in the second book.
Since we aren’t going to be looking at the magnitude of coalesced energy at the universal seat of consciousness or prime creator with our eyes anytime soon, let’s use the information provided in the electromagnetic spectrum graph associated with this article.

This graph shows the measure of electromagnetic energy of a photon. I don’t want to go into the relationship between frequency and wavelength and why they are inversely proportional in the graph, but what you see is that as energy increases, so does frequency as wavelength becomes smaller. In the visible spectrum we interpret this change in energy as colors, where low energy moves from black to red and increases into violet before we can no longer observe it.
This scale, while not directly related to ascension, gives you an idea where the concepts of dark and red being negative energies and violet being associated with positive ascending energies came from. A sensitive person will FEEL the energy signatures long before their consciousness assigns a color to it.

The temperature scale below the visible frequency scale is not relevant to the energy of consciousness… unless of course it happens to be powering a system star that the planets depend on, but that is a separate topic. What it does show is a clearer representation of what increasing energy will appear as when you are disembodied consciousness looking at it.

As I mentioned earlier, I experienced the seat of universal consciousness as a blue sphere of energy crackling with white pulses. This energy is the ‘source’ motivator for everything that exists within it and as such is the singular point of highest potential for the energy flowing through our universe.
If we shift our view beyond the universal consciousness what we find is that the universe exists within another consciousness that is responsible for the creation of this universe, and others. That consciousness is prime creator.

As the energy increases from that of universal consciousness to prime creator the perception as viewed from consciousness would be the blue growing ever lighter toward a golden white hue. As the energy continues to increase the perception of gold decreases until nothing but pure white energy remains. I feel the need to describe it as something more than pure white energy, but the intensity, the purity, the absolute nature of it is beyond anything words can capture.

What I share here are words that are read by others who must assess their value and validity. For me it is different because I have experienced, and seen with my own consciousness, the things I am describing. The creation and ascension of consciousness that I describe is both magnificent in the enormity of the constructs that have been created, and startling in the simplicity of repeating patterns that has been used to create them.

When you see it all for what it is, there is nothing that needs to be done beyond finding joy in each moment.

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney



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This is a long post…

As I sit in my studio looking out at the tree canopy, I’m watching a squirrel sleep on a branch in front of me. I admire the carefree nature of second density consciousness below the threshold of polarity. Every aspect of their life is in the moment. We can all look back and remember a time where we were children sharing the same experience, blissfully unaware of anything beyond being content in each moment. As I spend my days in a secluded studio, my existence is in the moment. I find simple pleasures wherever I can, watching a squirrel sleep, rabbits play below me, or birds jockey for position at the feeders.

However, when I pull back the curtain of the internet, the signs of polarity and a diverging construct hit me squarely in the third eye. You must forgive me for staying mostly silent as the winds of rising energy blow the dirt of thousands of years of polarity into the air for all to see and witness. It is ugly and scratchy. It blocks the view and obscures the path, which is why it was quietly swept into the corner time after time. With it out of sight, we were free to walk down the same streets in a circle.

I’m not pointing at any single division between consciousness as I describe the separation polarity causes. Looking at current events and overlaying them onto the history that has led us here, the repeating nature of what we are doing becomes obvious. As far back as recorded history goes there have been oppressors and the oppressed as one benefits at the expense of the other. We are (with some exceptions) a planet of incarnated consciousnesses looking no further than a single lifetime. Religions in general speak of a soul and an afterlife, so the concept is not a new one. Most agree that some portion of their awareness continues after the death of the body. Whether you call that a soul or a toroidal sphere of coherent energy, you are acknowledging that something more than your body exists. With that assumption, I look around at what is going on and I have to ask;

“What do you think that portion of you, the one that continues after you die, the REAL you, is made of?”

Under the veil we identify as our bodies and acquire the cultural expressions of the area where we mature. Consider how the narrative would change if you knew that in a prior lifetime you were an oppressor or one of the oppressed and in this lifetime, you find yourself in the opposite role? Looking farther into your past, what if you find that you have been shifting between these roles through many lifetimes? Each time walking the same path of separation from various perspectives until you finally understand and begin to search for what comes next.

