This is in response to a question I was asked about how these relate to each other and what form they will take in the future.

The purpose of moving through the densities is to increase your ability to store conscious energy. In the lower densities responses are built into the vehicle that improve its odds of remaining viable within the construct. One of the most important of these is fear which invokes the fight or flight reflex and improves the odds of surviving an encounter. As humans in an ascending vehicle we still feel the response of fear and resulting momentary surge of adrenaline. The situations where this is required for actual survival continue to decrease as we increase control over our personal realities. As consciousness gains energy and balance it is meant to exert control over the instinctual responses of the body.

At first you use reason to control the instinctual response, “I am watching a movie, there is no actual threat to my survival, calm down”. As you continue to increase the energy of consciousness it in turn feeds back into the energy pathways within your body and physical changes begin to take place. When we have fully transitioned into the ascending construct the response of fear will naturally fall away. You will have the power of consciousness that understands embodiment as temporary and the situations that might cause a fear response will be very few. The instinctual response will be replaced with logic and reason as the mechanism shifts from the body complex to the consciousness complex. The reason for this is because the next step in your ascension requires that you shed the need for the body completely.

Anger is a learned response and is not driven by instinctual programming. It is a direct manifestation of polarity and is considered to be an unanticipated mutation. In every situation you choose your response based upon the orientation of your consciousness. If you have achieved the rotational balance associated with creational energy (the emotional response of love) you will be responding from a solid platform using logic. If you are walking around with unbalanced polarities within you, the chances are high that you will allow habitual responses to affect your decision making.

Let us consider a scenario. Someone invites you to dinner but they forget what day it was. You show up at the restaurant and wait for hours and the person never shows up. The next day the same person contacts you, apologizes and reschedules. Again you show up at the restaurant but they do not. The next day they call again and apologize… How do you respond?

There was a time not too long ago where 90% of the population would have responded with anger at this situation. “How dare you, blah, blah, blah, never call me again”. I would hazard a guess and say that number has decreased recently and that is how the slow dissolution of polarity is manifesting. People are beginning to respond differently because they are regaining balance within their consciousness.
There is nothing in the Universe that says you have to endure infringements upon you by others. We are all making our own choices and if your choice infringes upon mine, I have the right to prevent it. So in this instance I would cordially decline a third or future infringement upon my time from a position of logic, without anger, and without ego.

As we continue to ascend in consciousness the choices of polarized responses will continue to fall away as the imbalance of reverse polarity is removed. This does not mean that as a collective we forget our experiences of negativity. We retain the memories of the atrocities and use them to balance our actions from both viewpoints. The imbalance caused by the creation is gone, but the memories remain. We will remember hatred, violence, death, and self-interest, but they will be understood for what they are: poor choices that do not benefit the collective whole.

In service to all… Todd

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I previously shared the intentions that I use as I begin to meditate. In it is the sentence “I am the way” and that sentiment is what I would like to discuss with you today.

I spent the past weekend working in my yard and taking breaks to cool off. During those breaks I had the intention to look around every corner of the Internet to see exactly what messages were out there and who was saying what. This then turned into an entire evening where I kept digging deeper trying to find the bottom. The result was quite illuminating and oftentimes humorous. I would like to offer a general perspective that you can then expand upon later using my book if you feel so inclined.

Everyone reading this is an individualized facet of consciousness. Regardless of whether you think you are a ninth dimensional being from Andromeda or connected to source itself, you exist within an energetic membrane that allows you a unique perspective. This unique perspective has been acquired through countless lifetimes where lessons were intimately learned during embodiment. Nothing is more personal and unique than living life in a body with no memory of anything as you stumble toward your intended experiences.

This is the objective of everything and the reason we are all here. As we stumble around with amnesia on Earth, each and every one of us is acquiring a unique perspective of life and consciousness. As we continue to ascend in density we will ultimately shed our bodies and join the collective. At that point we will contain unique and balanced perspectives that allow for council to be sought. We are already attempting this with our Governments with mixed success because we do not fully understand the nature of collective consciousness.

With the idea of perspective in mind, let us move to the concept of “Everyone has access to everything”. I personally would love to have the blueprints to a consciousness drive interstellar engine. I know they exist because I have been on the ships and the basic concepts are within my book. However, whenever I ask for more information the answer is always “No, this collective does not contain sufficient balance for that level of information”. Looking around at what those in control are doing with the technology we do possess, I can’t argue with that statement.

