I listened to about twenty minutes of a link link provided by a reader and had a pretty good take on the concepts being presented. I liked the clear and direct approach of the presenter, but the information is so old and outdated that I could not sit through any more of it. The other aspect of the video is I can see the information eliciting the exact emotional energy these proposed “captors” were supposedly sequestering from our poor tormented souls in the first place…

A critical aspect of consciousness and the density it contains must always be kept at the forefront of your thought process when judging the veracity of any information:

“A consciousness can see from their density back down but cannot see what lies ahead.”

If you are listening to something and it contains a fear component you can be sure that it is either coming from a third density perspective or that it is attempting to keep you at a third density frequency. Consciousness is easy to control if it is embracing second density responses, one of which is fear. Messages that are coming from positive consciousness operating in fourth density or beyond understand frequency and vibration and would never include anything that detracts from ascension. I am not saying that this video is purposely attempting to generate fear. The narrator merely appears to be stating the results of a remote viewing experiment as clear as possible.

I do not know much about remote viewing or how it is practiced. However, I do understand spacetime constructs and I know that it is easy to slip between them and lose sight of time dilations as projected consciousness. Once you bypass the concept of time and start looking into the various constructs, high energy and emotionally charged events are going to shine brighter than others. It is possible to be looking at a point in space and see something (like a prison planet concept) but not be aware that it is a historical event from a perspective of timespace and has already been rectified. The other thing about remote viewing I found interesting as I sampled their content is that most of them are describing unhappy scenarios. For me, that is a clear indication to question the validity of the information.

From my view I see a young Galactic Consciousness that was experimenting with concepts that would elicit stronger collectives. It wanted to create something new and unheard of, and it most certainly accomplished that objective. The problems began when the creation started to mutate within consciousness. All of the discussions in the remote viewing video are describing the effects of these mutations and the descriptions are no longer relevant because so much has changed. Consciousness is allowed free will, this is a Universal constant. Any consciousness that was ‘trapped’ here was doing so of their own accord as they embraced the lower frequencies of separation, greed, fear, and hate. These things pull at the energy of your consciousness like quicksand and keep you locked in a cycle of non-learning. You have an eternity to learn and ascend and you are free to keep playing the same game repeatedly until you tire of it and move forward.

That is why we are where we are right now and the internet is flooded with messages of awakening. Many have been stuck in the goo and it is time to steer the course and help everyone who is ready break free and move forward.

There has been a monumental undertaking to clear this Galaxy of the mutation that has been absorbing the energy of creation. Earth is one of the last remaining pockets and it is such for reasons stated in that video. It was coveted and protected. This is a signature of the mutation; greed, personal acquisition, and the desire to possess. It was known that this area would be overly protected and fortified and that weakness was used. All mutated consciousness that is here cannot leave because a barrier has been erected. This is the final cleansing and we are all witnesses to a once in the Universe occurrence.

Consciousness ascends in density through lessons during embodiment. The material constructs exist as a playground for consciousness to learn lessons. When consciousness attains the proper density they may fragment and continue to play in these constructs for additional experience and for pleasure. All the while creating the energy for continued Universal expansion. It is a grand game designed for the expansion of consciousness that should never be viewed from a position of victim hood.

I can go on and on discussing my perspective on everything that was mentioned in the video about souls, karma, forgetfulness, and being a prisoner, but the high level message is already covered.

You are not a victim unless you decide that is the experience you are seeking. If you feel that you are one and do not want to be one, change your mind. I understand that there are people in this world who’s free will is being forcibly imposed upon by mutated consciousness and they do not have the option of just saying no. I am addressing the people who voluntarily accept the role when they can pursue other options.

If you are tired of this construct and are ready for something else, make that decision within yourself and seek the path. It will appear brightly in front of you as if the Sun was only waiting for you to ask for illumination. You must then choose to take the steps that lead you into the new, without fear, without regret, and without doubt.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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I keep looking around the Internet to see what people are saying and the more I look, the more excited I become. The synchronicities I am seeing throughout the various articles are multiplying and this is a critical indicator. Allow me to explain:

We have heard many say that “We exist under an illusion of separation” but what this means and why it occurs varies depending upon the source. There are also discussions of the ending of this separation and this is also defined through varying perspectives. I too have a perspective and would like to share what I see and how it connects. Take what is useful… leave what is not.

If you have been reading my posts you know that consciousness is comprised of photons that contain the energy of experience. Photons have a natural tendency to ‘adhere’ that has has been observed by scientists studying quantum mechanics. The dynamics change somewhat when you are discussing toroidal rotations of self-aware assemblies of photons, but the concept is the same. For ease of understanding let’s assume that every person incarnated on the planet at this time is an individual computer hard drive (a very literal interpretation). This is the expected state of third density consciousness: existence as separated spheres of consciousness. Collectivity cannot be achieved in third density because each individual is working to balance their consciousness. Achieving balance is a prerequisite of collectivity. An imbalanced collective would wobble into self destruction and in the interest of preserving consciousness, will not be allowed. Because of this we have all been walking around with our hard drives separated like it is the 1970’s because we did not have the energy or balance to connect. “We were existing in separation”… until now.