This is the journey through polarity where all experience separation and division as many times as it takes to understand that it is a circular loop that leads nowhere. Like a tired driver who is only looking directly in front of their car as they try to stay awake, you keep missing your exit. Only when you realize you have been seeing the same scenery lifetime after lifetime do you finally look up from the path and see the arrow pointing toward collective unity.

However, things are changing because the road is under construction. The circular path of polarity and separation is being dismantled. The days of endlessly driving in circles are coming to an end. It may not seem that way as you look at current events, but polarity of consciousness in all its forms is being removed.

Negativity is an energy, and that energy is in a state of contraction throughout this galaxy. Those deeply aligned to negativity can feel the loss of potential and they are doing everything in their power to keep as many consciousnesses focused upon, and thereby generating negativity as they can. If the entire planet turned away from negativity and toward collective acceptance and unity, we would see the shift we are waiting for almost overnight. Positivity is far more potent than its opposition, it was designed that way.

I have posted numerous articles on this subject and will begin to repost the relevant ones so they can be read again. Below are a couple excerpts from prior articles that have relevance to current events.


The first concept that must be understood for everything else to make sense is this:

Negative polarity is an artificial construct. Positive polarity is the default energy of the multiverse and is only termed ‘positive’ as it relates to the artificial opposition, termed ‘negative’.

Consciousness (the awareness we all possess that continues after the death of the body) exists as oscillating particulate generating kinematic forces that produce the perception of individuality. The concept of harmonics as it relates to ascending musical octaves is a close approximation to what occurs in consciousness as it grows in energy and matures. To understand the artificial nature of negative polarity we must discard the concept of electrical potential that comprises our material world and look to the harmonic scales of music. Musical oscillations do not require a negative oscillating field for them to exist, you exert pressure upon the device and it creates the sound it has been tuned to provide. The same is true of consciousness.

Each individualized consciousness is an instrument that is being tuned according to the focus of the musician (YOU). In every moment you are choosing what tune your consciousness is playing, whether you are aware of it or not. As previously stated, the default energy of the universe is positive. This musical oscillation is the overwhelming resonance, and everyone tuned to it exists within its unified harmony. The negative oscillation is an artificial creation whose kinematic capacity is determined by the number of musicians (individualized consciousness) willing to resonate within its spectrum. This is the second concept that must be understood: Negative polarity is created through intentional focus. If we combine these concepts; that negative polarity is artificial, and it is created through intentional focus, a clearer picture begins to form and with it the need to be continuously aware of what you are focusing on.

I have been completely disconnected from any information beyond what I am acquiring through my own senses and consciousness. From my perspective, our reality seems much lighter and brighter than it was just a few months ago. Yes, there is still negativity and it is doing everything it can to maintain relevance, but it is only stalling the inevitable conclusion. The higher density negative entities are aware of what is happening because they can feel the contraction in available potential. Let’s put this into context.

Imagine that you are standing at the edge of a body of water and it is raining. You cannot see land on the other side and do not know how far the water stretches into the distance. To everyone standing on the shore, this body of water is without end. It has been raining as long as you can remember and you have watched the water level slowly rise over time, moving away from its edge before it engulfs you. Your existence and the actions of everyone in your world revolve around this body of water. It appears as if life could not exist without the water and the focus placed upon it. Then one day the impossible happens, it stops raining. As the clouds dissipate, a new force appears that halts the rising water. The light has arrived and with it heat that begins to evaporate the threatening water. Some want the focus to remain on the water because they do not know what happens after it is gone. They are comfortable with the familiar and want it to continue.
They make their voices heard, “Look there is still so much water! Nothing has changed. Keep doing what you have been doing.” As the water continues to recede those wanting to stay in the familiar move their cameras closer to the water and continue their broadcast, but they know that eventually all the water will be gone. They don’t know what else to do, so they continue their messages.