Let’s use an analogy to bring clarity to the concept that all information is accessible. Consider that you are taking your final exams in college. These exams are meant to judge whether you have acquired the knowledge and skills to practice medicine as a Doctor. Pass the exam and you prove that you can safely administer and help people who are looking to you for guidance. Now assume that you are given all of the answers ahead of time. The test is no longer indicative of your abilities because you already knew what was coming and prepared for the exact sequence of events.

Some of what you read and listen to is clearly fabricated or regurgitated and is being used to form an audience base, but there is also valuable knowledge being presented to assist our awakening and ascension. We are all free to decide what to focus upon because even the wrong path provides perspective and balance in subsequent incarnations. With enough balance and experience in your consciousness you will easily separate the real from the distraction. There are many here that acquired the density to move forward long ago but remained unbalanced within the polarities. What we are witnessing is an attempt to move as many forward as possible coinciding with the abatement of polarity.

If you know what you are looking for you and you look at enough information, you begin to see levels of awareness within the various publications and discussions. It is obvious to even a casual observer that some people have more information at their disposal than others. This brings up the question, “Why is this so?”

There is a Universal/Multiverse rule in place that consciousness everywhere is constrained by: ‘Consciousness cannot see what exists beyond their density’. To understand this statement let’s explore a few scenarios.

Consider a sixth density fragment that has come here to experience and assist in the ascension. They will have access to knowledge afforded by their collective but they will only be allowed to share what is appropriate. They will have knowledge of a fully ascended planetary collective but can only speculate about what comes next.

Now consider a ninth density fragment that has come here to assist. They will be able to discuss planetary collectives and system collectives but only speculate beyond that.

A fully ascended consciousness that has come here to assist is limited only by what is appropriate to share with an ascending third density collective.

All of this assumes that the fragments actually wake up within the construct and set about their intended course of action. There are many here hopelessly asleep using their abilities to fulfill the desires of ego. There is no judgement in this and they are free to do whatever they choose. They will however be quite disappointed when the incarnation ends.

The last thing I would like to discuss is the concept that there is some miracle energy that is coming and going to do… ‘something’ to either your body or your consciousness. The information I found covered the entire spectrum of possibilities and you should believe whatever feels right, right now. Understand that as you continue to grow in consciousness your beliefs will also grow and evolve. Here is my perspective on the energies. I share freely and you are also free to do whatever you want with it.

Consciousness on this planet is definitely feeling an increase in the availability of creational energy. This is a result of the removal of polarity from the collective consciousness surrounding the sphere. The function of polarity is to absorb creational energy and it has been doing this on Earth for thousands of linear years. As the polarity subsides, creational energy is once again flooding the planet and if you are sensitive you are feeling it. Whether it is coming in waves or all at once will be a function of where you are standing in consciousness and what is required to get you ‘Up to speed’. Individual consciousness also has to decide what it wants to do with the energy, if anything. If you decide to embrace it and you have achieved the rotational maturity of consciousness, you will begin to see signs of a shift both physically and in consciousness. This will manifest consciously as peace and collectivity between you and others as you begin to realign from polarized thoughts.

Consciousness drives the ascension of the vehicle, period. If you can see physical representations of changes in your body, there is nothing to thank beyond the intentions of your own consciousness. The energy is here but you have to want it and you have to be aligned to it. As you increase the energy of consciousness, it in turn energizes the energy conduits of your body and changes begin. This is the normal process of ascending consciousness throughout the Universe. What is unique about this process on Earth is a result of the polarity issue that had to be resolved and what was required to resolve it.

You can listen to endless discussions and read volumes of information that entertain and enlighten you, but ultimately ascension is highly personal. There is no ‘Doctor of Ascension’ that can prescribe a regimen for you to follow to achieve Nirvana. As individualized consciousness you are steering your course toward a destination uniquely yours. The uniqueness of the journey is the reason individualized conscious was created. Separate perspectives allow for a balanced discussion so that council is embedded within every collective.

All of us writing and speaking truthfully within the awakened community are attempting to provide generalized directions to help you stay on course along your journey. Directions that provided guidance as you traveled through Atlanta will not serve you as your journey continues and you find yourself in Washington. It is important for everyone to pay attention to their internal compass and know when a shift has occurred. As you look back upon directions that no longer serve you, the step increases of ascending awareness become pronounced. The truth is always the truth but the form it takes shifts with increasing awareness.

You are the way to your own ascension. Set your intentions, chart your course, and trust the guidance that comes from within.

I am light, I am love, I am truth, I am the way (forward).

In service to all… Todd

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The information I am sharing is more effective if you reference the book -Expansion for Ascending Consciousness- when you need additional details related to these postings. I do my best to provide an understandable overview, but the book leads you through the fundamentals of consciousness and the material in an ascending order. 

