This was a question asked about my previous post MOVING INTO A NEW REALITY:

This is a great explanation of the understanding of the “New Earth” split. I have a few questions….

When we transition and step into the other “room/density” and close the door, is that an explanation of our physical bodies “dying/death”??

Also, since we remember the room we were just in, do we consciously know we walked through to the other room or does it blend together for us and that is why we have the Mandela Effect??


As the ascending collective moves into the new construct, the delineation between the old and the new will appear seamless. As previously stated, things will ‘feel’ lighter and brighter because of the increased oscillating wavelength of the solidified material.

The separation of consciousness is well underway and this is naturally occurring as ascending consciousnesses increasingly focus upon higher vibration thought patterns. The old thought patterns are still there and all you have to do is observe who is talking about what, and a clear separation begins to appear. Most of the separation will occur in this manner but entanglements will still exist. After the shift you may think at some point “I wonder what ever happened to…” If you are closely involved with someone not shifting, there will be a disengagement in one form or another where you both go separate ways. You are also free to choose to stay and work together. The majority of ascending fourth density will be shifting with their bodies. Some may choose to start over in a fresh vehicle but that is not required. Since fifth density is a non-embodied energetic existence, you will clearly have to shed the vehicle to transition there.

As the new construct diverges and you ‘close the door’ it solidifies previous events as a historical record that cannot be changed… like taking a picture of the past. As I explain how past events solidify, you must understand that as we exist within this current construct it spans a period of collective existence. This span of time is malleable between the doors and is the room I spoke of. You can move around the room and rearrange the furniture anyway you like… you remember a couch being in the corner from a past experience, but someone went behind you and moved it. So when you return to the corner, no couch.

This is the shifting of ‘timelines’ and the cause of the Mandela effect that is being discussed. Technology exists for entities to go back (in what we perceive as time) and alter things within the boundaries of the room that is our current construct. This of course affects the cascading cause and effect relationships that follow. Consider for a minute that you witness a single rogue missile being launched at a specific target. The missile gets through, destroys an American city, and retaliation is launched without hesitation. This causes an unnecessary conflict that has terrible downstream consequences for the planet. Now… If you had the ability to go back and alter the interaction ‘slightly’, say, intercept the missile before it hits and downplay the event, you just massively changed the course of the collective. I’m not saying I have information that this actually happened… but we are negotiating and shaking hands instead of blowing each other up and that is a positive outcome.

Positive polarity is firmly in charge and moving everything in the right direction.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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A complete explanation would require a lengthy discussion about spacetime constructs and how they are created and held in place. Instead I’d like to talk about the general concepts and you can decide if they sound plausible to you.

There is a lot of talk about the Earth splitting, another Earth being created, consciousness ascending, or any number of different concepts that define a coming separation. The first question is; “What is actually going to happen to the Earth?” And the second is; “Why is everyone talking about a separation?”

The sphere that is the Earth, locked into its current spacetime rotation is not physically splitting or moving anywhere. It is possible to move a planet anywhere it needs to go, complexities begin when you have consciousness embodied and ascending through the constructs. Moving a planet causes tremendous upheaval on the material and energetic planes as it transits through the creational energy web. There is too much invested in the Earth at this time to halt embodiment, hold consciousness in the collective, physically move the planet, and then restart embodied life. That is not going to happen, and it is not required.

Now that we know what is not going to happen, let’s talk about what is going to happen.

Consciousness currently embodied in this spacetime construct fall into three categories; lower third density, transitional third density, and fourth density holdbacks. The lower third density consciousnesses are relatively new to self-awareness and do not have the density and experience for anything other than right where they are in the here and now. Transitional third density consciousnesses are at the threshold of having the density and balance to move into the new construct but will need to apply themselves to successfully transition. They have to decide whether they want to go with the shift or wait. The awakening community is attempting to help those wanting to shift by providing the information each worker feels is helpful and appropriate. Fourth density holdbacks are the reason all of this is happening. These consciousnesses attained the density to ascend long ago but were caught in the polarities and remained unbalanced. They have been here playing the same game repeatedly. The time has come for them to graduate from third density and move into the fourth. Some of these hold overs have been here so long that they possess the density to move directly into fifth density. Whether they choose to move to fifth, or stay in fourth is up to them.

