Everyone reading this is currently immersed in a game of experience. The object of this game is to expand and balance the energy of your consciousness. When you accomplish this you release the need for embodiment and join the planetary collective. The collective then ascends in unison as they gain energy until they ultimately become a contributing member of the Universal energy web. This overview is wonderful as I condense hundreds of incarnations and existence in a collective into one sentence, but how does that help in the now moment?

The game of Earth 2018 is but one in a multitude that you could have chosen to incarnate in. This is the first understanding that I had to come to grips with; I wanted to be here. You may not remember why you wanted to be here but if you are reading this, you wanted to be right where you are standing. At the moment there are numerous spacetime constructs existing upon the Earth. The same is true for every other planet in the Universe that has been created for the ascension of consciousness. Which construct you choose and on what planet it exists depends upon what you want to learn and how you intend to experience it.

Free will choice is a Universal constant for all self aware consciousness. As you are deciding where to go prior to an incarnation there will be one or more guides that assist you. They recommend what is best for your development based upon their ability to see your imbalances and what might be the best course for higher achievement, but you make the choice. The same is true for the path you take during your incarnations.

If you are a young consciousness you may have several lifetimes where you are being distracted and pulled off your intended course. When the lifetime ends you will be on the other side and will understand the lesson the distraction provided. While this may not have been part of the original plan, you now have that experience within you. When you return for your next incarnation the pull toward that distraction will not be felt this time because you contain the balance within you to avoid it. These are the lessons of experience learned through free will choice along the road of ascension. There is no punishment for wandering off your path and no time limit in which you must reach your destination; there is only your consciousness and the striving for density and balance. The one thing that must always be considered is that consciousness does not like to be bored. It is the endless quest of ascended consciousness to create new and exciting games of experience with increasing complexity.

I am reminded of the game ‘Chutes and Ladders’ that I played as a child. At four years old it was fun and exciting as you competed with your friends to reach the finish line. Depending upon your luck you would climb a ladder to the higher level or slide down the chute to a level you have already traveled through. An exciting game at four years old and boring by seven when you understand how the game works and the simplicity of the rules. You have outgrown the construct and now need a more immersive game with increased complexity.

The correlations of Chutes and Ladders to the existence within polarity are easy to see for those that have played both games long enough. If you understand the increase and decrease of consciousness frequency through choices then you are part of the ascending consciousness who has outgrown the game of polarity. We have reached the finish line and the polarity edition of chutes and ladders is ending everywhere in this Galaxy. Those who are ready will move into a new game that they will create for themselves. The new spacetime construct already exists and it is waiting for us to move into it. What we create there will be decided by our collective which is why it is important that everyone has the proper balance of consciousness. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m giddy with anticipation because we are going to create a “Brand New Game” no one has ever seen before. Goodbye Chutes and Ladders. Hello… NEW!

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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During my awakening process I began to see the lives I had lived that make me who I am in this moment, in this body. I am not a single lifetime of ego, but rather a compendium of experiences built one upon the other from which I draw from to form my ideals. I have discussed the need for a balanced perspective within consciousness and I would like to share my personal perspective on this as I reflect upon the journey that has led me here.

Long ago when polarity began mutating into something unexpected the Universe was watching as it began to work with this new concept. Since the Universe operates within an energy balance, the initial thought was to contain it and balance it with the appropriate amount of positivity. To do this the Galactics created fragments of themselves and sent them into this Galaxy with excess density. The thought was that this would allow them to create locations of light that would anchor and balance the polarities. History is full of stories of ascended masters who brought wonderful teachings to this planet, and this was not the only planet.

This is how my time in this Galaxy began as a healer at the temples of Asclepeion. I spent more than one lifetime there and it was a wonderful place of love and healing. Everyone was healed without regard for who they were or how much they could pay. This is positive polarity in action; love for all, care for all, for the benefit of all. However, negative polarity does not follow these tenets and cannot tolerate overpowering positivity. Negative polarity quickly found that the easiest way to dissipate positivity is to end the embodiment of those embracing the light. This tactic is well documented throughout Earth history. Galactic history is also littered with positive planets destroyed by negativity while they were living peacefully with no concept of defense or a need for it. As the polarity experiment continued it became apparent that stopping the spread of negative polarity would require an understanding of its most effective tactic; warfare.

