The image associated with this post is a representation of the levels of consciousness and their relationship to each other. I will explain the image in a minute but I would like to define some concepts and terms that are floating around the internet from my perspective.

The concept of oversoul:

Consciousness operates within a spectrum of oscillating frequencies that are created as the particulate moves within it. This particulate is photonic in nature and we can see how these particles operate in a wave-like fashion by observing the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Every one of our consciousnesses has been created from photons donated from a higher order consciousness. Whether you started as a single drop on this planet and worked your way to third density, or are an ascended fragment here to help, you came from someone else. The particulate that comprises your consciousness contains a baseline carrier signal that encodes you back to your donor. This is what I am referring to when I use the term “Sympathetic co-resonance” and this is the concept of oversoul. I prefer the technically accurate term sympathetic co-resonance because “Oversoul” can be misidentified as a controlling or hierarchal position and that is never the case. You have an individualized perspective and you are free to do whatever you want with it. That is after all the definition of individuality.

The beauty of the process is that you never lose this perspective of individuality (well, almost never). If you are moving from embodiment into the planetary collective you will still observe yourself as an individual consciousness among many. If you are an ascended fragment, at some point you will ‘go home’ to be recombined with the totality of your consciousness. When you do, you do not lose your individuality, you regain the awareness of all that you are which includes everything YOU have done while away. Fragmentation is a complex discussion so I will leave the concept at a single fragment, but the only limitation is the desire and capacity of the donor.

Masculine and Feminine:

There is so much conflicting information out there related to these experiential perspectives of embodiment, but the reality is that they are exactly that; perspectives of embodiment. Everyone on Earth has experienced lifetimes as both male and female. Some planets do not have defined sexes and creating new vehicles for embodiment is an androgynous process. If you are incarnating on Earth you are going to participate in the defined sex game. Balanced perspectives are required for many reasons and if you experience one viewpoint, you will eventually have to observe the duality from the opposite standpoint. Anyone who has given enough QHHT sessions has stories of clients who are shocked: a macho guy drops into a past life and sees himself in a dress, or a woman looks down and exclaims “I have man feet!”. You may find one you like more than the other, but you will experience both and ultimately ascend beyond the need for either.

The Image with this post:

Looking at the image you can see that all the other boxes exist within the Universal box. This makes sense because the Universe is consciousness and within it are the reducing fragments of the original donor that have been gifted with individual perspective and free will.

Galactic consciousness exists as the first filtering membrane, shielding the creations within it from the intensity of universal energy. Whatever the galactics create within them will contain a wavelength unique to them and this is where the term ‘oversoul’ comes from because you will have an instantaneous connection with everyone else who has this energetic signature; it is part of your celestial DNA.

System consciousness is created from the galactic it resides within and acts as another energy reducing membrane that allows material creation to solidify and remain stable within it. Everything created within the system will carry a galactic base wavelength and a system wavelength identifier.

Planetary consciousness is responsible for creating individualized spheres of consciousness who then move through the process of gaining particulate density and energetic capacity until they reach the threshold of the planetary oscillating frequency and merge with it. As this occurs the term planetary consciousness is replaced by planetary collective.

All of this is explained with greater detail in the book(s) and what I try to do with these posts is provide additional contrast so that the information can be seen from various angles and absorbed more efficiently. I hope my contributions help those who find them as I attempt to be;

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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Question for the forum:

Before I ask my question I want to state I spend just as much time contemplating universal particulate and torsion mechanics as I do polarity and the event. Event ideas are just where I get stuck. So, I think I understand what I’m asking but for clarity’s sake I’m writing this out. There is only the ever present now moment. It is not that the past, present, future have already happened. It is that they are always happening. Your higher aspect said in a clip that when the final unity wave pushes through it will intersect Roman times just as it intersects what we perceive as our time. So I’m thinking that the futures of negative timelines have already (from our perspective) happened with their own negative outcomes. And, will receive the final wave with ancient Rome and ourselves simultaneously. You know, I don’t entirely think I know what I’m getting at, but I’m looking for confirmation of my thought process. Any words?


Torsion mechanics: Now you’re on to something. In the second book, please stand by.

There are several concepts in this question that need to be addressed.


The difference between space-in-time and time-in-space is a difficult concept when you are incarnated. As you read this you identify as a body that contains memories of everything that has occurred in your life that lead up to this moment. All of those memories you have are interactions with other consciousness; parents, friends, lovers, rivals, enemies, pets, etc. Every single one of them are consciousness embodied within the same ‘space-in-time’ sharing experience and co-creating this material reality. The sphere of consciousness that is you is engaged in learning and growing through the experiences of this lifetime. It does not matter if you are one fragment out of 50, the fragment that is you is only in one place at a time (The fragmentation concept is discussed in book one).