As humans under a veil of forgetfulness we identify ourselves as our body. From the moment you are born you identify your feelings through the emotional responses of your body. As you grow and gain some awareness you find that when you care deeply for someone or something it creates a good feeling in your chest that moves to your head and we understand that as love. If this feeling has been created as a result of an external entity, if it is removed you will feel loss as the energy is removed. This is an incredibly oversimplified explanation, but you get the concept.

You can go through many lifetimes with nothing more than this simple mechanism to steer your course choosing the feelings of love and moving right along toward your expansion and ascension. At some point however you are going to have to understand the mechanics of consciousness and what is causing these responses within you. The reason for this is that ascension requires the shedding of the body as you join the collective. At this level you must understand the constituents of consciousness, what causes your energy to expand, and how you harness it and remain a balanced portion of the greater whole.

An analogy would be a child in third grade who is learning their times tables and has a parent who is a college professor in Physics. The child knows that there is more to mathematics than the times tables because they watch their parent using books with complex equations. At some point in the future the child knows that it will need to understand Trigonometry and Calculus to graduate but it is currently beyond their level of comprehension. Through a steady progression of acquired knowledge, the child is brought to understand the books of their parents. The same is true of ascending consciousness. You can steer your course by the feelings in your heart because you have a body that is providing you that feedback. At some point in your ascension however you must understand the mechanics of the energy in order to graduate.

The energy of creation exists everywhere and is available to energize consciousness as soon as you align to it and draw it in. Attached to this post is a stylized painting of a religious prophet and what you see is a golden halo and a heart outside of his chest. As you look at these representations you should consider what they are attempting to portray since the people of the era did not understand what was occurring with the entity or themselves.

While the halo in this picture is rotated to appear behind the head, it was in fact directly above the head and associated with the crown chakra. As a fully aligned consciousness, this person was pulling in creational energy at a rate that caused the toroidal opening to appear to be glowing. Since there were no blockages, this entity was operating completely within their seat of consciousness which is a smaller sphere that surrounds the heart area. This consciousness walked around the Earth as an overpowering positive energetic force. Anyone who came within proximity felt the realignment within them as the energy accelerated the rotational vectors within their consciousness. This is a documented charge exchange effect that occurs between energized particles and creates accelerated metastable states.

Using the common vernacular: You can walk around vibrating in the frequency of love and actually impact those around you. This is the simplified explanation and it will serve you well, but at some point you must understand what you are doing and how you are doing it. This is called mastery and it is required in every art and every trade and differentiates the teacher from the apprentice.

If you now overlay the second picture upon the first you see the representation of what was occurring energetically and we get a clearer understanding. You can see the opening of the consciousness sphere above the head and when fully energized will create the halo effect represented. The massive amount of energy then pools in the seat of consciousness (heart center) before it begins radiating outward through the rotation to the barrier of the consciousness. If you are a polarized consciousness and you come into proximity with creational energy of this magnitude you are going to feel your heart center awaken as the negativity is realigned. This feeling is associated with physical love and it felt good so the people of that era wanted more of it. As they aligned themselves to it, they aligned others and this created pockets of ‘light’ in a world that was engulfed in ‘darkness’ and negativity.

What I have just described is the primary mission of everyone who identifies as “Awakened” or “Light Workers”. It is our job to walk around with an overpowering positive charge within our consciousness spheres and help realign and remove the negativity that remains. There are many people in the world who have no idea that they are walking around with negativity. These are the people who choose behaviors of self service, hierarchy, power, control, anger, hatred, etc… These choices exist outside of creational energy and unity consciousness and they are easy to avoid once you become aware of them and choose differently. As the numbers of positively aligned consciousnesses increase, the subtle realignment also increases. This is the critical mass of awakening that we are witnessing and as the power of positivity increases, the opposition to it weakens.

Negatively aligned consciousness is well aware that the negative energy web is failing throughout the Galaxy. What was once a powerful opposition is now an experiment that is being phased out. We are nearing the end of this game and we are all witnesses to the closing acts. We must energize our consciousness with creational energy and leave a trail of rainbows everywhere we go. 

In service to all… Todd R Deviney

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The latest song resonating with me at the moment (attached) uses the term “AMEN”. I found that interesting because I had responded to a post not long ago where someone asked why they felt polarized by that word. I don’t want to discuss the religious programming that you might associate with the word, but the origin of the word itself. It is no secret anymore that religions have co-opted concepts and memories deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness and this is one of them.