The resolution of the polarity experiment within this Galaxy has been a long and winding road for all consciousnesses. The ultimate objective is not to merely remove the polarity or it would have been terminated immediately as easy as snapping a finger. The objective is “To experience” this creation in all of its facets. Looking back upon the path of my consciousness I can see that I have experienced polarity from every aspect. I have been murdered by it as a light worker numerous times as I attempted to hold and spread the light. When this was unsuccessful I then embraced the negative and ultimately commanded legions as I learned the tactics of negativity. At the extremes of separation I returned to the light with this knowledge and began to dissipate negativity in this Galaxy using their own methods.

I am here now, watching and helping as we remove the final vestiges of negativity from this Galaxy. I may not be what some expect when they think of a light worker because my conscious energy signature is confusing. I have been at the extremes of both polarities and this amalgamation makes me who I am, but it also confuses empaths as they attempt to ‘read’ me. I am however transparent and truthful and will open my heart and share all that I am with anyone who asks. That is unity in action and those of a positive nature who meet me should be able to feel the connection. By the same measure I will stand steadfast against negativity and not allow it to impose its will upon my path or anyone in my proximity. This may seem like a mixed message but I would offer that it is the only option. Negativity does not negotiate, it imposes itself upon you.

As you walk the balance beam of unity in a polarized world there will always be things that attempt to push you off your path. You must have the proper balance of consciousness if you are to remain upon the beam and not be pushed to the floor. In my small way, I am attempting to share my hard won balance with all who resonate with the information. I am a healer, and I am a warrior. Both energies run very strong within me and both are equally balanced. I cannot control which one will be felt by another consciousness but know that I am here in love and purpose as I sow the seeds of Unity Consciousness.

In love and service to all creation… Todd Deviney

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Originally published March 1st 2018:

I am at a point now where I scroll through social media shaking my head. It seems so easy for everyone to become entangled in a divisive issue and before you know it, you have chosen a perspective. You then embrace your viewpoint and all of those who agree with you as you draw a line and begin to separate consciousness. As you do this you are polarizing your consciousness and if you are paying attention to what you are feeling the pull toward anger and hatred is unmistakable.

At the moment the dividing issue is once again weapons and the loss of innocent lives. I am in no way marginalizing what occurred or the impact it has had upon those affected, but the downstream effects in the general populace are very familiar; division and anger. If you step back from the specifics of the events you begin to see the same repeating pattern of using a contentious issue to induce separation. Whether the event is organic or manufactured (and I am not labeling any of them because I refuse to be polarized) it is then used to cause a polarized response. The increasing frequency of these events are coinciding with the continual rise in positive (unity) polarity, and this is by design.

The Universe and everything that exists within it operates upon a delicate energy balance. The experiment of polarity is a facet of that energy balance. Positive polarity is steadily increasing within all spacetime constructs on Earth and throughout the Galaxy. This is the antibiotic that is removing the negative polarities. Negatively aligned consciousness can feel the power of their polarity diminishing as the energy balance continues to swing in the positive direction. They are losing power and are attempting to hold the energy balance by polarizing as many consciousnesses as they can. As I have previous stated, the unity wave will occur when the polarity balance reaches an acceptable threshold. The higher density negatives who exist beyond fourth density are well aware of this fact and are doing whatever they can to keep negative polarity beyond the acceptable level as they cling to their existence.

If you become immersed in a divisive conflict you are allowing yourself to become polarized. It does not matter what causes the polarization, only that it occurs. Guns, politics, race, religion, nationality, gender, it does not matter. Polarity was designed to create division from unity and anything that accomplishes that goal will be used. We must all become responsible for our thoughts and feelings and refuse to be activated by events beyond our sphere of influence. Each of us create our personal reality through the thoughts we carry. There are many people providing discussions on the power of conscious thought for a reason. The ending of polarity is not something you can sit back and let “The space aliens” do for you. Each and every one of us has to become the master of their consciousness. This is a fundamental prerequisite of ascending into a higher level of capability. Know when you are being polarized and understand what that feels like inside you. Everyone can easily recognize the emotions of fear, anger, and hatred. You can make the choice to discard these feelings as poor choices, or you can can embrace the old familiar energy and focus it upon whatever you feel deserves it. However, there can be no division within you if you are seeking UNITY with creational energy. The definition of unity precludes it: “The quality or state of being united or joined as a whole.”

Polarity has foisted this charade upon the consciousness of Earth for long enough. Stand in unity, stand in love for all creation, stand together as one and say:

“I see through your game and I no longer wish to play it!”