If you were a Roman in a lifetime prior to this one, you are not still a Roman while you read this. You lived that lifetime and those experiences are the foundation you have built upon in this life. This is the same concept as knowing that the experiences of your current life have shaped who you are right now. Who you have been in previous lives has a lot to do with who you are now. While there is still a Roman timeline in operation on Earth, you are not in it. It is populated with other consciousness engaged in co-creating their reality, and the history they are creating is different from what you can look back upon in this timeline.


When your Roman life ended you disconnected from space/time and re-entered the ever present now of consciousness in time/space. When the veil is removed you understand the lessons you had hoped to learn and can ‘see’ all of your other previous incarnations. You then set about planning the experiences you need in your next lifetime to enhance your balance. The energy you contain at that moment as this non-corporeal entity has been gained through successive lifetimes of incarnation and the Roman life was one of them. Like a video of a great vacation, you can revisit them through memory but you cannot relive them and change them. Those experiences are forming your individual perspective of consciousness. You cannot build the penthouse of a skyscraper if the foundation is not firmly solidified.

The Pulse of Unity:

I’m getting tired of calling it “The Event” like its some circus act we are all waiting for as we sit idly in the bleachers eating popcorn. Each and every one of us has the potential to stop being spectators and start the show. All we have to do is get involved, meditate in unity consciousness and spread the light to dispel the darkness. Light removes darkness, PERIOD. You do not turn on the darkness… you allow light to be extinguished and darkness results.

Polarity has had its time as an expression. During that time it went so far into separation that it forcefully pushed against the envelope of its creation deforming it into an unintended pocket. Despite all attempts to correct this imbalance and allow the construct to continue, it attempted to further separate itself and exert control. We are all watching the slow and systematic removal of this creation from the universe. Balance is being restored and as this happens the negative web is losing creational power. The outward manifestations we are witnessing on Earth in this timeline are a result of negativity attempting to stall the energetic contraction and maintain creational ability. The same is occurring in other Earth timelines currently in play. To put it in common vernacular; negative polarity is suffocating and it knows it. It will fight all the way to its last breath, but its last breath is coming all the same.

When the parameters have been reached, a final pulse of unity will resolve any remnants of polarization within all co-creational constructs on Earth and anywhere else in the galaxy.

Understanding Timelines:

Consider that the originating timeline on Earth is currently at the year 6198 AD and is a straight line of balance with zero polarization. From that original timeline other timelines have diverged from it at various points. These divergences occur as the consciousnesses involved in the co-creational timeline begin to focus on separate realities. When enough energy is present behind the intention, a divergence occurs. Looking at the image associated with this post we see that the originating timeline goes straight up the balance line and five timelines have diverged from the original. Three went toward negative co-creational experiences and two went toward positive. These new timelines continue to be populated with consciousness desiring the experience and still exist within the present moment of now.

As a galaxy and as a planetary collective we are all moving out of polarity back toward unity. What this means is that all timelines currently experiencing polarity must move back toward unity as polarity recedes and loses potential. This can be seen as the dotted lines indicating that the trajectory of all timelines are moving back toward balance. As the polarity potentials continue to collapse, the collectives creating and experiencing the timelines have no choice but to constrain their expressions of overly positive or overly negative within the new boundaries. When all co-creational constructs get within acceptable limits, balance will return and unity will be restored.

I only listed five timelines but there are many more in play. Now consider that each one contains millions of consciousnesses making inter-connected decisions related to their future. Consciousness in ten different timelines connect to higher order consciousness and ask “When will unity return?” From this perspective, the only answer that makes sense is… When you all decide you want it.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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I have not posted anything in a while. During my time of silence I have been looking around the internet and I was surprised by what I found. It seems people are coming out of the woodwork en-masse with connections to aliens, messages from councils, and channelings from all sorts of things. The more I looked, the more I found. It seems that everyone has a self help message, a talk show, or a program that you can purchase to be better than you are right now.

Ascending in energy and perspective is not a destination, it is a process that never ends. One only needs to look at the continuing expansion of our Universe to see that growth in consciousness is infinite. We are at a point on Earth where the energies are affecting those who are ready. The initial response to this new awareness is an eagerness to share your truths with others and this is what I saw as I looked around. This is a wonderful signpost along the pathway toward unity, but it is only one of many.

As you continue to expand the energetics of your consciousness through meditation and focus, the murky water begins to clarify and you start trusting your inner compass. Will your needle point in the same direction as all of the articles you encounter? Of course not because everyone has been gifted with individual experiential perspective. The unique pathway each consciousness took to arrive at this moment colors their perceptions of what is now occurring.