In order to separate the groups into more effective collectives, another spacetime construct is being created that everyone ascending to fourth density will move into. Spacetime constructs are created using increasing frequencies of matter and the new construct will exist right here on Earth just beyond the one we are in right now. When we transition into it we will be leaving our current construct behind as we step into this new creation. When this occurs it will be like stepping through a doorway into another room and closing the door. This new room is going to seem ‘lighter and brighter’ because it will exist at a higher level of oscillating frequency. The room you just left still exists and so do the people in it. You however, are now separated from that room and are with a different group of people. The two rooms no longer see each other but you remember everything that happened in that room. The people in the room you left have no idea what is in the room you now occupy or that it exists. There are many more rooms for you to move into after this one but the doors remain locked until you are ready to enter them. You don’t know what is next, but you remember every other room you have been in. This is the vantage point of linear history that solidifies as new constructs emerge.

This is the analogy of ascending in density. You can see from your position back down through the rooms but you cannot see where you have not yet been. This a separate discussion from the ending of the polarity experiment. The two concepts are entirely separate. The polarity experiment is ending concurrently with the creation of an ascending spacetime construct on the Earth. When polarity ends it will no longer exist in any construct, anywhere. Whatever the collectives create from that moment forward will be without self-interest or division.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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I just finished a session yesterday and will process and post clips as I have time. One of my questions was in response to something that I recently experienced and wanted to understand. Since most of the answer was of a personal nature I will discuss it here rather than post a session clip, but the experience and the understanding may help others when they encounter it.

Have you ever met someone and instantly feel that you know them from somewhere? Perhaps the feeling was so strong that you attempt to discern where in this lifetime you have seen them before. Unable to do so, the realization settles in that although you have never met this person before there is an instant recognition that cannot be explained. This is going to begin to occur with increasing frequency for the ascending collective. My hope is that this information will aid you in understanding and navigating the new awareness and the resulting connections.

I have previously discussed the composition of consciousness and the fact that ascension is directly related to the photonic density and rotational balance of your spinning array. The more balance you obtain, the faster your spin rate (frequency). A faster photonic spin induces a larger vibrational displacement between individual photons and more creational energy can be absorbed and stored. The more energy you absorb, the more you increase your density. This is the simplistic formula of ascension which is then assigned levels; 3D, 4D, 5D, etc…

Okay, I just said all of that so that I can relate that process to abilities that become available as your consciousness attains sufficient energy to begin pushing through the veil of forgetfulness. This veil is nothing more than an energetic partition erected within your consciousness that allows you to live and learn unimpeded by previous experiences. It is not a detriment, it is a wonderful creation that has been designed to assist our learning process along the journey of ascension. It is also meant to be outgrown and dissolved under the pressure of increasing consciousness. Many ascending consciousnesses have now reached this energetic threshold and are pushing through the veil into new abilities associated with higher density consciousness. One of these abilities is the identification of sympathetic co-resonance between consciousness.

Sympathetic co-resonance is defined as: A harmonic phenomenon wherein a formerly passive vibratory complex responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness.

What that means for us as embodied vibratory consciousness complexes is that we are going to begin to identify the people we meet on an energetic level that we share harmonic resonance with. There are various levels to the energetic resonance and different reasons why you may be impacted by the energetic signature of another consciousness. I am going to briefly discuss the three most common associated with consciousness emerging from the veil and what you might experience as you come into proximity.

Traveler fragments identifying others from their collective: 
Ascending from embodiment into a collective requires that all conscious spheres operate in unison at a base frequency wavelength. To put this into perspective imagine several layers of metal stacked upon each other. If you hit the top piece with a hammer, the percussion wave will travel uniformly through the entire composite. Now put a piece of styrofoam among the layers and hit it again. The wave will not travel through the assembly but will dissipate at the non-uniform layer. Collectives are powerful energy amplifiers because of this uniformity and if you bump into a traveler from your collective you are going to feel it.

This base-wave co-resonance can produce some odd effects that can be mis-identified if you don’t know what is happening. As you come within proximity your spheres of consciousness are going to overlap and unless you are consciously preventing it, the linking is automatic. You may feel a surge of energy as this occurs that will make you immediately take notice of the other person. Telepathy is the mode of communication within a collective and you may instinctively begin a conversation. Whether you hear this as a vocal conversation, see it as three dimensional coded packets, or sense a higher conversation taking place beyond your awareness will depend upon your level of awakening. In all cases, you will be happy at a level beyond superficial emotions to have found someone ‘just like you’.