The word goes so far back that it spans several languages and the actual origin is beyond recorded history. Yes, there was a pharaoh whose name sounded similar but that is not the origin. There are several variations to the word and anyone can Google it if you want the recorded history of the morphology. The real power of anything that is co-opted and used is the energetic resonance that it contains within the collective consciousness. While you may not be aware of it in your current lifetime, sound frequencies that resonate with the energetics of your experiences beyond the veil have a huge impact. Whether you feel this impact as ‘The finger of God’, an outdated control mechanism, or a quaint curiosity will be unique to the individual.

This holds true to everything else. If stories of Atlantis bring up vivid memories and emotions you can be sure that you have some energetic experience in your consciousness from that period. The pyramids of Egypt? Mayan temples? Indian burial grounds and traditions? I think everyone reading this already understands the nature of multiple lifetimes and collective resonance so I will leave it at that.

At the root of the word Amen or any of its variants is the original ideal of creating a simple intonation that underlines and ends a statement of truth:

“I am inextinguishable consciousness gaining the energy of experience through embodiment” AMEN! AMUM! AUM! (This is the absolute truth, I am underlining that fact with this word, The end)

So I will leave you with the song that has been stirring my unity vibrations recently. Maybe you will feel the same, feel something different, or feel nothing at all. All the songs I share resonate with me because of the musical progressions. As I listen I then find lyrics that apply to the perspective of my journey through polarity as I look back and close the book on it forever in this lifetime. The video images associated with the song are fitting and portray the manifestations of polarity as the consciousness reflects upon their journey through this darkness. The final scene represents consciousness as it ascends beyond the murky polarity and into unity.

The link to the lyrics is also below and you should probably look at them before you listen to the song so you can keep it in context.

In service to all, Amen, Amum, Aum … Todd

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 In my book -Expansion for Ascending Consciousness- I discuss the creational ability that exists within consciousness. This ability begins as the toroidal column solidifies and the seat of consciousness begins. As you first start out in third density the ability to harness creational energy is limited because you do not possess the proper rotational geometry. The lessons are few and of a basic nature as they help you expand and define your rotational conscious sphere. As you amass lifetimes and experience, your ability to harness energy and create what you want becomes more apparent as you learn to focus and control it. The key here is to know what you are working with, and how to use it correctly.

I found the picture associated with this post as I was looking for content to discuss on a radio show I was invited to. I think everyone can look at the image and see the superficial humor in the literal interpretation of the cupcake’s statement. The reality however is much more important.

Let us assume for a moment that these edible creations contained a self-aware consciousness. If that is the case, then they all exist as the same toroidal rotation of photons with the exact same seat of consciousness (which is your center). Do you then think that their physical body would have anything to do with finding their center? Of course not. Knowing this, the donut should then be portrayed as smiling just as widely as everyone else. If the donut allows itself to believe that it is somehow less than the others, it will co-create this reality and that will be the path it walks. You can then take this example and apply it to anything in your life.

If you are attracted to the messages of awakening and are riding the bow wave of energies, you have the rotational balance to apply your focus and begin to create the path you desire. You must be careful as you awaken to this ability because what you focus on is what you will create. Because we exist within a veil of singular existence (one lifetime) you must re-assess your desires and determine if they are altruistic or a creation of programming. We have been told what to think and what we should want for so long that our discernment may be skewed and in need of rebalancing. If you have been heavily influenced by outward perception filters; “I need a big house, an expensive car, clothes that are in vogue, a huge bank account, etc…” you can push yourself farther from your intended life path instead of toward it.

The other aspect of focus is self-imposed limitations. Returning to the image, we see a sad donut who believes itself to be somehow lacking a critical constituent. The reality of course is that this is a self-imposed limiting belief that becomes a blockage if embraced. There is nothing stopping you from becoming everything that you want to be or think you are. There are no nefarious entities with enough power to halt your progress… unless you allow it by creating a self-limiting construct. Nothing can stop you, and this includes my discussion of the rotational geometries of consciousness. If you have reached the level of consciousness where these ideas make sense to you, then you are already beyond any limitations they might have imposed.

Stand in your consciousness with your arms outstretched and feel the energy of creation pouring in as you set the intention to absorb it. It is flooding the planet and all who ask will receive. It is so intense now that it feels like sticking your fingers in a light socket… and that is not too far from the truth of what is happening. Beyond our bodies, we are 1000watt lightbulbs of consciousness. We have been content to sit energized at 25watts because we did not remember what it felt like to shine at our fullest capacity. The time is now.