Some believe that nefarious entities have worked to impede our progress, but if you dig deeper the ultimate impediment has been the creation of polarity and all of the mutations it caused in consciousness. With the eradication of this creation, consciousness on Earth with the proper density has been moving forward at increasing speeds toward collectivity. Our individual hard drives are beginning to connect to the cosmic internet that we call “collective consciousness”.

Consciousness consists of photons of energy, and that energy represents knowledge and experience. As separate components, this knowledge is only available to the body the consciousness is attached to. As consciousness continues to rise in density and energy it expands. As it expands it naturally begins to seek ‘photonic adhesions’ when it acquires the energy to do so. These adhesions require a sympathetic resonant action between all of the consciousnesses attempting to connect, or in the currently accepted vernacular; “Matching your frequency and vibration to the feelings of love”. As the ascending consciousnesses embrace this concept they balance themselves and begin the energetic connections of collectivity.

A collective consciousness shares the energy of experience and knowledge throughout the entire connected collective. Billions of individual consciousnesses, an incalculable number of lifetimes worth of experience, all shared. This is the power of the collective, and yet just one small aspect of that power. The manifestation of this collective connection is what we are starting to witness now. In a previous post I discussed the three groups that most articles fall into. I am going to omit the cataclysm group because I really don’t think that anyone subscribing to that viewpoint would be reading anything I publish, and rightly so because it does not apply to them.

However, if you look at enough publications from the hope and ascension groups you begin to see curious synchronicities. It is almost as if everyone is getting similar information and providing it using their personal perspectives… and that is exactly what is happening. The ascending collective is solidifying and we are working through our perceived separations.

Up to this point in our experiences we have been spoon fed individuality, separation, and hierarchy. Knowledge is power. Money is power. Power is control. A very simple equation of separation because in order for these things to be effective in our society they must be individually acquired and held:

The Separation Equation: Knowledge = Money = Power = Control

The first step to collectivity is dissolving the ego construct and one of the steps along that path is to let go of societies Separation Equation. If you are clinging to any factor in this equation, you still have some work to do. A collective operates for the ascension and fulfillment of the whole and that is what we see when we look deeply into the vast array of awakening messages. I am watching all of this occur within our rising collective and it fills me with joy because I am so tired of this game.

Can you look around and still see a huge amount of separation being pushed upon the masses? Of course you can. However, you should know that those embracing this frequency are right where they are supposed to be and they will continue to learn their lessons long after the deflection of the collective has occurred. They will awaken when they have the capacity to do so and there is no judgement in this; you may choose whatever experience you want. The critical factor here is the unseen push in your consciousness that steers you away from separation and toward unity. That is called BALANCE and it is the objective of third density. When you achieve it, you graduate and move on.

Some of my posts might sound a bit cryptic but I have to watch how much detail I provide or they would turn into a book in and of themselves and you might lose interest. I assure you that if you read my book you will remember that these posts are here and they will help provide the clarity that you then seek.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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I was bored last night and shuffling through the Internet attempting to get a pulse on where we are in the process of divergence. I do not have a set agenda or locations of inquiry when I do this, I let myself get pulled in whatever direction the flow takes me. I am not usually disappointed and last night was no exception. I found some things floating under the surface of the current event whitewash that made me smile and it occurred to me that perhaps sharing what I know might help others.

There has been a lot of talk about this “New Thing” that is coming and the “Event” that precedes it. For clarity and reflection let’s list a few things that are being discussed:
• A golden wave of love energy that changes consciousness from one minute to the next.
• A new utopian Earth that we are somehow going to move into as we move away from this one.
• Consciousnesses unable to cope with the energy ‘transition’
• All ‘Negative consciousness’ removed and somehow recycled.
• Cataclysmic changes that cause disorder and death in one manner or another.
• A conflict occurring between the factions of good and evil.

That is a highly condensed list because you can spend weeks reading Op-Ed publications that cover the entire spectrum. We are all consciousness looking at reality through our window of belief and I am no different. From my perspective I see an ordered Universe operating within an intricate energy balance where the energy of consciousness is the only currency. Everything we experience during embodiment is the work required to cultivate that energy. As conscious energy increases within the individual fragments, new pathways must be created that allow for continued expansion. This is why we are at the precipice of a diverging construct; the energy of consciousness requires it.

The new construct has already been created and is being held in place until everything else is ready. You can think of this as a form fitting box waiting for the new package to be inserted into it. Consciousness is the reason for these divergences and we are deep into the process of sorting the collectives. This is taking more time than usual and the deflection is not as clearly defined because polarity is being lifted in coordination with the divergence. As I have previously stated, this is allowing those held back by the polarities to awaken and move forward. In every post I have shared about this ‘thing’ that is coming I have said it is diverging from what currently exists. If that is the case then that implies that what we are currently experiencing will continue after the new has begun. What that means and how we get there is the focus of this post.