In all of the excitement of increasing energy and connections with higher orders of awareness lies a foundation of truth that must be separated from colorful embellishments, self aggrandizement, or information that does not provide benefit. In agricultural terms this is called ‘winnowing’ and is the process of separating the nutrient portions of wheat from the husk -or chaff- that surrounds and protects it during growth. This same process must be employed by everyone walking the path of ascension.

You have to focus on the information that nourishes your continued growth toward awareness and, more importantly; balance. Balance is the key to continued energetic expansion. Your consciousness beyond the body is a rotating sphere of particulate. Balanced rotations spin faster, regardless of whether they are a tire on your car, a subatomic particle, or photonic consciousness.

You gain balance by focusing upon the objective of increasing positive energy through meditation and service to others while releasing the need for negative detractors. Our current construct still contains the pull of negativity and you can become distracted (and lose balance) if you start focusing on the nuances of what is occurring. An analogy would be the difference between focusing on individual battles like a soldier in the trench, or viewing the entire conflict from the perspective of a General. With that focus in mind, let’s look at a few of the things that popped out at me:

• Are there alien lifeforms here? Is there a battle going on between them? 
It doesn’t matter.

The ascension of consciousness through embodiment is a universal constant so the fact that there are lifeforms we consider alien should be expected. Polarity in consciousness has existed in this Galaxy for a long time and several alien species chose the negative path. None of this has any bearing upon the ascension we are currently embarked upon. Nothing can stop what is occurring because it has been decided at a level beyond polarity.

• Is there a big flashy energy event coming that changes everything? 
It doesn’t matter.

While I have spoken about this and have been witness to what it looks like, I don’t live my life in anticipation of it or searching for people talking about it. Our role as individual consciousness is to become the best version of ourselves that we can be as our understanding of “Unity consciousness” continues to evolve. If/when something occurs in our lifetime, we have done everything we can to be ready.

• Is the world about to end as a result of… (insert scenario here)? 
It doesn’t matter.

We are currently engaged in lifetimes that are important to each of us. It is however, a single lifetime within a multitude we have lived up to this point. The Earth has been restarted on more than two occasions and some of you reading this were there to experience it (I know because I have given you regression sessions). Part of the ascension process requires you to release the focus on a single life as you begin to see the larger picture of balance and ascension within an inextinguishable consciousness. We should govern our interactions to the highest standards possible, being honest, genuine, and compassionate with all we encounter. Ascension brings unity and as separation falls away, deception becomes impossible. If you operate to this standard, it does not matter how or when the incarnation ends.

• The Council/Federation/Archangel/Channeled entity (Insert name here) has said…

I’m not going to say these messages don’t matter, because they may matter to you depending upon your current perspective. Messages of love and unity and ways to improve your interactions with others are helpful. However, I would suggest that you pay close attention to how the messages make you feel. Messages that cause fear or worry should make you question the source. Consciousness beyond polarity will never provide information that elicits negative responses.

In all of the examples and discussions above, the concept is to find the nuggets of truth that nourish your growth while discarding the coverings that no longer serve you. Will your nuggets be the same as everyone else’s? It doesn’t matter. If it brings you peace, joy or happiness, it is food for your expansion. It is up to each of us to cultivate the awareness of what impacts our energies and in what direction.

In service to all… Todd Deviney / Expansion For Ascending Consciousness – The Book

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QUESTION: Did you ask about the harmonic convergence?


When I read this question the first thing that came to mind was the sympathetic co-resonance of consciousness that I keep talking about. The definition of ‘harmonic’ when applied to physics is; a component frequency of an oscillating wave that is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency. When you relate this to the concepts of consciousness this means that the rate at which the particulate of consciousness vibrates and spins can be impacted and accelerated proportional to the number of consciousnesses involved in similar thought. This is called “Sympathetic co-resonance” and I have defined it in my book.

As I was formulating the above response, I was prodded to look around the internet to see how the term harmonic convergence is being used in the awakening communities.

Special Planetary Alignments:
Our system of planets has been created from, and operates within, the system consciousness responsible for our development. Consciousness is a rotating toroidal sphere with the seat of consciousness at the center. From our perspective, the Sun is the seat of consciousness of our system consciousness. As the planets move within this consciousness they generate gravity waves relative to their mass that create the material constants science understands. Beyond that, there is nothing spiritual, supernatural, or harmonic that is going to occur related to the alignment of planets within our system. They are marbles moving within a system consciousness and it can affect any one of them anytime it desires without waiting for them to line up.

This number is associated with a Baktun in the Mayan calendar, but appears to have gained popularity in religious texts. When these books were written, 144,000 (in 12,000 soul increments) was a large segment of the population. Now that there are 7.5 BILLION people on the planet, this number has lost some of its luster. Consider that there are over 400 million people in the US and England alone. Now think about how widespread the information of awakening has become. Let’s use a conservative estimate and assume that a mere 1% of the population in these two countries are awake and meditating for love and peace; that is 4,000,000 people. Of those 4 million, assume that only 10% of them have properly aligned their rotational vectors to the required state and we have 400,000. Now factor in the rest of the world and I think we can all agree that we passed 144,000 a while ago. Numbers almost always create a hierarchy mentality. Irrespective of numbers, we should all be striving to align to unity consciousness in every moment.

Planetary Grid Points: 
The material components of Earth exist within and are manifested by the planetary consciousness. This consciousness is responsible for creating or dissolving the various spacetime constructs that exist for embodied consciousness to ascend through. These constructs (or timelines) are created and synchronized with each other using the planetary energy grid. This energetic lattice criss crosses the globe and specific intersections provide higher levels of energy to the grid than others. These points are known by various names, but people sensitive to energy can feel the energetic emanations in these locations. Congregating in these areas to meditate in the sympathetic co-resonance of unity consciousness provides a wonderful boost to our current timeline. We should all be doing this.

Returning to my opening statement, sympathetic co-resonance within consciousness is a requirement for aggregation within the planetary collective. A symphony plays beautiful music when everyone in the orchestra is in ‘harmony’. This is a musical collective. A single out of tune instrument is easily heard within this collective. It is the job of the other musicians to either help retune, or remove the discordant musician so that the symphony can continue.

Everyone embodied in this timeline is part of our symphony of consciousness. We are in the process of retuning our instruments so that they all resonate in sympathetic harmony with each other. As we slowly retune, the music become sweeter and louder. Those who are willing to retune to the new music are being affected faster as the wave of harmony increases. With each new musician playing in key, the music grows and the tempo increases. If you cannot tune to the new frequency you will have to pick up your instrument and leave. Rehearsal is over.

This timeline is our orchestra and when we all play in unison the curtain will open and we will play our collective music as we usher in the new era.

What an amazing time to be alive.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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Yesterday I was rolling along carefree in my love bus when I hit the brick wall of someone else’s reality envelope. It has been a while since anyone so entrenched has entered my sphere of awareness. Although it was created from a narrow scientific viewpoint, it brought some things into focus for me.

Every embodied consciousness on the planet has a picture of reality that they have created. Much of what we accept as truth is a result of information embedded into our consciousness through years of repetitive exposure. The more you hear something, the deeper it sinks into your subconscious, and over time becomes a solidified belief. Religious indoctrination is an obvious example where you are exposed to a belief system as a child that becomes the foundation of your reality. If your accepted belief is then challenged by the religious doctrines of others, you recoil in horror, “How can you believe such an obvious fabrication when my truth is the only truth?”

Scientists take a different approach and attempt to circumvent reality bias by only accepting research that has been peer reviewed and proven, which then becomes scientific theory. All scientific theories begin as a scientific hypothesis that attempts to provide a solution to an unexplained occurrence. There are many examples of past scientific hypothesis initially ridiculed by contemporary scientists of the day only to be later adopted into scientific theories that stand today.

I find myself straddling these two groups as I attempt to bring the religious aspects of soul and consciousness closer to the science of quantum theories and the operation of the universe. They are both very tough crowds that do not like to have their foundational understandings undermined. When you start connecting consciousness to energetic particles with zero mass that comprise the universe and are still not clearly understood, you are going to get pushback when it challenges accepted paradigms.

The awakening communities have an advantage in the fact that they are connected to a larger awareness. If you have meditated with any frequency you are well aware that your consciousness is connected to your body and not created from it. As you float in the vastness of your expanded awareness you realize very quickly that you are not alone and that connections in consciousness are immediate. Your reality paradigm quickly becomes permeable as you walk through the door into this metaphysical state because the synchronicities that subsequently occur will push you to further awareness.


When you experience telepathic communication for the first time, the reality of it is confirmed and your view of what is possible has expanded.

When you energetically heal a condition in another person that accepted medicine says is impossible, you begin to question what else might be possible.

When you have a vision of a future occurrence and then watch as it occurs, the definition of linear time falls away.

I present the information that is being provided to me and share it at every opportunity. This is the mission of all who identify as “Light worker”.

Be the light that illuminates the path for others along their journey and allow that some are not ready to begin.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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This was a question that I received privately from a reader. I really like the question because it shows an understanding of what is occurring and a desire to achieve it. If you have read any of the work the ascending collective is publishing you know that co-creation depends upon collective intent. In order for me to adequately answer this question I have to provide some background related to what is occurring.