In service to all… Todd R Deviney

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Consciousness does not like to be alone. We all need someone to share ideas and experiences with. There are exceptions to this and I like my solitude as much as anyone, but even in that silence I am looking for a connection to the larger portion of myself or the planet.

When this Universal construct began there was one consciousness. It did not have the benefit of council; whatever it decided was what happened. Perspective comes from experience viewed through differing lenses and varied perspective then provides balance when council is solicited. To provide this, the Prime Consciousness of our Universe created “Individualized Consciousness”.

As a result, we all see ourselves as individuals engaging in experiences that provides each of us with a unique perspective… on just about everything. The reason we are all unique is because we have been given free will and the ability to choose whatever experiences we want. Sometimes we make choices before we have all of the information to choose wisely. Yet even bad decisions provide lessons that shape perspective; “Boy that sucked. I never want to do that again!” … Pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap.

I just said all of that so I can relate it to the conversation of Twin Flames and a question about manifesting your desire for someone else.

There are more reasons behind relationships than I have time to list here, but some are agreements made prior to incarnation related to who is bringing lessons to you and in what manner. Others are random free will interactions. Some lessons will be painful, but from that pain comes a metamorphosis that only later can you understand. What is important is that you look back upon lessons objectively without identifying it as good or bad. In this light you can then observe the downstream effects and not the twisted metal and carnage of the event itself.

What do you do if the manifestation you want to create includes another person?

The first question you have to ask yourself is; “Why does your creation require this individual?” (I’m only going to focus on love because that is the topic here) As consciousness operating under a veil of forgetfulness we are conditioned to desire certain qualities in a partner depending upon upbringing and conditioning. The bodies we inhabit are also still affected by some of the lower density inborn programming. As a result, what you desire may not be what is best for your balanced growth. Perhaps you learn from a few painful mistakes and choose differently, or maybe you continue to repeat the cycle until you do learn. It is a choice you get to make, over, and over, and…

Twin soul and Twin Flame discussions are all over the Internet and most of them are filled with everything you have been told love is supposed to be. I enjoy the euphoria of the emotion as much as anyone, but the truth does not require flowery embellishment.

Love is not an idyllic human existence; love is a resonance of your consciousness within the vibration of creational energy and it is not a big deal. We were created from it and we will return to it when we are finished playing in this construct. That it seems so unusual and rare is merely a function of being immersed in a polarity that has been created to absorb it. This sympathetic co-resonance is what the feeling of love is all about. Why it creates this effect in us is a topic for another post, but co-resonance is what I want to focus upon.

If you are convinced that the object of your desire is meant to be in your life, obviously some portion of their consciousness has to be feeling the same way about you. Otherwise you are talking about a free will infringement and that is polarity. If you are trying to make someone love you, it would be advisable to re-evaluate what is attracting you to that person in the first place. If there is a lesson to be acquired it will develop in whatever manner it is supposed to. If it is two free will souls acting upon their desires, it will evolve into whatever they co-create. Beneficial or not, all of these scenarios are allowed because they provide lessons.

When you finally obtain the proper balance and density of consciousness, another sense of awareness becomes activated. It is here that you begin to close your eyes to what people present visually and begin to “Feel” what they present energetically. Consciousness at this density has a rotational sphere that extends far beyond their physical body and they can feel the energy of anyone who enters it. It is at this level that you begin to notice that what people are carrying energetically does not always agree with what they are presenting physically or verbally. This is also when you have achieved the awareness to identify who the other half of your aspect is. Individualized consciousness has been created through unique electromagnetic oscillations and no two are the same. When you and your other aspect have reached harmonic co-resonance and you finally walk into the other’s field, the awareness that something is different will be immediate. The descriptions of what you feel I will leave to the myriad of articles that already exist.

In service to all… Todd

You are free to share this post as long as you include the track back and attribution. 
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I answer questions posted to the videos on my YouTube channel and one of the questions recently was, “Will I have the life I want after the event?”

My first reaction was, “Why are you waiting for an external thing to occur before you choose the life you want?”

Much of what we choose in life is a matter of settling for something less than what we really want. Why we do this is a result of various influences but I want to focus on something that everyone has the power to change; that little voice in your head that says “I can’t”. As I looked for an appropriate image of good vs bad to go with this post it became clear that a million people have offered a million different perspectives. Of course the only logical thing to do is add another view to the pile…

We are all consciousness attached to a body so that we can learn and experience in material form. On Earth, human vehicles of embodiment age and die rapidly so everyone reading this can look behind them and see a trail of bodies that they have lived and died in. In every one of those incarnations you began as an empty vessel waiting to acquire experience. In the awakening community this is known as “The veil of forgetfulness” and it is a wonderful tool for unimpeded learning.