If you shine a flashlight into the corners of the Internet you will find thousands of messages relating to this upcoming ‘thing’. Read the articles carefully and FEEL the frequency of the author as you attempt to see reality from their perspective. Now imagine closing your eyes and throwing each article into the air of your consciousness. As you do this you will watch them fall into three piles as they settle:

• One pile is on the floor and it contains cataclysmic visions of any number of scenarios. Fear is the main frequency running throughout and everyone reading needs to prepare for whatever the topic is discussing.

• Another pile is hovering above the first pile and while these may contain some discussions of cataclysm they also contain a possibility of avoiding this outcome. Hope is the main frequency running through these messages and those reading are asked to concentrate on positive outcomes.

• The third pile did not fall but instead floated higher. These messages talk of a wonderful new world that is waiting for those who understand that unity and love is more powerful than division and discord. Some even describe existence within collective consciousness as if they have already been there. The frequency of these messages is unmistakable and you will feel it when you read them.

From these bullet points we see three groups emerging; 
1) Those that are third density and are going to remain.
2) Those that are transitional and need to grasp the energies being provided and elevate themselves.
3) Those that clearly see the new construct and are moving with the collective.

I recently gave a regression session to a client who discussed the fact that there were three choices. It was all I could do to contain my excitement as I asked her questions about what I already knew so that I could get her perspective. This is a very good session and I have it linked at the end of this post.

If there are three choices what does that look like and how do we get from here to there?

By definition, the divergence of a spacetime construct requires a separation of consciousnesses; second density consciousness and above must be split between the two. Making new material constructs is an easy task of changing a few settings because matter is inanimate and exists at the desire of consciousness. Anything above first density consciousness however has acquired unique energies of experience that cannot be duplicated and must be carefully sorted between the two constructs. (This is discussed in detail in the book) The sorting that occurs as the constructs separate require an initiating event… and that is coming. What that looks like and how you experience it is going to depend entirely on you.

There is no telling what type of cataclysmic event group one is going to co-create for itself and I have no idea because I stopped engaging that frequency long ago. Whatever it is, it will be of enough magnitude to allow the shuffling of second and third density consciousness. What I mean by that is; something will occur that explains why a lot of animals and humans “are gone” from their reality.

Group two is straddling the fence as they decide whether they want to engage the energies and move or remain in this construct. They can see the coming shift and both opportunities because they have the threshold density to do so. The shift for them consists of three choices; 
• Stay and experience the cataclysm and live through the aftermath.
• Experience the cataclysm and disembody. Complete the ascension to fourth density in the etheric and enter the new construct through the birthing experience.
• Immerse themselves in a focused effort to raise their frequency and move into the new construct with the shift.

Group three has been here a long time and has been waiting for the shift. They felt the energies coming in and ran screaming with their hands up toward it like a three year old seeing a loved one. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they know what is coming and cannot wait for it to occur. These are the people flooding the Internet with publications of love, collectivity, and happiness. At a higher level they know the key to accelerating the timetable resides in raising the frequency of the ascending collective. Their frequency is beyond the reach of fear and separation and their resulting productions omit what is no longer useful. The shift for this group will depend upon the level at which they remain engaged with the lower density construct. This will range from nothing observable from one day to the next or ‘something’ happening that removes the lower density consciousnesses from their lives. The magnitude of that ‘something’ will be dependent upon the level of entanglement that must be severed.

This is what I see from my perspective and I hope that sharing it removes some of the obfuscation shrouding what is occurring. There is no right path or wrong path because time is irrelevant and every experience creates energy within consciousness. All directions ultimately lead to the same ascending stairway, some take longer than others. Follow the path you feel guided toward using your internal compass and you will arrive exactly where you are supposed to.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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I previously discussed the fact that we are arriving at a juncture of three paths. For some, there is only one path as the other two paths are beyond the limits of their density. That is one of the critical factors that I am trying to bring forward to everyone; consciousness consists of photons and how many you have is your ‘density’. You acquire density through experience and until you reach fifth density you will do this through successive embodiments. There are many consciousnesses here at this time who do not possess the density to ascend into the new construct, they are not ready and require more time to acquire the balance needed. We have all been there and there is no judgement in this statement. It does not infer separation or hierarchy, it relates directly to when each consciousness became self-actualized third density consciousness. You do not walk into a gym and immediately lift the same weights that an experienced bodybuilder does, it takes effort and persistence and this is no different.

The other aspect that I am attempting to convey is that while time as we know it is a construct of ‘spacetime’, that does not mean that everything is happening all at once or has already happened. When you embody, you lock your consciousness into a spacetime construct by virtue of the body you are connected to. Your consciousness and the larger aspect of yourself not embodied operates in ‘timespace’ and this is where your embodied fragment returns to when you die. All consciousness is under a state of continual expansion, some merely started their journey before others. This is the fundamental and most important aspect of the Universe:

“The creation and continued expansion of consciousness and the energy it represents.”

