I have previously discussed the fact that ascended consciousnesses have sent their fragments here to end the polarity experiment and experience the shift. Every one of them planned a life course that would benefit and assist the ascending collective. How that assistance is provided is as unique as the Universe itself. The ending of polarity and the shift is like a colossal picnic where everyone is bringing something different because everyone has their own specialty to contribute.

It is easy to get sidetracked on Earth because we all agree to enter under the same rules. Your mission seems really easy until you get here and immerse yourself in all the distractions and obstacles… and of course you don’t remember anything. A free will planet requires that you live through the construct and then awaken to your reason for being here ‘of your own free will’. This sounds like being thrown in the middle of the ocean and told to swim home, and there are moments for all of us when it feels that way. However, as it is with every game some rules can be bent and some can be broken. We have been provided with some flotation devices that are designed to help us get where we are going in this sea of polarity.

Depending upon the density of consciousness that you originated from, you may have one or more ‘assistants’ here to help you. These are additional fragments of your higher aspect that remain as disembodied consciousness and only intervene when your mission is in jeopardy. Since Earth is a duality planet everyone will have at least one other aspect of themselves created as their fragment is separated into duality, known as a “Twin-Flame”. If your other half did not incarnate into a life when you did, it will be there to help you stay on course and out of trouble.

There have been several occasions where my life almost ended abruptly in accidents. In every case there were three glowing entities that assisted me and forcibly made me return to my body. I absolutely did not want to live in a handicapped or disfigured body as a young person. There was even one instance where I was physically pushed up into the engine compartment of a car. The laws of physics dictated that I should have been run over and crushed and yet all I suffered was a broken hip, a few burns, and some lacerations. Everyone in the hospital called me miracle man but I knew better. This was the second time I had met my three helpers during a serious accident. They were with me from the minute I lost consciousness at the accident scene until I knew I was going to be able to live unimpaired.

The point of sharing that is to give everyone a perspective to use to look back upon their lives and maybe see an event differently. Did you see a ‘ghost’ that scared you and kept you from a path with a horrible outcome? Did you miraculously survive an accident? Have you had near death experiences where you see entities that tell you it isn’t time and you have to go back and finish your life?

Was it ‘Divine intervention’? Sort of but not really because it is much simpler than that. It is other portions of you helping you do what you are supposed to… whatever that is, even if it is just existing and spreading energy through your footsteps upon the planet.

The other aspect of this is what you expect your assistants to look like. They are conscious energy and as such can appear in whatever way they need to. For me they are just gold balls of energy and always have been. Other people may see a deity or a family member, or even a scary ghost if that is what is needed. All that matters is that they achieve the objective required at the moment.

We are consciousness living in a wonderful and complex Universe. Embodiment is a wonderful gift and it is up to us to make the most of it. The default experience is joy, happiness, and laughter as we appreciate the opportunity. Anything that opposes that experience is polarity in action. You are free to choose the polarized experience, and you are just as free to refuse it.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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             There are so many nuances to human psychology and emotional interactions. We all respond differently to stimulus because we are all unique based upon the values instilled within us as we grew up, the way emotions affect our mood and reactions, and how all of that intertwines with your consciousness. Attempting to apply a blanket response to this question is going to leave a lot of people uncovered because they won’t fit within the generalized assumptions. What this forum is designed to do is to get everyone to start thinking from a larger view of who and what you are. This is accomplished by showing you how much more there is to consciousness and the Universe than you previously considered. With this information (and perhaps a little guidance) you can then formulate your own conclusions as you navigate the obstacles in your lives with more clarity.

Most people see themselves as a single awareness operating within a body, and for lower third density consciousness this is more or less true. However after repeated incarnations you begin to attain sufficient density and balance and a larger portion of your consciousness begins to assert itself. You feel this like a pressure pushing against the ego construct as it attempts to make itself known. This can manifest in any number of ways and it all depends upon what life you have created for yourself while you were completely controlled by ego programming. If you have created a life based solely upon the acquisition of money and status, when your larger aspect begins to be felt it might forcibly push you from that path in order to get you to realign your thinking. This can be a “Dark night of the soul” period where you sit in the pieces of a shattered life disillusioned. From the ashes of one life rises another and when you find yourself at this nexus point you can listen to your larger aspect who will certainly be conversing with you as it attempts to show you the correct path, or you can stay in ego and attempt to forcibly rebuild your material empire.

The same is true with personal relationships. I am not going to get into the nuances of personal relationships. These interactions are so intimate and unique that attempting to make recommendations without interviewing a person would be crazy. I will talk in generalities and what the energies are doing that are then manifesting what you are experiencing.

As the energies continue to increase, the separations will become increasingly forceful. This can be related to two electromagnets where ends of the same polarity repel each other. As you add electrical input to the magnets they push each other away with increasing force (this is a motor). With enough electrical input, they will repel regardless of how hard you try to keep them together. In consciousness however it is opposite polarities that are repelling. The repelling action is caused by both polarity (at the moment) and by an energetic imbalance in the two consciousnesses. A lower third density consciousness is not going to be able to stay with an ascending fourth density consciousness no matter how hard you try. Unless of course the ascending consciousness decides to refuse the energy and remain in this spacetime construct. You are all free to choose, but choose wisely.

A transitional third density consciousness can benefit from an association with an ascending fourth density consciousness if they set the intention to expand themselves and benefit from the energy and information being offered. Each person has to decide which association they find themselves in. You do this by detaching yourself from your emotional responses and begin watching from an ascended viewpoint. Is the interaction empowering you through a shared commitment or is it draining you as you struggle to keep things together? Does the other person consider your personal growth and encourage you to strive to be more than you are? Or do you find that you are being sabotaged and held back? Are you allowed the freedom to explore on your own without question? Or is there jealousy and insecurity as your actions are scrutinized?

You will notice that the few traits I listed above are the difference between collective consciousness and separation. That is not a coincidence and each individual must choose whether they ascend in collectivity or remain in separation. As the energy continues to increase consciousnesses of the same energy will be increasingly drawn to each other as the ascending collective continues to form. When the collective reaches critical mass, the energy of that collective will diverge from the existing construct and create a whole new world.

Are you staying? Or are you going? The choice as always, is yours to make.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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Someone tagged me on the image provided. I just wanted to share what I know about some of these structures. This does not apply to all of them because there were some cataclysms that were orchestrated to end a path that had stagnated in order to make way for what came next.

Looking around the Earth we find ancient structures that are abandoned. Some are overgrown in jungles and stumbled upon, others are underwater, and some appear to have been built using unknown technology. These areas of habitation are still being found today and in many cases we have no idea where the inhabitants went. To understand why these things exist as historical objects in our current spacetime is a topic for the book, but suffice it to say that recycling is not just a human concept. For this discussion let’s ignore the fact that some of these are failed experiments and talk about the successful ones.

As we are busy living our lives consumed by the day to day trivialities of this construct, a separation and divergence is occurring. Those who are ready are going to move into what comes next and those who need more lessons will stay here. We are taking our constructs with us when we shift and they are also staying in this current one. I assure you that this is not a big deal, it has been done many times and is as easy as using a sewing pattern to make more than one dress. All of the creations you consider so complex and miraculous are nothing more than energy being held in place for your use and enjoyment.

So let us consider one of the ancient settlements that have been found where there is no record of events. How did it get there? Where did all the people go? The answer is obvious; they ascended into this construct of frequency as a group in the same manner as you are about to do. The difference is that they moved into the construct you currently inhabit long before you did. Before the Earth was completely populated it was easier to move constructs because you did not have to realign the entire planet. You mapped the area that had been modified by the lifeforms and you pulled that part of the grid into the next frequency while the rest of the planet remained the same.

This is why you see so many similar structures spread out across the planet. As the collective ascended they were brought into this construct. In the early days of embodied life on this planet polarity did not exist here. This allowed the small collectives of consciousness to ascend undeterred by the division and separations that are rampant now. Entire civilizations focused upon unity and cohesiveness with a single purpose, ascension of consciousness. Part of ascending requires that you move into constructs that increase in frequency. These civilizations would move into this construct in locations where they would not impact each other, learn their lessons and ascend beyond the need for embodiment. Those that have done done this are part of the collective consciousness of Earth and are watching and waiting for us to join them.

The fact that some of these ruins are underwater or deep in untamed jungles shows that they were placed here long ago in linear time and the planetary surface has changed many times since then. Some of the ruins have rocks that weigh incredible amounts that seem to have been melted together to make perfect joints. Once you attain the proper density and rotation of consciousness you understand the construct and can begin to take control of it. The world we see as so solid and immutable is nothing more than energy solidified in consciousness. Levitation is not defying gravity, it is the understanding of what creates graviton waves and using that knowledge. Melting rocks together does not require advanced technology (although it can be done that way) it is understanding how frequencies solidify matter and using that knowledge.

This is coming for the ascending collective but not before polarity is ended and we move into the new construct.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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This is a response to a question asked in the Facebook group.

      Outside of a polarity construct the statement “Gaming the system” would be met with blank stares by the embodied consciousnesses that operate there. The concept of self interest does not exist, all work together for the benefit of the whole. Look at the staggering cost self interest and division has caused on Earth throughout history. Now imagine what Earth would be like if we had invested all of that effort into collective benefit instead.

Once you understand the concepts of polarity; how it spreads, the resulting intentions of consciousness, and how it is removed, a look back through history reveals an obvious “Gaming of the system” by both sides. Rectification of the Galactic imbalance required immediate response in many sectors. Earth required a holding action to prevent it from going completely negative for reasons beyond this discussion but associated with a larger balance equation.

There are points in history where ascended teachings were brought to the planet and they created a huge positive effect. You will then see negativity using the repeating tactics of violence and oppression in an attempt to stop the flood of positivity. Despite supreme efforts by negativity throughout history to engulf the planet it has been thwarted with ‘just enough’ positivity to maintain an uneasy balance.

The massive pockets of negativity that previously existed in the Galaxy have been removed and the balance is no longer in jeopardy. Earth is now the focus of attention and everyone can see and feel things changing. 
The reason I suggest not assimilating information that causes a reaction of fear or anger is because whatever you are reading about is related to a past creation fabricated in polarity. There is no reason to create a negative vibration within yourself over something that has zero bearing on our ascending future course. When polarity is removed completely (and it will not be much longer) it will be as if everyone wakes up from a collective nightmare.

Everyone will look back upon our previous creations unable to comprehend why we did these things because those intentions do not exist in the unity of creational energy. All of the previous constructs of control and self interest will be disassembled and replaced with new ideals that encourage and support unity of all.

If you feel compelled to know what is going on and want to focus on past and current events, do so from a disconnected perspective. In history class you don’t become activated when you learn about the barbarism and violence of the Roman and Viking eras. You view it from a neutral position because violent conquest of empires was so long ago and, “No one thinks like that anymore”.

The same is true now. Detach and become objective and realize that these are creations of a different era and they too are falling away.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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 Based on the last posted question, let’s go a little deeper in our explanation of this concept of awakening:

Consider that your consciousness on Earth is a fragment of a powerful consciousness who was bored and wanted to play in embodiment again. The caveat here is that the larger consciousness that you came from also wants to play on several other planets at the same time. Each planet has rules that the embodied consciousnesses must learn in order to function adequately. We have all sorts of rules here on Earth that would make no sense if you just ‘popped’ in and started walking around. This is why we create an “EGO”. It is a construct that you wear over the larger portion of you so you can play here. Every other fragment of you on every other planet is creating the same thing. Is your ego you? Yes and no but that is another discussion.

When you begin to awaken from the construct you start to question the rules you have accepted and the things you previously thought were important. From an ascended perspective, forming your life around the acquisition of money is an absurd waste of time. Stop for a minute and think about the things some people will do to acquire it. Many are in direct opposition to unity consciousness.

The journey to awakening is all about shedding the programmed behaviors of ego and releasing ideas that are not in alignment with unity of consciousness. As you begin to do this your consciousness begins to energetically align with the energy of your higher aspect. What effects you begin to experience during this alignment and when they manifest is uniquely personal but assume you achieve a clear connection to the greater you. From this vantage point you have a complete understanding of what unity is and how consciousness operates within the Universe.

Unity by definition; is the state of being united or joined as a whole.

We should also define Enlightenment by use of synonyms since the word itself is not well defined: Insight, understanding, awareness, advancement, wisdom, learning, knowledge…

The original question should then be changed into a statement of fact: When consciousness becomes ‘Enlightened’ it gains the awareness of the unity and wholeness of all. This realization creates the only logical response in the enlightened consciousness; Love and compassion for all that is, because all are portions of the whole.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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As I start this I want to run to my book and just regurgitate what is written there because it lays it out so well. I will instead attempt to paraphrase and hope it makes sense.

I have heard of the ‘SETH’ material but never read any of it. The concept that we are all experiencing everything at once and that we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time is very prevalent. I suspect this ideal came about because the actual mechanics of what is occurring is difficult to wrap your head around and even more difficult to explain to consciousness locked in a spacetime under a veil.

Again I state: I offer the perspective I see from where I exist as my complete self within this Universe. You are free to believe whatever resonates with you personally and I will never argue with anyone in an attempt to change what they feel is their truth:

You are self-aware consciousness having an experience in embodiment as you read this. Embodiment requires a material construct to operate within even if that construct is a huge spaceship that never lands. Material constructs are created using varying frequencies and wavelengths and are held in place through the gravitational waves they create. This is a “Spacetime” and there are more than can be counted. When your consciousness is not playing in a spacetime construct it exists in “Timespace”. Your existence in timespace is the age of your consciousness from the moment the first photon gained enough energy to form a membrane to whatever density level your complete consciousness exists at right now. It is not an ‘age of time’ as you think of it on Earth when you celebrate birthdays. In Timespace the only indication that anything is different is the fact your consciousness is growing in density and energy as you exist here.

How many fragments you can have playing in the various spacetimes at once is a factor of how much density your consciousness has to create fragments from as it exists in timespace. Once you create a fragment and drop it into a spacetime construct it is locked in for as long as the vehicle lives. That particular piece of you is not available to do anything else until it finishes that incarnation. It has a path toward lessons that it has charted before incarnating, but it is free to go off course and make a totally new path. The future of your life “Has not already happened”, you are creating it in every moment. Once you make it to a milestone however, the thing you planned to happen after that almost certainly will because the momentum you created getting to that nexus point will propel you into the planned experience. When your incarnation ends you will return to your complete consciousness and provide it with the density and experience acquired. After that you can leave again and go play anywhere in any construct or remain with the ‘rest’ of yourself if you are finished playing (probably not because playing is fun).

I’m not getting into how each spacetime construct is created, but the Roman era, the Viking era, and many others still exist on Earth and are available for a fragment to go play in. From that perspective there is no time and you can experience ‘The past’ in your next incarnation if you want to.

Spacetime is a construct created for consciousness to learn and grow within. While you are here there is a linear progression of cataloged events. Timespace is where consciousness exists beyond embodiment and in it there is only NOW. In this now of existence there is a growth of consciousness that occurs that slowly creates a consciousness powerful enough to provide energy to the Universe.

You are a home with a solar array on your roof but you are still connected to the grid because your solar array is not fully assembled. As you gain experience and grow you are adding solar panels to your system. At some point you will have enough solar panels on your roof that you are no longer using energy from the grid, but are providing energy back into the grid for other customers. This is the analogy of the Universe and the reason for EVERYTHING.

You are consciousness and you are powering the vehicle you inhabit. That electrical charge that is powering your heart… conscious energy. That electromagnetic field around your body… conscious energy. The heliosphere created by the Sun… conscious energy.

This is the dance of consciousness and we are all on stage together. Some of us are dancing alone to our own song oblivious to those around us. Others have begun to hear the same music and are beginning to dance in unison.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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In the awakening communities and everywhere for that matter we like to use these words to describe our experiences. There are even stylized representations of the various angels and other things that we call upon to come to our aid. There is nothing wrong with this and I don’t want what I am about to say come across as derogatory toward anything anyone chooses to believe. I like dragons and angels too. The difference is in understanding the larger picture of what is occurring and why. So as I bow in reverence to all the angels and dragons that are here to assist us, let’s begin the discussion.

Consciousness is energy, period. A tree, a bug, an animal, a human, a ‘ghost’ all exist because of the energy of consciousness is coalescing the form within its sphere. As we move through embodied forms of increasing complexity we are gaining the energy of consciousness so that we can ultimately ascend beyond the need for a body and can join the ‘collective consciousness’. The energy produced by a mature collective adds to the power of the Universe and is given with love to lower evolved consciousness so that they may also ascend into the collective and become mature producers. This is where we are on Earth at this moment, many of us are acquiring the last lessons of embodiment before we ascend into the collective. By the same margin, there are many who have just arrived in third density and do not have the energy, or balance, to ascend and they are staying until they grow up. The separation between these two groups is growing wider as is becoming easy to see for the ascending consciousnesses. As ascending consciousness, sometimes we need a little help from those who have previously ascended. Some need more help than others but as I just stated, ascended consciousness gives their energy and assistance freely and with the love of a nurturing parent. So what does this have to do with Angels, Dragons, and such?.

Planetary collectives contain consciousness that has ascended beyond embodiment over the course of billions of years. This is true of all the planets in all the Galaxies within this Universe. Once you reach the collective you manifest an energy body and operate within the energy construct that the collective agrees upon. Consider that you are part of a sixth density collective where the vehicles for embodied consciousness to ascend through changed over the millennia. Perhaps they began as sentient reptiles with wings (Dragons perhaps) then moved to intelligent pachyderms (Elephants) or as is popular at the moment, sentient birds (Blue Avians). The last embodiment was a bipedal humanoid of various colors. What you will see if you peer into this collective is that the consciousnesses that comprise it will manifest the body they last remember being or felt most comfortable in. So all of these perceived creatures will coexist and interact as formed energy. Now assume that these ascended consciousnesses begin to interact with humans on Earth. A golden ball of conscious energy may be something some of us would expect to see, but not all of us would understand that. If you happen to be drawn to dragons and their energy signature, you are going to get help from… you guessed it, an ascended consciousness that was an incarnated being that resembled a dragon and it will provide you the image you expect. Understand however that you are interacting with an ascended consciousness that is not embodied. This is the same concept utilized when people call upon certain angels to assist them. You may in fact get the original consciousness that the ‘Angel’ is based upon, but it is far more likely that you are being assisted by an ascended consciousness who is showing you the energy and visual you are expecting.

Todd Deviney

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The answer is a single word; Consciousness. It is not the accidental byproduct of random evolution, it is the reason for it.

Before the first material Universe was created there was a ball of photonic energy of such magnitude that the plasma it contained coursed and crackled uncontrollably. It was self-aware and desired to expand through ‘experience’. What we are experiencing now in embodiment is a result of this desire for the expansion of experience.

At the absolute core of everything is a photon of consciousness. Everything comes from this. Our planet is matter coalesced within a planetary consciousness using the photonic energy of the Galactic Consciousness it is contained within. The Galaxy obtains its energy from the photonic energy of the Universal Consciousness it resides within. The Universe obtains its energy from the Prime Creator it is directly connected to.

This energy exists within the photons that constitute their respective consciousnesses.