As you learn and grow within your chosen family environment you begin to form your operative consciousness or, ‘Ego’. If you are in a supportive family and grow up in an external environment devoid of any negativity, the chances are good that you will live a peaceful and fulfilling lifetime. Since polarity still exists there is always the risk of being imposed upon by mutated consciousness, but barring that you should be able to steer your path in whatever direction you want. Can you get sidetracked and make a poor decision? Of course. Free will exists so that you can travel into whatever dark alley of life you want to experience, as many times as it takes to learn that lesson. With repeated incarnations however you will have an internal push from beyond the veil that tells you not to go there, which is what we all call “Intuition” or “Gut feelings”.

If you find yourself in a ‘less than perfect’ family environment you may be exposed to polarizing comments and events. Some are foisted upon you unconsciously because it is the baggage that your parents inherited from their upbringing. This can range from deriding comments; “What makes you think you can do…” “I wish I never had you.” “Why aren’t you more like…” Or it can be physical abuse that has transferred from one generation to the next. There are also factors external to the family unit, the bullying and manipulation that occurs in school and work, bad relationships, etc… Whatever the initiator, these things are impacting your consciousness. Whether you know it or not, these events can create tiny spheres of negativity within you. With repetitive action and focus, they become self-energized and exist as a little fragment of your consciousness. You aren’t allowed to forget about them because they need your continued focus to maintain their energy membrane. As you do this you reaffirm their right to exist within your consciousness.

With continued nurturing, this tiny fragment within you becomes that little voice of doubt that everyone associates with the ‘Devil’s advocate’ sitting on their shoulder. The effect it has on steering your course will depend entirely upon how much energy you have given it as you focus upon it. The more you listen, the louder it gets. The louder it gets, the more you doubt. The more you doubt, the more you focus upon poor outcomes. Everyone knows by now… Consciousness creates their reality. The Universe is merely giving you what you are focusing upon.

The ‘Angel’ on your other shoulder is your extended consciousness that exists beyond the veil of forgetfulness. The effect it has on steering your course depends upon the number of incarnations you have had and the balance you have obtained up to this point. This is the internal compass that is attempting to steer you in the direction of your lessons in this lifetime. It does not matter who or what you think your consciousness is a derivative of, every single one of us is here to learn our lessons in embodiment. What those lessons consist of is the unique path each one of us hoped to walk in this lifetime.

If for some reason you got sidetracked and off course, catalysts will be offered that attempt to impede your current direction and illuminate your way back to the intended course. This is where it becomes important to learn discernment and identify what voice in your head you are listening to. Always seek the path that brings you joy and happiness. This is defined as: “The satisfaction you feel when you are striving toward your potential”. For me the first thing I do toward this goal is throw out any consideration of financial remuneration. I know from personal experience that if I am doing something based upon the expectation of a big paycheck, I’m already on the wrong path. Money is the grease that allows the gears of life to mesh and not bind. You only need enough for that purpose, striving to acquire more than you need only gums up the works. (Trust me on this one)

Satisfaction, joy, and happiness are heart centered emotions just like love, and that is the big clue. You are engaging the energy of unity, the energy of creation, and that requires you to look beyond self serving interests. Don’t believe me? Start looking around at who is happy and confidently striding down their path of joy and happiness. Every single one of them will be giving and inclusive toward everyone else. They will be smiling and exuding a feeling others want to be around, or will at least understand and respect even if they can’t stand in the energy of it.

Then look closely at those deeply embracing separation… That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Releasing the doubting voice in your head is a simple matter of growing beyond its need to exist. When you have identified where those negative intentions are coming from you have reached the threshold of awareness where it can be released. The dissolution begins by ignoring the negativity that is attempting to impede your forward progress. You must then begin to set the intention within yourself to immerse and release this creation of your consciousness with love. The voice will appear less often when confronted with a decision, will become fainter, and will eventually disappear.

As your path becomes lighter and brighter you will one day look back and see clearly all that was required to elevate you to the point where you now stand. At no point in that path were you waiting for an external event to occur. All the growth and expansion occurred from within. The only impediment to your journey was the one you created within yourself.

In service to all… Todd







This is a question that many in the awakening community continue to ask, and for good reason. Our recorded history is littered with conflicts of aggression and conquest. Every one of them left a trail of devastation and bloodshed that was captured by the scribe in ancient times, and visually in more recent conflicts. Our warfare and observations of it have been constrained by the limits of the spacetime construct we exist within and the limitations of our conscious density. We see ourselves as beings engaging each other within the confines of the material. As such, the battle ends when the body dies and the consciousness no longer controls it. This Galactic conflict is the reverse. It is between collectives of consciousness who see embodiment the same way we see a weapon; you pick it up, you use it for a purpose, and you discard it when you no longer need it. Our historical expectations do not apply to the scope of what is occurring.

The eradication of mutated consciousness in this Galaxy encompasses the third through sixth density and as a result employs tactics and abilities that exceed the current expectations associated with conflict on Earth. I have previously discussed the fact that we exist within a specific spacetime construct of material frequency. Beyond fourth density, consciousness has the ability to see and shift between the various material frequencies. Manifesting a material structure within your consciousness to operate within specific frequencies is a matter of focus and knowledge. Videos exist of ships phasing in and out of our material reality and while some may be fake, this ability exists and is used extensively. The majority of what is occurring is happening beyond the boundaries of our spacetime construct because this is where extreme mutations in consciousness have occurred. When this is cleared the pressure upon our spacetime construct will be released forever.

As a collective consciousness we have been kept under the illusion that we are all that exists. You get one chance to live and then you die so make the most of it. UFOs are not real and anyone who believes otherwise is a kook. Consider how our world would change if we observed a battle between spaceships and some of them crashed? In New York? In Los Angeles? In London? In Beijing? From one minute to the next the world would stop fighting each other and immediately align our consciousness as a planetary collective against this new threat. I’m not saying that a crash will never happen because conflict is unpredictable. What I am suggesting is that there has been a concerted effort to keep certain knowledge from the general populace and that effort continues and includes what is currently happening. In that regard I don’t think anything will be reported that occurs in space and isn’t captured through an amateur’s telescope.

If you have ever read any of the reports about abductions you probably remember the accounts of aliens walking through the walls. The abductee then describes floating or walking through the walls or roof of their house with this alien back to whatever is waiting. This is not delusion or magic, it is technology shifting you out of phase with the spacetime construct. If it can be done to a human body, it can be done to a spaceship. Now consider a spaceship in a battle that loses control and its ability to phase shift and the pull of gravity brings it toward Earth. Is it outlandish to consider that another ship would shift the doomed ship out of phase so that it crashed into another less inhabited spacetime of Earth?

A monumental undertaking is nearing the end. I can feel it and so can many others based on the postings I have been reading. So many are waking up and bringing messages forward that it is hard to deny that the energies are shifting toward the positive on Earth. Whether you believe it is the result of a conflict waged by others on our behalf or just the natural cycle of the Universe does not really matter. All that matters is that you embrace the energies and ride the waves.

In service to all… Todd

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I suggest you read the small clip of the article located there and consider the possibilities.









What a romantic term. When you see this anywhere, the image associated with it is usually red and blue fiery humans entwined in some sort of lovers embrace. This is because a heart chakra opening is almost always associated with the emotional response of love. That is understandable, most of us experience this feeling for the first time when we are attracted to another person romantically. As your journey of awakening continues however you begin to understand that the heart chakra responds in this manner to the energy of unity consciousness. Intense love for another is collectivity in action, even if there are only two comprising the collective. A heart chakra opening is the beginning of collective consciousness and a prerequisite of fourth density. Fourth density begins the lessons of the power of the collective and you cannot do that without the ability to absorb and transmit the energy of unity.

Twin flames are more appropriately termed “duality aspects” and every single consciousness on Earth existing in this construct has had one since they entered second density, or agreed to come here from somewhere else. You then go about expanding your consciousness separately until…

There is a reason so many people are talking about their twin flames now and that reason is the ascension into fourth density. Merging with the other half of your consciousness is one of the first lessons of fourth density collectivity. I am watching the articles appear and as people are excited to talk about finding the other half of themselves. Go out and look for yourselves and what you will see are stories of unity, of increasing power, of completeness, of coming home. This is the welcome mat of fourth density and this connection is just a sampling of what is coming. It is conditioning you for the power and connection that you will have with every other consciousness once you immerse yourself in the new collective. Like slowly getting into a cold pool, you are acclimating yourself before you start swimming.

How will you know when you meet the other half of you? If you are ready, how can you not know? It will be like looking into a mirror, quite literally. This is because they will contain all that you are, and all that you are not. If you look hard enough you can almost see through their eyes. When you do meet for the last time you can be sure that you will be on similar paths. Your consciousnesses must be operating at sympathetic resonant frequencies or you will not be able to balance the rotations for merging. You can read about the results of unbalanced attempts elsewhere.