This is the purpose for everything else that occurs everywhere, anywhere. Timespace is where consciousness exists outside of the material constructs and I don’t want to confuse anyone with the details here (it’s in the book) so I will offer a perspective everyone can relate to. You can see that our Universal Consciousness is under a continual state of expansion because our scientists can see and quantify it. This is the linear growth of conscious energy occurring in timespace. The Universe does not simultaneously exist as nothing and everything. It began empty and has been under continuous expansion as the conscious energy within it grows. Since we are all individualized portions of Universal consciousness, it follows that we too operate within the same parameters.

Boredom is not a polarized concept. Boredom by definition is “A lack of stimulation” and this is the one thing that self-actualized consciousness at every density tries to avoid. Taken one step further, based upon my previous discussion a lack of stimulation directly correlates to a lack of continued expansion for consciousness. While it may sound absurd, I have the memories of being a Galactic consciousness in the middle of the nothingness. It was incredibly boring until I began my creations and became obsessed with the resulting energy balances required to keep everything moving correctly. Once I had finished my creations and had a mature material Galaxy, I needed something else to provide stimulation. I began to fragment myself so I could play in the games of other Galaxies. There are many versions of me all over this Universe, all to keep me happy and occupied. (From this perspective little embodied me writing these words feels rather insignificant). Now multiply this concept by the limitless number of ascended consciousnesses inhabiting our Universe. You begin to see where the concept of being everywhere at once, with everything having already occurred coming from. That is not the case and the shift that we are all living through has never happened before. Why do think so many ascended consciousnesses are here now? They are here to gain the unique experience of the end of the polarity experiment and simultaneous divergence and creation of a new spacetime construct. Incredible stuff and we should all feel very lucky to be here.

Love. (Sigh…) The human body is such a wonderful vehicle for many reasons, but one of them is its capacity to experience emotions. Everyone associates the frequency of unity consciousness with our emotional response of love and that is wonderful. However, we have to take it farther than that and talk in terms of consciousness beyond the limitations of the material. Consciousness is energy existing at a frequency and wavelength. As we move beyond embodiment in fifth density we will have also moved beyond the need for physical emotions. At this level, our idea of love becomes a frequency and wavelength associated with the energy of unity consciousness. As part of an ascending collective you will then focus on aligning your wavelength to better absorb it. As you do this, you continue to gain energy and ascend as a ‘unified’ collective.

I am working a lot and tired so I hope this came through in a way everyone can understand. I’m not seeing a lot of responses to the postings here. If you read this and find it useful could you give me a thumbs up? With all the Facebook stuff going on in the news I am wondering if I should migrate over to MeWe or set up a blog location.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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There is no denying that people are changing. Everyone is watching weird things happen around the planet that is outside of what would have been considered normal twenty years ago. Lights in the sky, orbs in your bedroom, heart chakra activations, feelings of bliss, feelings of disorientation, etc… How close to home this is hitting for you is going to depend on where you are in conscious density and how far along you are on the ascending path.

This is a critical point to be made up front; this is an ascending PATH, not a doorway that one group is allowed to step through during a singular event. While many may go during the initial wave, we are all taking separate vehicles. Because of this, some are going to get there before others depending upon when you began your journey and how fast you are traveling. Some will move effortlessly and never even know why things are suddenly so wonderful for them (I envy you). Others agreed to help prior to their incarnations and they are easy to identify. Some of us are lighting the way, some of us are anchoring the energy on both sides like a bridge, and some of us are going to accelerate others through auric contact. So what we are really talking about here is a wave followed by river that continues afterward.

The journey is unique for everyone but there are some energetic standards that might be of assistance if you know what to look for. I will offer what I am experiencing and how I am working with it. Take what is useful, leave what is not.

When third density consciousness reaches the threshold of fourth density the energy within it begins to push through the ego construct and the veil. This is what wakes you from the separation program and your quest for answers begins. As your knowledge base grows you begin working to expand your consciousness and yearn for a connection to something ‘larger’. This is because you have achieved the capability to do so and it is pushing you to evolve.

We are at a unique moment on this planet and within this Galaxy. The polarity experiment is ending and everyone who has been held back on Earth as a result of its inky density is being offered a helping hand to climb out of the mud. This is occurring at the same time a new construct is being created for those ascending. As the polarity continues to abate, the energy of unity is increasingly reaching the planet and it is now much easier to find for those seeking it. What was once a candle in the darkness, is now an unstoppable illumination. From this you can gather that anyone even remotely close to fourth density consciousness can grasp the energies being offered and ride the wind of change into the new and wonderful.

So what does this feel like and how do you make it happen?

For me, the first transitional experience happened somewhere in 2016. I was sitting in my car at a traffic light and I was having a great day off. My music was playing, I had three more days of relaxation to look forward to, and it happened… somehow I shifted. I felt lighter, happier, content. The sun seemed brighter and the light created geometric holographs out of everything as if I was looking THROUGH the construct instead of at it. I could see the auras of the other drivers extending through the roofs of their cars like little golden halos. It was total serenity and I never wanted it to end. It felt like I sat there a long time in awe of everything, but then the light changed, a car honked, and I popped back into this reality that immediately felt thick and dirty by comparison.