In love and service to all… Todd Deviney

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I spent the weekend coming to the conclusion that I needed to upgrade my phone. I liked my old phone and was reluctant to part with it. For the last four years it was like a loyal friend that was always there for me and never let me down. I watched as others had battery, connectivity problems, or accidents that required multiple upgrades during the time I had my phone. I was reluctant to part with it because it was one of those bits of technology that seemed to be put together on a lucky day and was always happy to be of service. Then out of the blue Friday night I knew it was time to let it go. I did not question or hesitate, I just took the next step…

This seems like a silly story about someone who forms attachments to inanimate objects and perhaps that is true. I always imbue consciousness into the things that support me in the material, but this story has a deeper meaning. I noticed two posts on the forum that discuss timelines and creating your reality and this fits within that context. My objective is to add another perspective to the conversations without judgement. From there you may choose the narrative that best serves you at this moment.

Timelines and the past:

I want to address the concept of ‘Timelines’ that I hear in almost everything I read or watch. The description varies depending upon where it is being used but the general consensus seems to be that you can alter the path of your life (and sometimes the world) based upon a shift from one ‘linear expression of reality’ to another. Some then expand this to encompass the idea that every choice point in your life creates a new you and you are everywhere experiencing every probability possible. I am not going to address collective spacetime constructs and will instead focus upon the linear expansion of individual consciousness and its relationship to the concept of time.

On Earth, time appears as a linear expansion in one direction. The perceived history of the spacetime construct you inhabit appears fluid and linear, but is actually a complex weaving of diverging collectives. This is a topic for another post..

From your single lifetime however, you can look backward from your current position and see a series of events that led to the moment in which you stand. The consciousness that is you as you look backward, is a product of everything that has occurred up to that moment. Whether you realize it or not, you are also a product of all the other lives you have lived up to that moment. The fragment that is you is not concurrently living other lives as you embody here because you are committed to living this one. Your higher self may be, but YOU are right here, right now. What I am trying to convey is that not only does this lifetime have a progression that has created your consciousness, you as a fragment have a sequential progression that began at fragmentation and leads to where you stand. You are not going to be able to change anything that has already occurred. The experience exists and the energy has been added to your consciousness. You cannot physically change what has occurred during all of your embodiments up to this moment, but that is the only limitation.

What you CAN do is reevaluate your association with the events in your past. When you do this you change their energy signature within your consciousness. A trauma in your past that you perceive as horrific is going to create an imbalance in your rotation. It does this because the energy it carries is dense and thick. If you have several of these in your consciousness you are going to look like a flat tire. As you revisit these events and view them without judgement you will slowly realign the energy, correct your imbalance, and increase your “Frequency of Rotation”.

This is the science behind ALL of the discussions of forgive everyone and everything and let go of anger. Holding a grudge and wanting revenge is going to keep that dense energy right where it is. Depending upon how much focus you put into this you can make it much worse and even create a traveler if you persist.

Timelines and the future:

We currently exist in a spacetime construct with billions of others who make up the ‘collective consciousness’. As a collective we are deciding what happens from moment to moment in this construct. We are living in a consciously created ever present NOW of future probabilities. Ascended consciousness dislikes answering “When will …. Happen?” Questions because they cannot see a future that has not occurred. They can only use the probabilities of what we might create based upon what we are doing at the moment. The collective is actively creating its reality all the time.

The same is true for individual consciousness. You are creating your reality from one moment to the next. There is no timeline to step into or out of, there is only the next moment of NOW and what you decide to do with it. Change your perspective of past events and rebalance your consciousness… change your future. Decide to do something different in life or refocus your desire… change your future. The caveat to this is that everyone else is doing exactly the same thing. Sometimes desires overlap and the will of one consciousness can impose itself upon the path of another. This is where pinpoint focus and force of will becomes paramount. Stay vigilant, keep your eyes upon your path, take the next step when presented, and do not allow anyone to obstruct your path. 

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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– This was a video I was asked to watch. I found an interesting correlation within it as indicated in the post.-

I loosely follow what is happening and what is being discussed so that I can find markers that show me where we are in the process of divergence and the end of polarity. This video surprised me when I listened to it. The most important thing that was said in it is the first thing I want to emphasize;

“Stay out of the weeds. There are much more productive things to focus on.”