The feeling is similar to twin flames or duality aspects that meet in the physical and can be confused as such by those who are just acquiring these senses. For that reason it is important for both parties experiencing these sensations to proceed slowly without assigning a name or expectation to what is occurring. In time as the connection stabilizes the true nature of the co-resonance will become clear.

Past Life Interactions:
Everyone likes to associate with friends that they know well and can trust through proven interactions. The same is true of consciousness. Lifetime after lifetime you will play and learn lessons with consciousness that you have known before. I have lost count of the QHHT sessions I have given where someone important to the client in this lifetime was a significant other in a previous life. If you were the parent in one lifetime, you may wind up switching roles in the next but still playing together in the games of consciousness. The reason for this is that shared experiences create sympathetic co-resonances within the consciousnesses. This creates comfortable harmonics that are felt beyond embodiment and if given the opportunity, consciousness will opt to play with other consciousnesses that it has harmonic ‘friendships’ with from prior lifetimes. These are the people who usually bring you your deepest lessons in a lifetime. Under the veil you may not have known energetically who was going to bring you a lesson, but you pulled them into your life one way or the other. As you emerge from the veil you will begin to identify this co-resonance for what it is the moment you meet. What occurs after that is a function of co-creative probabilities and what lessons might have been planned prior to incarnation.

If the prior connection was a deep and personal one, you are going to feel it again the moment you meet. If it was associated with love and commitment, these feelings are going to come rushing right back producing emotions that make no sense toward a person you have just met. Depending upon your level of awakening and the depth of the prior connection, mental pictures may appear in your mind of people and places you have never encountered in this lifetime. There are no coincidences or random encounters related to these meetings. The Universe is an infinite construct and random chance does not apply to meetings such as these. Whether you identify it for what it is, and what subsequently follows is up to the free-will choice of both consciousnesses. In almost every encounter one consciousness will have access to more information than the other. It is important to allow a natural unfoldment and not to attempt to force knowledge or choices upon anyone. We all find the information we need, exactly when we need it.

Traveler Fragments with Past Life Interactions:
This is by far the most powerful combination and if you encounter this unexpectedly it will hit you like a brick wall. Earth has been immersed in the polarities longer than recorded history, and even before the last recorded history that is no longer within the collective memory. Because of this travelers have been coming here to assist for millennia. The task seems easy from an external perspective but once you accept the veil and become immersed in the polarities it is easy to get sidetracked. Harmonic co-resonance that exists because of collective alignment allows light workers who join during incarnation to raise their abilities exponentially. Couple this with the sympathetic co-resonance of shared experience and you become a force to be reckoned with. This was the intention of many travelers who incarnated here. Meet, join forces, and operate toward the common goal of neutralizing polarity. However as the immersion continued through subsequent lifetimes these teams became separated as one or both succumbed to the self serving desires of polarity. As the polarities continue to reconcile these traveler teams are once again starting to recognize each other.

When you meet a team member the energy is going to knock you over if you have reconciled the polarity in your consciousness, achieved balance, and are within the harmonic/sympathetic co-resonant frequency. In every occurrence, this is no accident and an important opportunity is being presented. Here again it is important to proceed slowly. It is easy to fall into the expectations of past relationships and embodied desires. You have been brought together because of something that was planned prior to incarnation. Because of this it is critical that your ego consciousness take its hands off the wheel and allow your higher aspects to steer the course. Do not try to make anything happen… allow the path to reveal itself one step at a time.

I hope this information helps others as much as it helped me understand my personal experiences. I share what I receive and ask each reader to use their own discernment regarding what resonates as their truth.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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I was asked this question the other day and had no idea what the person was talking about. I was then sent a link to a video about it (I’ll attach the video at the end of this post). I appreciate questions like these because I’m not really paying attention to anything anymore and this gives me a chance to examine what is circulating at the moment. I’ve also pulled back on my posting until the book is out because there are SO MANY people sharing their information that I don’t see benefit in rehashing what you can find elsewhere.

In this discussion about the energy, I am like everyone else out there without a PhD and a peer reviewed paper published in a scientific journal; I am providing a personal discussion of what I see from my perspective. Is my information correct? That is where personal discernment becomes an important tool and one that each of you must actively cultivate. Look back through our timeline and you can see decision points where history would be different had the general population used critical discernment rather than blindly following the narrative. As we continue to wake up from our collective slumber this is accelerating. We no longer swallow what is fed to us just because an approved source said it. This is a crucial step toward the collective awakening.