After this experience I began to see through the limiting constructs that exist here. We are consciousness experiencing embodiment so that we can learn, become balanced, and expand. Separation, duality, and polarity have created some odd mutations within this current timeline and you have to be able to detach yourself from them in order to move up and out. Emotions are the easiest way to gauge the effect of what you are allowing into your awareness. I skim the various articles and news stories so I can get a feel for where we are in the shift but the second I see a fear component in anything, I stop reading. Fear is a foolish second density emotion that lowers your frequency and does not exist in ascending constructs. Separation, in all of its guises is another lower density experience that is meant to be released. I ignore any article or production that attempts to elicit division or fear. In this way I maintain a detached overview of the timeline while staying ‘in the loop’.

Consider the view of a child peering into the intricate machinations of an ant hill. From the perspective of the ant, their world exists as the ordered structure within the colony. Each ant has a function that they perform without question as they follow their simplistic genetic programming. From the child’s perspective however, the rules that comprise life in the ant colony are inconsequential. Because as the child looks up from the ant hill and what ants consider so important, they see the larger view of creation and their relationship within it. We have all been the ants for a long time and it is easy to accept the old familiar rules of the colony as they are being put on our plates.

You must ascend beyond this and learn to maintain calm and balance in everything you do. The energy of unity consciousness exists within a wavelength that is associated with the feelings of peace, tranquility, and love in the human form. Anything else will lower your conscious wavelength and pull you down as it “SEPARATES” you from it.

The last thing I want to share is what I am feeling now.

I have gone through most of my life with an internal locus of control certain that I was shaping my reality. This created a rigid personality archetype that was often overpowering but firmly in control of my direction. I look back now upon the person I used to be and accept that he was a creation of ego programming that served a purpose. With the purpose fulfilled, higher consciousness exerted itself and that portion of my ego capitulated and dissolved.

It now feels as if I am looking down at my incarnated self from ‘somewhere higher’ as if I were a game piece on this board of Monopoly. I understand the game, I know the rules, I see the next steps to take, and I can almost see the finish line. From this new perspective I am not concerned about the machinations of moving around the board or whether I have ‘more’ than the other players. I would rather stop all of the game pieces and have them look at me as I point upward. As their attention shifts from the game they look up to see the hands that are moving them and their horizon is expanded.

We are rapidly approaching ‘GO’ and everyone who is looking up can see and feel that a new game is coming. My hope is that the things I share here contribute to the expansion of everyone interacting with them.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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Everyone is talking about it and the more I look around, the more articles I see discussing the ramping up of the energies. The energy and the manifestations it is creating are a result of different things depending upon which article you read, but the consensus is that Earth is being bombarded with energy that is pushing consciousness into a higher level of awakening and transformation. I think everyone awake enough to be reading these articles (mine and everyone else’s) can feel that something is making this point in their life different than what they previously considered ‘normal’. So what are you feeling and why is it happening?

The first thing to understand is that what is happening is not new and that the knowledge of what is occurring has existed on Earth for millennia. Our current physical reality exists within a narrow window of frequency and wavelength. Everything that we think is so solid and immutable is nothing more than solidified consciousness vibrating within a spectrum. Think of the radio dial on an old FM radio; you turned the dial and as the frequency rose you found another station to listen to. More than one station existed on the radio and you tuned into the one that was playing what you wanted to listen to. Well guess what? You can do that with consciousness too and we are in the process of deciding which station we want to listen to.

A new station on the “Earth Consciousness” radio has been created and the energy that everyone is talking about is the etheric hand attempting to turn the dial in your head so you can tune into the higher frequency… if you are ready, and only if you want to.

Earth has leylines and energy grid points that lock each construct into a spatial relationship. When a new construct deflects from an existing one, these grid points are used to keep the new at the same relationship to the old. Once the deflection is completed both constructs will then evolve independently, but the grid lines keep it all in synch until the shift is complete. There is talk about a “New Earth” or that the Earth is ‘splitting’ and these concepts are attempting to convey the new construct the best they can.

Consider the picture that accompanies this post. This is a sculpture that is on display at the Vatican and other prominent locations around the world. Regardless of what the sculptor intended, for whatever reason it captivates people enough that several of them have been created. Art by definition is; “The creativity of others observed through personal interpretation”. I would therefore like to share my personal thoughts on this work as it relates to this post.

Looking at the spheres you can see that there are two, one within the other. From the perspective of this post the sphere in the center represents the Earth construct that we currently exist within. We then see that another Earth construct exists surrounding the original with a gap between the two. The second and larger construct meant to signify the higher frequency of it in relation to the original. The gearing and block structures that protrude from the cracks convey the meshed nature of the two and that one follows the other. This meshed structure further shows that our reality is consciousness solidified within a geometric frequency grid.