This is a very important concept on more than one level. The most obvious is that trying to keep up with every nuance of intrigue is going to distract you. Depending upon what you are reading and from where, it can also pull your energy down if you fall into fear and worry.

Yes there are a lot of things happening right now that seem to be of monumental significance and this video lists several of them. The first thing that caught my attention is that this insider used the exact same analogy that I used in a previous post where I discussed ‘Using discernment to create your reality puzzle’. They went into a discussion much the same as mine but describing a different puzzle methodology to convey discernment;

“If you want to know what’s really going on, don’t look at the picture the puzzle represents. Look at the back of the puzzle.”

This type of thing is not a coincidence. It is an indication of a sympathetic resonance and means that there is a connection to unity consciousness. This is when I began to listen for the threads of truth that were being sewn into this video.

So what is it that we should be focusing on?

Toward the end of this video the real objective is presented by the ‘insider’ and when I heard it I understood what they were saying;

“I focus only on the spirit. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. You can drive yourself nuts if you want to. Focus on the Spirit. What is going on right now is a war between God and Satan, two forces in the Universe, or two alien forces fighting each other. What it come as down to is good vs evil”

BAM! There it was plain as day in a video I would never have expected to contain that type of information. I walked through the weeds of the discussion of the visible Earth conflict and actually found what is on the back of the puzzle. Just think how easy it would be to get emotionally charged by all of the stuff related to our day to day existence and be so wound up in emotion that you totally miss the REAL message when it is presented. This is a wonderful example of how important it is to stay centered and balanced when you listen to this type of information. All that matters is the ultimate objective.

So what is the ultimate objective?

If you have been paying attention to what I have been sharing in my posts and videos, the objective is obvious; Increasing your density, shedding negative polarity, and moving into unity consciousness so that you are on the ascending spacetime construct when it diverges from this one. While not stated so clearly, this video says the exact same thing.

The day to day events being discussed by the insider illuminate the third density manifestations of the conflict between polarities. This is a microscopic view of a Galactic imbalance that is being cleared. If your body is sick, you go to the doctor to remove the infection. While they may take a culture and identify the infection using a microscope, all you care about is that you get the medication you require to ultimately feel better. Your focus is upon the goal, not watching how the medicine interacts with the infected cells under a microscope. What is occurring on Earth is the medicine interacting with the infection, and the infection is fighting back. The infection does not understand that there is no hope of surviving the overwhelming dose of medication being administered, all it knows is that it is programmed to survive and so it fights back.

Polarity will end when the unity wave washes the remaining debris away and will occur when the balance between positive and negative has reached the proper ratio. The energy required for the wave is dependent upon this ratio. If the energy required is too great there will be undesired side effects. This is the only thing we are waiting on and the reason it is so important to focus on unity and love and shedding any remaining polarity.

The other aspect is the coming divergence where ascending consciousness will step away from this spacetime construct. Free-will choice is always respected and everyone has to decide where they want to be. You decide this by where you are focusing your attention and what frequencies you are holding in your consciousness. If you are intricately entwined in everything that is happening, you are sewing your consciousness into that reality. You can choose to sew yourself into ascending messages and embracing whatever comes next with hope and joy, or you can choose to prepare for ‘something less’. Whatever that ‘less’ might be I leave up to your imagination because it will be created by the collective that chooses to remain.

So I will end this with one last quote from the insider in this video;

“Don’t look for verification of what is right before your nose.”

In love and light and service to all… Todd Deviney

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Since I finished the first book I’ve taken some time to look around and see what information is out there. Everywhere I look I see disclaimers about everyone using “Their Discernment” as they read and listen to ascending information. I think everyone knows how the dictionary defines this word, but how do you apply that to information that pushes the envelope of our current reality?

A person that has recently awakened has a voracious appetite for new knowledge. Knowing whether the information they read is accurate is difficult at first because all of the concepts are new and undefined. After a period of time however the outline of a puzzle picture begins to form and you then start looking for the pieces that fit within it to complete the picture you are seeking. This is the puzzle of your reality construct and you have assembled it based upon what you have been taught and what you have accepted as true.

Almost all of what you read out there is filtered through the personal perspective of the writer, including what you are reading now. Picking through the personal embellishments and incorrect information is like assembling a a puzzle in the dark; you have to feel around the edges of both pieces with your consciousness and decide for yourself if they fit together within your understanding.