We are currently embodied in a space-time construct that is in the process of a divergence. What this means is that when completed, there will be two space-time constructs that have a shared history, but diverging futures as they continue along separate pathways. I have discussed at length that consciousness at second density and above must be shuffled between the two as the divergence occurs. Famous people, and people you know personally will be in one or the other, but not both because they are complex consciousness empowering a human form. With the understanding that a shuffling will occur, we must consider how separate constructs are created and how consciousness engages with them.

The world we see as solid and immutable, is at its base constituents a complex composite of consciousness photons. The varying geometric lattices of matter within our current reality are then held in place and solidified at a specific energetic frequency. The ascending construct everyone is anticipating is termed ‘ascending’ for more than one reason. One of those reasons is that the solidified material construct will exist at a higher energetic frequency. Ascending consciousness will ‘shift’ into the higher oscillating frequency of the new construct while others remain in the existing construct, and this is the shuffling I mentioned. This is the separation, the divergence, the new Earth, whatever term you like, this is how it is going to happen.

In fact, it is already happening and the frequencies of the new construct are being woven into us as our collective intent has begun to weave the new reality. The separation is well underway and everyone at the leading edge knows that things are very different than they used to be. I have heard some people talk about “pulling the new reality in, or down, or up” and gravitational orientation aside, they are not wrong. Space-time constructs are a co-created reality whose foundation rests upon the desire of the collective. We are deciding what the future we are stepping into is going to look like.

I recently posted a session clip where the client was discussing the “Grid Weavers”. Everyone in the awakening communities are part of this grid. Some of us are the needles sewing the fabric of the new construct together, but the fabric of the new construct depends upon the strength of the composite fibers. This is why it is so important to focus upon what you want the future to be; love, unity, compassion, equality, continuity, ascension. All of these are present in the messages being provided by the awakening communities and that is by design. You can also find the messages of division and self-service just about everywhere else. Where you focus your attention is where your future path will lead. This is a very simple concept… You create what you focus on.

With all of that, I will share how I am ‘grounding in 4D’. This is what I am doing based upon my personal experiential path. There is no right or wrong. If you are doing something different and it is working, share it in the comments so others can decide if that feels better to them. Our paths are leading in the same direction, but we are all charting our own course.

Back in March 2018 I posted an article after a severe episode of vertigo. In that article I explained how I was taken to the new construct and then only partially brought back. Since that time I have felt as if I am standing between the two constructs as I attempt to pull one into the other. Physically this translates into a feeling of being ‘high’ both literally and figuratively (I am not taking any medication). When I walk from one place to another, I mostly feel as if I am looking down upon my body from somewhere above my head. As you can imagine, this took some getting used to. If others have begun to feel this it is important that you accept and allow the changes and not try to force yourself back into what you think is ‘normal’.

When I meditate I am immediately at the frequency of the new construct and I exist there as I provide a baseload frequency. You can think of this like the national power grid; large generators are required to maintain the frequency of the grid at 60 cycles. Without these large sources of power the grid would sag and the frequency would drop. The more people who meditate and connect to the grid, the higher the power level and the sooner it will manifest. The new construct is going to feel significantly lighter and brighter when compared to the denseness we are currently in. For this reason I attempt to exist within this energy and share it at every opportunity.

Grounding for me is a combination of meditation to maintain and grow the new energy grid, and then existing here as I attempt to share and anchor the energies. Everywhere I go I am aware of everyone else around me. Are you two aisles over and in a bad mood? Is there a child sharing the wonder of youthful happiness? Are you worried about something? I can usually identify these energetic signatures long before I come in contact with them. If you have read the book you know that energy is easily transferred between consciousness. If you can’t feel these things yet, you will as you work with the exercises in the book. When I walk around in public I visualize myself as a transmitter. I will briefly stop wherever I am and focus on pushing positive energy into the building. As I do this I see it as a golden light that radiates from me, cleansing any darkness it encounters. I am anchoring the energies of the new in consciousness willing to accept it, and so can you.

The other aspect of my grounding involves the material creations. I like being in nature and in the water and it is here that I share my energy with the body of the planetary consciousness. I am intimately familiar with existence as disembodied consciousness and I know that tactile existence within a material construct as complex as this one is a wonderful gift. If I am in the water I imagine that the energy of the new construct is flowing through me, into the water, and into the grid of the solidified construct. If I am walking through a forest I imagine that the energy is flowing through me into the trees and the life that surrounds me. In all cases I feel joy and happiness pouring out of me, as I exist in gratitude for the experience.

Can you fall off of this ‘cloud’ and get re-immersed in the thickness? Of course you can… if you allow it. Becoming sensitive to what is occurring within you lets you identify when something is attempting to push you off balance. As you become aware of events and the actions of others that push you off balance, you stop operating unconsciously, conditioned reactionary responses fall away, and you instead begin choosing your experiences.

It is time for all of us to complete the grid of the new construct and move into it. We are the change we are waiting for. As you choose the ascending reality you are lighting a point on the grid. As the grid increases, the energy it contains rises and impacts the next consciousness which then lights up and becomes another node.

Be the light, be the change, weave the grid, and together we will blanket the Earth in a new and wonderful construct.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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A response to questions by Alice Bryson.

(1) When the 4D group of people move when the divergence is complete, will 3D people who “then” ascend either in days/weeks/months/years move into this new construct?


As embodied consciousness within a space-time construct we have difficultly with the concept that time is not linear. We can look back within our reality and see a fixed history that leads to the current moment and a future that has not been created. In that regard we do not understand that history behind us is still active in other constructs and that versions of our future are seen as past events in others.

To give this some perspective, consider the original Earth timeline from which all others have deflected. In it let’s assume that the year is 3018. In this space-time construct they are 1000 years ahead of us and they are at the pinnacle of fourth density embodiment. From this original timeline there are hundreds of branches that have diverged to create their own construct, of which ours is one. Every one of these offshoots were created as a portion of the collective pushed away and created a divergence. In each one, individual consciousness has the ability to increase density and balance and ascend into a higher level construct already in play between incarnations. That will continue to be the case as we move into the new construct and third density consciousness continues to ascend and desires to play in our new co-creation.

Everyone is making a big deal out of the diverging constructs when in actuality it is a normal function of ascension that has happened many times before. It is exciting to experience during embodiment and I am just as anxious as anyone to watch it occur, but it is expected and carefully planned.

(2) If the solar flash/event happens before the constructs diverge – wouldn’t this mean a larger proportion of 3D people transitioning into the new 4D construct? I am just thinking that the event (as reported by QHHT people) would mean lots more ascending from this point?


This is where the unique nature of this divergence is occurring. There is an energetic wave coming that is going to end the polarity experiment (of consciousness) within this galaxy. This overwhelming pulse of creational energy will remove all traces of negativity and will occur immediately before the divergence of the constructs. Since the construct of polarity was created to cause an imbalance in consciousness that then required focus to overcome, its removal by definition infers that ascension will become easier for everyone. Will the pulse and resulting removal of negative polarity be enough to push some into the new construct? Perhaps, but that is going to depend upon where each individual is along their path toward balance and unity.

Ascension in consciousness is a personal journey until you achieve the density and balance of fourth density and begin seeking collectivity. Are we witnessing collectivity in the awakening communities? Of course we are because they are part of the ascending construct that is pushing on the envelope. The energetic wave that removes polarity is not going to cause rapid photonic division or artificially accelerate individual consciousness in and of itself. The process of ascension requires repeated embodiment to create a rich and balanced experiential pathway. There are no shortcuts, only a more direct and determined path devoid of distracted wandering.

Have you ever watched someone who was promoted to a management position that lacked experience? If the promotion placed them far beyond their experience and abilities, it was probably uncomfortable to watch and even more uncomfortable if you were their subordinate.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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I just saw a couple memes submitted for posting in the ‘Expansion’ group that contained statements in heavy rotation among the awakening communities. My perspective differs from the narrative they contain. Rather than post them and subsequently comment, I would like to share my perspective with you. I always start with that caveat, ‘my perspective’ because that is the case and we are all then free to choose whatever aligns with our perceptions. This is how we create our individual reality puzzles, and collectively, create the world we live in.

From my vantage point I see an energetic universe where energy, existing in a delicate balance, creates the resulting seen and unseen interactions. That energy is created through the experience and intention of consciousness. Everything that we observe within our material universe is solidified and in motion as a result of gradients of conscious energy. If there are gradients, and there is balance, it follows that there must be equations that monitor the balance of the process.

There are over seven billion humans within our current reality. Looking backward through our solidified history we can see that the population has increased over time from a much smaller aggregate. If that is the case then the consciousnesses that are empowering the current seven billion bodies had to come from somewhere. Ignoring those coming from other places to assist, there is an obvious progression of consciousness on Earth that has led to the seven billion currently amassed in our space-time construct.

This brings into focus the following questions: where did they come from and why are so many here now?

Ascension is not a new term, we have all heard it before. We are all actively pursuing that objective in our own ways. However, when we use the term we tend to focus upon a singular trajectory; forward. What we tend to overlook is how we got to where we are now and why we are working toward moving higher.

This ties in with two concepts within the memes I just read; 
1) That we are all fully ascended divine beings. 
2) That everything we do has already been done in every possible combination and we are merely walking a well worn path.

If every facet of consciousness on Earth right now were at the same energetic level there would be a complete imbalance. Rather than a complex equation balanced on either side of the equivalency, there would be one huge number, an equal sign, and a zero; 7,000,000,000 = 0
An energy equivalency of this proportion would be the same as stacking a barbell with 1000 pounds on one end, nothing on the other, and then attempting to lift it from the middle.

The universe dances because there is a delicate balance being maintained between fully ascended collective consciousness providing enormous energy, and an infinite array of consciousness at various stages of energetic ascension balancing the material creations. If all consciousness was fully ascended, there would be no material creations because they would not be necessary. As consciousness embodied on Earth, we are a factor within an energetic galactic equation and an integral part of its balance. There are currently seven billion in this construct because second density consciousness is ascending and joining third density as they continue their quest for expansion. As consciousness in third density gains the balance for fourth density, it begins to collect within a construct and then pushes the envelope.

In our current construct, there are seven billion at the juncture of a divergence where the ascending consciousness will begin a new level as the remaining continue their third density lessons. The important concept is that both constructs are created moment to moment by the interactions of the consciousnesses embodied there. It is not a preconceived ‘timeline’ that we are ‘jumping’ into or a path that has already been walked in either construct: they are entirely new creations, every second of every minute in every hour of every day.

Collectively co-creating realities is what consciousness at every level has been doing since the universe began. As consciousnesses within a collective decide upon a course, it materializes. Why do you think there is so much effort being expended to shape your reality one way or the other? As the consensus thinks, the future goes and as the consensus of the collective is shifted, our future shifts with it. It is here that you can loosely imply a shifting of ‘timelines’ but it is more appropriately considered a shifting of collective intention because there is no future until we decide what it will be.

We are seven billion facets of energy existing within a single material space-time construct. There are numerous constructs operating within the Earth’s gravitational lock and it is not the only planet in this solar system that contains a collective. The higher the ascension level of the collective, the more energy that has to be accounted for and dispersed through the creational energy web. In all of this, energetic balance is paramount: balance of individual consciousness, balance of the subsequent collective, balance within the solar system, and balance within the galaxy. This is the symphony of a balanced universe, existing to nurture and expand the individual perspectives of consciousness.

Whether you are a fragment or an organically ascending consciousness you are here at this moment to refine the balance of your rotational geometry so that your expansion continues.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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It is easy to read the various articles posted around the internet and intellectually understand the mechanics of what is being discussed. It is more difficult to watch as they impact your lives. Many light workers have identified the various indications of this slow separation. For example, identifying the contrast between an awakened perspective and someone still locked within the consensus trance is easy. Family members excepted, it is an observation without much impact when you understand that all are free to choose their path and not all paths lead in the same direction. The other aspect of the divergence that I have been discussing might be easy to conceptualize when you read it, but much more difficult to understand or accept as you watch it unfold and impact your life.

Second density consciousness is a complex geometric rotation of photons resulting from experiential energy. Each second density entity has a unique path that has led them to acquire the energy required for this rotation. As such, when an ascending construct diverges, the second density consciousnesses must be shuffled between the new construct and the remaining one. In a previous post and in a couple session clips I said that ‘something’ (or several things) was going to happen that made sense and explained why a lot of second density consciousnesses were no longer in the constructs. As the vehicles expire, the second density consciousnesses are then held within the collective until after the divergence. When completed, they are re-shuffled into the two constructs appropriately and repopulation commences as first density ascension resumes.

I say all of this because I am watching the sad events that are occurring in Florida from two viewpoints. From an embodied perspective I am saddened by the ecological devastation that is wreaking havoc upon the people living there and killing innocent marine life. From an ascended perspective however I know that this culling is a prelude to a much larger event. Every single carcass you see floating represents a second density consciousness that is now being held in the collective.

It was easy for me to make the statement, “Something is going to happen that makes sense why a lot of things aren’t here anymore”, but I had no idea how that would manifest or how it would feel emotionally for us to watch it unfold. Sadly, I also know that this is not the only distasteful thing that we are going to witness. The divergence is not just the separation of the ascending third density collective. We are embodied consciousness, we expect and require support from the lower densities that currently exist with us and this will be provided. That doesn’t mean we are going to like what we witness, but it is required.

It is easy to look at the current development of marine die off and blame the greedy corporations and nothing I am saying detracts from their culpability in creating this horrific scenario. A large part of embodiment under the veil is to learn from mistakes and incorporate the resulting lessons to correct the imbalances that cause these behaviors. The ecological destruction that has occurred to our biosphere due to self serving desires is going to be a very important lesson for the collective consciousness of both constructs. Understanding that free will is respected, we have been allowed to wreak havoc upon the systems that sustain us so that we collectively understand it is a poor choice and ascend beyond it. How far we allow this destruction to progress before we collectively wake up is up to us.

Is what is happening in Florida part of the divergence? I don’t currently have that information but every time I see a picture that has been posted I keep hearing “It is required”. I will ask in my next session and get a better answer of what to expect. However, the divergence requires a reduction in second density embodiment. If we don’t create the scenarios, they will be provided for us. It is important to correct the problems we face as quickly as we can to stop the destruction. As we do this we must also understand what is required for the coming ‘Event’ to take place.

Sending love and compassion to all those affected… Todd Deviney

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On my YouTube channel I engage with the comments submitted by the viewers and treat it as an active forum where we are exchanging perspectives. In both the videos and the comments I am providing information from a source beyond my ego self. What I am observing is that there are ‘nuggets’ contained in this information that can be sewn together. If you listen to the videos, read the resulting answers to comments, and start aggregating what is being said, a picture comes into focus. I think this is by design and not a random occurrence.

In almost every message from an ascended consciousness is the caveat “Answers come to those who seek them”. The answers you seek depends upon your current level of awakening and where you are focusing your intentions. What you find during your searches usually opens your awareness by pushing you into deeper questions, and continues your expansion. This is not limited to the information I am sharing, but includes the postings of the entire awakening community. As you bounce from one article to another you are formulating your perception of reality and so are millions of other people. This is collective consciousness creating future probabilities and the reason so many people are sharing messages of light and love.

Almost everyone has heard the story of a spaceship that crashed in Roswell New Mexico. One group of people heard the story and it created excitement and a desire to know more. Another group considered it fiction and remained focused on the tangible concerns of daily existence. From this example you can see a division forming within the collective consciousness of Earth. The division between those seeking information beyond accepted channels and those content to exist within them is not limited to this singular example. This chasm between awareness continues to grow and now includes the understanding that self-interest, fear, hatred, and anger are limiting their continued expansion. This is what the divergence of collectives looks like, and when the ascending collective reaches an energetic threshold, it pushes upon the envelope of the existing co-creational construct. A new construct is then required or the the energy of the ascending collective will remain limited.

And it is here that we find ourselves at the precipice of change with everyone attempting to anticipate when it will happen, what it will look like, and what we will experience. Which brings me to the Youtube comment that inspired me to write this post… THE CATACLYSM

In one of my session clips there is a discussion of the divergence and how life will be shuffled between the two constructs where I say, “Something is going to happen that makes sense to both constructs”. The refusal to say exactly what that ‘thing’ is or ‘when’ that thing will happen creates anger and suspicion in some who encounter it, but you have to look at this from beyond the viewpoint of a single lifetime. In the regression sessions I provide to clients they are allowed to see their death in previous incarnations, but they are NEVER allowed to see the death or events leading to the end of the current lifetime. This should fundamentally make sense to everyone. If you knew the exact time and circumstance of your death (assuming it was planned and not accidental), what would you do? I’m not suggesting that anyone is going to die, I’m merely indicating that there are things we cannot know ahead of time or it will irrevocably alter our intended life path.

I have no idea what is going to happen when the divergence actually occurs, but there are plenty of people who have shared what they think is coming and it is up to the individual to decide what resonates with them. I’m not paying attention because I know I am in the ascending construct. That does not make me better than anyone else, it just makes me more aware of the fact that I can choose which reality I wish to experience. As I have said several times now, we are deciding when this happens and what we will experience. I like many others have seen glimpses of a wonderfully bright future where everything ‘feels’ more energetic and positive. I know this is the coming collective reality for many of us, and that is the key; to know for certain and without fear that this is the reality you want to experience and that there is a choice.

While I cannot fathom it, you can look around the internet and see that there are a large number of people preparing for the end of the world. They see a vague shadow looming ahead that is going to force them into the dystopian movie scenarios that are so popular. That is not my future, but if you are focused on it and actively preparing for it, there is a possibility that it will be yours.

Know that you are more than a body with a finite lifespan. You are consciousness with infinite potential choosing to learn and grow through embodiment. For whatever reason, you chose to be here during this time of acceleration and should embrace the joy of that knowledge. When you ultimately ascend beyond embodiment and the need for the veil, you will fondly remember this lifetime.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

YouTube: Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion for Ascending Consciousness – The Book