Duality and polarity are often lumped together but they are separate concepts that work using different principles to affect consciousness. Polarity is ending everywhere, forever. Duality is a wonderful tool that teaches collectivity and it will remain as consciousness continues to ascend through it.

I have attached a song I just found yesterday to this post because it got me thinking about my personal journey in duality and polarity and my ultimate reunification with ‘My Dragonfly’

“Don’t take so long.”

“I’ll be there before you know”

“I see you in my mind’s eye. Fly Dragonfly”

“I will suffer the world just to see you once again”







I listened to about twenty minutes of a link link provided by a reader and had a pretty good take on the concepts being presented. I liked the clear and direct approach of the presenter, but the information is so old and outdated that I could not sit through any more of it. The other aspect of the video is I can see the information eliciting the exact emotional energy these proposed “captors” were supposedly sequestering from our poor tormented souls in the first place…

A critical aspect of consciousness and the density it contains must always be kept at the forefront of your thought process when judging the veracity of any information:

“A consciousness can see from their density back down but cannot see what lies ahead.”

If you are listening to something and it contains a fear component you can be sure that it is either coming from a third density perspective or that it is attempting to keep you at a third density frequency. Consciousness is easy to control if it is embracing second density responses, one of which is fear. Messages that are coming from positive consciousness operating in fourth density or beyond understand frequency and vibration and would never include anything that detracts from ascension. I am not saying that this video is purposely attempting to generate fear. The narrator merely appears to be stating the results of a remote viewing experiment as clear as possible.

I do not know much about remote viewing or how it is practiced. However, I do understand spacetime constructs and I know that it is easy to slip between them and lose sight of time dilations as projected consciousness. Once you bypass the concept of time and start looking into the various constructs, high energy and emotionally charged events are going to shine brighter than others. It is possible to be looking at a point in space and see something (like a prison planet concept) but not be aware that it is a historical event from a perspective of timespace and has already been rectified. The other thing about remote viewing I found interesting as I sampled their content is that most of them are describing unhappy scenarios. For me, that is a clear indication to question the validity of the information.

From my view I see a young Galactic Consciousness that was experimenting with concepts that would elicit stronger collectives. It wanted to create something new and unheard of, and it most certainly accomplished that objective. The problems began when the creation started to mutate within consciousness. All of the discussions in the remote viewing video are describing the effects of these mutations and the descriptions are no longer relevant because so much has changed. Consciousness is allowed free will, this is a Universal constant. Any consciousness that was ‘trapped’ here was doing so of their own accord as they embraced the lower frequencies of separation, greed, fear, and hate. These things pull at the energy of your consciousness like quicksand and keep you locked in a cycle of non-learning. You have an eternity to learn and ascend and you are free to keep playing the same game repeatedly until you tire of it and move forward.

That is why we are where we are right now and the internet is flooded with messages of awakening. Many have been stuck in the goo and it is time to steer the course and help everyone who is ready break free and move forward.

There has been a monumental undertaking to clear this Galaxy of the mutation that has been absorbing the energy of creation. Earth is one of the last remaining pockets and it is such for reasons stated in that video. It was coveted and protected. This is a signature of the mutation; greed, personal acquisition, and the desire to possess. It was known that this area would be overly protected and fortified and that weakness was used. All mutated consciousness that is here cannot leave because a barrier has been erected. This is the final cleansing and we are all witnesses to a once in the Universe occurrence.

Consciousness ascends in density through lessons during embodiment. The material constructs exist as a playground for consciousness to learn lessons. When consciousness attains the proper density they may fragment and continue to play in these constructs for additional experience and for pleasure. All the while creating the energy for continued Universal expansion. It is a grand game designed for the expansion of consciousness that should never be viewed from a position of victim hood.

I can go on and on discussing my perspective on everything that was mentioned in the video about souls, karma, forgetfulness, and being a prisoner, but the high level message is already covered.

You are not a victim unless you decide that is the experience you are seeking. If you feel that you are one and do not want to be one, change your mind. I understand that there are people in this world who’s free will is being forcibly imposed upon by mutated consciousness and they do not have the option of just saying no. I am addressing the people who voluntarily accept the role when they can pursue other options.

If you are tired of this construct and are ready for something else, make that decision within yourself and seek the path. It will appear brightly in front of you as if the Sun was only waiting for you to ask for illumination. You must then choose to take the steps that lead you into the new, without fear, without regret, and without doubt.

In service to all… Todd Deviney

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