This is my personal perspective of the awakening journey so now I will ask you; How did that resonate? Did you use your personal discernment to see if my information fit within the boundaries of your experiences? This is an obvious and easy exercise because the information above is merely a perspective and does not challenge the edges of anyone’s reality puzzle by providing shocking new information. As your journey continues however you will begin to find information that challenges the edges of your reality puzzle and you are then forced to make a decision. Do I expand my puzzle to encompass this new discovery? Or do I discard it because it does not fit within what I have already accepted? It is here that the all encompassing word ‘Discernment’ comes into play.

Within the teachings that originate from unity there will always be a thread of truth that weaves them together. The embellishments of perspective then grow around the basic truth like rock candy on a string, but the truth is still there at the core holding all of the information together. I provided an example of this fact just the other day when I offered a scientific understanding of an analogy from a Swami. I loved his sentiments and nothing he said was untrue. All I did was reinforce and add to his work. This is the feeling around the edges I am speaking of. Truthful information fits with other information and creates a larger picture for you to see the Universe you live within.

The laws that define the material constructs and the energy realms of this Universe are really quite simple. They utilize repeating patterns that build upon themselves because they work and form the foundation of everything. Let us be honest here, consciousness desires to stay occupied and avoid boredom. Consciousness is also intelligent and does not create unneeded complexity ‘just because it can’. If it works it is used repeatedly, PERIOD.

Using the concept of putting the pieces together that fit, you begin to create a foundation of understanding. We all start with the accepted science of atomic structures, molecular interactions, planetary rotations, electrical theories and so on. All of these theories fit together like puzzle pieces. A sphere with a rotating geometry of particles that form and change as the electrical charges are manipulated. This is simplicity in action and an obvious repetition becomes visible as you observe the totality of it. You then begin to expand upon that hard won knowledge of our material construct and begin to add the variable of consciousness. This is where the puzzle becomes fuzzy because this is the limit of our current understanding.

It is up to each individual to use the thread of truth to sew their personal reality together as they feel the edges of the pieces of information being published by the awakening population. If it fits, add it to your puzzle and expand the edges of your reality. 

In service to all…Todd Deviney

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Question posted by Scott:

I want to word this correctly. So if levels are amount of conscious energy, ie. 4th. Yet you as a galactic consciousness have come here,3d. Do you come here as only knowing 3d. Or is all knowledge available to you. As I hear 36d is the highest I’ve heard. Or are we all in this just a part of you/ God consciousness. 
Like for example, could I have grown to the 12th d, yet still come here in 3d. I believe many are from way other universes and dimensions here and now to assist.


This question touches on concepts that require an entire chapter of the book to explain. I will instead use analogies to relay how higher density consciousness is playing in the games of Earth and why. Your statement above; “You as a Galactic Consciousness have come here” is only partially true. The part of me that is here as Todd is only a small piece of the greater consciousness that I was created from… and I am not special. No one is any better than anyone else and no one is special. We all exist in unity with each other as photonic consciousness. Anything else is a creation of separation and division and I think everyone on this forum has had enough of that.

Consider that a Galactic Consciousness is a lump of clay sitting on a table surrounded by tiny cups. The lump of clay is enormous and it has decided that it wants to change the contents of one of the cups on the table. The lump of clay is too big to fit in the cups in its original state but it can divide a portion of itself and put it into the cup it wants to change. The smaller piece knows itself to be a portion of the whole that has been sent to experience and change what is in the cup. However, as the piece of clay goes into the cup it finds it filled with water. As it immerses itself completely in the cup, the water disconnects it from communicating with the larger piece of clay that it originated from.

It is now on its own to learn and experience in this cup of water. At first the clay sinks to the bottom of the cup, but as it learns and grows within the cup it understands that it can float to the top of the water. Now that it is at the top of the water it can reestablish a connection to the larger portion of clay. It is here that it begins to understand its purpose; “To change the water by existing within it”. With a connection to its larger lump of clay it now knows everything that the larger lump knows and begins to perform the task it was created to do. When the task is complete the piece of clay emerges from the cup and returns to the lump on the table… until it is sent to experience another cup.

This is how a consciousness of higher density can ‘fragment’ and experience lower density embodiment. This is also how these fragments can access the knowledge that their higher aspects contain. We are all changing the water in the cup of Earth, each in our own unique ways.