Some of the people have stopped listening to the messages of water and have found a pathway that leads away from it. As they stand at the precipice of their first plateau they look back at where they came from. The water that seemed so ominous and endless as they stood at the shoreline was nothing more than a lake. Fear was the only thing holding them in place.

As of 6/4/2020, the cameras are closely focused on the receding water and attempting to use individual consciousness to create rain and refill the reservoir. You need only look up from the water to realize there is no ‘side’ to be on. Our consciousness and resulting individuality is created from the particulate of the universal consciousness. We are all EXACTLY the same, regardless of the body you have chosen to wear, the religion you practice, or the illusion of status and wealth you may have.


The idea that a separation was going to occur goes back a long, long way. Before we had the science to understand it we called it “The rapture” and illustrated it as bodies rising up into the air toward a bright light as if going to heaven. Those that remained were treated to experiences much less appealing, so most did whatever they were told to ensure they were part of the floating population.

Fast forward to today and we have just as much conflict and separation as ever but if you are paying attention, the façade is cracking. Those embracing the ideologies of separation and control are slowly aggregating while those embracing peace and unity continue to step away from them. The division is becoming clearer by the day and the most common reason you hear is that “The energies are shifting”. While it is a true statement, it doesn’t give you much to chew on. The reason most conversations about the shift, ascension, the divergence, the harvest, (or whatever else you want to call it) are vague is because it involves splitting timelines and an end to the polarity experiment. They are distinctly separate events that have been scheduled to occur simultaneously from our perspective on earth. The first book explains them in detail separately but since they are going to occur simultaneously let’s combine them in this discussion.

It is true that energy is bombarding the planet, but the energy itself is not causing the changes. The energy is merely the catalyst for consciousness to empower itself by utilizing the energy and each of us decides how to use it through free will choice. If you are mature and balanced, the energy will be the fuel you have been waiting for and your consciousness will begin to accelerate. Along with increasing balance and energy in consciousness comes the innate desire to help and assist others as the energy pulls you together. Love at its core component is an energy, an energy that unifies and brings a natural compassion and empathy for everyone as it connects one to another. Love feels wonderful because it is the natural call to order within the universe. That is how you drive your vehicle of consciousness in the darkness of separation; steer toward joy, love, and happiness and you will always find your way home.

Up to this point, the shift into unity has been a gradual process. Those who are embracing the call are finding each other and forming groups. As they do this they pull away from those who no longer resonate with their energy. They will engage in negative energy exchanges less and less because they will be sensitive to the drain in energy that occurs and will not want to lose their “Vibration”. The same will be true of those embracing separation. They will continue to form into hierarchal groups as they attempt to hold the energy of their thoughts high enough to stay relevant. This will become increasingly difficult for them and they will need to form ever larger groups. The more consciousness they can sway to their ideology, the more energy they maintain.

Then one day you wake up… and everything is different. The choices have been made and the timelines have split.

As impossible as it sounds from our current vantage point, the negative groups are gone and along with them, the ideology of separation. If you could imagine a world where everyone cares about the well being of everyone else, what would that look like to you? I don’t know about anyone else but as a kid I always wondered why things felt so much better around Christmas time. Sure I was looking forward to getting a bunch of presents, but beyond that it seemed like I could feel the energy of people ‘lighten up’. People were happy and smiling, thinking about how the present they were getting for someone else would bring both parties joy; in the giving and the receiving. People put lights out to show they were engaged and to make those who viewed them happy. Everyone seemed to care just a little more about each other and it felt really, really good to me. It was as if the world of black and white suddenly had some color. Then January rolled around and it was like someone turned off the energy and things went back to black and white.

Well guess what? In the new construct that energy will be there every day and at a level never felt before. It will be a technicolor world the likes of which you have never seen. Everyone will care about everyone else. No one will need to hold their hand out or sleep on the street ever again. Words we use now will fall out of our consciousness; mega-rich, oligarch, monarchy, hierarchy, poor, wealthy, hate, etc… The energy of our consciousnesses will have begun to overlap and we will understand the interconnected nature of who and what we really are. This is the actual and true definition of the term “Where we go one, we go all”. It is not a catchy phrase used by the military or some hidden alliance, it is the true nature of consciousness ascending in unity toward the collective.

Part of this energetic overlap in consciousness is the natural ability of telepathy. If your energy is connected to the person sitting next to you and thoughts are energy… deceit, deception, obstruction, and lies become useless artifacts of a bygone era. Therefore, those who still want to experience and use these items of separation will remain in a construct that provides them that opportunity. It will be different for them after the shift, but I don’t want to talk about the old construct because none of us will be in it so there is no value to providing details.

Because we are in the ascending construct and have entered a higher energy field, we will remember those that are no longer with us and what we left behind. However, the new timeline will be at a higher oscillating wavelength that separates us from the remaining timeline. You will not be able to interact with the remaining timeline or those within it. As you continue to move up in energetic capacity toward the next octave of consciousness (fifth density) you will gain the ability to ‘see’ the various timelines. By that point in your evolution it won’t be that big of a deal because you will understand the true nature of the universe and your place within it. You will be looking forward as a collective, not backward.

Embrace unity and love for all because that is the path forward. Discard fear, anger and separation as limiting beliefs. The new age is within our grasp. This is the lifetime we have been waiting for…

Below is a session clip from December 2019 that discusses the year 2020.…

In service to all,
Todd R Deviney










I have some questions that will fill in a lot of blanks for me:
1) Does earth become a verdant world or does industry remain?
2) Are there infinite Earths where varying degrees of each play out?
3) What about populations of third density humans? Do they completely die out or does some plane of earth still host them centuries from now?

I guess I’ve had these questions for a while. Thank you for helping me.


The question above contains several material outcomes but does not indicate a moment in linear time where these perspectives are being observed. The other identifier required to pinpoint the outcome that would be observed is: what timeline are you focused upon?

There is only one material sphere that we identify as Earth. Upon it are multiple material timelines separated by increasing frequency and wavelength coexisting at any moment of observation. Some call these holographic realities but that term does not adequately define the complexity required to solidify an entire material construct that millions/billions of consciousnesses interact within. The gridlines/leylines you hear about are the indexing energy points that lock the timelines to the planet and allow them to be made manifest.

The movement of a material sphere (Earth) through space creates a resistance to motion (gravity). If you select two points along this trajectory you find that a period of ‘Time’ was required for the sphere to move from point A to point B. This linear expression of transit through the galaxy is observed by consciousness incarnated upon the planet. Material timelines use this linear expression to create the illusion of past, present, and future.

In my first book I discussed the creation of the originating timeline upon a planet and divergences that occur as consciousness embarks upon its journey toward energetic maturity. I’ll summarize here but recommend that you refer to the book for a better understanding.

When a portion of consciousness grows beyond the limitations of the original timeline construct, a new timeline diverges from the original. At that point two timelines exist upon the planet, one with originating energetics, and one that contains consciousness seeking higher understandings. Earth has been involved in this process much longer than our history records. Multiple timelines currently coexist with the one we observe as a singular expression winding backward into history. The primitives, the Romans, the Vikings, and many other civilizations we consider historical are still in play on Earth. Future timelines also exist on Earth because the originating timeline has already ascended into the collective. Divergences from this timeline that we would observe as the future are also still in play. I say all of that to support the following statement:
All of the perspectives listed in the question exist, have existed, and will exist. Which one you observe will be a function of the timeline you are focused upon. Let’s answer each question:

1) Technology is a result of advancing consciousness. When we say ‘technology’ we naturally think in terms of our current state of development, but technology is defined as: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. As we move into a higher energy, and therefore a new way of thinking, we will apply our scientific knowledge differently for the betterment of all. Sequestering knowledge for power and control (patents, state secrets, withholding free energy devices, etc) will seem foolish and counterproductive. Destroying the biosphere that supports life to engage in the illusion of personal wealth will be seen as insanity. Technology will remain, expand, and take on a new dynamic in the ascending timeline construct. This timeline is not a “Coming soon” ideal. As a collective we have begun to create it and have one foot in the new and one in the old. Many of us are straddling the two realities as we hold out our hand to those awakening from their slumber. So the answer to this question is yes to both. Earth becomes increasingly technologically advanced as we come to our senses and return it to the paradise it was intended to be. Those choosing to remain in the old construct will experience a different scenario that is required to help them understand cooperation and inclusion of all so that they too can learn collectivity and begin their ascension into the new.

2) There are not infinite Earths. As previously stated, there is a single physical sphere with multiple timeline constructs operating upon it. They are not infinite, but are a result of collective divergences like the one we are currently engaged in. Some are primitive, and these are where newly minted third density consciousness becomes familiar with the bipedal humanoid form. Other timelines are at various stages of advancement where consciousness in separation learn their lessons as they gain the energy within their array to begin to feel harmonic collectivity (discussed in detail in the second book). The important concept here is that these multiple timelines on Earth are like grades within an education system. As you master one, you move to the next level and the lessons become increasingly complex.

3) From the answer to question two we can conclude that third density has levels that must be ascended through just like all of the other densities. Therefore, multiple third density timelines exist on Earth and will continue to be here for a very long period of linear time. In the distant future, Earth and its system consciousness (the sun) will reach energetic parity within this quadrant of the galaxy and ascension through the physical densities will end. But not yet…

As I and many others have stated, the reality we currently exist within is in the process of diverging. A portion of incarnated consciousness is pushing upon the existing energetic envelope in its quest for higher understandings. This is a normal process that has occurred countless times throughout the universe. When these shifts happen, the changes occur slowly so that consciousness can acclimate to new abilities. I don’t align with discussions regarding abrupt, drastic changes (except for the removal of polarity in consciousness). They sound amazing and they make people read and share content because it builds excitement, but a brief scan of history indicates that physical evolution is a slow process. Barring some cataclysm that forces life to adapt quickly in order to survive, changes occur slowly. I know I’m a little off topic based on the original question, but this is an important concept that needs to be assimilated. Being told to expect miracles that never come eventually creates disappointment. When you don’t see what you expect, you assume nothing is happening and turn your attention elsewhere. There is so much happening in this galaxy and on Earth that it is impossible to list it all, but to those not watching the subtle changes it appears as if nothing has changed. You must look around the edges of your reality. It is here you will begin to see the changes; the sharp edges are being smoothed.

Body changes:
We are moving into a higher energetic construct. This means that more energy will be available to our conscious array. This energy will not come all at once. It will be metered as it has been thus far. The energy surges others are talking about are the first steps in acclimatizing us to the increasing energies. This energy is transmitted to our bodies through the chakra system. Our bodies are subtly and slowly changing to accommodate these increases. Some use the term ‘crystalline’ as they discuss the concept of how our vehicles are changing but that term is misleading and fundamentally incorrect. Many generations from now doctors will still be working with a body that ‘appears’ unchanged. The differences will be anatomically subtle and undetectable. What doctors will notice however is that they have fewer patients because sickness will slowly taper off. More energy means an increased ability to hold your divine template. You will become healthier and at some point realize you haven’t been sick in a long time. With decreased sickness comes increased lifespan. This too will occur slowly in those efficiently using the new energies. When you see someone in their seventies moving and acting like they are thirty, you will want to know what they are doing… Listen closely to what they tell you.

We are fully immersed in the shift and for those paying attention to the subtleties, the changes are obvious. This is so much fun. I hope you are enjoying the ride because you had to wait in line for the opportunity.

I am going to be in Sedona Arizona April 5th through the 13th. I will be hosting a casual get together at my Airbnb Friday, April 10th . I will give a short presentation to get the questions started after which we will talk about whatever comes up and continue until the last person leaves. I will also be giving QHHT regression sessions during that week. If you are interested in a session contact me directly using the website below so I can get you scheduled.

In service to all,

Todd R Deviney



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