So it seems that telescopes in Hawaii observed a huge flash of light that began and propagated different than anything else they have seen before. Speculation about what it is abounds and I am going to ask the question in my next session. When I ask questions like this in a session I am taken and literally shown what is occurring. I can’t really explain how that happens and have it make sense to everyone, but it is pretty damn cool. I will share whatever the answer is when I get it. Until then allow me to share what this flash is not.

I think everyone reading this accepts that consciousness exists beyond the brain and that some portion of our individuality continues after our bodies expire. Most religions also embrace this concept in one form or another. Everyone also gets the underlying concepts of contrast between light and dark, good and bad, positive and negative. These energetic actions impact our consciousness and the same religions that believe in life after death also believe that your actions in life impact you after death. When viewed from this level we begin to see foundational understandings that have been built upon to create our contemporary religions. What was subsequently built upon those foundations of truth is a matter of who was building, and for what purpose. From this generic acceptance we can assume that there is some structure existing beyond the body that comprises consciousness, but we cannot see it in our material reality. There are also energetic impacts upon this structure that somehow change it, yet these are also unobservable.

Moving on to science we see that quantum theories have progressed to the point that we know there is an energy existing within the fabric of the Universe. Regardless of what you call it; Dark Energy, Dark Matter, or Ether, this unseen and unquantifiable energy is now accepted and openly discussed. I will take that one step further and suggest that we exist within a Universal Consciousness and what we cannot yet identify is the energy of consciousness. Whether it is individual consciousness or the dark matter of Universal Consciousness, we accept it exists but cannot quantify it because it is not attached to a material construct. If you combine the concepts of science and religion you easily Segway into the discussions in the awakening community that we are all facets of a singular consciousness.

We now move on to the ‘Wave’ or the ‘Event’ that is currently being discussed (I am going to paraphrase because this is a much deeper discussion of energy than I want to include here). In almost all of the discussions it is described as an energy that is going immerse you in the feelings of total love as all the negative is dissolved. The construct of polarity is being phased out because it upsets the energy balance by propagating negativity that is unable to self-reconcile. The effort required to manage and constrain it are beyond the value the experiences provide. As such it has been deemed “An inefficient construct”. The event or wave, is a pulse of creational energy that will effect the final realignment of any remnants of polarity as the construct ends forever.

If we are individual facets of the same consciousness, existing within the donor consciousness, it then follows that distance does not exist. As embodied consciousness we are conditioned to expect a distance between objects. Even at the smallest observable constituents of matter smashed together at CERN, we identify the components as they exist separate from each other. However, consciousness does not operate or abide by the rules of the material because it does not exist within the material. The material exists within consciousness and has been created from it.

Putting all of this together we can now speculate that this coming event, or energy wave, does not need to cross a distance because any perceived distance is an illusion. To put this into perspective think about your last trip to the grocery store… 
See yourself walking down the aisles behind your cart as you put things in it… 
Now think of yourself at your last vacation spot enjoying the experience… 
Now think of a past lover and the most amazing moment you shared together… 
Did you move seamlessly from one thought to the other or did you visualize yourself transporting your consciousness through time and space from one experience to the other? This is exactly what happens within the Universal consciousness and is the foundation of the concept that “Everything is happening at once”.

The pulse is not going to originate at some remote location in the material Universe and travel toward us as we watch in anticipation (or horror depending upon your polarization). The conduit is as follows and will be invisible and instantaneous from our perspective:

The Universal seat of consciousness transmits the energy to the toroidal opening of the Galactic Consciousness. It will travel to the Galactic seat of consciousness and be transmitted to the toroidal openings of the System Consciousnesses where polarity exists. The System Consciousness will push this energy through its seat of consciousness which is where the energy stars reside. The energy will be of sufficient magnitude to overpower and neutralize any negative polarity that it encounters but of low enough yield to preserve beneficial experiences. This is why it has not occurred yet; the magnitude required is still too high. This why the awakening community is working so hard, we are moving the ratio of polarity to within the acceptable level for the pulse to occur.

The first sign consciousness incarnated on Earth will see is that the Sun is doing something it has never done before in recorded history. What each person ‘sees’ and feels as the pulse impacts them is going to depend upon what they expect and the level of polarity that they contain within their consciousness.