So could you have attained a higher density of consciousness and then fragmented to come here and be Scott? Absolutely. How do you know what your purpose is? The easiest and fastest way to find out is to have a regression session with someone. A session blasts right through the veil and never leaves an ascended fragment unchanged. 
Alternatively, you can meditate regularly at least 30 minutes a session two or three times a week. Something will eventually begin to happen as you meditate and how long it takes before that occurs depends upon the individual.

In service to all… Todd

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         Our physical vehicles are most definitely ‘Organic Technology’. What has occurred to the programming of our vehicles up to now is a source of much debate. I will not discuss any nefarious intentions that so many talk about because; “It does not matter now”. It is true that the human vehicle has the capability to remain viable for as long as the consciousness inhabiting it needs it. Before the energy of polarity descended on Earth, Humans lived much longer because they were using creational energy properly. They also fell into separation from their higher aspects and lost the knowledge of rejuvenation. Both of these impediments are now receding and the human vehicle will begin to show the effects of this reversal.

The focus however should not be on the body or a lifespan. Everyone likes the new car smell and the upgrade in technology that accompanies it; vehicles of embodiment are no different. You do not want to stay in the same shell because as your consciousness changes, so too does the vehicle you manifest. You are consciousness operating a vehicle and you exit your vehicle when you reach your destination. The vehicle changes are normally a result of ascending consciousness and occur between incarnations. The changes are currently being expedited for you by outside energies while you are embodied so that you can move into the new construct comfortably.

As we shift (ascend) into the new environment we will no longer be impeded and new abilities will begin to manifest. They will at first appear to be “Super Human” as a select few begin to show the rest of the world what is now possible. The reality is that this is just the next step in conscious evolution now that the energy is there to support your efforts. Levitation will not be a special ability in the new construct because the energy of consciousness and the energy of the construct will allow it. However, until you see someone else picking things up with their consciousness and showing you how to do it, it will remain an impossibility.

The same is true of self-healing. When you watch supposedly impossible ailments and degeneration being removed and realigned through the use of energy you begin to think differently; “This IS possible”. As you open your consciousness to the possibilities, a larger view of existence begins to appear. As you look outward at the new horizon you must also look inward and release the shackles that keep you bound in limitation:

“So what are you saying, I can dodge bullets?”

“What I’m saying Neo is that when you are ready, you won’t have to.”

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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         A rain drop from the sky: if it is caught by clean hands, is pure enough for drinking. If it falls in the gutter, its value drops so much that it can’t be used even for washing your feet. If it falls on a hot surface, it will evaporate. If it falls on a lotus leaf, it shines like a pearl, and finally, if it falls on an oyster, it becomes a pearl…The drop is the same, but its existence and worth depends on whom it is associated with.” Always be associated with people who are good at heart..You will experience your own inner transformation.
Swami Vivekananda


The information I am bringing forth is meant to underlay and support everything else that has been truthfully shared by those bringing light to the planet. It does not matter when the information was recorded, the truth is always the truth. Our current level of scientific understanding in the populace allows for a clearer picture of the mechanics of consciousness then was previously possible. While some of what I share is difficult to assimilate when you are first exposed to it, what you will find is that the more you read it the easier the concepts are to grasp. Repetition is how we are taught in school but there is also an alignment occurring within you. Everyone is free to choose what they focus their intentions on and this is no different. I am merely one messenger in a multitude that are here now and we are all saying the same thing in different ways. I am technical and scientific and I need to understand exactly HOW everything works. I have to share more than platitudes and vague messages of hope; I want to explain the mechanics of the Universe in words everyone can understand… and I am here to do exactly that.

With that understanding let’s look at the Swami’s beautiful analogy above and add some science to it.

Some definitions before we begin:
Polarized = reverse rotational photonic energy that negates the energy of unity.
Unity = That which exists throughout the Universe in contact with creational energy (everyone identifies this with the feeling of love).

The raindrop is an individual consciousness and I think everyone immediately understands that. The relationship of the drop to where it falls then embellishes upon the effects of interactions with polarized consciousness. Polarity is easily transferred from one consciousness to another and the longer you are in proximity the more you will pick up. There is also a “voltage” value to consider and if you are in proximity to a highly polarized consciousness the transfer will occur much faster. With an understanding of electrical interactions it makes sense that if you are in proximity to a consciousness in unity, that energy will also transfer to your consciousness. The higher the value of unity energy, the more aligned to source (and the feeling of love) you will become. The stories of people feeling all encompassing love when they were around prior ascended masters is not a misrepresentation; it is completely understandable when you consider the energy transfer that occurred.