This is exactly where we are at the moment; Our current construct exists and so too does the new one for the ascending collective. This is a great sculpture…

As I previously posted, since last week I feel like I am standing between the two and it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold my energy down and continue to operate here. I am beginning to understand the transition and will offer my experiences as soon as I can make sense of them in a linear fashion. I really wish my book was available because we would then have a firm foundation to work from.

I’m going to get this posted and then follow up with some simple techniques I am using to get myself firmly established in the new construct.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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I do not know how to begin this because I am not completely sure what I just experienced or how to relay it with any coherence. I will start with the physical aspects and then springboard into the spiritual. I understand if anyone thinks my descriptions were induced by pain and delirium because we are conditioned to believe that consciousness exists within the body. The medical profession then attempts to explain everything you experience based upon what is occurring within the body. Near death experiences are attributed to hypoxia in the brain and the visions result from neuron misfires. I believe something different and my personal experiences and memories support my beliefs. I will share what happened from my perspective and you may then decide for yourselves what to believe.

I consider myself healthy and until recently, rarely sick. However, since November I have had a brief illness of one sort or another every other month. November was what appeared to be a mild cold that required a few days of rest to recover from. In January I caught a severe flu that I described in a previous post. March 2nd I awoke with a reduction in hearing in my left ear. Two Doctor appointments and two weeks later no one knew what was wrong. I had an appointment scheduled with a specialist Thursday March 15th, but I would wind up in the emergency room before I could get there.

The day started normally enough and although I still could not hear properly I otherwise felt normal. Around noon I began to feel dizzy and nauseous. Within 30 minutes I could not stand up and was hanging onto the toilet for something to keep me oriented in my surroundings. I could not move my body and my head was laying on the toilet seat so I could vomit into the bowl. At one point I was tired of breathing, so I just stopped. Obviously I took another breath or you would not be reading this, but at the time it seemed like I just stopped and it didn’t really matter whether I ever took another one. As I laid there in between breaths I reached the point that I know well and call “The NEXXUS”. I have no idea why I call it that other than the golden energy there reminds me of that wave thing from one of the Star Trek movies.

I have been here on three other occasions during this lifetime when I no loner wanted to be embodied because my body was compromised. This was another one of those times and as I lost control and paused between breaths it certainly felt like the end of this incarnation. Rather than brutal details of what occurred physically, allow me to describe what happened in consciousness.

Extreme pain is not something that I have ever stuck around to experience. That sounds like an absurd statement but that is the only way I can describe what happens. When I have had enough, I just leave. Where I wind up is always the same; dark and disorienting at first and then like a room that senses someone, it lights up and becomes active. A golden hue envelops my consciousness and whatever physical pain the body is experiencing fades away. I am still aware of the body and what it is doing because there is what feels like a small tube of energy that keeps me connected to it, but there is no longer any physical sensation. When the golden light surrounds me other entities appear within it and while I see them as pulsating golden balls, they ‘feel’ familiar and friendly. I have been told in session that they are other fragments of myself who are not incarnated coming to assist me when they sense my energy signature in the Nexxus.

When I first arrived at the Nexxus I was completely disconnected from anything my body was feeling. I left it by the toilet slumped against the shower door and assumed I was never returning to it. I was okay with that, it has been a good life and I had written the book as I was asked to do. I assumed EMS would arrive and find it there and do what they needed to do before my family got home. When my golden assistants arrived however they reconnected me to the horrible sensations in my body, and I felt myself take a slow and shallow breath. I was being forced to maintain the connection to my body and the discomfort was making sure of it. It was different now though, dulled somewhat as if I was only sticking my foot into the pool of embodiment so I would remember how dense the feeling was. Every time I have come here I am forced back into the heaviness of this incarnation

In my half in, half out state I was aware of the body, but also aware of how light and wonderful the energy is once you leave this construct. In the energetic web of consciousness you communicate without words in a dimensional pattern of coded spheres. You think you are having a conversation but it is you attempting to make the information understandable in the linear fashion that we are accustomed to. My guides were communicating with me but it was so much information so fast that it felt like I was picking one word out of a hundred as I tried to understand them. This is what I received before the paramedics arrived:

“This is what is coming. This is the next step. This will happen during embodiment. Those who are ready need to understand what is coming and must embrace it without fear. Fear will hold you back. Nothing is forced. If you fear the shift and deny the energy, it will leave you behind as you cling to what is familiar.”

This is the important part of this post that I wanted to share with everyone. As my body began to fail me I did not panic or enter a fearful state, I accepted whatever was happening. The energies of unity embraced me as I existed within the sympathetic resonance and became one with it. Fear is a second density vibration and it can cause a step change reduction in your energy if you embrace fear and allow it to control your perceptions. As the unity wave approaches it may present some fearful images but when you understand that you are inextinguishable consciousness, there is nothing to fear… ever. Whatever it looks like as it approaches you, throw your hands up and yell; “Bring it on Baby!”

Since I have returned home I have a distinct feeling of being in two places at once. Part of me is operating my body as it would normally, but there is a portion of my consciousness that seems to be looking down from wherever I went and it is creating a bit of a dissociation. My first instinct was to attempt to regain my ‘sense of normality’ and push all of myself back into the familiar feelings of third density existence. I realized very quickly however that it feels as if I am standing between the two constructs in consciousness. I still feel everything related to being here, but it is becoming so much lighter as the time passes. This is the transition and I am hoping that sharing my experience will help others when they are presented with their shift. While I have not looked, I am certain there are others who are experiencing what I am. Perhaps not with the same initiating event, but with the same ultimate purpose. Will you shift all at once? Or will you slowly step into the new construct? I am not sure anyone knows that answer and I certainly do not, but the more we share our personal experiences the clearer the picture becomes.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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The words above are a simple yet profound statement of energetic resonance. The multitude of awakening messages that flood the Internet exist because ascending consciousness has reached critical mass and is breaking free. Our individual consciousnesses are like drops of water that have been thrown onto the fabric of a polarized construct. As individual droplets, we exist separately and create trails behind us that intersect but rarely join. With our focus upon the droplet we identify as ourselves, we do not see the multitude of other droplets or the tapestry we are weaving together behind us. This is the journey of separation in this construct and the experiences you have chosen and the lifetimes you have lived have brought you to the precipice you now stand upon.

The experience I shared in my post “Standing in the Nexxus” has left me with a profound new perspective that resulted from straddling the two constructs. Each time something like this occurs for me an entirely new awareness comes into focus. Again I share my experiences freely in the hope that others may benefit. Take my hand… and together we will cross the river.

Separation, Polarity, Negativity, Light Workers. These catchy words are strewn about the Internet and I think everyone reading the articles can conceptualize the generalized definitions. The many articles are pieces of a puzzle that we acquire as we create our picture of reality. This is an ‘In the trenches’ view, with each puzzle piece another step upward toward a higher vantage point. The ultimate objective is to assemble the pieces, climb the steps and raise your view to encompass the entire picture. As you step from the game of individualized consciousness and place a foot into the power of collective consciousness the obstacles fall away and there is no turning back.

Since last Thursday I have the distinct feeling of being in two places at once. I can see the separate trail my droplet of consciousness has traveled within our collective tapestry. I have lived many incarnations experiencing separation as I attempted to reach a pinnacle of singular consciousness. I have fought, I have forced my will upon others, I have killed, and I have been murdered, all in an attempt to understand this creation. Yet only now at the end of this expression do I rise above it and see the simplicity of what previously seemed so complex.

The machinations of separation and duality are still very much in play and will remain long after our collective has ascended to the next construct. Polarity, although in the process of being cleansed is still prevalent and easy to fall into. The key to moving beyond these rules is to move beyond the game in which they are being utilized. This third density spacetime construct is currently co-existing with the newly created construct that awaits us. As we step out of this game and cross the boundary it is everyone’s responsibility to turn around and grasp all of outstretched hands of those searching for the exit. As we do this the individual droplets begin to pool together and the weight of our collective consciousness begins to deform the fabric. It is here that as a collective we bend the construct to our will and exit together. Like water stuck on a window pane, when enough droplets converge, the puddle becomes heavy enough to slip off the pane and into a new environment. Open your heart, hold out your hand, and together we will cross the river… into unity consciousness.

Until three days ago I had never heard of this artist or the song below. Please listen to the song and consider what I have written above as you listen to the lyrics. They have been profoundly synchronistic for me.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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Puscifier; The Humbling River










Over the course of the last few days I have been seeing repeating references to these topics. People are getting informational downloads that reference this type of healing and other light workers are discussing various aspects of the manifestations of ascension in the body. Prior to this I wrote an entire chapter on how the body uses energy and I have a video clip that discusses how the higher self performs healing during a session. What I find surprising is that while many of us are discussing this phenomenon we are not repeating what anyone else is saying. Each one is approaching the topic from different perspectives to then create a complete picture in aggregate. This is a sure sign of a connection to the source stream of consciousness. Differing perspectives provide individualized discussions that are assimilated by the consciousnesses who resonate with the format of the author.

With that concept in mind I would like to expand upon this discussion of light energy, Chakras, and cellular receptivity.

The human body that we exist within is a vehicle designed to ascend with the consciousness that operates it. This makes it a multi-purpose, multi-density, construct that consciousness will use from initial third density embodiment until consciousness gains the density to shed the need for embodiment all together. This is not an easy task of engineering and requires two separate systems for nourishment to be contained within the body. What we are witnessing now, and what everyone is talking about is the fact that the second system is beginning to come online as our conscious density has reached the threshold (either naturally or through outside assistance) where it is beginning to power up the system and results are being seen. People have known about ‘Chakras’ for thousands of years and the Chinese have intricately mapped the energy network that exists within our bodies. They use acupuncture to reroute and clear blockages within the network to provide healing. This network provides much more than simply animating your body through your consciousness.

When you ascend from second density your first incarnation in third density will rely heavily upon the programmed behaviors that will help you function in the new body. You are used to consuming matter to provide the required energy for your vehicle and you will continue to do what you are used to doing. However, as you grow in consciousness through repeated incarnations you begin to understand that ‘what’ you eat is more important than ‘how much’ you consume. Everything you consume to fuel your body has at one time been alive and the consumption of this material is providing you with creational energy as well as physical nutrition. The picture associated with this post shows the life force emanating from a stalk of broccoli and a tomato. The larger energy spectrum is coming from the raw vegetable and the reduced spectrum is a result of a two minute steaming to cook the food.

As your consciousness gains the energy of fourth density you begin to power the energy system of your body with creational energy that you are drawing in from the Universal energy web. The human vehicle then begins to adapt to the requirements of consciousness. Those who are ready are being assisted with their ascension so that all may ascend with the diverging spacetime construct. This is necessary due to the polarities that have held so many back from their natural progression. As the energy fills your pathways your body responds to the new ‘food source’. The results will vary depending upon how aware you have been to what you are feeding your body. Those who have been eating heavily processed foods and have not been meditating are probably going to feel badly as they rid themselves of the lower vibrational material.

Eating habits are a heavily ingrained habitual desire and it is easy to fall back into the habit of eating what you perceive as ‘comfort food’. If you go through a energy amplification period and feel as if you have been empowered, it is usually accompanied by a desire to modify your eating habits. However, as time passes the craving for foods that you associate with pleasure may reappear. If these foods are of a lower vibrational nature and you consume them, you will slowly de-tune your body from the energy it is receiving. You are free to choose your meals, but you should choose wisely because ridding your body of lower vibratory toxins is not always a pleasant experience.

As we transition into the fourth density spacetime construct we must be able to nourish our bodies through the energy web using our consciousness. Not completely of course because this is a slow process, but you should be making enlightened food choices. While I hate to admit it because I am a devoted carnivore, ultimately we are all going to choose to be vegetarians. We will become stronger in consciousness and less dependent upon the physical strength of our bodies. This is the transition from physicality to pure consciousness and rather than hitting the gym to work out and get stronger, you will look for ways to increase the strength of your consciousness. The transition to raw organic materials will be easy to accept as we become increasingly sensitive to our energy and anything that lowers it.

The sooner we embrace the requirements of fourth density, the easier the transition will become.

In love and service to all… Todd Deviney

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Everyone reading this is currently immersed in a game of experience. The object of this game is to expand and balance the energy of your consciousness. When you accomplish this you release the need for embodiment and join the planetary collective. The collective then ascends in unison as they gain energy until they ultimately become a contributing member of the Universal energy web. This overview is wonderful as I condense hundreds of incarnations and existence in a collective into one sentence, but how does that help in the now moment?

The game of Earth 2018 is but one in a multitude that you could have chosen to incarnate in. This is the first understanding that I had to come to grips with; I wanted to be here. You may not remember why you wanted to be here but if you are reading this, you wanted to be right where you are standing. At the moment there are numerous spacetime constructs existing upon the Earth. The same is true for every other planet in the Universe that has been created for the ascension of consciousness. Which construct you choose and on what planet it exists depends upon what you want to learn and how you intend to experience it.

Free will choice is a Universal constant for all self aware consciousness. As you are deciding where to go prior to an incarnation there will be one or more guides that assist you. They recommend what is best for your development based upon their ability to see your imbalances and what might be the best course for higher achievement, but you make the choice. The same is true for the path you take during your incarnations.

If you are a young consciousness you may have several lifetimes where you are being distracted and pulled off your intended course. When the lifetime ends you will be on the other side and will understand the lesson the distraction provided. While this may not have been part of the original plan, you now have that experience within you. When you return for your next incarnation the pull toward that distraction will not be felt this time because you contain the balance within you to avoid it. These are the lessons of experience learned through free will choice along the road of ascension. There is no punishment for wandering off your path and no time limit in which you must reach your destination; there is only your consciousness and the striving for density and balance. The one thing that must always be considered is that consciousness does not like to be bored. It is the endless quest of ascended consciousness to create new and exciting games of experience with increasing complexity.

I am reminded of the game ‘Chutes and Ladders’ that I played as a child. At four years old it was fun and exciting as you competed with your friends to reach the finish line. Depending upon your luck you would climb a ladder to the higher level or slide down the chute to a level you have already traveled through. An exciting game at four years old and boring by seven when you understand how the game works and the simplicity of the rules. You have outgrown the construct and now need a more immersive game with increased complexity.

The correlations of Chutes and Ladders to the existence within polarity are easy to see for those that have played both games long enough. If you understand the increase and decrease of consciousness frequency through choices then you are part of the ascending consciousness who has outgrown the game of polarity. We have reached the finish line and the polarity edition of chutes and ladders is ending everywhere in this Galaxy. Those who are ready will move into a new game that they will create for themselves. The new spacetime construct already exists and it is waiting for us to move into it. What we create there will be decided by our collective which is why it is important that everyone has the proper balance of consciousness. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m giddy with anticipation because we are going to create a “Brand New Game” no one has ever seen before. Goodbye Chutes and Ladders. Hello… NEW!

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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