What happens after the pulse? That of course is up to the individual and is covered under my previous post of three choices.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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Here is the video I was asked to watch:









Again I tell you that this is not only possible, it happens thousands of times everyday. Stay positive, stay energized, and walk around consciously sharing your energy with others. Your energy will realign them and they will begin to feel better and never know why. Do not try to “pull” sadness or anger out of anyone, the intention is to share what you have with them, not take anything from them.

Be the flame that lights the candles in the darkness until there is darkness no longer.

In service to all… Todd









This was what I heard as I sat in meditation this past weekend. I have agreed to stand in my truth and share what I am given but I also have to consider the way things work on this planet. What I am about to share is an excerpt my second book. The first book isn’t even out so this may be a bit premature but there might be some who need this information now.

In all of the publications and videos that exist in the awakening community is the concept of heart centered thinking. Activate your heart, think from your heart, feel from your heart, etc… I understand and agree that heart activation is critical to moving along the positive path. The opening begins the process of accessing creational energy. A heart awakening is the beginning of balancing the polarities and the physical sensations result as you energize your ‘seat of consciousness’. The influx of creational energy begins to realign the negative rotations you may have in your consciousness and the sensation is a feeling that we all associate with love. You are ascending through a polarized third density and the feedback of love is an indication that you are on the right track.

What I have just described is the experience most people are having as they begin their shift from third density into fourth as we near the divergence of the construct I have previously discussed. What I did not understand until this weekend is that there are consciousnesses entwined in the polarities that have achieved the density and composition to move directly into fifth density at the time of the shift.

In all of my discussions thus far I speak of rotations and balance as being required components for ascending consciousness. The essence of our self-awareness beyond the body is an array of oscillating photons. As you gain density and balance through successive lifetimes you acquire the capacity to harness increasing amounts of creational energy which is the building block of the Universe. For polarity to exist there must be an alternate path and this was the path of negativity and self-service. This created a dual path for ascending fourth density consciousness. Taking this one step further, if one path is completely centered upon serving only the self, it follows that the other path would be completely centered upon serving other selves.

Looking at the drawing that accompanies this post you see a representation of the possible paths that could be chosen. The dark lines that contain the shaded area represent the extremes of the positive and negative polarities. Within these lines are consciousness containing varying percentages of polarization with the dotted line representing perfect balance between them. As you gain density you continue along your path pulled left or right depending upon the percentages of polarity within you. Somewhere along your journey you will begin to balance the polarities, your path will stop deflecting and you will begin to move back toward the dotted line at the center. As with a car tire, the more balance you contain the faster you will be able to rotate and the quicker you will reach your destination. That destination is to move beyond polarity and into the perfect balance of sixth density collectivity.

The details that explain the operation of the process and why the extremes are required will be contained in the second book. All I am trying to do here is bring forward the idea that balance is everything; within individual consciousness, within galactic consciousness, and within the fabric of the multiverse.

This brings me to the questions in the heading of this post. As I sat in my connection I wanted to know why my experience appears to be different from that of the awakening collective. The answer is the perspective of the dotted line in the drawing. As you balance between the polarities there is no pull in either direction, there is only choice. There is a percentage of consciousness on Earth that have accumulated enough of both polarities that they have the ability to move directly into fifth density if they can be properly balanced. This again is part of the second book and I am sharing it early in the hopes that it will resonate with some of you. If it does, start asking questions and I will do my best to answer them.

There is no wrong path, there is only your path. The one that brings you joy and fulfillment in every step.

In service to all… Todd

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This is a simple drawing of what occurs as creational energy realigns negativity. Scientifically: the higher energy consciousness is impacting and raising the frequency of the lower energy consciousness and creating a new metastable state within them that will exist after they leave proximity. 

Taking it down a notch: You are sharing the vibration of love and helping all that you encounter.

One thing to keep in mind. The consciousness with the higher energy will realign the lesser. Highly negative consciousness can pull you down if they are the overpowering energy. Nothing to be afraid of, just be sensitive to if your mood is changing for no apparent reason.









This is in response to a question I was asked about how these relate to each other and what form they will take in the future.

The purpose of moving through the densities is to increase your ability to store conscious energy. In the lower densities responses are built into the vehicle that improve its odds of remaining viable within the construct. One of the most important of these is fear which invokes the fight or flight reflex and improves the odds of surviving an encounter. As humans in an ascending vehicle we still feel the response of fear and resulting momentary surge of adrenaline. The situations where this is required for actual survival continue to decrease as we increase control over our personal realities. As consciousness gains energy and balance it is meant to exert control over the instinctual responses of the body.

At first you use reason to control the instinctual response, “I am watching a movie, there is no actual threat to my survival, calm down”. As you continue to increase the energy of consciousness it in turn feeds back into the energy pathways within your body and physical changes begin to take place. When we have fully transitioned into the ascending construct the response of fear will naturally fall away. You will have the power of consciousness that understands embodiment as temporary and the situations that might cause a fear response will be very few. The instinctual response will be replaced with logic and reason as the mechanism shifts from the body complex to the consciousness complex. The reason for this is because the next step in your ascension requires that you shed the need for the body completely.

Anger is a learned response and is not driven by instinctual programming. It is a direct manifestation of polarity and is considered to be an unanticipated mutation. In every situation you choose your response based upon the orientation of your consciousness. If you have achieved the rotational balance associated with creational energy (the emotional response of love) you will be responding from a solid platform using logic. If you are walking around with unbalanced polarities within you, the chances are high that you will allow habitual responses to affect your decision making.

Let us consider a scenario. Someone invites you to dinner but they forget what day it was. You show up at the restaurant and wait for hours and the person never shows up. The next day the same person contacts you, apologizes and reschedules. Again you show up at the restaurant but they do not. The next day they call again and apologize… How do you respond?

There was a time not too long ago where 90% of the population would have responded with anger at this situation. “How dare you, blah, blah, blah, never call me again”. I would hazard a guess and say that number has decreased recently and that is how the slow dissolution of polarity is manifesting. People are beginning to respond differently because they are regaining balance within their consciousness.
There is nothing in the Universe that says you have to endure infringements upon you by others. We are all making our own choices and if your choice infringes upon mine, I have the right to prevent it. So in this instance I would cordially decline a third or future infringement upon my time from a position of logic, without anger, and without ego.

As we continue to ascend in consciousness the choices of polarized responses will continue to fall away as the imbalance of reverse polarity is removed. This does not mean that as a collective we forget our experiences of negativity. We retain the memories of the atrocities and use them to balance our actions from both viewpoints. The imbalance caused by the creation is gone, but the memories remain. We will remember hatred, violence, death, and self-interest, but they will be understood for what they are: poor choices that do not benefit the collective whole.

In service to all… Todd

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I previously shared the intentions that I use as I begin to meditate. In it is the sentence “I am the way” and that sentiment is what I would like to discuss with you today.

I spent the past weekend working in my yard and taking breaks to cool off. During those breaks I had the intention to look around every corner of the Internet to see exactly what messages were out there and who was saying what. This then turned into an entire evening where I kept digging deeper trying to find the bottom. The result was quite illuminating and oftentimes humorous. I would like to offer a general perspective that you can then expand upon later using my book if you feel so inclined.

Everyone reading this is an individualized facet of consciousness. Regardless of whether you think you are a ninth dimensional being from Andromeda or connected to source itself, you exist within an energetic membrane that allows you a unique perspective. This unique perspective has been acquired through countless lifetimes where lessons were intimately learned during embodiment. Nothing is more personal and unique than living life in a body with no memory of anything as you stumble toward your intended experiences.

This is the objective of everything and the reason we are all here. As we stumble around with amnesia on Earth, each and every one of us is acquiring a unique perspective of life and consciousness. As we continue to ascend in density we will ultimately shed our bodies and join the collective. At that point we will contain unique and balanced perspectives that allow for council to be sought. We are already attempting this with our Governments with mixed success because we do not fully understand the nature of collective consciousness.

With the idea of perspective in mind, let us move to the concept of “Everyone has access to everything”. I personally would love to have the blueprints to a consciousness drive interstellar engine. I know they exist because I have been on the ships and the basic concepts are within my book. However, whenever I ask for more information the answer is always “No, this collective does not contain sufficient balance for that level of information”. Looking around at what those in control are doing with the technology we do possess, I can’t argue with that statement.

Let’s use an analogy to bring clarity to the concept that all information is accessible. Consider that you are taking your final exams in college. These exams are meant to judge whether you have acquired the knowledge and skills to practice medicine as a Doctor. Pass the exam and you prove that you can safely administer and help people who are looking to you for guidance. Now assume that you are given all of the answers ahead of time. The test is no longer indicative of your abilities because you already knew what was coming and prepared for the exact sequence of events.

Some of what you read and listen to is clearly fabricated or regurgitated and is being used to form an audience base, but there is also valuable knowledge being presented to assist our awakening and ascension. We are all free to decide what to focus upon because even the wrong path provides perspective and balance in subsequent incarnations. With enough balance and experience in your consciousness you will easily separate the real from the distraction. There are many here that acquired the density to move forward long ago but remained unbalanced within the polarities. What we are witnessing is an attempt to move as many forward as possible coinciding with the abatement of polarity.

If you know what you are looking for you and you look at enough information, you begin to see levels of awareness within the various publications and discussions. It is obvious to even a casual observer that some people have more information at their disposal than others. This brings up the question, “Why is this so?”

There is a Universal/Multiverse rule in place that consciousness everywhere is constrained by: ‘Consciousness cannot see what exists beyond their density’. To understand this statement let’s explore a few scenarios.

Consider a sixth density fragment that has come here to experience and assist in the ascension. They will have access to knowledge afforded by their collective but they will only be allowed to share what is appropriate. They will have knowledge of a fully ascended planetary collective but can only speculate about what comes next.

Now consider a ninth density fragment that has come here to assist. They will be able to discuss planetary collectives and system collectives but only speculate beyond that.

A fully ascended consciousness that has come here to assist is limited only by what is appropriate to share with an ascending third density collective.

All of this assumes that the fragments actually wake up within the construct and set about their intended course of action. There are many here hopelessly asleep using their abilities to fulfill the desires of ego. There is no judgement in this and they are free to do whatever they choose. They will however be quite disappointed when the incarnation ends.

The last thing I would like to discuss is the concept that there is some miracle energy that is coming and going to do… ‘something’ to either your body or your consciousness. The information I found covered the entire spectrum of possibilities and you should believe whatever feels right, right now. Understand that as you continue to grow in consciousness your beliefs will also grow and evolve. Here is my perspective on the energies. I share freely and you are also free to do whatever you want with it.

Consciousness on this planet is definitely feeling an increase in the availability of creational energy. This is a result of the removal of polarity from the collective consciousness surrounding the sphere. The function of polarity is to absorb creational energy and it has been doing this on Earth for thousands of linear years. As the polarity subsides, creational energy is once again flooding the planet and if you are sensitive you are feeling it. Whether it is coming in waves or all at once will be a function of where you are standing in consciousness and what is required to get you ‘Up to speed’. Individual consciousness also has to decide what it wants to do with the energy, if anything. If you decide to embrace it and you have achieved the rotational maturity of consciousness, you will begin to see signs of a shift both physically and in consciousness. This will manifest consciously as peace and collectivity between you and others as you begin to realign from polarized thoughts.

Consciousness drives the ascension of the vehicle, period. If you can see physical representations of changes in your body, there is nothing to thank beyond the intentions of your own consciousness. The energy is here but you have to want it and you have to be aligned to it. As you increase the energy of consciousness, it in turn energizes the energy conduits of your body and changes begin. This is the normal process of ascending consciousness throughout the Universe. What is unique about this process on Earth is a result of the polarity issue that had to be resolved and what was required to resolve it.

You can listen to endless discussions and read volumes of information that entertain and enlighten you, but ultimately ascension is highly personal. There is no ‘Doctor of Ascension’ that can prescribe a regimen for you to follow to achieve Nirvana. As individualized consciousness you are steering your course toward a destination uniquely yours. The uniqueness of the journey is the reason individualized conscious was created. Separate perspectives allow for a balanced discussion so that council is embedded within every collective.

All of us writing and speaking truthfully within the awakened community are attempting to provide generalized directions to help you stay on course along your journey. Directions that provided guidance as you traveled through Atlanta will not serve you as your journey continues and you find yourself in Washington. It is important for everyone to pay attention to their internal compass and know when a shift has occurred. As you look back upon directions that no longer serve you, the step increases of ascending awareness become pronounced. The truth is always the truth but the form it takes shifts with increasing awareness.

You are the way to your own ascension. Set your intentions, chart your course, and trust the guidance that comes from within.

I am light, I am love, I am truth, I am the way (forward).

In service to all… Todd

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The information I am sharing is more effective if you reference the book -Expansion for Ascending Consciousness- when you need additional details related to these postings. I do my best to provide an understandable overview, but the book leads you through the fundamentals of consciousness and the material in an ascending order. 

As humans under a veil of forgetfulness we identify ourselves as our body. From the moment you are born you identify your feelings through the emotional responses of your body. As you grow and gain some awareness you find that when you care deeply for someone or something it creates a good feeling in your chest that moves to your head and we understand that as love. If this feeling has been created as a result of an external entity, if it is removed you will feel loss as the energy is removed. This is an incredibly oversimplified explanation, but you get the concept.

You can go through many lifetimes with nothing more than this simple mechanism to steer your course choosing the feelings of love and moving right along toward your expansion and ascension. At some point however you are going to have to understand the mechanics of consciousness and what is causing these responses within you. The reason for this is that ascension requires the shedding of the body as you join the collective. At this level you must understand the constituents of consciousness, what causes your energy to expand, and how you harness it and remain a balanced portion of the greater whole.

An analogy would be a child in third grade who is learning their times tables and has a parent who is a college professor in Physics. The child knows that there is more to mathematics than the times tables because they watch their parent using books with complex equations. At some point in the future the child knows that it will need to understand Trigonometry and Calculus to graduate but it is currently beyond their level of comprehension. Through a steady progression of acquired knowledge, the child is brought to understand the books of their parents. The same is true of ascending consciousness. You can steer your course by the feelings in your heart because you have a body that is providing you that feedback. At some point in your ascension however you must understand the mechanics of the energy in order to graduate.

The energy of creation exists everywhere and is available to energize consciousness as soon as you align to it and draw it in. Attached to this post is a stylized painting of a religious prophet and what you see is a golden halo and a heart outside of his chest. As you look at these representations you should consider what they are attempting to portray since the people of the era did not understand what was occurring with the entity or themselves.

While the halo in this picture is rotated to appear behind the head, it was in fact directly above the head and associated with the crown chakra. As a fully aligned consciousness, this person was pulling in creational energy at a rate that caused the toroidal opening to appear to be glowing. Since there were no blockages, this entity was operating completely within their seat of consciousness which is a smaller sphere that surrounds the heart area. This consciousness walked around the Earth as an overpowering positive energetic force. Anyone who came within proximity felt the realignment within them as the energy accelerated the rotational vectors within their consciousness. This is a documented charge exchange effect that occurs between energized particles and creates accelerated metastable states.

Using the common vernacular: You can walk around vibrating in the frequency of love and actually impact those around you. This is the simplified explanation and it will serve you well, but at some point you must understand what you are doing and how you are doing it. This is called mastery and it is required in every art and every trade and differentiates the teacher from the apprentice.

If you now overlay the second picture upon the first you see the representation of what was occurring energetically and we get a clearer understanding. You can see the opening of the consciousness sphere above the head and when fully energized will create the halo effect represented. The massive amount of energy then pools in the seat of consciousness (heart center) before it begins radiating outward through the rotation to the barrier of the consciousness. If you are a polarized consciousness and you come into proximity with creational energy of this magnitude you are going to feel your heart center awaken as the negativity is realigned. This feeling is associated with physical love and it felt good so the people of that era wanted more of it. As they aligned themselves to it, they aligned others and this created pockets of ‘light’ in a world that was engulfed in ‘darkness’ and negativity.

What I have just described is the primary mission of everyone who identifies as “Awakened” or “Light Workers”. It is our job to walk around with an overpowering positive charge within our consciousness spheres and help realign and remove the negativity that remains. There are many people in the world who have no idea that they are walking around with negativity. These are the people who choose behaviors of self service, hierarchy, power, control, anger, hatred, etc… These choices exist outside of creational energy and unity consciousness and they are easy to avoid once you become aware of them and choose differently. As the numbers of positively aligned consciousnesses increase, the subtle realignment also increases. This is the critical mass of awakening that we are witnessing and as the power of positivity increases, the opposition to it weakens.

Negatively aligned consciousness is well aware that the negative energy web is failing throughout the Galaxy. What was once a powerful opposition is now an experiment that is being phased out. We are nearing the end of this game and we are all witnesses to the closing acts. We must energize our consciousness with creational energy and leave a trail of rainbows everywhere we go. 

In service to all… Todd R Deviney

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