The Swami then ends his analogy using his personal perspective on the energies based upon his existence in unity. The polarity experiment is ending because it is too unpredictable and cannot be properly balanced. We all see the transgressions that highly polarized consciousness has manifested against those not aligned with them. However, you must step back and view it from a perspective of inextinguishable consciousness. There’s no REAL death, once you are an individual consciousness you will be forever, even in ascended collectives.

Polarity has been a grand experiment that has provided a wealth of new experiences to the entire Universe. It is the craziest thing any of us have ever seen, and it has been fun. There is no good, there is no bad, there is experience and learning. Polarity is ending and when the pulse comes through it is going to realign any polarity left within this Galaxy. As I have said before, after the pulse we are all going to wake up and wonder why we ever did these horrible things to each other. The energy that manifested those creations in consciousness will be gone, and so will any desire to recreate them… ever… in any Galaxy or Universe anywhere.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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          There are three levels of conscious density that exist within our current space-time construct. In actuality the lines are not clearly drawn into three gradients but it makes the discussion much easier. The three density levels factor into the equation of which space-time construct you will find yourself in when the divergence occurs because without adequate density you cannot hold the energy that is required. The other factor in this equation is the balance within your rotational consciousness. All consciousness is a sphere regardless of density and like every other rotating sphere within the Universe, balance is an essential prerequisite to increasing energy.

Polarity causes strange reactions in consciousness as it affects your rotational balance (frequency) but this is not the only culprit causing imbalances, just the major one on Earth at the moment. The polarity experiment is being ended and after it has been eradicated there will still be imbalanced consciousness. The reason for this are the lessons of experience that must be acquired to correct the imbalances. What we are witnessing playing out before us are two things running concurrently; the cleansing of polarity and the separation of consciousness. The cleansing is occurring because we have been walking around with polarity for so long that we all accept its manifestations as normal and human. This is not the case and we are witnessing all our past dirt being brought out of the darkness and into view for all to see. You then decide what your responses should be to the ugliness. Your responses are going to be in alignment with the rotational balance of your consciousness and the polarity burden you contain. If you are out of balance or contain a lot of polarity, you will more than likely embrace division as the polarity within you activates. If you have a balanced consciousness and some residual polarity you will be able to see beyond the obstacle and understand the bigger picture of seeking unity of consciousness. In fact you will probably ‘FEEL’ the unity more than you will see it. Any pockets of polarity within you are easily neutralized and they do not manifest as negative responses. We are right in the middle of this cleansing and it isn’t pretty.

How are these dynamics manifesting in personal interactions?

The energies of consciousness are separating because it is required to prior to the divergence. The higher and the lower are seeking their levels automatically in the same manner that oil and water separate when left alone in a jar. Consciousness that cannot hold the increasing energies of an ascending spacetime construct are having their imbalances activated by the increasing energies. This will manifest differently for each individual based upon what is causing the imbalance. They will ultimately find the level where they can feel comfortable and exist.

The same is true for the ascending consciousnesses who have the density and balance to hold the new energies. The energy is flowing to the planet as I type this and all of us can feel it. Those of you who are “Vibrating” and “Shaking” and seeing geometric designs are absorbing this energy into your consciousness. It then subsequently flows into your body through your energy network and forces the required changes… and the symptoms you are experiencing.

So we have energy coming to the planet affecting consciousness, but it is affecting consciousness differently. Up to now most of us have chosen the people in our lives using every filter EXCEPT energy. You are related, you find them visually attractive, you need their financial support, etc.. As the energy within us continues to increase we are no longer going to be able to ignore the energetic Universe we live in as consciousness. The lower and the higher are separating because they have to. The clashes that you are experiencing are a result of incompatible energies that are making themselves known so you can respond.

Ascending consciousness must now become aware of the immense power of collective consciousness. The first lessons in this are going to be very obvious so that they get your attention. As you begin to understand what it feels like to be out of energetic synch with another consciousness, you will then be brought the lesson of what it feels like when you ARE in synch. You are free to continue to struggle to exist in the lower energies but once you feel and understand the power of unity in collectivity… you will never look back.

As the separation continues those not ascending will fall away from those that are. This will naturally settle into two collectives, those that are staying and those that are going to create what comes next. Our hand is outstretched to you in these writings and conversations as we share our balance with those who seek it.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness